The Moon, Ch. 8

“Eric, why didn’t you ever call me back?”

Kneeling beside Sookie with his ear to her abdomen while she slowly stroked her fingers through his hair and more content than he had been in years, Eric went still.

What? What did she just…did she just ask…

Her question tore through his brain at the hot speed of wishes he dared not express, but before he would risk his heart on vile, fickle hope yet again, he had to be utterly certain about what she’d said.

Far too much rested on her simple question to take any chances.

After eliminating the Yakuza and “tidying up” a few hundred other things and while dealing with dear Sarah and the new synthetic blood, he and Pam had seen to the reparation then reopening of Fangtasia.  Pam had been incessantly vocal against either one of them having anything at all to do with “that vermin-infested establishment”, but Eric had refused to abandon the place, or more specifically, that location in Shreveport, LA.

He wanted Sookie to be able to find him, to reach him, to call him, if she ever wanted or needed to.

Eric ground his teeth and fought hard to keep his fangs retracted.

If what he thought he heard just now was true, there was only one possible explanation, one he dearly dreaded. No Maker could abide being betrayed by their own progeny in any way, and he had already tolerated more than enough…

“What did you say?” His voice was deathly quiet as his mind seethed with suspicion, shock, and no matter how he fought it, desperate hope.

The lovely fingers twirling through his hair stopped, and Sookie replied with a voice that trembled slightly, “I…I was wondering why you didn’t ever call me back.”

In the blink of an eye, Eric was on his feet before her with an arm on each side of her chair as he stared down into her wide eyes.


The sudden intensity in Eric’s eyes made Sookie’s heart give an optimistic leap. He was acting as if he hadn’t even known…

She was very confused by the way he was acting. The whole evening so far had rattled her as badly as Thanksgiving night had, but for far different reasons. Eric had run cold then hot, silent then snarling, standoffish then as tender as she could ever want…and now this?

“Sookie, when did you call me? And where?”

His heart ached a bit at the uncertainty evident on her lovely face.  He knew his actions had to have confused her, and he would gladly discuss things with her later…after he knew what the fuck was going on.

“Fangtasia, and it was about a month or so after Bill died. I left a message with Pam for you to call me back because I wanted…well, it doesn’t really matter what I wanted, not now I don’t guess. But…”

“Of course it matters,” he growled.

Of course it mattered! All this time… All this precious, wasted time…  I will kill that fucking bitch…

Eric abruptly stood and turned to pace the too-short length of the kitchen/dining area, his face hard and his movements sharp as he considered all the ramifications of one missed call.

He wanted to yell and demand that Sookie tell him everything immediately, but a glance at her weary face as well as consideration for her pregnant state stilled his voice if not his thoughts.

She had called him!


What had she wanted?  Had she needed him?

Why hadn’t Pamela told him?

Had Sookie maybe missed him, too?

Willa, having observed everything quietly from the kitchen, decided it was time for her to make herself scarce…after relieving some of the mounting tension, of course. Preggos don’t need too much stress all at once.

“Sookie, I’m going to run a few errands then I’m going to the store. What do you want me to pick up for you? Any weird cravings? You know I love when you have them.”

Relieved to have a momentary break from what was sure to be a drama, Sookie laughed. Willa really did get a kick out of the weird combinations of foods that she craved.

“Ketchup, onions, sardines, and we already have eggs here, right?”

At the brunette vampire’s nod, Sookie continued, “Ok, then add pistachio pudding and a can of SPAM, please. Oh, and some Cool Whip to go with the sardines!” She had to laugh at the expressions on both the vampires’ faces.

With a mischievous grin, she added, “And orange sherbet, of course.”

Willa had to laugh at that. Her blonde friend had been craving orange sherbet off and on for months. “What, no broccoli to go with it this time?”

Sookie nodded – it was a given. “Oh, yeah, definitely bring the broccoli, too.”

After Willa left, Sookie decided that she’d be more comfortable reclining  on a couch in the living room with her legs up, and Eric was immediately by her side helping the moment she started to stand. She couldn’t help but compare this helpful, considerate Eric to the uncaring one from earlier that evening, but chose not to mention it.


His mind still reeling and feeling grateful to his youngest Child for giving him time to spend alone with his Sookie, Eric did what he could to help settle his pregnant telepath in the living room.

Once he was sitting beside her with her swollen ankles in his lap so he could gently massage them, he asked, “So, you left a message with Pamela?” His voice was deceptively gentle, but if what Sookie was saying was true – and she had no reason to lie – Pamela was soon to be in a world of hurt.

“Yeah,” Sookie answered, unhappy that her affirmation would probably get Pam in trouble, but not wanting to lie either. “I asked her to tell you that I’d called and that I wanted you to call me back, but you never did.” It had never occurred to Sookie that Pam wouldn’t deliver her message, but judging by Eric’s reaction… That fucking bitch!

At that moment Eric knew that he would hold Pamela personally responsible for every single thing that had happened to his Sookie from the time of that call.

“I never received your message, Sookie. If I had, I certainly would have called you back. Actually I probably would have returned your call as I drove to your house that night.  You know that, right?”

He needed her to know that. His heart dropped at the doubt on her face.

“Sookie…” He paused to consider his words, then chose to simply speak the truth. In an instant he had Sookie pulled into his lap with her poor swollen feet still on the couch but now pointing in the opposite direction.

The unfamiliar weight and width of her gravid body felt both odd and comforting as he wrapped one arm about her back to hold her close.

“Sookie, look at me, please.”

When she did, she gasped softly at the look of absolute adoration in his bright blue eyes.

“I can’t do it anymore,” he stated as he threaded his fingers through her hair. “I can’t sit here and pretend that you’re not my life, that you’re not the magic that keeps me whole. Because you are. I have missed you so much…” he broke off to place a soft kiss on her temple.  He rested his lips there while he inhaled deeply and savored her pregnancy-enhanced scent.

A few moments later Eric wrapped his other arm around her shoulders and pulled her even closer into his body as he remembered how cold and dark and bleak his nights had been without her.

“And to think that all this time…” He could no longer keep the anger from his voice.

A soft sniffling from the woman in his arms drew his attention, and he pulled back in horror when he smelled her tears.

He lifted her chin up and asked, his eyes large with dismay. “What is this? Sookie, I’m…”

Sookie roughly wiped the flow of tears off her face and gave a proper sniff before smiling timorously. “It’s ok, Eric. These are happy tears. It…it sounds like you’ve missed me almost as much as I’ve missed you.”

*A/N:  You know your pretty words make me all happy and stuff, right?  😀   Hope you liked it!**

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69 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 8

  1. Yay… some progress here… I can’t help but think that Sookie should have tried to reach Eric at least a couple more times before giving up… If you really want to get hold of someone you do not leave just one message, you probably try again and then, sure, you do accept he is ignoring you…
    Can’t wait to see what’s next… Pam is going to be in trouble… though if her offence is to not pass that one message, honestly both Eric and Sookie hold at least some blame for not having driven to see the other one face to face to talk things through rather than make assumptions… Since Sookie was the one rejecting Eric repeatedly from Season 4 onwards, I’d say she should have been the one to make the effort… beyond a phone message left with dear old Pammie….


  2. suzyq591suzy: Yes!! I’ve been REALLY anticipating getting them to the point where they’re finally at least talking! 😀 And ohhh boy…I’d almost say “poor Pam” but…nah… She’s in for it and she deserves it…!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Queen of all: (And yes, I shortened it just for that!) Yay!! So glad to finally get them “here”, and yup, Pam’s so in for it… She brings this stuff on herself… 😀


  4. redjane12: Sookie’s oddly naive, though (even though she’s been hearing how other people think and do for, what, 20-odd YEARS???), so I can actually see her not only believing Pam when she said she’d give him the message, but I can also see her taking Eric’s “lack of response” to mean that he was done with her, that she’d put him 2nd one time too many, giving up, and getting on w/ her life, too.


  5. I’m all warm and fuzzy right now ❤ thank you, hon, for your dose of sweetness tonight :* Also, fuck Pam. She deserves whatever's coming for her.


  6. Well, Pam seems to be the turd in the punchbowl –but I have to agree with a read above,…..if you want to get in touch with someone, you try a few times. But if Sookie is a “southern lady” she may have felt off just calling once; expecting the man to make the first move….. oh well, at least they’re talking now!


  7. duckbutt60: You’re absolutely right – her Gran would have raised her with that old “ladies don’t make the first move” bit, and she would have felt like she was already being pretty “forward” in calling him in the first place (plus that low self-esteem problem…and what I replied up above, too). But yeah, at least they’re finally talking! Yay!!! 😀


  8. Reaching for my toothbrush now… that was very sweet indeed even if Pam is the worst answering machine in the history of the world but couldn’t Ginger get the blame for once?


  9. FINALLY! They know that they missed each other like crazy!!!! I think they should shelve the whole Pam is a deceitful bitch part of the program and spend a little time getting to know each other again. Plus they still need to figure out what’s up w/the sperm donor. Once they have him sorted out, then they can deal with Pam. Personally, I would have asked Willa if she thought Eric was ignoring her call or not. But no one ever accused me of being a lady. lol As for Pam, I only like her in fics where she isn’t so territorial of Eric, so if she ends up as goo I’m good with it


  10. hisviks: Ha! *hands over the toothpaste* I’m giving Ginger a break and going w/ the idea that Eric gave her a big ol’ wad of cash and sent her on her Gingery way. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  11. missingjasamalways: I liked the SVM version of Pam a lot more than the cling-wrap TB version. She’s great in a “best supporting actor” kind of roll, but when she gets in the way of E and S? Yeah, I’m fine w/ goo’ing her in her Louboutins… Glad you liked it!


  12. Well can you blame him? After that malfunction of sex on a throne I bet he could never look her in the eyes again… No glamour could remedy that look of his face…


  13. I’ll happily join in on that delusion, I decided to let Ginger go and pursue her dreams of becoming a lumberjack for her HEA, although you have to have seen Dexter to get that reference…

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Great To Get Another Chapter ! Im so glad They Are Talking ! Ooops For Pammy ! Please Don’t Leave Me Alone For So Long Before I Get The Next Chapter .. It Makes Me Feel Abandoned By You ….lol… Makes Me Wonder ! With So Many Writers On Here Starting Story After Story And Not Finishing Them Its Hard To Know Who Is Coming Back.. Thanks For Not Disapointing After That Asshat Ended True Blood Like They Did , I Must Say Your My Hero ! More Please


  15. I need more of Eric’s pretty words. I’m so happy that it looks like they are going to talk and work things out. I’m kind of scared for Pam. What will Eric do now that he knows she purposefully didn’t give him the message.


  16. marilyn59: I’m so glad you liked it! REALLY happy that they’re finally to the “talking to each other” stage…and Pam? She’s in SO much trouble… 😀


  17. I know that this story is designed to be a fix for the totally idiotic ending of the series, and I have one problem with that-I’m afraid it might mean it will be short.. Please let it go on and on! Your take on Sookie, Eric and Willa are dead on (intended) and it would be great to see them get the out comes and repair the damage all the miscommunications have caused. The Characters and the fans of those characters deserve this, especially in your capable hands. Thank you.


  18. That Pam! She’s just interfering all over the place! Take the credit cards & the shoes. Make her go barefoot and wear nothing but pastel WalMart track suits!


  19. motomary: Awww, thank you – very glad you like it!

    *ducks* Actually, it *was* intended to be MAYBE 6, 7 chapters in total, but…it’s kind of, well, growing? It’s becoming another Valentine’s Night – intended to be 3, maybe 4 chapters and it’s topping out at…well…more than that…lol.

    Oops?? 😀


  20. Sakshi Chopra: It’s about time those two had a nice long THOROUGH conversation where they actually exchange information about facts and feelings both. And then go kick Pam’s interfering ass!! 😀


  21. msbuffy: I’m thinking he’ll have something much, much, MUCH worse in mind for her… It’s going to be hard for him to temper his anger and keep in mind that, at the end of the day, all she did was not deliver a phone message…it’s all that said action implies that will have him wanting to, literally, end her. 😉


  22. uh-oh…Pam is in deep doo-doo. hmmm…as punishment, she would only be allowed to shop at the Salvation Army store. Wal-Mart will be too good for her at this rate. 😉


  23. 💖🌸🌺 pretty words 🌹🌻💐 more pretty words 🌷🌾🌸 Well you said like pretty words 😛
    Great chapter. Pam is in soooo much trouble 😁 Can’t wait to see what Eric does about it 😈


  24. As it should be, really. The causation of delivering the phone call is based on hate and obsession resulting in so much chaos. All of Pam’s spiteful actions will have led to her final death. It’s sad that Eric has to be the one to end her, but it must be done. She’s like a dog with distemper.


  25. ericluver: LOL – LOVE IT!!! 😀 Thank you for the pretty words!! 😀 And Pam? She’s going to end up liking ANYTHING pretty after all this…


  26. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: Oh yeah, dear Pam really REALLY stepped into it this time… That one little (in)action has caused a lot of pain, not to mention wasted time… And me too – love when E/S are talking! 😀


  27. msbuffy: I don’t think Eric will go that far – he’s “telling” me that he wants to, but he (most likely probably) won’t, cause despite it all, Pam is his Child, and (to her way of thinking if nothing else) she was doing it to protect him (sorta…). Pam’s going to have a rough life for a while, though.


  28. Oh Pam has been a bad, bad girl! I would not want to be in her fabulous shoes when Eric finds her. I’m so glad Eric and Sookie have come to the same level. I hate it when they are on different pages. You weave this so well, I’m freaking out for prego Sookie! Awesome chapter!


  29. And people wonder why I didn’t like her in ED?!?! And even more now?!?! Season four was my light. She’s got to grow up!! But then… Without her we wouldn’t have Eric back… Duck a duck!!


  30. Kittyinaz: Pam can be a right little snot when she wants to be! I vastly prefer BookPam, but even she had a few issues… Sadly, we do have to be glad there’s a Pam at all consider the “suntan” bit, but that doesn’t we have to like her…

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  31. Pam has been the cause of both of the griefs and Eric is NOT happy. she pushed him too much this time. but i think Sookie will be the one that holds him back from hurting her. I also think that his words he spoke to her needed to be said. KY


  32. kleannhouse: He did. While I don’t particularly care all that much for overly emotive Erics, I do like the ones who take the chances they’re given and DO cough up the words they need to say. And Pam’s in for a bad time.


  33. On Chapter 8 already I am starting to get worried since I only have 15 posted so far. *blinks innocently* You do have some more for us don’t you? Back to the chapter…Oh the you know what is going to hit the fan now…*I am showing my southern roots again aren’t I?* Eric’s mind a seething pile of snakes…someone is in trouble now. Does Eric still have short hair…just wondering you know me and my randomness. Ha HA I see Eric as behaving like a slinky going up and and down in his moods. Is he having some pregnancy symptoms himself? Oh Pam PAM PAM what you have gotten yourself into now you will never see the end of it. Or see it coming at you I bet. Willa the lurker…playing cupid maybe too? Uh huh Pam has gone to Pamela…better start running Pam-ela! Truth! Yes truth is always the best!! Keep it coming get all this messiness settled so that the mystery that I am sure Karen has lurking for us can be solved. No No no no this chapter can’t end in the middle of a discussion! We have nothing solved yet…

    Off to the next chapter!



  34. So glad to be catching up again. I did have to restart as my fibro rendered me stupid last winter! Really enjoying this and love your writing style. Pam is in SO much trouble!


  35. anem72: I’m sorry you’ve been feeling shitty, and fibro-fog can really fuck with your brain, that’s for sure. Glad the cotton wool has cleared and you can get back to the things you love! 😀 Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Oh-oh, Pam is in for it, and deservedly so. TB Pam was such a bitch she would definitely do something like that. It hurts me to say it- you know I love Pam – but they destroyed her sense of fun in that show and her character became so much less as a result of it. Well, she deserves what she gets. And hooray – Eric and Sookie are sorting things out!


  37. ladytarara: You love SVM Pam – and she was fantastic! Yeah, vampires-first/Eric above all others, and all that sort of thing, but she was capable of seeing beyond her (and his) fangs. TB Pam was made to be stupidly jealous, peevish (instead of just a little snotty, lol), immature, etc. They put her on a broken record and just left her to spin downward.

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