The Moon, Ch. 10

After a too-short nap, Sookie’s bladder decided to wake her up. She did not want to untangle herself from Eric’s arms, and in fact relaxed there longer than her body would have liked, but eventually she had to move. Eric gently helped her rise from the bed and made sure that she was steady on her feet before escorting her to the bathroom door.

He had allowed himself to slip into downtime while she slept, the new peace lulling him as near to sleep as was possible for a vampire.  Before he had let himself to fully relax, however, he had made a point of attuning his senses so closely to her body’s natural rhythms that he easily roused himself to full awareness when she woke. He could tell that she had been thinking intently about something while resting in his embrace, but he didn’t want to push her. These last few evenings had already been stressful enough as it was.

As she tended to her human needs, he went to the kitchen and poured her a glass of her beloved iced tea. A very vague memory surfaced, something about pregnant women and milk, so he poured her a glass of the rank white liquid that smelled nothing like what he remembered from his own human years. He wrinkled his nose.

Was this filthy substance actually good for her?

He decided he would ask the doctor.

He sat the glasses on the coffee table in the den, then withdrew his phone and dialed the number for the little troll. In short order he arranged for the good doctor to visit Sookie later that night after she tended to another vampire’s human companion and made her rounds.

As long as the night had felt so far, in reality it was only a little after one, so there was plenty of time for the doctor, who apparently never needed to sleep, to arrive, do her doctoring, and then leave well before daylight.

He hoped so, at any rate. The time he had with his Sookie was precious, and especially so now that he knew she had tried to reach out to him – something he had desperately needed at the time.

It outraged him that Pamela, with her “memory vault”, had purposefully failed to relay her message, and when it had occurred to him that he might have actually been there when Sookie called?

Oh, Pamela will pay.

He blamed all those wasted years on Pamela’s blatant disloyalty. He couldn’t help but want to think that maybe she had a reason – a stupid one, obviously, but a reason that might help excuse her behavior, but absolutely nothing came to mind.

Of course he would ask her why she had done it, partly to hear just how creative her excuse would be. In all honesty, however, he would ask partly in futile hope that her reasoning would make at least some sort of backward “Pamela-esque” sense, that it would give him the excuse that, as her Maker, he was desperately searching for so that even if he didn’t approve, he could least use it as a reason to go a bit easier on her.

However, there was no forgiveness in her future.

An extremely unpleasant smirk briefly twisted his lips. His beloved Child had no idea that he still had a Maker’s Command over her.   For a moment he allowed himself the luxury of planning at least half a century’s worth of painfully humiliating retribution. For every year’s separation caused by her betrayal, she would badly suffer sevenfold…and more.  A Maker knew exactly how to derive the most punishment with the last effort.

Plans in formation, Eric returned to the kitchen to prepare Sookie a snack of some sort.  He hadn’t thought she had eaten enough at dinner, and wasn’t there some saying about pregnant women eating for two?

After a quick search, he found the plates in the cabinet and sat one on the counter, then found a tin of cookies. As about half of them seemed to be missing, he correctly assumed that she liked them, so he put the remainder on the plate.

Since humans are told so often to eat “fresh green” foods, he followed his nose to the refrigerator and selected the item that had the freshest “green” smell. Thankfully it was also green in color, too, so it must be doubly healthy. He extracted the ball of what looked like small, smelly green trees connected to each other from the thin plastic bag, and proudly placed the thing on her plate with the cookies.

Eventually Sookie, freshed up and with a small smile on her face, exited the bathroom and followed Eric to the den. After gratefully plopping herself down on the soft couch, she looked at the items on the table with surprise but refrained from commenting.

“It smells vile,” the Viking stated as he indicated the milk. “But I seem to recall something about women drinking it while carrying a child, so…,” his voice dwindled as he spread his hands a bit in uncertainty.

Sookie smiled at his thoughtfulness and reached for the glass. It was not her drink of choice, but she knew she should be ingesting more of it. She downed the contents of the glass in one long series of gulps so that she could get it over with and move on to her vastly preferred tea.  She refused to comment on the odd ‘broccoli and cookie’ pairing for fear she would start giggling.

Broccoli and cookies…oh my…

After she placed the empty glass on the table with a satisfied thunk, she told Eric, “I’ve never been much of a fan of milk, but you’re right. I should probably be drinking more of it.  And yeah, it’s gross.” She reached for her tea and took a mouth-cleansing swig.

Pleased that he’d gotten it right, he nodded.

“Eric,” she began a few moments later as she ran her finger around the rim of the tea glass.  She had been thinking about this since she woke up, and wanted to go ahead and get it out in the open and had a strong feeling that Pam would be in trouble.   “I take it Pam never told you that I stopped by Fangtasia to see you about a month after I called, either.”

Sookie’s voice held a slight but painful mixture of hope and dread.


The Viking Vampire was torn between rushing off to rend his beloved Child limb from limb and staying with Sookie for her doctor visit.

She had come to Fangtasia to see him?

His fangs snapped down and his blue eyes blazed.

Considering how badly Sookie hated the desperation and depravity of his bar and the danger from how her fairy allure called to vampires, that had been a huge step for her.

“Tell me what happened,” he said, his command barely softened by the tone of his voice. The need to remain with Sookie won temporarily,but his fangs and fists throbbed, begging for the freedom to rend and punish.

His Child would pay.

The intensity of his focus was slightly unnerving, and she was a little startled by the ferocity in his handsome face. The tension visible in his body belied his abrupt stillness, and the fury in his narrowed eyes was barely contained.

Sookie knew that, judging by the fierceness of Eric’s reaction, her next words might land Pam in a world of hurt, but that was Pam’s own fault.  She would have been thrilled to have been friends with the blonde vampire, but Pam had chosen otherwise and shunned her at every opportunity.

She hated knowing that the information she was about to relay would cause Eric pain because Pam was his Child after all, but if she and her Viking were going to have a real chance of being together, it had to be said.

With a deep breath, Sookie continued.  “Yeah, about a month or two after I called, I decided to stop by Fangtasia one night to see you. I didn’t know why you hadn’t called back, but I had waited… At any rate, Steve had started paying me attention and all, but I wanted to see you before I, well, started going out with him. Anyway,” she paused to clear her throat, “Pam said that you weren’t there, that you were in Italy with your favorite group of “feed and fucks” as she called them. She said that I should just waddle my fat hick ass on back to Bon fucking Temps and not to come back to Fangtasia any more unless I wanted to be somebody’s meal.”

She huffed, but Eric caught the glimmer of tears forming in her eyes. “Needless to say, I never went back.”

At vamp speed Eric rose from the couch and blurred out the door.

**A/N:  So, what did you think?  *ducks sharp objects*  Somehow I don’t think “shopping for shoes” will be at the top of Pam’s list for a while…if ever…**

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78 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 10

  1. I’m still praying Pam had a decent excuse but my hope is dwindling 😦 *holding fingers crossed for creative punishment without dismemberment*


  2. First Of All .. Thank You For My Nightly Fix ! I Love This story .. But OOOh Pammy has A Whole Lot Of Explaining..Begging..Pleading..Running..To do Cant Wait For The Next Chapter,


  3. hisviks: Yeah, you might wanna be letting go of that hope… Sorry? *tosses over some consolation hugs and a pillow for that hope to hand on* 😦 Can you tell I’m modeling this Pam after the bitchier, nastier TB Pam? I rather liked the SVM one, but the TB version? Nooot so much…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. *grumbles* Knew I shouldn’t have uncrossed those fingers in order to type… I’ll be here sulking into my pillow for a while… I hope it’s pink in honour of Pam.


  5. suzyq591suzy: Exactly. All during TB she had plenty of chances to befriend Sookie, or to at least get over her own jealousy issues, but nope – she couldn’t do it… So, all this? Yeah, her own fault.


  6. hisviks: Ugh, so that was YOU uncrossing your fingers??? *pfft* That’ll learn’ya…

    *yeah, it’s pink, and it’s got pretty little satin bows and trim, too, so it’s pretty and comfy*

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Well, Pam deserves everything she gets. I hear Walmart has a lovely line of polyester elastic high waisted pants. And the undies to go with them…hmmm. Oooo haw about no makeup and she has to give her shoes to Good will. And work in a soup kitchen to help the homeless. We’ll, just a thought


  8. Broccoli and cookies and milk? Oh man what a combo
    I never unsterstood why TB Pam was such a bitch when book Pam wasn’t; then again the only thing TB got right was Alexander Skarsgard and Godric…
    I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for Pam – I’m sure it’ll be PAINFULL:)


  9. shoegirl01: Hey, he tried…! 😀 I really wish they hadn’t fucked up Pam’s character so badly, but hey, there was little that they DID do well – really, the only things I liked TB vx SVM was Godric, keeping Lala alive, and choosing Alex to be Eric. Ahh, well, I’d say “poor Pam”…but I wouldn’t mean it… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  10. cookies and milk are good….the broccoli though, well, i give eric an A for the the sweetest intentions ever. how’s that? heheheheh
    ooooh Pam is gonna get it now. like i said before…Salvation Army and even Goodwill shopping will be the best punishment…for a year!!! 😀


  11. So my dear Meridian, are you aware that you left me with a cliffie, that our beloved Bertie Bott would be proud of?? I loved the entire chapter, well everything until those damn ominous diamonds at the end of the chapter that warns me that I’m approaching the end… 😦 But seriously I adored it, just like I adore every chapter you give me!! I was thoroughly giggling at the broccoli and cookie plate! I can’t wait to see what Pammy has in store for her future, if she even has a future that is.

    Congrats on all the crazy number of votes on your poll, I swear only about half of them were from me!! (what can I say, I was busy clicking on your stories all week!!) Seriously though, almost 4,000 votes on your stories, thats almost as amazeballs as you!!! 😉 More please!!!!


  12. Eric trying to feed Sookie a ‘healthy’ snack was just too cute! While I like the idea of Pam just being gone, I kinda like the idea of torturing her with clothes from Goodwill! Can you just imagine her wearing someone else’s castoffs! And Walmart underwear, Payless shoes, the cheapest makeup on the market, dollar store jewelry, the list is endless!!! muahahahahahaha. That would be after Eric strings her up with silver for a few years. She is gonna pay so HARD!!! Can’t wait!


  13. missrissa81: *evil grin* I bet she would be proud…
    At this point we’re not even certain that Pam *has* a future…
    Ik,r? That total number of votes blew me away!!! 😀
    Thank you sweets! ❤


  14. missingjasamalways: I could totally see him standing in the middle of his vampire child’s kitchen wondering what to feed the pregnant fairy-hybrid… 😀
    I’m pretty sure Eric’s going to make Pam’s unlife quite…horrible…for a long, long while…


  15. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: She’s gonna have a bad, bad night in 3…2… Heh, I could totally see Eric pondering the benefits of “green food”. 😀 Glad you liked it!


  16. Eric is so sweet. Broccoli and cookies are not too appealing though. Holy mackerel, he was already pissed at Pam. Now he’s raging. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes or corset.


  17. Nice! I like that Sookie did try again after that first phone call… Now Pam deserves some serious disciplining…
    Broccoli trees + biscuits… Eric’s got a future in catering for sure…


  18. Well, people do have weird cravings during pregnancy and broccoli actually has more calcium in it than milk so yay for the viking taking excellent care of his fairy. I can’t wait for more as with all your stories and I hope pam gets tortured more than just material objects. She broke her makers heart, that’s the ultimate betrayal.


  19. Oh snap! Pam is gonna get it!!

    On another note- how freaking adorable is it that he made her snacks and drinks. Sure, he’s trying to feed her broccoli with cookies but he did his best! And his little bit of uncertainty- gah! Too cute.

    But yeah, Pam, you better run, girl! I can see Eric vamping out the door, getting halfway there and then going back to Sookie to apologize for leaving and then leaving again, lol. He’s freaking the f out!


  20. I loved the snack Eruc made for Sookie. “smelly green trees” Hilarious!
    Pammy is in for a world of hurt!
    I hope you can update again before the holidays but if not Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  21. Even I almost ran out of the door to Fangtasia to beat Pam up! How awful what she said to poor Sookie *sniff* I hope Eric puts her in her place. Funny how you mention him saying milk can’t be healthy. I did a persuasive speech on raw milk vs. pasteurized milk in communication class in college. The results were pretty surprising! Anyway, awesommmmmmmme chapter!


  22. murgatroid98murgatroid98: LOL! All I can say is that…he tried… 😀 And Pam will be LUCKY if she still retains use of all her limbs after that came out.


  23. redjane12: Thank you, and I can only imagine the courage it took for her to actually go to Fangtasia to try to see him, and then for Pam to do that…

    Eric Northman: Vampire Caterer…does have a nice ring to it…


  24. nicoleraslich: Thanks! I figure Eric would be much more likely to want Sookie to eat healthy, fresh, natural foods since, if nothing else, to him they would smell cleaner and healthier.

    Exactly!! Pam’s disloyalty was bad enough, but she did so knowing that her actions were causing her Maker’s heart to break, which would be an ultimate betrayal. (Not to mention she made his Sookie cry…)


  25. VictoryInTrouble: Ohhh yeah, Pammy’s gonna get it…but I think it’ll be a surprise what he does…
    And you’re right – Eric is livid! (I love the image of him leaving abruptly, getting halfway there, pausing, returning, then leaving again!)

    Finding out that she had tried to contact him not just once but TWICE has made Eric feel comfortable enough with Sookie that he can show a little uncertainty knowing that she wouldn’t see it as a sign of weakness. 😀


  26. lostinspace33: As one of my mom’s friends used to say, “You ain’t a-lyin’!” 😀 I don’t see Pam’s relationship with Eric surviving this Pamanation intact… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  27. askarsgirl: I can totally see Eric standing in front of the fridge thinking, “Well, at least it smells… fresh… and… green?”
    Awww, thank you, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!! I *should* be able to update again before then, but you know how life is. ❤


  28. americanandroid01: Pam knows exactly how to be cruel, and she truly was to Sookie. I can’t see Eric forgiving her for that or for the way she betrayed him. And yeah, I’ve read that well-cared-for raw milk, when handled carefully and kept very, very cold, isn’t the “horrible germ factory” a lot of people want to think it is. Even Pasteurized milk…oops, gets off soap box… 😀


  29. Lol! Naked Eric, duh! 😜 although if i were Sookie and Naked Eric was standing in front of the fridge, i’d be right behind him admiring the view..nice buns😉


  30. askarsgirl: *snicker* Hey, if I wandered into my kitchen and found a naked Eric staring in the fridge, I’d have to ask him what the heck he was looking for since vamps don’t eat and we don’t HAVE True Blood yet (but not until after I grabbed my phone for a pic…)… Of course, then I’d faint because VAMPIRES ARE REAL!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Pam will be lucky if he only tortures her. I ALMOST feel sorry for her. Almost. I absolutely loved the milk, cookies, and broccoli. Eric’s doing a great job already at trying to take care of her. Great update!!! ❤


  32. Ohh she is going to SUFFER. what a bitch!! And people wonder why I hate her so much. Broccoli and cookies?!?!? Gas for poor Sookie. Just what she needs lol.


  33. Like Sookie thought, Pam is in for a world of hurt…and she deserves every minute of it! Hope we get another chapter soon 😀


  34. Kittyinaz: Oh yeah, but in a surprising (I hope) way… I liked SVM Pam a lot, and in the very beginning I liked TB Pam, but then I realized that it was the actress I liked, not the jealous, manipulative ex-Madame herself…


  35. They couldn’t be happier that both of their feelings for each other are the same:) However, all of this could have been said and done years ago. Pam may have been ‘looking out for her master’ as she will claim(complete utter shit), but that should’ve been Eric ‘the master’s’ decision? I wonder what Eric’s gonna do?


  36. ashmo2000: I think that is one of the things that has upset Eric the most – his decisions are his own to make, and she removed that choice from him. While he can’t be 100% positive that he and Sookie WOULD have gotten together back then, he’s pretty sure that – had it been up to him – they would have, and now all that time has been wasted because Pam took it upon herself to meddle too much in his life. I’d say, “Poor Pam”, but I wouldn’t mean it… 😀


  37. abacosweetheart1: Thank you!! I’ve never written a truly bad Pam before, and while it feels weird, it’s also a lot of fun exploring her character and “seeing” how she realistically COULD be that way. Thanks for reading! 😀


  38. kleannhouse: You are absolutely correct… Imagine all the time that was lost and the hurt that was ‘gained’ because of Pam stabbing him in the back like that…


  39. Chapter 10 A nap that sounds good. Oh no Eric is getting a meal ready. Milk and tea…yuck. SO it is a little after 1 and 10 chapters has been basically one day…this is not good for me that means I only got half a day left that is already published…*Godric start brewing the coffee you are going to be delivering to Karen!* You can’t understand Pamela’s reason because you are not a spoiled entitled Princess. Freshest green smell after the vile milk, tea and cookies..course you may be on to something Eric she is pregnant. I bet Uncertain Eric would be blushing if he could. Soo Sweet. Rending I vote for rending of the “beloved” child. How would Eric not have smelled Sookie if she stopped by? The quiet before the storm known as Eric erupts. *clapping and jumping in my seat* “fat hick ass on back to Bon fucking Temps”….Oh fuck…that explosion we just heard was the snap of Eric’s leash as soon as he understood what Sookie was saying to him. “Godric!!!! We have a problem!!!!” If you can’t Tell I LOVE this story!

    Off to the next chapter!



  40. 4padfoot: *****still waiting on Godric’s coffee delivery***** (Eric may or may NOT have been physically inFangtasia when Sookie stopped by – we’ll never know unless Pam tells us) Very glad you like the story!! 😀


  41. PMSL @ cookies and broccoli with milk. I am not a milk lover and whilst I love vegetables I hate the texture of broccoli! So I could feel her distaste for that milk and it made the combination of broccoli and cookies even more hilarious to me. I’d quickly be telling Eric to let Willa take care of the food! Yep Pam is going to hurt a lot, I almost feel sorry for her – only almost though!


  42. anem72: I know what you mean! I take liking milk in spells, but even then it’s more “I want a sip, not a glass”. Yeah, poor Sookie definitely would rather leave the “fooding” up to Willa… And I’m with you on Pam, too. I almost feel bad for her since I know where she was coming from, but it’s still an “almost”…

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Oh dear – it’s just getting worse and worse for Pam. Eric I assume is rushing off to strangle / end her or at least strap her in silver for six months / a century. Pam was always jealous of Sookie’s relationship with Eric so somehow I am not all that surprised that she could stoop so low. Well in your story anyway!


  44. I love Pam, and I hate that you did this to her, but at the same time… this is exactly what TB Pam would’ve done and said had she seen Sookie in those circumstances!


  45. smoke&ember: I adored bookPam, and even liked some things about TBPam, but of the two? Yeah, bookPam rocked. TBPam seemed just too bitchy? too jealous? too possessive over Eric? something. Just keep reading, though. It’s not a TOTAL Pam-hate-fest…in a way…kind of…I’ll stop now…


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