A Total A/N: Just An Update Regarding A Sequel And Other Stuff


1.  To all the wonderful readers and reviewers:  THANK YOU!!  Your support and comments have been amazing, and I really do appreciate every one of you.  Y’all have made writing my first fic an incredibly delightful, fun, fearsome yet fantastic experience.

2.  Now: to my “Guest” reviewers:  thank you so very much for all the wonderful reviews!!!   I’d love have been able to write y’all back, and I’m actively pouting that I couldn’t, but you can’t send replies to “guest” accounts!   Booo!!!  Anyway, your support and reviews have been awesome!  Thank you!! (This applies mainly to my fanfiction.net readers… )

3.  I’ve already written one side story (well, a short one shot) regarding “the afternoon after the night before”.  Warning for the squeamish:  Cara “starts”…and Godric is VERY happy about it…  Check out my profile page for that story and others.

4.  I’m planning several other outtakes/one-shots/side stories (don’t you love all these words that basically mean the same thing?) to sort of flesh out Anticipating and to tide my need for reviews us all over until I can get started on the sequel.

5.  And yes, there WILL be a sequel!  😀   I’m planning on answering SO MANY questions, and I think y’all might be surprised about Cara’s…ancestry – at least I HOPE you are!

6.  Confession time:  I haven’t even STARTED on said sequel yet…hell, I don’t even have a NAME picked out for it.  I’m strongly considering calling it “Waffling” because I keep waffling between three different titles, lol.

My muses are being irksome little freaks – they’re causing me to think of several OTHER Godric/Cara storylines (same names and characters, just completely different stories), and for some reason they keep reminding me that Emma hasn’t even SEEN Andre’s tight, high, perfectly sculpted ass yet…

7.  Finally, I really want to thank all of you again for being such fanfuckingtastic readers and reviewers.  I couldn’t have asked for better!!

If you have questions or comments, feel free to let me know.  Y’all are absolutely the nicest group of people, and your support throughout this story has been inspiring.





3 thoughts on “A Total A/N: Just An Update Regarding A Sequel And Other Stuff

  1. I don’t suppose your muse has shown her face at all? I’d love some answers to all that happened in Anticipating but I know the last year has been difficult 😕❤️


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