The Moon, Ch. 24

*A/N: Ok, it’s not a long chapter, but it should at least start answering some questions for you lovely shining readers-mine.*

Eric wondered what the long sigh was for but nodded his agreement to Sevrin anyway. He’d been increasingly curious about the taciturn mountain’s immediate plans for Pamela but hadn’t cared to broach the subject. It still hit too close to home.

“Go ahead.”

The black-haired vampire nodded his head in the direction of the restroom he’d passed en route to Eric’s office on main bar level. “What about them?”

Appreciating the other’s concern for his ladies’ security, Eric rose from his desk. He needed a break from watching his former Child on the monitor especially when he knew he’d be observing Sevrin’s upcoming interaction with her anyway.

“I’ll go wait for them. Take your time.”

With a final grunt that might have been agreement, Sevrin headed down to Pam’s cell.

As luck would have it, the ladies were exiting the restroom when Eric arrived and chose to simply follow him back to his office. Both were heartily tired of dealing with the bar’s customers. When told of Sevrin’s plans to visit Pamela, Sookie, who couldn’t care less, decided to rest on the comfortable sofa in the sitting area on one side of the room and promptly put her feet up with Eric’s attentive help.

Willa admitted without any guilt that she was curious as to how things would go between Sevrin and Pam, who she now called her unSibling. She quickly rolled another chair behind Eric’s desk to watch the proceedings on the screen he’d already cued to that area.

Very soon thereafter Sevrin, via the security cams placed throughout the building, appeared in the hallway outside Pam’s cell. Curiously, instead of going directly to her door, he leaned against the opposite wall…and waited. He appeared to be thinking, perhaps planning, but was otherwise motionless.

The next screen over, connected to a camera displaying all activity in Pam’s cell, showed by her subtly more guarded stance that the prisoner was aware of another being suddenly existing in her vicinity.

Ten minutes later and to the soft tune of Sookie’s faint puffs of air as she lightly napped, Sevrin still hadn’t moved a single muscle.

Pam’s confusion was obvious. The defensiveness had left her stance but she remained on high alert. Dried tears still marred her face but without a way to clean herself, they were irrelevant.

Willa, having to Eric’s surprise remained silent despite her avid interest in the scene before them, finally spoke albeit in a whisper her nearby Maker could barely discern.

“What do you think he’s doing?”

Eric, just as baffled and just as intrigued, shrugged.  He couldn’t decipher a thing from the vampire’s harsh features.

Silence fell and once again they waited as another twenty minutes ever so slowly ticked by without action.

Both vampires were at risk of falling into downtime when Sevrin abruptly strode the two steps needed to bring him to Pam’s solid cell door. With movements that blurred on the screen he unlocked the door and entered the small starkly bright room.

In a voice that easily overrode Pam’s startled gasp, he demanded, “You did not tell your Maker of these threats. Why?”

Pam inhaled, but before she could speak, he interrupted her.

“You will not lie to me. I will know.”

Eric stared in astonishment at the expression of pure fear and desperation that crossed his Child’s once beloved face.

Somehow sensing the change in the room’s atmosphere, Sookie woke from her nap and, after a small struggle with the sofa, eventually managed to both sit up and stand up. While rubbing the small of her back with one hand, she waddled over to the two vampires staring in fascination at the now silent monitor on Eric’s desk…and stared along with them.

Eric helped her to sit in his elevated desk chair and gently rubbed the small of her aching back while they listened as Sevrin began speaking again, his voice tight and impatient.

“Answer. Why did you not tell your Maker of these threats?”

Sookie’s gasp went unnoticed.

“They…they warned me not to,” Pam whispered, her voice shaken and her expression terrified.  “How do you even…”

“So you withheld crucial information from your Maker – your Maker, the one vampire on the entire planet to whom you owe all fealty, the one who fucking made you?” His deep, harsh voice reverberated around the interior of the small room.

Sevrin was disgusted. Infuriated.

Mostly, however, he was flabbergasted at Pam’s astounding idiocy.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Your Maker is over a thousand years old,” he roared. “Did you think he had learned nothing during all that time? Did you think him pathetically ill trained by his own superior Maker? Did you not trust him to protect the three of you?”

Pam tried valiantly to regain her composure, then obviously sagged.

“No,” she whispered, her voice broken. “I didn’t. I couldn’t. He was so crazy about her…his fucking fairy…his thinking wouldn’t have been rational. I did what I could to protect us as best I could but now everything… Everything is lost anyway.”

She crumpled to the floor as more red tears began silently flowing down her distraught face.

Eric and even Willa expected Sevrin to deride what seemed to be an obvious attempt to garner sympathy, but Sookie’s gaze remained focused on Sevrin’s face…and his eyes. Something about the way his eyes moved nudged at her subconscious. She felt Eric’s hand falter in the soothing movements on her back, so she reached for his free hand and held it tightly in support.

The big black-haired mountain stood staring at the silently weeping woman, his thick arms folded across his broad chest, his hard expression revealing nothing of his thoughts.

Long minutes later he sighed as if a small burden had been reluctantly lifted from his massive shoulders.

He quietly growled his discontent then ordered, “You’ll tell him all, now, or I will.”

After Pam’s barely discernable nod, Sevrin grit his teeth then looked up to the camera.

“She fucked up. Bad. She was trying to protect you, and herself of course, but she went about it in the most foolishly fucked up way she could manage. She’s fucking stupid as hell, Eric, but not exactly evil. She is loyal to you if not at all to your fairy.”

A moment later, he added begrudgingly, “Extremely loyal to you.” In a louder voice, he added, “You need to hear this now.”

Eric, Sookie, and Willa transferred their shocked gazes from the screen to each other, then back to the screen.

After a long, heavy silence, Sookie quietly told Eric, “Go on. See what this is all about.”

Eric blinked, then shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. He removed his hand from Sookie’s hold as he looked down at his desk. A moment later he aimlessly grabbed a pen then bounced it a few times before dropping it, his other hand lightly rubbing Sookie’s back all the while.

Finally he exhaled.


With an adorable set of clumsy moves that would have brought an affectionate smile to Eric’s lips at any other time, Sookie extricated herself from the chair and slid her arms around Eric’s lean waist. Her hug was promptly and firmly returned.

Her face being pressed against his chest muffled her words as she softly advised, “You need to find out what’s going on. It seems there’s more to our Sevrin than meets the eye and it really sounds like there’s more to Pam’s story than we know. I don’t…I don’t know, but you won’t, either, until you talk to them both. You don’t have to make any decisions about her or anything else right this second, but you deserve to know what’s going on. We’ll wait for you in here. And, if you don’t mind, we’ll keep listening, too, if you want us to.”

She felt him nod and kiss the top of her head. As he loosened his hold after a briefly tight squeeze, Willa approached and slid her own arms around him.

Eric hid his shock well. Although the hug was somewhat awkward in its unfamiliarity, through the contact and through the bond he shared with his youngest progeny, the warmth and comforting intent were undeniable, and very welcome.

“No matter what happens down there, you’ll be fine. You have us; you know that. Now go grab us some info, Daddy. Something smells rotten in the state of Pam,” she quipped, and if her voice sounded a bit thick, no one said anything.

Eric laughed a little as he was meant to, and kissed her forehead before blurring from the room.

Something was definitely rotten in the state of Pamela.

**A/N: So, what did you think of your impromptu treat?  Love it?  Hate it?  I know it’s a bit short compared to some recent chapters, but it was informative…ish, right?  Shocking?  Confusing?  Intriguing?  Lemme know what you think in the comments.**

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49 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 24

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  2. Yes, all of the above. Short. Informative…ish, intriguing, confusing, and shocking. Damn. I was having so much fun hating Pam and now it sounds like we might not be able to. Oh well. There’s always Beehl. Even though he’s dead, it’s still fun to hate him.


  3. Love it , defiantly love it . Oh just how royally has she fucked up and what the ever loving hell has our big Sevvie professing her extreme loyalty aarrgghh . Thanks for this bonus , a total double edged knife , is it bad that I’m hoping Andre remains down in the doldrums to get this rotation a little sooner and no Andre I am not wanting the girls to remain locked up for longer than necessary but to be fair you started it ( sticks tongue out and runs as fast as I can to a silver hideaway ) sorry Meridian hehe .

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  4. Alright so I did love it well, all except the part where it ends on another cliffy!!! Please update this one again soon!!! I know we had a bonus treat, but no I need to know what’s going on with Pam, and how everyone is going to react to Sevrin’s little secret!!!! I know you have 4 other stories that I’m dying for updates on, not to mention a sulky Andre, but my hands and arms are already getting tired of hanging on this particular cliff!!!! More please!!! 😉


  5. FYI, Sevilla is a city in southern Spain, but Seville is written in English.

    I think Sookie already figured that Sev is telepath (need a telepath to recognize behaviors when he ‘hears’ someone deeply with more than just the ears). If Pam is loyal to Eric, she is not loyal to Sookie (speaking strictly in terms of survival)


  6. Awwww, look at that! Sevrin listened to me and ‘eavesdropped’ for awhile before confronting Pam 😀 Such a smarty! I think Sookie is about 2 seconds from figuring out he was reading Pam’s mind. Can’t wait to find out exactly what Pam has done. And what kind of new threat it might bring. Thanks for the bonus chapter!


  7. As usual you leave me wanting more. I do hope wonder who has been manipulating Pam and why. And, I hope you will have those answers flowing out of your fingertips onto the keyboard very soon.


  8. Hmmm what could Pam say to make up for her actions? Servin was angry at the same time too? His secret is revealed. I like the moment with Willa and Sookie before he left. Servin gift will come in handy so Pam can’t try to get out or lie. I liked the treat thank you.


  9. Damn…more questions…
    Sookie seems to have figured out Sevrin’s secret.
    What in the world did Pam do exactly and who the hell warned her to not say anything to Eric? Dick move on their part and on her part for not trusting her own Maker. Whoever they are I think they played on her jealousy.
    Somewhat concerned as to how Eric is going to take whatever Pam tells him. Regardless of her reasons she totally disrespected Eric.


  10. damn Pammy is gonna be in a world of hurt when Eric gets done with her, so looking forward to what she did and I think Sookie figured out Sevrin’s secret. looking forward to more and it was just enough to wet our taste buds. KY


  11. As much as I love Andre I need to know what Eric is going to find out! No rotation. More of The Moon. Besides leaving us desperately wanting more it was a great chapter. 🙂

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  12. I think Sookie has just about figured out Sevvie’s secret. Pam is very foolish and very selfish. Perhaps she wouldn’t have been so quick to betray Eric if she wasn’t so jealous of Sookie. How can she not think that telling another ruler what Eric likes sexually, such a private thing, or bring company books to her bedroom isn’t betrayal. think Eric should continue with his plan to send her to Sevvie’s mines. But I think her mind is too narrow to change.


  13. Look Ma! I’m using the comment box! I’ve made it lol!!!

    j/k, loved this subtle reveal, I’m glad Sevrin decided to share his secret with Eric, Willa & Sookie. He knew they would be watching on the CCTV and that Eric, and Sookie especially, would be able to figure out that he was telepathically listening to Pam spill da beans. Great nuanced chapter my prettie!!! xo

    Up next: Hell in a Cell! (to borrow from WWE)


  14. Thank you! Now definitely intrigued about what’s rotten with Pam… Who threatened her? Fairies? Demons? Assholes?


  15. ericluver: Aww, sweetie, what was confusing? 😦 PM/email me if you have questions, but I’m pretty sure the next chapter should clear it all up – at least I hope so. Srsly, if you want, ASK! 😀


  16. cari1973: 😉 I know. Sookie’s subconscious is pretty active… And you are EXACTLY right – Pam’s loyalty is ONLY to Eric, which is causing this downfall in a way.


  17. missingjasamalways: *snicker* She is. Her subconscious catches more than she knows. Glad you liked the chapter!

    (*It was already in the plans so when I read your previous comment I just snickered…a lot!*)


  18. mindyb781: Glad you liked it! And oh, yeah, he’s pissed at Pam for…things, but at the same time he values loyalty, so he had to give her that one (no matter how badly he didn’t want to).


  19. mom2goalies: This is a case of Pam thinking that she somehow “knows better” because her jealousy of Sookie (and her *cringe* somewhat founded distrust of how Sookie treated Eric in the past) clouded her eyes toward Eric. And no worries about Eric – his eyes are open. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  20. kleannhouse: Pam’s thinking is quite…skewed, and she is loyal to Eric, uber-loyal, but in an also-skewed way that he is NOT going to appreciate. And yep, Sookie’s subconscious is pretty sharp (and so are her eyes).


  21. gyllene: Awww, thank you!! Andre has done this to me before, the little (ok, huge) twerp. In theory the next chapter should be up before long – now watch, since I said that Andre will suddenly get all chatty…


  22. gaijinvamp: 😀 She just about has! And Pam…oh, Pam…the upcoming information will present Eric with a bit of a dilemma, but yeah, Pam’s rationalizations are definitely skewed by her jealousy.


  23. azucar69: WELCOME TO THE COMMENT BOX!! LMAO @ “Hell in a Cell”!! Good one!
    You caught a very important point: Sevrin DID know that Eric would be watching everything on that screen, and where Eric is, there’s usually a Sookie and probably a Willa nearby, so, yeah, he knew what he was doing. Thanks!


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  25. Ah, makes sense to me – sure I still need to find out the details but I can definitely believe Pam could have acted in a way she thought was protecting Eric even if her thinking was flawed. I wonder what the threat was? And it looks like Sookie has caught on to Sevrin’s abilities!


  26. Wow your nails must be seriously dusty…. I’ll send Pam round for a Christmas manicure. Of course all the nail polish is in varying shades of pink.


  27. ladytarara: *snicker* Dude, send Pam on over – both my thumbnails have split and started peeling. It’s like a national disaster on an extremely local scale over here.

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  28. Pam is on her way with her emergency nail kit. She’s breaking all sorts of speed limits in that minivan of hers but she figures it’s worth it since it’s a national disaster. She’s all about helping others and completely concurs with your assessment of the situation. She’s got paramedics on call just in case she has to resuscitate you.


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