*Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day/Thursday! *not a chapter

*although updates will be mysteriously appearing sooner than later along with the ubiquitous gripe/complain section*

Whether you’re celebrating? observing? American Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, or just-plain-Thursday, I hope you’re surrounded by beloved family, friends, and pets, that all those dearest to you are hale, whole, and hearty, that you genuinely do have much to be thankful for, and that you have a fire in your heart and antacids for the one in your belleh from eating way too much.

Maybe that last bit’s just me…

Hearts and stuffin’,


**PS:  And you gotta know that Eric’s wee li’l spider is all full, fat ‘n happy in the corner of Gran’s kitchen where she’s turned out the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner ever complete with *two* different pumpkin and *two* different pecan pies (she’s in an experimenting mood, you know), and this year she even made her company-quality cherry-almond torte ‘special for Lala (an’ Jason don’t-mind-if-he-do…he’s good like that).  She invited him to join her an’ Jason because she didn’t want him to be alone, and she’s missin’ Sookie somethin’ awful.  It’s sad that she’s surprised by just how much she’s missin’ that girl and hopes she can see her soon.   Jason, well, he’s always been a bit smarter than he wanted people to figure out so he’s watchin’ the proceedin’s with an “it’s about time” gleam in his pretty, pretty eyes…but that ain’t stoppin’ his elbow from bendin’, though…not much would, come to think…  Lala’s noticing and thinking the same things just with more cussin’ involved, and while he’s appreciative of the invite – Gran’s a fantastic cook, after all, and cooks do get right tired of cookin’ their own eats after a while – he’s glad that Gran somehow managed to figure a few things out about life before it’s too late.  Now, about that cherry-almond torte…

18 thoughts on “*Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day/Thursday! *not a chapter

  1. Squeeeeeeee! Happy thanksgiving 🦃 day! I loved the little snippet – Eric’s spider is well and so’s Gran n Jason n Lala. Too bad it sometimes takes someone’s absence for them to be appreciated. Take care ❤️

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  2. It’s a joy to see that you feel better (since you’re thinking about food). Have you ever noticed that when you read a book of suspense and the protagonist begins to prepare a meal, you get hungry? Reading must be a cure.

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you are feeling better. I can’t tell you how super excited I was to hear the spider was doing well. Thank goodness. Love and Blessings!

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  4. shoegirl01: Glad you liked it! The spider had fun…always a plus… Jason had food so he was fine and Lala? Lala got to see a bit of cosmic justice (Gran missing Sookie), so that was good, too. 😉


  5. cari1973: Lol, you’re so right! When a story starts featuring food or cooking, it’s not long until I’m thinking along the same lines… 😀


  6. teachert99: 😀 Heh, gotta keep the li’l spider happy, right? Eric may…or may not…agree, but we’re not askin’ him…big ol’ spider-meaniepants that he is… 😉

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  7. teachert99: 😀 Heh, gotta keep the li’l spider happy, right? Eric may…or may not…agree, but we’re not askin’ him…big ol’ spider-meaniepants that he is… 😉

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