Decisions, Chapter 6

Cara paced excitedly while she waited for Roddy to answer the phone, and glanced again at the ‘flier’ from the library on her laptop screen.

“Come on, pick up,” she chanted, and was suddenly even giddier when he answered.

“This better be good, missy.  Barty was…anyway, what is it?”

Ignoring Roddy’s overly-petulant tone, she squealed.  Then, just to further annoy her close friend, she squealed again even louder.

Knowing it had to be something good since Cara was not a squealer, his put-upon aggravation was suddenly forgotten as he asked with badly-masked curiosity, “What?”

“The library.”

“Large multi-level building filled with physical and virtual media, yeah, I know it,” he snarked.  Then with building excitement, he asked “What about the library?”

A small squeal echoed through the phone.  “They’re sponsoring a lecture….”

Roddy inhaled sharply.  He loved the kind of lectures backed by “their” public library as much as his friend did.  “No.  What kind?”

She held out for a dramatic pause before announcing, “Hissssstory.”

He could almost tell she was wiggling her toes with excitement.  “What kind of history?”

“The true kind,” she sang.

“Cara, if you don’t spit it out I’m going to come over there and eviscerate your closet.”  She laughed knowing that he hated some of her business-casual outfits and pretty much all of her ‘lazy day’ options.

“Ok, ok, I take it you haven’t read the email from the library yet, have you?”  She couldn’t believe it – this kind of thing was right up her alley.

“No, hang on…”

She did, and a minute later she heard him emit his own squeal.

“Over 2,000 years old?!”

“I know!  Isn’t this the most awesome thing ever?  I didn’t know that TSO even had conference facilities, though.”

Godric heard Cara’s tinkling laughter from where he sat dangling his bare feet from atop her apartment roof, and smiled.  Thursday night could not come soon enough.


 “Are you sure this is what you want to do?  You still have time to cancel…”

Godric knew Eric was only concerned for how this evening’s talk would go, and while he appreciated his child’s concern, now was not the time.  He already had enough butterflies in his stomach to taunt a lepidopterist as it was.

“Eric,” he intoned strongly, “enough.”

Knowing that tone, the tall blond bowed deeply as he eyed his Maker in the mirror they were sharing.  “Yes, Master.”

Despite the serious expression his face, Godric’s eyes suddenly twinkled.  “And we’ll have none of that Master nonsense, either, my child.  I know you’re concerned, but, as they say, I’ve got this.”

Eric chuckled as intended; it always tickled him to hear his ancient Maker use current colloquialisms…as well said Maker knew.

When Godric had informed him of his “library plans,” he was worried and concerned, yet was also oddly anticipating the event. His worry and concern stemmed from the knowledge that so much could go wrong, and there were likely to be too many people involved to easily contain and glamour them should any such…misfortune…occur.

His odd anticipation for the event involved a shapely brunette who he prayed would attend for his Maker’s sake.  He’d never known Godric to spend any amount of time thinking about a female, much less wooing her.

During his earlier times with his Maker, feeding and fucking was a simple matter of convenience and glamour.  Scout, isolate, grab, glamour, feed, fuck, heal when necessary, and leave.   Although females of a breeding age were always preferred, the sex of the target was generally irrelevant, and babies, children, and pregnant women were the only taboos.

Through the centuries as times improved, a point often debated between the two vampires, it became easier to glamour a small family holding in an exciting or pleasant location to allow them to “stopover” for an extended visit.  They would happily use the mother, aunts, and older daughters of the household, and sometimes the more presentable males, for weeks at a time before moving on to other locations and experiences.  Battle sights and small wars were always interesting, as were some courts.

Somehow, he didn’t see Godric extolling the virtues of feeding and fucking their way through most of Europe and the Mediterranean, much less various parts of the African and Asian continents, to a group of curious library aficionados.

He mentally shrugged and hoped Godric knew what the fuck he was doing.  At least he had backup here at TSO if needed, even if it had taken the better part of two nights to convince his Maker to hold the “lecture” at a conference facility here rather than at the public fucking library.

He hid his smile as he watched the ancient vampire with the youthful appearance by his side attempt to tame his short dark hair.  For centuries upon centuries he’d worn his hair in a simple fashion reminiscent of a bowl cut after Eric himself had all-but shorn the filthy, foul smelling dreadlocks from his head soon after rising, but lately he had seemed to tire of the style, and had even taken the time and energy to force his hair to grow almost an inch longer.

So much effort for a brown-haired blood bag, he considered with a scowl.  At least he was wearing shoes without a hassle.

Godric tossed the brush to the bathroom counter after sweeping his hair back and to the sides, then nodded to Eric.  “I will feed before approaching the gathering.  Perhaps that will remove the scowl from your face?”  His eyes, lighter blue with excitement, met his child’s own bright blue eyes in the mirror before glancing back to survey his attire of well-fitting light brown cargo pants and a long-sleeved beige button-up shirt with the top three buttons left open.  As he preferred loose, comfortable clothing (or no clothing at all), he was as “dressed up” as he was going to get.

As he exited the bathroom, he rolled his sleeves and considered exactly how he would play the “lecture” he had in mind.  He disliked speaking in front of large crowds as they were often rather annoying, but Eric’s dayperson, who he was using to liaise with the library, had stated that they weren’t expecting a large crowd tonight.

Apparently “library aficionados”, as Eric jokingly termed them, could be a bit leery of gathering near a vampire bar, which he thought was quite absurd considering that they were supposedly of a more open mindset.  The fewer people, the fewer foul odors bastardizing his Cara’s scent, he thought.

He loved to watch her eat, so he had quickly ordered a light buffet catered for the short event, and had approved of the menu himself.  He of course had no idea what meats, cheeses, and dessert foods tasted like during this era, though, and he was a bit concerned about what ‘assorted tea sandwiches’ were made of when he knew for a fact that tea was to be sipped and not eaten.  But when he considered that he’d never known that chickens even had fingers, he had gladly turned the whole sordid affair over to his grandprogeny.  So long as there were different coffee choices and no stench of cabbage or Brussels’ sprouts, he was happy.

A glance at the clock on Eric’s desk spurred him to send a small bit of urgency to his child via their bond, and they soon left for the Holding Pen – an area on the first level below ground where well paid and well ‘compensated’ donors for hire were kept for both local and visiting vampires.

Twenty minutes and a vaguely satisfactory feeding later, Godric approached the door to the conference room.  For the first time, his Mate would see him.


 Cara’s heart sank.  Why did Roddy and Bart have to bring Bart’s annoying, handsy, bratty younger brother with them?  Talk about ruining a moment, she fumed.  She just hoped he’d gotten the point when she slapped his face, hard, after the last time he’d groped her ass.  She’s slapped him again on principle after he’d tried to blame it on the semi-flamboyant Bart.

Roddy grimaced and shrugged his shoulders when he caught her glare.  Bart loved his only brother, but had yet to realize that he was the only one who did.  Cal’s only redeeming quality was that he fully supported Bart and Roddy being together.

As they waited for the rest of the attendees to arrive, she looked around the small group already gathered and noticed quite a few unknown faces.  Finally, when it seemed that all who were going to show up were present, a man she didn’t know invited everyone to partake of the refreshments and take their seats.

After filling their plates and grabbing their drinks, Cara choosing coffee of course, they chose one of the tables covered nearest the front of the mid-sized room.   She happily sat beside Roddy, with Cal sitting on the other side of Bart…who was sitting on the other side of Roddy.  She’d never loved an empty chair more.

Cara and her two friends were surprised by how nice the conference room was prepared:  round tables that could easily seat five were scattered about the room, a nice catered buffet with hot and cold beverage station was set-up along one wall, all the tables were covered with fine linen tablecloths and napkins.  The plates and hot beverage service were of fine china, and the cold beverages were served in sparkling crystal glassware.  It all struck Cara as extremely extravagant given that the event was free.

Just after everyone had gotten settled, a door to the side of the room opened, and in walked the most unconventionally attractive male Cara had ever seen.

She guessed he was of average height, but it was hard to tell with the tall blond guy beside him, but his hair was dark, and looked soft enough to run her fingers through.  His skin was pale and seemed to glow slightly, just like the blond guy’s skin.  There was something indefinable about him, something she just couldn’t put her finger on but she knew was there.  He walked to the center of the front of the room to stand behind the podium already in place, and when he looked out over the crowd, his brilliant blue eyes met her own.

She couldn’t smile, couldn’t look away, couldn’t even blink…there was a feeling about him, something that she recognized, but didn’t.  Finally she let a slow, warm smile spread across her face, and was rewarded by receiving the same from him.

“Hello.  My name is Godric, and I will be your speaker this night.  As you may know, I am well over 2,000 years old.  My age is most likely closer to 2,100, but after so much time has passed, age becomes nothing but a number.”

Throughout the course of the evening, the warm, rich tones of his voice caressed her mind and the timeless cadence of his speech flowed through her body.  Afterward she was certain she couldn’t have said what was discussed if her life depended on it, but she wouldn’t have traded that time for the world.

When she moved her gaze from the front of the room as he ended his talk, she realized that the “lecture” had lasted well over two hours, double what had been intended, but judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, no one had minded a bit.  Well, no one except Cal, it seemed, given the scowl on his pseudo-handsome face.

“Welcome back,” he smarmed as she looked around for Roddy and Bart.

Instead of answering him, she chose to stand and stretch her legs as she watched Godric and the man she now knew to be his vampire child being swarmed by a small crowd of admirers while the rest filed slowly out the door.  She finally spied Bart and Roddy who had wandered over to chat with a friend of theirs.

After a small stretch, she reached back to grab her shoulder bag, and Cal for some reason thought that would be the perfect opportunity to corner her between the table, the chair, and his rather large body.  When she turned back around, she found herself almost nose to chest with him, and tried to take a step back, but couldn’t.

She sighed.  “What do you want, Cal” she asked in exasperation.

“What’s your deal?  I tried to talk to you a dozen times tonight and you never answered me once,” he complained peevishly.

“That’s because I was here to hear the speaker speak, not you,” she replied nicely but firmly.

“Well, now that that’s all over with, let’s go somewhere so you can listen to me talk,” he suggested with what he seemed to think was panache.

Cara didn’t want to imagine a worse way to spend an evening.

“No, I don’t think so, Cal.  I’ve told you how many times that I’m just not interested in you that way?  Can you even find the point to get it already?”  Nice obviously wasn’t working with his thick head.

She gasped as he cruelly grabbed her elbow and yanked her back as she moved the chair to get away from him.

“Come on, Cara, why do you gotta be such a bitch,” he whined.

She couldn’t figure out if he even knew how hard he was squeezing her elbow, but it didn’t matter.  Pain was pain.

“Ow, let me go, you ass.  You’re hurting me,” she cried quietly.  She didn’t want to cause a scene if she could help it, but if he didn’t let go right then, well, she knew for a fact that her voice could easily be heard across a football field, no matter how few people might be left to hear her.

“Let.  Her.  Go.”

The three words were quietly said in a level tone of voice coming from close behind her ear, but the manner in which they were stated raised the hair on the back of her neck.

“Why should I?”  Cal’s petulance came through loud and clear.

She whimpered as he automatically tightened his grip.

A very well toned arm immediately shot out and grabbed Cal’s wrist and, from what she could see, with one twist Cal went down to the floor.  His hand was dangling at an odd angle from the rest of his arm.

In a blur of movement, she found herself standing beside the tall blond guy whose name she couldn’t remember, and Godric, whose name she definitely couldn’t forget, was looming over Cal, who was whining and crying about his broken wrist.

Cara couldn’t hear them, but apparently Godric didn’t like something that the idiot said because his hard, white hand was suddenly around Cal’s neck, and oh, fuck…he was squeezing.




**A/N:  I have decided to NOT use or mention real businesses or facilities in my stories because I want to neither provide free publicity (what if a place I mentioned sucks?) nor be sued.  So, if I ever mention a business or facility and it comes about that it’s a REAL entity, then oops…my bad – the mention was entirely unintended.**











32 thoughts on “Decisions, Chapter 6

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  2. I giggled so hard she need fan girled and I love it…. Here’s a napkin for drool.

    Loved how excited he was and can’t wait to see how him stepping in is handled by her.


  3. And things were going so well, until he tried to choke the guy…it said right there, in the program, lecture, then meet and greet…I want him to invite her to a ball next…


  4. Oopsie Godric … how not to impress the girl; breaking to fuckwads arm. Tsk tsk. Things were going so well until then. Godric even wore shoes to compliment his clothes (BTW did Pam select the clothes?). Can’t wait till next update to read Cara’s reaction to the heavy handedness.

    Discovered this story while searching for another. Extremely pleased. You have Godric’s personality & style outlined well. Reading the ups & downs of his emotions have been a delight.


  5. Woohoo! I LOVED (Adored, squealed loudly at, and then debated on metaphorically flinging myself to my knees before you and offering up delicious baked goods to your authory greatness) this chapter! I definitely wasn’t expecting Godric to give a lecture…but in retrospect it was the perfect way to make Cara’s aquaintance. I really enjoyed how enamored she was of him when he walked in…and Godric was so cute when he was trying to get ready to see her. Nervous Godric is amazingly sexy. Then again, standing in one place and doing nothing Godric is also sexy. Also chilling out in a dirt hole and wiggling his bare feet around is also sexy. Must be tough for him, lol.

    I actually had no problem with hiim breaking The Idiot’s wrist. Frankly, if I was Cara I may have seen how the physics of upward mobility, a left knee, and delicate human body parts reacted to each other. Then again, I take my personal space rather seriously, lol. I do think it’ll be interesting to see how Cara calms him down, and I don’t doubt for a second that she’ll have him wrapped around her little finger!

    Thank you for the update and I’m totally on the edge of my seat to see what happens next! Oh, and did I mention baked goods? As a pastry chef I can say mine are absolutely delectable and I’m totally willing to bribe you with them, lol! :op



  6. Tiffany,

    Can you imagine looking up all innocent-like and seeing GODRIC standing there??? I don’t know what would hit the floor first – my jaw, or my underoos! 😀


  7. Treewitch,

    😀 How sad is it that I fully admit to being a cliffy hypocrite? When I’m reading them, I hate them…but when I’m writing them? I love them, especially when they come at the perfect chapter break.


  8. Jules,

    Lol, yeah: Oopsie Godriy… See? He wore shoes and everything! I have to admit, though, that Godric does have a way of solving…problems… 😀

    Glad you found me, Godric, and Cara!


  9. Khara,

    😀 Glad you liked it! I’m working on the next chapter already, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too long…after all, even idiots can’t go without breathing indefinitely!

    Heh, like I said above somewhere, if I looked up and suddenly saw the beauty that is Godric, I’m really not sure what would hit the floor first – my jaw, or my undies!

    (Is it bad I had fun writing about him, um, wriggling his toes in the dirt?)

    Totally with you on the “personal space” issue. I have a certain fondness for the whole concept (unless it’s a gorgeous vamp…) myself. While I think breaking his neck might be going a bit far (…in public), I think Cal would be pretty damn lucky to get off with JUST a broken wrist.

    Thanks for the great review!

    And I’m totally bribeable with baked goods…


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    Oh, and as for not knowing which would drop first, your jaw or undies, I like to think I could totally multi-task do both, AND also have Godric out of those clothes and shoes that he hates so much. What? I’m just looking out for his comfort….*waggles eyebrows*.



  11. Oh, and I had a question. Since Cara could see their vampiric glow was that a hint that she’s perhaps a bit more than a normal human?

    I will now stop ‘stalking’ your inbox and let you have some peace and quiet, lol. :oP



  12. I’m an awesome multi-tasker…but I should practice…on Godric…

    Sure, right…his “comfort”… *nods*


    No comment

    Toffee?? *blink*blink*blink*


  13. Ohh yes! And finally, they meet! (ish)
    I wonder which parts Godric talked about at that ‘lecture’? I mean, I assume he skipped out on the more personal and gory details, but which areas did he focus on? And which decade(s) was/were his favourite(s)?
    Poor creepster-Cal… but I guess he’s lucky he got handsy in public, considering what happened to the were who sniffed her out in one of the first chapters. Or… I assume Cara will remind vampboy not to strangulate the human? Maybe Cal won’t be so lucky, guess we’ll see! (So, you know, write&post, please!)

    Loved how immediately infatuated she was when she saw Godric (even next to Eric) – I like that it seems their connection is very much dual sided! (The perv in me hopes this means the smutty bits will come sooner.)

    PS: It’d obviously be your knickers – Even then best elastic is no match for Godric-induced slippery-sliding! (Sorry, that was gross. Couldn’t help myself, it had to be written down.)


  14. anything that requires a tuxedo and neat hair, and dance cards, and music, and gardens…i see all these formal things, cause he just can’t walk up to the girl…like, after this little faux pas at the lecture, he’ll send her a note of apology…all the while, jerking off outside her window while she sleeps…i think i’ve spent too much time thinking about this…


  15. Midnat:

    *sorry, still lost contemplating Godric in all his glory…bbl…*

    This might sound like the cop-out it really is, but I went with the Cara angle – if you were sitting there staring at Godric as he gave a talk, how many of his words would you actually remember versus staring at his eyes…his face…

    Yeah, that’s what I thought… ;D


  16. JR:

    Ohhh, Godric in a tux… Heh, can you imagine that apology note? “Oops, sorry I killed your friend’s brother all dead and stuff. Wanna go out?”


  17. P-sshh! Like I’m some drooling perv who would just sit there, ogling him like the hot piece of vamp-candy that he…
    Never mind.


  18. well, something where he’s even more scrubbed up and awkward, ha! yeah, and he’ll make Eric hand deliver it, and it will say, thanks for attending, sorry i almost killed/killed that guy, will you agree to be my date? Does Cara have a dad? Because he needs to show up there, too…


  19. lovely! I finally read something from you – I feel giddy I have time to read now. you might have poked my Godric hunger all of the sudden. also, my vampirey hunger! keep it up!


  20. Morggys;

    Yay!! *takes an honored bow* Lol, I bet it DOES feel great to finally have some reading time. Hope you’re enjoying the servings of Godric – He, Eric, and (my) Andre are my favorite vampires. Gotta love them- fang’d deliciousness!


  21. I have to say that if I was sitting at a lecture that Godric was giving I would:
    a) Be having some really, _really_ naughty teacher-student fantasies and wondering if Godric had ‘office hours’ available.
    b) Wondering what…um…’life skills’ he had to have learned in those 2000+ years
    c) Debating on whether or not you can go to jail for visually eye-molesting someone
    d) Thanking god that I had decided to go commando so that when I hunted him down like a lion does a gazelle on the Serengeti, then it would be one less item to rip off before I rocked his world. While a 2000+ year old vampire might be a pro at evasion tactics, he’s got no chance against rabid fan girls!

    Did I mention that I thought it was hilariously sweet that she didn’t even remember Eric’s name? Everyone else salivates over the tall, hunky Viking and she’s like, “Oh, yeah, you’re whats-his-name. Please move so I can continue to eye-f*@$ your hottie Maker.”


  22. Royal Ember:

    Lol, I wondered how many readers would pick up on Cara not even REMEMBERING in Eric’s NAME.

    If I were to attend a Godric lecture, I’d probably be exactly like Cara: all wrapped up and lost in the experience of drowning in his voice and gazing into his eyes…and I probably wouldn’t remember one word he said, either!


  23. Yay for a good first impression.
    How’d I know that Cal was going to meet grumpy Godric?
    Please let there not be many humans left. Glamour glamour glamour… All but Cara i guess. Crap. Stoooopid Cal!


  24. Yay! Finally a meeting! Though it figures Cal would be there to mar the occasion. Nonetheless, looks like an impression was made and I’m excited to see Godric further his ‘acquaintance’ with Cara.


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