For neatness and convenience, I’m tucking All Things Anticipating “here”.

ANTICIPATING is the first story I wrote about Godric and Cara, and is also my first fanfic.  So, while I’m proud as a peacock-ette (peahen) of it and want to install some of those “visible from space” neon arrows point to it, I also like a neat and orderly dash, so I’ve put everything relating to that story all in one place.  I just hope it makes sense.

So, without further ado (please ignore the trumpets and fireworks):




One of my favorite set of lines from Anticipating – admittedly a humble-brag moment:

“Cara,” he growled out a shaky laugh.  He adored her hands on his body.  “You are playing with fire.”

“No, you silly old vampire, I’m playing with your incredible ass,” she giggled back.

His spurt of laughter vibrated through both their bodies from where they were joined so intimately.  “So you like my ass, yes?”  He just had to go and cock that brow.

She gave his firm buttock a squeeze.  “Oh, yeah.  Very, very much so,” her voice trailed off seductively.  She lazily drew her nails up his back to finally bring his neck close to her mouth.




aa(Above banner by Gyllene)

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