Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 26

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Without taking his eyes off Sookie’s glowing form, Eric reached unerringly for the intercom and bid the driver to pull over at the first available spot.

He hoped they were far enough away from Compton’s place that their pause wouldn’t be noticed, but there was no way they would miss Fireball Sookie…

Within the next minute he felt the vehicle gently swerve then come to a complete stop, and was mildly relieved.

The glow coming from her body wasn’t static as if a bulb were lit beneath her skin; it expanded and receded as though it was a living thing with multiple facets. He could feel warm whispers of whatever power she was harnessing or tapping into brushing over and against his skin but felt no fear.

Strangely, he got the impression that it knew him, that it knew he wasn’t a threat.

Minutes passed as he watched in fascination until finally curiosity and a small ping of fear got the best of him. She was so bright he cast a shadow and couldn’t look directly at her.

Was she really supposed to be this bright? That was a lot of light…how could she hold that much power in her body?

“Sookie? Are you ok?”

A notion that he took to mean “Shut-it, I’m busy” appeared…as if by magic…in his mind, and he leaned back with a silent chuckle.

Well, then…

His Sookie was full of surprises, it seemed. Time was of the essence, unfortunately, but he would let her be for as long as whatever this was took. Her tone in his head indicated that she was concentrating strongly on whatever she was doing, but hadn’t seemed at all uncomfortable or stressed.

With a mental slap to his forehead, he tapped into their bond. As expected and to his relief, she was fine.  Warm, busy, intrigued…and fine.

He couldn’t wait to hear what she was doing, though, and would definitely ask about what seemed to be a form of mental communication when they had time to discuss it.

Eventually the internal light show faded and she seemed none the worse for wear as she turned to face him.

“Feel any magic in the air now?”

He cast his senses out and, sure enough, she had more than earned that hint of smugness in her eye.

“None. What did you do?”

“It took a lot longer than I thought it would take since that was some sort of witch magic, and I’ve never had to deal with it before.  But I finally figured out how to follow the trail of that magic. I used it to locate the poor glamoured witch being made to cast all sorts of nasty things in and around Bill’s place. After that I broke Bill’s shitty glamour-hold over that poor old lady and absolved the spells she’d cast. I may have healed her arthritis, too, while I was at it, but I’m not sure.  I tried, though, because she deserved a break after having to deal with his ass.”

As Eric absorbed that information, she started giggling. At first the sounds were delicate and ladylike but they quickly grew into outright guffaws.

Finally she managed to ask, “Did you know that burns caused by fairy light don’t heal  fast or right on vampires?”

As a wicked gleam entered Eric’s eyes, she nodded quite happily.

“It seems while he held the witch under his glamour he thought it was fine and dandy to prance around her naked. Let’s just say that not only have his, erm, genitals not fully regrown…,” she trailed off as she succumbed to more giggles.

“Eric, apparently his former, um, length…is now a baby carrot!” She laughed so hard that tears streamed down her face.

Unable to hold in a few of his own chuckles, Eric withdrew a couple tissues from a box hidden in the armrest beside him.

After dabbing at her face and calming down some, she continued. “And the trump card? His hand…! From what I saw in her mind, his wrist has sprouted this tiny little hand with stubby little fingers! He’s bald at the top-back of his head, and parts of his butt seem to still be missing. And his skin tone in the places where he has finally healed? In her mind it had this strange yellowish-orangey cast!”

Although he appreciated the deviousness of Compton’s “suffering”, he was far more entranced by the sight of his Sookie having such a great laugh at the idiot’s expense.

“But the best part? Eric…the best part? His, um, carrot? It oozes! Apparently it’s infected?  And he has to wear some sort of male adult diaper to catch whatever it is that comes out of it! The last time he saw her, he had her brought to his bedroom so that he could force more glamoured instructions into her mind, and she watched him dress, and the first thing he put on was a diaper! Eric! If it wasn’t for the other things I read in her mind, I’m not sure I would be able to look at him with a straight face tonight!”

“What other things?” Humor was fine and good, and he knew his Sookie needed these moments of levity, but the night’s business was far too serious to take lightly.

“I think…I think she realized, well, if not exactly who I was she at least figured out that I was trying to help because she somehow used her witchy power to show me some things that I guess she thought I should know.”

Eric realized it was serious because she began faintly glowing again, but this time the outer boundaries of light held a fiercely cold edge.

“Iron. Whole areas somewhere in the lower part of the house, maybe the basement, have a ton of iron in them. I couldn’t get a sense of how anything was arranged or exactly where or whatever, but her witchy power had sensed a massive amount of iron, and the tinge I got from her is that it’s new. There was something else, too. She definitely thought hard about how he has three teams of men ready to do his bidding tonight. Now I don’t know if they’re humans or vampires, but from what she thought to me, he has these three teams going to three different houses, and she thought the addresses at me.  Guess which houses they’re at right now, just waiting for his signal,” she ended with ax extremely pissed-off expression.

Eric hissed, his fangs extending to their fullest length.

“Exactly. Yours, mine, and mine. I guess he figured that if you were here, I’d be free for the takin’, and I can only guess for what.”

For a long moment, he stared into her eyes and thought…and thought fast. His face hard, his neck and shoulders tense, and his hands subconsciously clawing, he seemed to come to a resolution.

“Sookie, I want you to return to Fairy tonight.  Now.  No,” he firmly cut off her attempted interruption. “No, this is no badly organized, spur of the moment plan we’re walking into. Whatever he has arranged, this has taken time to organize and implement. He has put a lot of energy and resources into not only acquiring you but in keeping you contained, and I think you can only begin to imagine his purpose.”

Sookie started to argue with him but quelled that instinctive reaction. The anger and outrage in his eyes were only natural given the situation, but there was also real fear, too.

Eric did not scare easily, and that fear was for her.

Iron…teams of men…at both houses and at his house…while he was conveniently at a forced-attendance event…

“But what about you? You’d be walking into a trap, Eric, and I don’t like that one little bit.”

Seeing that she wasn’t going to automatically fight him on this, he relaxed back into his seat a little.

“I’m expected, and now that the witch’s spells have been uncast, their purpose has been voided.”

He thought for a second.

“Can you use your power to cut the power to the house, and interfere with any back-up generators?”

Sookie shrugged.

“Sure, that’s no problem. But Eric, I can strike Bill dead from right here. Now that my power recognizes him from when I zapped him before, I can actually locate him anywhere, so that honestly wouldn’t be a problem.”

The look in her eyes caused his own gaze to soften.

“I know, my Sookie, I know, but you need to be able to see with your own eyes when he meets his end. You need to know beyond the shadow of any doubt that he no longer exists. But we need to find out what plans he has made and who his partners are.”

“So we steal his computers and stuff. He’d have all that on his precious computers,” she offered.

“Maybe he would and maybe he wouldn’t. He is not the vampire you thought you knew once upon a time, Sookie.”

She shivered, and her light pulsed brightly a few times.

“Ugh, he was never anyone I knew.”

She looked away for a moment before focusing on her fingernail.

“I don’t want to leave you, and I don’t want you going in there alone. This situation feels worse by the second. And besides, if they’re at our houses, where will we go? If I go back to Fairy tonight, how will I know that you’re ok or what’s going on? And where will you go come dawn?”

Eric parted his lips as if to speak then whipped his head around to look out his window.

“Sookie! Go! Go now!”

Before she could say a word, the doors on each side of the limo were suddenly wrenched off their hinges and thrown aside.

She immediately gathered a ball of light in each palm, leaned past Eric, and aimed them with deadly accuracy.

More men – vampires – appeared, their fangs and snarls promising death for at least one of them.

Eric dove for a hidden compartment beneath the front passenger seat and withdrew a short-sword and a dagger.

Concentrating on her objective, she missed the transformation of his “suave, debonair” expression into that of the ancient warrior as he blurred from the back seat directly into the mêlée.

To the sound of the driver meeting a painful end she hurriedly brought forth and hurled more balls of light out her side of the vehicle. Unfortunately, however, her power resources were failing quickly because of her earlier activities and she knew she couldn’t maintain this level of magic for long.

Not entirely sure of how she had done so before, she tried to speak into Eric’s mind again but couldn’t know if he had received her “run toward Shreveport while I disappear in a blaze of blind-their-ass glory” message…until with a double parry and a thrust he snarled, “Yes! Now!”

She centered what power she had left and…nothing.

Nothing happened.

She gathered and threw another volley of fire before trying again, this time  desperate to simply gather Eric and leave the scene, maybe even to pop herself and Eric into her nearby former home, maybe to hide in the underground cubby even if Bill’s guys were at her house…something…anything would be better than this…

She had the same results.

Nothing. Happened.

With an internal scream when she heard several gun shots on Eric’s side of the deconstructed limo, she focused once again, this time harder and more desperately than ever.

Kicking and screaming she was pulled from the seat, and just as she saw an iron net being flung at her from above, the air around her went dark.

Her last impression was of an enraged Viking’s war cry..

**A/N:  See why I ducked?  So………………….what’d ja think??  (resumes hiding)**

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68 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 26

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  3. Poor Sookie! She has not come to heal from a situation in which Bill Compton put her and now placed in another for being soft heart.
    She should have killed him when she had the chance. At first sight.


  4. Its a good thing you ducked when you did!!! Afterwards I thought “wow, what if that brick had really hit her?” 😋😋😋
    Great chapter. Bill needs to be ended…soon. With extreme prejudice! Hope Sookie and Eric are ok. 🙁

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  5. Perhaps we should re-name you: “cliffy queen” comes to mind. Eric had the right idea about getting her out of there, too bad she used up all her power before she could make the jump back to fae.


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  7. Damn that Bill Compton! He so needs to be put down, slowly and painfully. I hope that her new witch friend can help them. And, sigh, maybe it was a good thing you did duck…

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  8. What do I think? I think you are an evil woman. That’s what I think.

    I also think I may have broken a rib laughing about Bill’s……oozing carrot. *snicker, snicker*. That’s going to be a hard image to lose. Wait…..Dripping wet Askars with white shirt clinging lovingly to his body….okay! Better now!

    Of course, that was before you decided to be evil. I hope you’re writing quickly.

    Wow, so she picked up on all those plans about the teams at their houses, but missed the team about to pull the from the limo? How the hell did that happen? And why couldn’t she pop out, were her powers just that wiped out from her earlier usage, or did oozing Bill do something? Write quickly.

    I love that she freed Octavia (I’m assuming that’s who the witch is) and “maybe cured her arthritis”. Lol.

    Wow. ScumBeehl really is an idiot. Pissing off a fairy and a Viking. He may have the upper hand at the moment, but I doubt this is going to end well for him. Are you writing? I have a feeling his oozing carrot will be the least of his troubles by the time this over. (Man, that image is REALLY hard to get rid of. Wet Askars…wet Askars. I may need the actual picture this time. 😜)

    Fabulous chapter. Did I mention “write quickly”? 😘

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    Glad Sookie freed the witch, hoping things don’t get too very bad for them before they manage to extricate themselves from beehl’s clutches.

    I really, Really, REALLY hope the next chapter will not be too far off. Have a good weekend!


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  14. cari1973: Bless her but yeah, she’s figuring that out… But…there was no way she could pop out and leave Eric behind, either. She’ll be fine, though. 😉

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  16. valady1: MOI?? Cliffie queen? Neva… *innocent face #94* He and she both underestimated how much of her power she’d used during the witch/spell situation, and then she wouldn’t leave without being able to pop him to safety, too. No worries, though – they’ll be ok…


  17. ashmo2000: Without giving away plots, I can say this: no worries! As the anti-angst queen, I can say that they’ll be fine! 😀


  18. switbo: Kinda makes ya wanna use the ol’ salad shooter…

    Ok, she didn’t sense the impending attack because they’re vampires AND she was concentrating more on Eric (and they were super-quiet – Eric didn’t even sense their approach until it was too late). Now, she *could* have popped out, but she wasn’t leaving without her Eric, and she didn’t have enough power after all that to pop both of them. If she’d been just trying to save herself, she might could have made it, but popping two people (herself and Eric) was beyond her scope by then.

    Srsly, grab that salad shooter…

    Here, this might help:

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    Okay, so that makes sense, I didn’t realize it was vampires that attacked, for some reason I had in my head that was where’s or humans. I guess because I just can’t imagine that many vampires being loyal to BabyCarrotBill or choosing to attack the Viking on Beehl’s behalf. She could still have senses the voids, but you’re right that she wasn’t paying attention, esp while she was concentrating on the witch. (Octavia?)

    You’re explanation of her depletion makes sense too. If she had popped away immediately, she might have been alright, but her first reaction was to starting her light to protect herself and Eric and that combine with her earlier activities could definitely deplete her.

    I think ScumBeeehl is going to pay in a serious way for pissing off the Viking and the Fairy. My guess is that this is going to bring Godric out of fairy as well and then Beehl’s REALLY in for the shit. 😈


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  27. suzymeinen: It’s ok if I bring my Keurig/et al with me in hiding, right? (She was a lot more depleted than she’d thought…remember – fae magic is still all a little on the new side for her, so…)

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    Spoiler-y info that may or may not be revealed in any obvious way: The vamps may or may not have been promised, shall we say, “benefits” (use your imagination) should the fairy-hybrid in question be captured… I’m currently undecided about just how vile to go with this fic. I don’t want to grind it down in the mire of “how terrible things could go” but I do want to maintain just how, well, vile BabyCarrotBill actually is/can be.

    Also keep in mind that despite how strong Sookie’s fae spark is, she’s still new to all the ‘fairy power’ business. Consider her along the lines of a “teenager” with enormous potential but very little practical experience. She knew what to do in some ways, and she was able to (insert spoiler here) in others, but in the end, she was still inexperienced when it came to recognizing where her gas gauge actually was, lol.

    No comment. *sips coffee*


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  31. YOU SUCK!!! I don’t normally have an opinion one way or the other about cliffies in fact I think they can be fun but to go from, to, and then too, and then the scream and then boom nothing UGH You Suck!


  32. charity6201: BUT I DO NOT SWALLOW! So, yeah, there’s that… *snicker* Lol, the next chapter should be up sometime this year; that’s a good thing, right? *innocent blink*

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  33. You know what, I want that wet pic of AS for my banner / header thing. It totally goes with my weird fish theme – explains why he’s wet anyway. Thanks for the inspiration!


  34. And it gets better – I used real kindergarten art in it! Check it out – it is hilarious. Who needs photoshop?? Pair of scissors, some glue and a mobile phone – and there you have it, my very own bespoke banner / header thing!


  35. Seriously, it truly is real kindy art. It’s been on the wall for a while now. Behind AS is a jetty made of popsticks. She made it in 3 yo kindy last year – though I’m sure she had some adult help. Actually I remember the teacher doing it one-on-one with them. They were trying to recreate a photo of a sunset / beach. And those are actual shells in the foreground. Yeah I’m pretty pleased with it.


  36. I don’t like cliffies , I always worry about what is happening to them. I wished she had killed Bill when she had the chance. Hope you don’t keep us in suspense too long. Someone needs to come and rescue them.

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