One Night – Part 4

**A/N:  Ok readers-mine, here is the last of the four parts of this (stop laughing) “one shot”.  I’ve enjoyed creating this ‘masterpiece’ and Odin knows (as Eric might say) your fantastic support has made producing this for y’all a great experience.  Enjoy!**

Eric could have chosen to take offense had she seemed unduly suspicious and accusatory or if her expression hadn’t now been sharing a slight tinge of the same conspiratorial amusement as his own…and had her reasoning not been so damn…reasonable.

Her straightforward gaze, however, simply met and held his as she waited to hear what he might say.

But isn’t she a little young to know about the inherent unfairness of the world already?

The thought of how she had come by this knowledge troubled him even if it did make sense with her telepathy.

Plus, there’s the fact that if the meeting with the attorney goes well, then I will ask her to visit Fangtasia with me afterward to read what’s left of Ginger’s mind…and maybe a few of Long Shadow’s preferred waitresses…they may know something useful, but now is not the time to ask…better to have an Asset Contract of some sort already signed and temporarily in force beforehand…  Hell, maybe this Sookie is wiser than I’d thought…

“Who do you think would be representing you? Who do you think would be overseeing your meetings and ensuring your safety?” He waggled one brow in an unusual display of fine humor.  “Even if you chose to deal solely with the King of Texas, you will still need someone by your side to run interference.”

Despite her apparent concerns, a strange humor, more a lightening in how he now regarded the world, had taken hold of him and he honestly didn’t feel the need to quell it.  Somehow his future no longer seemed quite as dark as before and the concept was oddly invigorating.

And if I start humming about the future being so bright I need to acquire sunglasses…… Note to self: do not let Pam overhear…cases of Prada sunglasses stacked on my desk…no…just no…

“You? Well,” she started then paused to think for a moment. “Well, that makes sense, I guess. You obviously know all about the vampire world and how things work and all. But… you’re a Sheriff.   I’m a waitress and while I like my job, waitressing is something I can do pretty much anywhere if this doesn’t work out, but what about your job? Won’t your queen be pissed at you? Or are you thinking about staying in this area? I don’t understand,” sine ended with a cute huff.

“Do not worry about me, but yes, this would entail leaving the state – a change I will not mind making.”

The thought of impending change, of shedding the bonds of not only the responsibilities of being a Sheriff but of dealing with the teenage brat-queen…of not having to suffer even one more night wasted on that damn throne…the anticipation tingled all the way down to his well-encased toes.

And then there was the question of Sookie’s situation and her well-being.

He couldn’t think of any other vampire save his own Maker who he would trust to take her safety and education so seriously.  Even the King of Texas for all his fairness wouldn’t bother to inform her of all she would need to know about the vampire world, and why would he?  Knowledge is power.

She stared at him, her eyes once again meeting his directly in the manner which had first caught his interest.

“Texas. You’re thinking about moving to where your Maker is, aren’t you? I know you seemed really bored tonight in your bar, but it sounded like you took your Sheriff job real serious when you were talking about it, though. Is leaving all that something you would really want to do?”

He nodded as he shifted in his seat. With pleasure he stretched his long legs out from their bent position. A quick scan of Sookie’s face revealed the day’s exhaustion slowly settling in and he knew it would soon be time for her to find her own bed. The sun wouldn’t rise for hours yet, though, and the thought of going to his silent home did not fill him with joy.

“I do take it seriously because it is a necessary job which requires dedicated attention. But do not concern yourself with any of that. Sookie,” he said to cause her to look up so he could meet her eyes again.  If she were to take this risk, she would need to have no qualms about his support. “I have no problem with leaving this state.  A successful vampire must be able to change not only with the times but when opportunities arise.  My child, Pam, could easily manage Fangtasia.  And, if she wants it and if the queen agrees, I could appoint her Sheriff in my stead.  She deals well with the King of Texas, however, so it is likely she would come with us.  Now, yes or no, are you interested in exploring these options?”

He smiled, more a softening of his lips than anything, when she hid a sudden yawn behind her hand but kept a stern hold on his impatience as she seemed to truly consider his offer.

After a seemingly endless moment, she nodded.

“So…I might be able to meet with this lawyer of yours tomorrow night? I mean, it all depends on that, right? What will he be doing, drawing up a contract for me to work with the King of Texas or…what?”

Refusing to show how deeply yet unaccountably relieved he was, Eric nodded firmly even as he identified a different sort of excitement surging up his spine.  Figuring it had something to do with those damn sunglasses, he ignored it and brushed his hair out of his eyes again.

When he had left his house for work earlier that evening, all that had loomed before him had been yet another evening spent in his bar riding herd on vampires and humans while looking for a passable feed and fuck as he ignored the annoying music and stench of desperation. In the space of a mere handful of hours, his entire outlook had now veered so far off its dangerously boring course…

He could well imagine the twinkle in his Maker’s eyes when fully informed of this one evening’s events.

Now that he had her agreement, he was doubly impatient to get his plans underway. His mind once again raced as he considered all possible outcomes and he had to be certain to take everything into account because if he missed even one thing, they could both be in for a bumpy ride.

His cock twitched at the thought.

“Yes, among other things. In fact excuse me for a moment while I contact him.”

He withdrew his phone and in the process smoothly rearranged himself. Once he sent his text to the Dae Cataliades, he texted his Maker for the second time in one night…a virtually unheard-of event in and of itself…and snickered to himself as he imagined Godric’s undoubtedly now-burning interest.

Sometimes teasing the old man is simply too entertaining – by now his curiosity should be simmering along at a fierce clip. Not only have I requested a visit, but I have possibly bumped that odd occurrence up by a night *and* have asked permission to bring along a delightfully scented mortal who will need her own room. Godric doesn’t appreciate annoyances but he has always succumbed to his curiosity…and mentioning the cat should cinch it…

The more he considered his Maker, the more he regretted how long it had been since he had spent any quality time with the most important being in his life…a fault he was currently rectifying.

He briefly wondered if the ancient had missed him…then pushed that question aside.

Although Godric’s official residence was more than large enough, Eric suspected, and bluntly hoped, his Maker would open his private home to accommodate a visit from his progeny and a “delightfully scented” guest who would need her own space…and a cat. If not, he could always rent himself and Sookie a suite at a local vampire-readied hotel, but it would be much safer to stay with his Maker…and much more fun.

And Sookie wouldn’t be overly exposed to those who tended to nest in his Maker’s official Sheriff’s residence, either.  As vampires they were tolerable enough but he wouldn’t necessarily want them around the blonde…

Once finished with his texting, he placed his phone on the table.

“If he can meet with you tomorrow night and begin drafting the appropriate types of contracts that may be needed for initial negotiations, would you be willing to leave for Dallas the next night?”

Sookie looked slightly alarmed at that suggestion.

“Why? Is there a reason to rush? Everything is moving so fast as it is, Eric…”

Yes, I don’t fucking trust Compton…might have co-conspirators…and I sure as fuck don’t trust Sophie-Anne…or Andre.

“No…and yes.”

Her brows furrowed as she thought.

“I know you don’t trust Bill, but he’s going to be in your vampire jail because of those drainers, though, isn’t he?”

Sookie’s sudden nervousness was apparent and he sought to soothe it for unknown reasons.

“No, I do not trust Bill, and yes, he will be incarcerated.  But I also do not trust the queen or anyone she controls.”

“You think she’s going to get impatient with him and send in someone else.”

More like someones else…

“Unfortunately, you are correct. My gut tells me that time is of the essence.”

It would be just like Compton to snivel and whine through his bond to his useless cling-on of a Maker and no one needs that kind of trash flying around…

Her eyes darted around the kitchen as goose bumps appeared on her arms.

“What should I do then? After everything you and that guy’s text said, I don’t ever want to see that asshole again, but I don’t know what to do about him, either.   I’ve rescinded his invitation but how can I keep Gran safe after he gets out? He’s not going to be in vamp jail forever, and she adores him because of his old-fashioned manners and he fought in her favorite war. What’s to stop her from inviting him right back in again?”

Eric’s face took on a wicked cast.  While he wouldn’t reveal to Sookie his plans for Compton’s future non-existence – she didn’t seem that accepting even if it would negate the bastard’s blood in her veins – here was a possible chance to test her susceptibility to glamour.

All for a good cause, of course.

“That is easily remedied. What do you know of vampire glamour?”

Sookie rolled her eyes.

“Only what I’ve seen about it on tv. It seemed a little too far-fetched to me in one way but then I can read people’s thoughts, so… Are you saying it’s a real thing?”

He pointedly captured her eyes with his as he leaned toward her over the table. Now was his chance to answer at least one question…plus he thought she needed a diversion to lessen the intensity of the issues at hand. He suspected that her mental powers might give her some protection against a regular glamour, so he  strengthened the intensity of his powers far more than would be necessary for a regular mortal.

To his delight, she subtly leaned toward him and fully met his gaze.

“You will remove your top and return to my lap.”

Her jaw dropped, she blushed beet red, and her eyes sparkled with something that definitely wasn’t anger…but her reaction answered his question.

“Ew, no, Eric! What are you, a frat boy? No! I can’t do that,” she exclaimed as she jerked back into her seat with a bark of laughter.

Unfortunately she also folded her arms over her chest during her outburst.

“It would seem you are immune to glamour,” he stated blandly while firmly hiding his disappointment. Her breasts had fascinated him all evening. “It stands to reason that your ability would protect your mind from its influence. This is good news for you.”

She nodded as her blush began subsiding, although the sparkle in her eyes didn’t dim.

“It felt like there was a pressure nudging against my mind,” she said with a wrinkle of her nose, then she smirked. “What would you have done if I’d done what you said?”

Eric grinned slow and easy as he offered, “Come over here and find out.”

Sookie’s cheeks flushed enticingly once again, but with a shy smile she shook her head.

“I can’t do that, Eric. I just met you tonight and I don’t know anything about you, not really. I’m not even sure why I’m thinking about going all the way to Dallas with you so there certainly won’t be any of that going on.”

With a shock he realized that, all totaled, they had truly only spent a few hours in each other’s company. Logically he knew how very short their acquaintance actually was, but somehow it felt…

For some reason it feels as though we’ve known each other far longer…maybe she senses that as well? At least I know that she can’t be glamoured and considering her scent, her appeal, and her telepathy, it’s a damn good thing. I bet the old woman can be, though.  She smells completely different and is probably as succeptible as any mortal.  Wonder if Compton…

“Sookie, was your grandmother ever left alone with Compton?”

Caught unawares by the abrupt change of subject, Sookie thought for a moment then nodded uncertainly.

“Not for long, at least, not that I know of.  You think he might have glamoured her?”

Her face displayed the epitome of moral outrage.

“It is entirely possible therefore we have to assume that he has done so.  Have you noticed any difference in her thoughts?”

“No but then I try to give her her privacy as best I can, and besides, I’m not sure if somebody’s thoughts would sound different or whatever if they had been affected.  I’ve never tried to read someone I know has been glamoured, though, so I don’t know.”

“Come with me to Fangtasia tomorrow night after the meeting.  For security reasons some of our staff have been glamoured to forget…certain things…”  Eric paused as he considered the things his staff – not to mention quite a few patrons – wouldn’t have been glamoured to forget, then shrugged.

It is what it is – vampires feed and vampires fuck, preferably at the same time.  The sooner she realized this is a fact of vampire life, the better off she’ll be.

He refused to think too strongly about why her potential knowledge of the subject…and of his activities…seemed so oddly distasteful.

“But yes,” he finally continued although his pause had been barely noticeable, “that question will be easily answered.  Now, I have another question for you.”

Sookie looked at him for a second, then said, “Hold that thought; I need more tea.”  After quickly refilling her glass she retook her seat then listened obligingly.

“Do you trust me?”

Sookie shrugged one shoulder.

“Kinda, I mean, I thought you came off sort of cold and mean at the bar, but then you’re the boss and you were around all your vampire people and Bill wasn’t actin’ real nice, either. I know I shouldn’t trust you yet, at least not all that much, but you seem different here.  Plus you haven’t given me any reason not to.  Why?”

Cold and mean…something about her description of him was unsettling. Unfortunately it was warranted, but…

He thought for a moment before responding in a far more serious tone.  He hadn’t meant for the conversation to go in this precise direction but this, too, was a discussion that needed to take place.

“As you experience more of the vampire world you will see that appearances mean far more than they do in the human world. I cannot appear weak in any way and expect to maintain the reputation I have in my world, much less the power I must have over the subjects in my Area.”

He paused to gain her attention then boldly met her eyes.

“I am the vampire you met tonight, make no mistake. I treated you as easily as I could given the situation, and considering your presence I was far more lenient with Compton than I should have been. Think of me as having two different attitudes, Sookie, a public one and a private one.”

The saltshaker suddenly became interesting to his blue gaze.

“The vampire world as a whole tends to be much more violent, much more ruthless and unforgiving than your human world currently is.  Much of it is bullshit but it is still a game that must be played when in public or around those not in our immediate…family.”

The length of a human heartbeat passed.

“Well…I have to say I like this private version of you a whole lot better but you still need to lighten up a little.”

His gaze flicked up from the condiment to meet the lightly teasing amusement in her eyes and a strange part of his gut seemed to relax.

He decided he should probably ask Godric about that.



THE DRILL – YOU KNOW IT. (Rly, you do! We’ve been here before…)
YOU CAN INTERMISSION WITH THE BEST OF’EM. (You’ve proven that you can intermission with the best of them!  Y’all have talent!)
THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE. (*hands over handy-dandy spotlight, oh, and here’s a flashlight, too – SHINE ON!)

YOU’VE GOT THIS. (*serious nod*  YOU CAN DO THIS!)

(Brimme a coffee?  And some donuts wouldn’t hurt…)

 INTERMISSION (Shouldn’t this be EXTERMISSION here?)


Without saying a word he allowed himself to rise once again from the kitchen chair and he held out his hands as if to say “like this?” while maintaining an admirably innocent expression in the middle of the air space above his chair.

As expected, peals of laughter escaped from the pretty blonde’s mouth as her eyes danced with shared merriment.

Also as intended, the light snores in the first-floor bedroom halted. He knew of one way he could encourage the telepath to trust him.

“Not like that,” Sookie laughingly clarified, “although that was a good one. Score for Eric Northman!”

“My thanks,” he replied gravely with an obsequious nod of his head.

When she laughed again, he heard a lamp click on and the creaking of an older bed.


Despite the old woman’s insulting attitude toward her granddaughter, he could sense that she did care for the girl in her own way. That care combined with the woman’s innate curiosity – what some would call nosiness – would drag “Gran” from her bed to come check on them…and allow him to glamour the woman in front of Sookie so that she could see with her own eyes not only how a glamour worked, but that he was, at least in some ways, trustworthy.

She would still need to go to Fangtasia, though…

“Oops! We woke up Gran and she’s on her way in here,” she whispered as she tried to mask her amusement.

Eric found himself entranced by the bright twinkling in her eyes, which belied any remorse. Rarely did he allow himself to indulge in such lighthearted antics…in the recent past, at least.

As he lowered himself back into his seat, he kept an ear on the older woman’s progress. He knew the sounds on the other side of the house were too faint for Sookie’s mortal senses to catch and viewed this as further proof of her talent. The sounds of the older woman’s shuffling grew nearer as she approached the kitchen and he almost laughed as he watched Sookie attempt to control her expression.

Somehow he doubted she would ever master anything near a vampire’s facade.

“Well my word, what are you two up to so late in the evening?” The woman’s words somewhat preceded her entrance into the kitchen.

With smooth alacrity he rose from his chair to vamp over to Sookie’s grandmother.

Once standing before her, he caught her eyes and engaged what he considered his strongest glamour. He wasn’t taking any chances with Sookie’s safety.

“Mrs. Stackhouse, Bill Compton is a slimy, cowardly weasel with plans to use and defile Sookie in a way that you would not appreciate. You will never invite him into your home. You will never invite into your home any vampire unless they state they have been sent by me. Until further notice you will not be away from your home after dark. Repeat to me what I have said to prove you understand me.”

He listened patiently as she repeated his instructions in the monotone of the glamoured, then a determined gleam darkened his eyes.

“You will no longer allow yourself to hold on to any resentment toward your grandchildren. Sookie is a lovely young woman who deserves to be valued for her strength and intelligence.”

He took in the woman’s plump, slightly puffy appearance and listened closely to her bodily functions for a second.

“Starting tomorrow you will also begin eating a healthier diet and will make an appointment with a doctor you trust. For now, you will return to your bed and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep. Repeat to me what I have said to prove you understand me.”

Once again he waited patiently for Gran to do as he said, then he released her from his glamour.

As she blinked, he held out his hand toward the table.

“Would you like to join us?”

“Oh, no, I’m going to go on back to bed. I wanted to check on Sookie to make sure everything is ok but everything seems to be fine in here.”

“Yep, we’re fine, Gran, just talking about my mind readin’ and the vampire world is all. Go on back to bed and have sweet dreams.”

When she spoke he automatically glanced over at her, and noted the curious expression on her face.

Quickly thereafter Gran shuffled back to her bed and silence reigned between the two at the kitchen table until both were assured via their various senses that the older woman had safely returned to her slumbers.

Eric found it rather disconcerting that he was so curious about Sookie’s reaction. Normally he truly couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions; only Godric and, to a far lesser extent, Pam mattered in his life.

But yet here I sit twiddling my fucking thumbs waiting on the word from some young chit not more than one-fortieth of my age. What the fuck is wrong with me? And what was with all that mewling about “stop resenting your grandchildren” and “eat better” bullshit? Am I a vampire or a…

“Thank you. I don’t know why you said what you said to her, but thank you.”

With only slight trepidation his gaze rose to meet hers, and the slight moisture in her gleaming eyes and her trembling smile reassured him that he had done well.

He shrugged his shoulder in a manner that would have made an embarrassed teenage boy, or Pam, proud.

To his relief, Sookie continued.

“Gran loves me and Jason, she really does, but she wasn’t at all prepared to take us in and raise us after our parents died.   Nevertheless she did it and she did the best she could, but it wasn’t easy on her. She was used to living on her own and while she certainly wasn’t rich or anything, she was doing ok, but then all of a sudden she had two growing kids who needed clothes and shoes and school supplies and all the other things that kids need.”

She sniffed and widened her watery grin.

“Jason ’bout ate her out of house and home when we were growing up, still does when he remembers to drop by. I don’t think she ever meant to resent us, I mean, it’s not like people want to go around resenting things that nobody could help, but she did. I hope she’ll feel better now.   And I’m glad you said something about her going to the doctor. I’ve been trying to get her to go even for a simple check-up for over a year. Maybe she will now.”

Eric tipped his head in acknowledgement of her appreciation then cleared his throat awkwardly as he retook his seat.

An unexpected warmth seemed to be invading his chest and while it felt odd, it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

“Well, now I don’t have to worry about her inviting Bill back in here, so that’s good, but…it’s just that he lives right over there. It’s like my enemy is right in my own backyard, you know?”

The alarm in her eyes soured that new-found warmth in an disturbingly prickly way. That fear in her eyes would simply have to go.

Eric grabbed his phone but this time he placed a call, and in strident but business-like tones contracted the Were Alcide to gather three of his Pack to guard Sookie in like-numbered shifts until otherwise noted.

He felt badly for the whelp and respected the Were’s loyalty to a gambling addict father. Buying the older Were’s markers had been an investment that he intended to fully recoup, but he was wealthy enough that it didn’t matter to him if the debt was paid via cash or labor. The latter was usually the handier option in situations such as this anyway.

Because he did respect the boy for that familial loyalty he didn’t call in these “pre-paid favors” so often as to cause Alcide any true hardship, and besides, a storm front was coming in and the doggy contractors couldn’t very well build anything in the mud.

While Alcide’s guard-dog services may have already been bought and paid for, the members of the Pack that the Were chose to bring along were a different story, but Eric didn’t mind paying good money for good results.

After he ended the call, he told Sookie, “Within the hour four We…men will arrive and they will guard you and your property in shifts until further notice. I will be curious to know if you can hear their thoughts, but more on that later. If you must run any errands during the daylight tomorrow or the next day, take at least two of them with you.”

Sookie nodded as if in a daze.

“I never thought I would see the day that I would even think about guards, but I have to admit that I feel better knowing they’ll be there.”

Eric inclined his head with a wry grin.

“It is strange how quickly things can change.”

He shrugged his shoulders and rose from the table. After checking the back door and the windows in the kitchen, he blurred to Sookie’s side as she struggled to hide another yawn.

“You are sitting there in your sleep already. According to my calculations it will be daylight in a little less than two hours. Why don’t you go to your bed and I will remain here until they arrive. Before you go, what is your phone number here?”

He whipped out his phone once again, and dutifully entered the numbers when she gave them.

“And your cell number,” he more demanded than asked as he recognized the land-line exchange for what it was.

“Cell?  You mean cell phone?  Oh, I don’t have one of those.”

He realized he must have a truly confounded expression on  his face because she elaborated somewhat defensively, “I don’t need one and there really isn’t money for something like that.”

“You will have one come tomorrow night,” he stated firmly with a set jaw and a straight look.

She stared at him for a moment, then lifted a shoulder.  She stood and stretched, and he allowed himself to enjoy the sight before she turned toward him with a thoughtful look on her face.

He raised his brow.

“One last question. How is it that I’ve learned more about the vampire world in less than one night with you than I did the entire time I’ve been around Bill? Why are you so much more willing to talk about it than he was when he was acting like he was so into me?”

The question blindsided Eric.

If he had been considering Sookie for a pet then he could certainly see educating her about some things in the vampire world – that would be his responsibility, but even then he would be more likely to keep her away from it than anything. Pets weren’t just an annoyance, they could quickly become a weakness. Those were only a couple of the reasons he hadn’t bothered with them in eons.

As he stared down into her tired but curious eyes, he reluctantly concluded that Sookie wasn’t pet material anyway, that she was something else entirely.

And…figuring that out can wait for another night. For now…

“Because I am not Compton,” he growled with a sneer before calming himself down.  The thought of any sort of comparison between himself and the soon-dead fuck-up was irritating and insulting. “It is to his and his queen’s benefit to keep you entirely ignorant and dependent upon him and his goodwill.  Make no mistake – I will use whatever advantages present themselves to me, but I will not stoop so low as to use a young girl to gain them, and I will always value free will.   Any agreements made between us will be to my benefit, Sookie, but they will be to yours as well. Tending to your education will only help.”

As he spoke the desire to kiss those soft, pink lips grew, and he took an involuntary step toward her.

“You are not stupid but you are uneducated as to the inner workings of the world that you’ve been thrust into. You have proven to me that you are smart enough to listen and learn the things you need to know, so I can see that my time will not be wasted in teaching you.  You have much to learn yet, but you will get there in time.  And bluntly, as I said, it is to my benefit as well that you learn and understand as much as possible because that would go a long way toward making my life easier,” he said with an unrepentant grin before adding seemingly out of the blue, “I also have well over a thousand years of experience with taking an unexpected situation and bending it to suit me.”

He raised his hand to stroke her jaw with his thumb.

“Plus I’m bored,” he added with a shrug. A new light seemed to brighten the blue depths of his eyes. “The art of growing old gracefully is to remain engaged in your life, to kill  boredom with movement and strategy and,” he looked into her eyes, “with adventure.”

Sookie leaned into his hand a bit and he wondered if she was even aware of the movement.

“And I think you kind of miss your Maker a little, too,” she remarked astutely.

Without intending to, both of Eric’s brows rose but he remained silent.

Of course I do but that’s not something that…

“It’s ok if you do,” she said as she raised her hand to cover his as his palm now rested on her jaw. “From what I understand Makers raise their vampire babies like parents would, so I think you’re supposed to miss him, and besides, he sounds interesting. I can’t wait to meet the guy who’s had the job of tryin’ to keep you out of trouble for so long. He must have the patience of a saint.”

Something about her teasing tone and grin…and possibly her understanding…brought that strange warmth back into his chest and it was even stronger this time around. He decided that it definitely wasn’t too uncomfortable.

“So he does,” he said quietly as his head lowered without conscious decision.

As his lips covered hers her breath caught, and her other hand rose to lightly trail up his arm and into his long hair. When her lips parted to allow him entry, all thought ceased.

Later, when she needed to breathe, he raised his head and absorbed the dreamy expression in her eyes. The flush in her cheeks, her lips swollen from his kiss…he knew then he would be going into his dayrest hard and aching.

“Goodnight, Ms. Stackhouse. It has been an unusual pleasure making your acquaintance tonight. I have…enjoyed myself,” he said with a small smile.

Apparently recovering quickly, Sookie replied with tender humor, “And a good night to you, Mr. Northman. I’ve enjoyed talkin’ to you, too, and I look forward to getting to know you better. I’ll see you tonight?”

He couldn’t resist the notion so he dipped his head again for what he had intended to be a quick peck.

Several moments later he once again broke off a kiss he hadn’t wanted to end.

“You may depend upon it. Now go,” he ordered as he narrowed his eyes threateningly, “while you can.”

Although that look was known to terrify lesser mortals, she snickered as she patted his cheek a couple times before turning to leave the kitchen.

“Night, dear.”

Her soft laughter drifted down the hall at his growl.

Standing bemused in the middle of the kitchen, Eric rubbed at a very slight ache in his neck.

‘Night, dear’ she says as she walks away from me as if she didn’t just kiss me senseless. Ok so I started it and I ended it, but still…that’s never happened before. As short as she is I should invest in a step stool and hire one of the Were pups to follow her around with it. Fucking neck…

Eric drifted, sometimes literally, through the old house checking windows and doors as he waited for the Weres to arrive.   He made mental notes of needed improvements to bring the structure up to what he considered acceptable while steadfastly ignoring the location of Sookie’s room above where he could sense her delicious body falling into sleep.

Finally yet somewhat more quickly than expected the four Were guards arrived.  After meeting them outside and giving them their succinct orders, he allowed himself to float up to her window. He was glad to note that her shades were tightly closed…and that the window was locked.

It was then that he realized he hadn’t entirely answered her question, but that was because he wasn’t completely sure of the answer.

He didn’t know why he felt the need to take her so firmly under his wing, but he did, and that was enough for the moment.

As Eric flew swiftly to his dayresting place closest to Bon Temps, he realized something else.

His life would never be the same.

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    I love the open end, with many possible ways forward.

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    Is there any chance for more on this story line? Sophie Ann having a fit. Please give us more.
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  30. lovingeric: Hey thanks – glad you liked it! There *is* a possibility of more at some point… Right now I need to finish the 5 WIPs, etc., that are staring me in the face and looking awfully pitiful though…but I do have some ideas somewhat plotted for more. ❤


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  32. dragonfey57: Hey sweets – the first part of the 2nd night is up but I’d forgotten to add in that Next button – it’s fixed now, or you can access the 2nd night part via the main menu. Thanks for reading!


  33. gaijinvamp: Thank you! I’m afraid of “Mary Sue”ing her a bit, but I have to admit that I do the same thing when it comes to “situations” – I want the facts straight-up; the bullshit can go flush itself. Eric appreciates that about her although by then he wishes she was at least partially glamourable.


  34. His life would never be the same. Love that line. I liked how he informed Sookie about vampire life and culture . How he is starting to care. And what a kiss.


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