Anticipating, Chapter 16


(Godric’s POV)

She did not run screaming out the door.

She accepted the job.

She will return tomorrow.

She did not run screaming out the door.

She accepted the job.

She will return tomorrow.

Godric attempted to console himself with these simple facts.  It was not working so well.

The moment the visitors and non-resident vampires left, Godric retreated to his private quarters.  And started pacing.

He could not believe how badly he had lost control of the situation with Cara earlier that evening.  His control…his restraint…were legendary!  All he meant to do was quickly cover the questions raised by Gervaise then focus on a much more pleasant evening.  What plans he had made!

Now, at least, he knew in part why his anger had flared so disastrously.  A mystery such as this would eat at him until he solved it.  But even now he was no closer to solving the puzzle that tickled and ate at the back of his mind.

HOW had thin, petite Cara managed to kill two full-grown Weres?  Granted, she had luscious curves in all the right places, but still, she was no match for the strongest members of the two-natured species.  It was just not possible.  Yet, somehow, she had not only ended two Weres, but had caused the other two to flee, thus saving his child’s life.

His awe and admiration for Cara grew…as did his despair.  He had no idea of how to regain her trust, how to rectify this awful situation.  He was glad that patience was one of his strongest traits, only, he felt the oddest sense of impatience when it came to his Cara.  He wanted her to trust him now.

After he heated a blood in the microwave, he sat down in the most comfortable chair in his private lounge area.  Comfort, however, completely eluded him as the images of fear and anger on Cara’s face kept searing through his mind.  He fervently wished he could have eviscerated Gervaise earlier that evening, but there was no way to have done so without causing her even more distress.  Also, that kind of thing was frowned upon for members of the Council.

Blasted Council.  Why had he gotten so involved in their agenda anyway?  Oh, yes…to help further the evolution of the vampire species.  Right.  You can take the vampire out of animalistic circumstances, but you cannot take the animal out of the vampire.  It was possible, but only to a certain extent, and apparently required massive amounts of useless paperwork.  Like paperwork ever helped civilize anyone.

His own ability to evolve was actually one of his “vampire gifts”, as Cara called them.

Cara.  Even her name tasted sweet on his tongue.

What was he going to do about Cara?

He loathed that he would be dead to the world upon her daily arrival, but loved that he was blessed with the ability to rise much earlier than typical vampires.   He would have to glamour the Weres, especially this Sarah, into “forgetting” his ability as he preferred to keep this talent secret, but that would take only moments to accomplish.  He would simply have to trust Cara to keep this to herself.

There was no way he was going to allow that damn Anderson any more time alone with Cara than was absolutely necessary.  Somehow he had known exactly what she wanted when she had mentioned bringing someone else in to help her.  Her sudden desire to not be alone during the day could not have been clearer if she had spoken the words aloud.  His nostrils flared as he growled too low and deep for anyone but another vampire to hear.

Perhaps he would keep an eye on this Mark as well.

The ringing of his phone interrupted his sudden fascination with silver dog collars.  Three minutes later he was somewhat more hopeful of forgiveness – his day man had finally located and purchased the exact coffee machine he wanted to provide for his Cara.  He had also bought several boxes of her favored varieties of coffee designed for use with that machine as well.  While the day man could not locate the exact design of coffee cup she seemed to prefer, he did purchase a selection of cups in the same larger size that she used.  Milk for her coffee was already in the refrigerator.

Online shopping was indeed useful Godric decided an hour or so later.  He wondered if she knew the language of flowers?  Either way, he hoped she would enjoy her bouquet tomorrow.  He thought purple hyacinths (I am sorry; please forgive me, sorrow) blended with Calla lilies (beauty) and dark pink roses (he was very thankful that she was willing to return to his home), interspersed with lots of baby’s breath and greenery for fullness, would work well for a first delivery.

He only wished he could be there to see her face when she read his card.




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