Decisions, Chapter 19


“What?” Cara was confused. Of course, the stupid idiot was her cousin…wasn’t he? “My father’s older sister is his mom.”

Had he been switched at birth? That would explain a lot… No, he looked exactly like his mom, poor woman.

Then once again she found herself trying not to become too lost in his beautiful blue gaze.

Godric looked across the pillow into the mahogany depths of her lovely eyes, and felt only a little sad for her newly discovered family drama. The vile creature his Child was currently torturing in the dungeon below TSO was thankfully in no way related to delightful being who held his heart.

But, just because he could, he moved over to inhale deeply at the crook of her neck, then teasingly flicked his tongue back up her throat before nipping at her ear. Her shiver and the increased force behind the beating of her precious heart bespoke of her arousal at his actions and he was sorely pressed to stifle a grin. Her hand clutching at his hip felt like heaven.

“This woman may well be his mother; however, he is not of your blood,” he whispered into her beleaguered ear, then allowed himself a smug grin at her repeated shiver of delight.

This intrigue truly did not sit well with Godric – mysteries rarely did, but now was not the time to contemplate whatever deceptions may have taken place in her family.

All night he had been extremely hard-pressed to continue acting normally when his instincts were demanding that he take his woman away from this place where her safety was not assured.

He wanted to take her into his arms and fly her away to the home he was making ready for her, to hide her in the lowest, most secure parts and stand guard over her slight body as she rested and healed from her sickness.

But then his own tongue had to go and betray him, and even his instincts had seen the benefit of doing some damn quick damage control…not to mention she was already ailing, and surely the damp would not be so good for her. Perhaps he should look into redirecting the flow of that small subterranean river? He filed that away to ponder later. Surely it could be done…

His vampire mind processing at its usual impressive rate, Cara never noticed any sort of pause as the he refocused his thoughts.

To his everlasting shock and relief, she had accepted his suit! He had scented her fear, of course, and her face, while somewhat closed to others, was thankfully an open book to him, so her shock and disbelief had been obvious, but his brave little Cara had not flown in terror.

Instead, with a maturity beyond her years, she had…accepted him, if somewhat tentatively. And, unless the situation worsened – at which time all bets were off – he would do well to allow her to remain in the comfort of her home…no matter how uncomfortable the thought made him. He would have the guards keep an even closer eye, but he would allow her to stay.

For now.

Although his ‘other’ sense had alerted him to the more that he discovered in the bastard’s truck, his senses were still…alert.

Just before he had a chance to address the questions in his Cara’s eyes, fury spiked in the Bond between himself and his Child. He fought to control his resulting reactions, but didn’t bother trying to stop his fangs from descending.

Knowing that the annoying device Eric caused him to carry would soon be making that awful noise, he placed a finger to her lips.

“Eric will be calling soon.”

Cara tilted her head in query. “How do you know that?” Her expression was only mildly disbelieving – after all, while she didn’t know everything about vampires, certain rules of logic and question should still apply. Shouldn’t they? At that point she decided that she either needed more drugs or fewer so her brain would either work well or not at all.

At that moment the blasted phone rang. Godric detested the interruption to their night, but couldn’t help but raise his brow in smug arrogance. He withdrew the loathed device to the slightly hoarse yet delighted laughter of the creature he adored.

“Yes,” he stated after pushing the right button, his voice brusque. He had an idea of what Eric might report, and knew Cara’s residence was about to change whether he, or more specifically she, wanted it to or not.

Cara decided that she should maybe start holding telephone etiquette classes for vampires. Were they all rude on the phone? Was it the accepted norm or something, maybe an unspoken vampire rule?

The tensing of his body beneath her hand drew her attention as she suspected something wasn’t right. The loud snarl a moment later confirmed it.

“Prepare The Third House.” It was the most secure of his safe houses that Eric knew about, and also the one most suited for a human guest besides the one that was almost completed.  He may decide to scrap that place, or give it to Pamela, however.  He enjoyed that hidden cave system – it was a thoroughly pleasing vampire’s play ground, but perhaps the damp truly wouldn’t be so good for his Cara.  Plus the sections above it were beginning to hold an unfortunate stench of mildew.

He tried to firmly subdue that part of himself which was rejoicing over finally having an excuse to bring his Cara to a home of his own. It didn’t work. Instead he loathed the reasoning behind the move.

Godric crushed the phone in his anger over the threat to his Cara, then rolled his eyes. It wasn’t as if Eric didn’t stock them in quantity of late.

In seconds he had his Cara sitting up on the side of the bed blinking her eyes adorably as she adjusted to the change in her position. Once she was able to focus, he spoke.

“There has been a change in plans. Quickly pack what you will need to stay in a well-stocked home for an indefinite period of time.  We will be leaving as soon as you are ready.”

When she opened her mouth to speak, he knelt between her knees and placed his palms on each side of her face.

“Please, Cara. This is for your safety. Eric will tell us more later, but for now, we need to move you somewhere secure.”

His eyes begging for her trust as she gazed into their depths, Cara decided that the night really couldn’t get much stranger…but didn’t want to bet on it. She bit her lip in consternation. She really didn’t want to pack…really, she just wanted to cuddle up with Godric and get some fucking sleep, but…fuck.

“Really? Does it have to be now?”

His heart broke just a bit at the fatigue in her voice. He nodded, his eyes showing his commiseration, then kissed her forehead.

“I’m afraid so, Cara mia. Bring what you will want with you for now, and do pack the rest of your clothing, but leave it on the bed.  Anything else you need can be collected later.”

He trailed his hands down her arms then took her hands in his to encourage her to rise. His body was almost throbbing with the need to evacuate her from the premises.

Hurry!  Get her home!  He began speaking again in an effort to stifle the imperative need thrumming through his body.

“I will gather your medicines and have Pamela pack your foods. Leave your packed bags on this bed and she will load them into her vehicle. You can carry a small bag with you.”

With a grin only slightly feral, he added, “We will be flying.”

He kissed her lips quickly then left the room lest he irritate her with his compelling need to take her into his arms and leave immediately.

Sensing his increasing urgency and completely ignoring the flying part, Cara rose and quickly stuffed her night clothes, some clean socks and undies, and some sweats to wear the next day into the case of her favorite pillow. Damn if she was going to venture off into the unknown without her favorite pillow, now, pretty eyes and sexy voice or not!

After flopping her suitcases onto her bed, in a matter of minutes she had them packed with all the things she wanted from her drawers and the closet, found a shoe she’d thought lost for a couple of months, came to the conclusion that no matter how much she liked olive green it was not her color, and discovered that perfume bottles fit quite well inside the shoes she had decided to take with her. The now-bulging suitcases were packed and ready.

She then grabbed one of her larger zippered purses, dumped the contents of her work purse into it, then stuffed a few bathroom essentials into it as well (She really didn’t need three brushes, did she? Of course she did.) before going back into the living room to find that Pam had already, in that very short amount of time, managed to open and half-empty every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen. The edible contents were disappearing rapidly as the blonde vampire loaded them into bags and toted them to her minivan at an incredible rate of speed.

Cara decided that if she ever had to move again, she was definitely hiring a vampire moving company.

Godric handed her the bag containing her medicines, which she also stuffed into her pillow’s case before knotting the ends together. By now his urgency was palpable, but she just grinned and shrugged her shoulders at his raised brow.

He wrapped his arm about her waist as he led her quickly out the opened doorway.

“Pam will oversee the installation of the door then she will meet us. Are you ready to leave?”

At Cara’s nod, he immediately scooped her into his strong arms, allowed her to settle her purse and overly stuffed pillow between them as he tucked her very firmly into his chest, then rose up into the air.

Had she been looking up at him instead of gladly burrowing her nose in his neck, she would have been shocked to see the unholy glee gracing his face and the feral delight shining brightly from his eyes.




**A/N:  Poor Godric did well resisting the urge to steal her away as long as he did, but in the end he got his wish!  I can’t help but adore the image of this Godric finally being able to give into his more basic instincts to not only GET the girl, but (FINALLY!) being able to bring the girl to one of HIS houses at that!  And I really want to see him trying to figure out how to re-route a subterranean river system…really.  I’d apologize for taking so long to publish this chapter, but you prolly find apologies as annoying and useless as I do.  I would say that I’ve been busy writing other things (which I have – check them out if you want!), but then you’d prolly just throw perfectly good vegetation (tomatoes, beets, and cauliflower are suggested) at me – which I’d prolly then catch and freeze for later use!  😀  So, yeah:  allergies…life…and whatever other excuses you’d like/not like to hear.  I’m sure I can come up with some good ones…hang on…  Remember:  reviews feed the muse!**












31 thoughts on “Decisions, Chapter 19

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  2. I wonder what Godric was told that had him suddenly so anxious to get Cara moved. I love this story and your Godric.


  3. murgatroid98: Thanks! I’m always afraid that I’m giong to make him sound a bit too much like my version of him in Anticipating, but he has his own “distinctive” voice, that’s for sure. Thanks for reading! 😀


  4. I’m so glad to see the shoeless wonder that is this Godric return, I’m sure he will approve of Cara’s inventiveness for using footwear as perfume storage… As an expert in the field I can tell you that if you’ve got the cash to spare anything can be engineered including subterranean river systems although I see far more potential in keeping the water feature both as an architectural intervention and as a natural cooling system for high tech equipment or as a reverse heat pump… hey maybe it can freeze some of those veggies you seem to be stockpiling although if that’s what you’re offering the muse I get why she’s being flighty, I suggest tacking her down with some honey…


  5. hisviks: I highly suspect he’s going to leave the river be and just deed the whole thing over to either Eric or Pamela…or just finish it up and call it a potential refuge just in case one is needed… AND ALL THROWN VEGGIES ARE BELONG TO MEEEEE!! 😀 I can’t eat chocolate so the muse gets it all, but I’m thinking a wee bit of honey under her flighty butt wouldn’t hurt her now and then…


  6. Maybe he can clog that river up with all those shoes Pam insists he wears before gifting that lovely property over to her 😉 Just leave out a trail of all those chocolate squares for the muse. Mix in a little superglue with that honey, put that baseball bat in plain sight and I’m sure you’re good to go again… I still have a can of expired can of beets left behind will that work?


  7. Wonder what Eric discovered while ‘questioning’ the alleged cousin. Reading that Godric is willing to reroute an entire underground river system so the damp doesn’t affect Cara had me giggling. Now that Godric has got his girl & is about to have her stay a one of his residences what chaos is about to occur?

    Hope you are feeling better! 🙂


  8. jules3677: Lol, you know there’s going to be some chaos…never too much drama (you know I’m the Anti-Angst, right?), but yeah…Cara = Chaos… *evil grin*

    Life is still hectic…but it’s starting to winter down now, which…means more hectic times! 😀


  9. You take your time-as long as the hits keep coming and this beautiful story continues! The personality you have given Godric here gives an insight into what the mind set they had in mind in True Blood universe. He has lost his focus and bam! Found it in Cara


  10. motomary: YES!! I can absolutely see how this feeling of disconnection, this loss of focus, could easily have driven him into a “sunrise” depression. And you’re exactly right: Cara definitely had that ‘BAM!’ kind of impact on him. 😀 Thanks for reading!


  11. galwidanatitud: 😀 Ohhh, me too! I love him when he’s calm, cool, and collected (like I wrote him in Anticipating), but this Godric – slightly feral, more blatantly assertive, unashamedly less civilized, is so much fun… He can “get away with” a lot more things than my other Godrics can. 😀 Thanks for reading!


  12. ericluver: I bet if it’d been REALLY quiet that night and if one had listened very closely, an extremely gleeful yet quiet burst of self-satisfied laughter could have been heard… 😀 I do love a sightly less civilized Godric! 😀


  13. Mysteries abound!!! And please, I would keep the home, redo the cave system and have him be happy. Technology is a fantastic deal, especially for the filthy rich. Hmm too bad we can’t have vampire moving services……


  14. Kittyinaz: Heh, Godric’s all over the place…you know he wouldn’t want to lose that cave system… And I’d so love the vampire moving service! Hell, I’d settle for the “vampire cleaning and organizing my basement” service!


  15. I’m wondering why Godric’s behavior has changed and has Eric and Pam so worried. I’m also curious as to what Eric said that has Godric so freaked out.


  16. isismama: I’d tell ya why, but since it’s a plot-point I’d have to kill ya afterward, and it’s all cold and rainy outside… 😉 The second part will (most likely, you know how muses get) be covered in the next chapter. 😀


  17. I caughtedd uppedededed… yeah I said caughted uppedededed….
    Poor Cara! Seriouly! Gurl can’t catch a break. She is so graceful while enduring a cold tho, I’d be so gross and intractable if it had been me. Godric wouldn’t have been able to move me. I’d shout at him that I was dying and he should leave me alone! 😀
    Dude vampires would be so useful for taking really quick paternity tests!
    Curious to see what big threat is this that has him whisking her away like this!
    thank you for writing Mer!


  18. morggys: Lol, I’m glad you caughted uppedededed! 😀

    And yeah, poor Cara – all she wanted to do was get some sleep, and preferably in Godric’s arms, bless her sicky little heart!

    (I’d have been, “I am a lump of non-self-moving flesh. Do with me as you will, just gimme my pillow, a warm blanket, hot coffee, my meds…what were you saying again? Oh, and don’t talk, either. I’m sad at life and go away but don’t go away because can I borrow your lap?”

    Ha! They would be!!

    Thanks for reading!! 😀


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