EN: ATS, Chapter 12

Stan, still subconsciously exuding his King Richard persona, had completed a long list of what he derisively called “kingly duties” – mainly checking and responding on his phone to messages he’d ignored for the few nights, and now paced in circles as he waited for both his Maker and his Royal Guest.

He supposed both would arrive whenever they deigned to as both were probably eating in their own fashion…unless Godric was still dismissing the guards but how that could take a couple of hours he’d never know. It was more likely that he had fine-tuned their assignments as all security staff would remain on alert during the Fairies’ visit. Before going to the room where the meeting would be held, he himself had swung by Security to ensure that all hatches were staying properly battened and had spent well over an hour ensuring that everything continued according to plan.

Although seemingly far more relaxed than the average vampire, Stan had never been one to dismiss the importance of safety and defensive measures. For Hades’ sake, he sometimes even remembered to wear safety equipment in his own private lab!  Eyes and fingers could always regrow but sadly the process was unnecessarily painful. When he’d learned of the coming visit, he had closed down some interesting experiments knowing that his attention would have to be otherwise occupied, and now he was glad he’d cleared his mental decks.

Things with The Visitors were…odder than he’d thought they’d be.

Godric’s ‘mood’ had been cycling repeatedly from “suspicious” to” annoyed” to “exasperated” since receiving Niall’s initial letter requesting a meeting but had slowly changed to now include “concerned”, and he definitely agreed with the oldster.

Something was definitely up with Niall. His gut feeling was certain of it; his only hold-up was that he didn’t know exactly what it could be…yet. He was sure that Niall was either up to something or wanted something just as he was sure that it nothing whatsoever to do with books or tv shows that ended badly.

For one thing, the timing of this visit was suspect – it was far too long after the books had come out, and of course the “fairy” portion of the show had been over for some time now. There had been some odd pauses in his speech as though he was either lost in thought or was choosing his words carefully, and his phrasings had sounded vaguely rehearsed, as well. And then there had been the rest of that inane business on the rooftop.

Throughout the weirdness, Stan as King Richard had kept his attention focused on the visitors in general despite the dark-haired male fairy’s apparent fascination with his person…and despite the undeniable appeal of the obviously inefficient ‘guard’. Early on he had wondered if perhaps Preston’s “fascination” had been a bit over-played to help take the vampires’ attention off the ‘fairynapping’ of one of their own. In the end, however, the dark one had appeared to be honestly attracted, which was flattering even if he didn’t swing that way, but the degree of said attraction remained in question.

Niall had no apparent knowledge of just how close he’d been to losing an unwanted coup in the moments after that Sookie of his had popped Eric away. If the bond with his Brother hadn’t been almost instantly reestablished and if his Brother had seemed to have been in any sort of distress, immediately upon command the guards on the rooftop would have shot highly debilitating iron netting over the entire group of visitors. “Guns” could hold more than just bullets in their chambers, and the specifically modified weapons attached to the guards’ belts could hold more than that in their also-specifically-modified “chambers”. He should know…he had created them. He guessed he could market them as “iron net cannons” but doubted there’d be much of a market for them…especially given how damn loud they were.

Eric, however, had been safe so he’d silently commanded them to stand down. His bond with his Brother, weaker of course than his tie to his Maker but definitely extant, had told of his continued good health and happiness, so he’d no longer been as concerned for the Viking as he perhaps should have been, then or now. And Eric had been distinctly happy there for a while…

Stan knew his blond elder could handle himself, though, so he turned his mind once again to the problem with the fairies.  His Maker was right in this as in all things, he concluded, just as the ancient one himself finally entered the room.

Fairies were definitely trouble…and what in the world had his Maker been up to, anyway?

“I have four messages from Pam.”

“Three,” replied Godric with a smirk as he tossed his own phone down on the nearby table. “All of which were very carefully neutral, of course.”

“How long before she shows up?” Stan wondered if he should text her back or even call her…nah, it was too much fun winding her up. Apparently his Maker agreed.

“Tomorrow.” Godric’s eyes sparkled with humor. “She’ll probably have herself shipped in during the day.”

He adored the Child of his Child, he truly did, but sometimes she took that “vampire facade” business to an hilarious extreme. Had she been truly concerned or if there had been cause for true concern, of course he would have returned her calls, or more likely he would have called her home the vampire way.  As the Maker of her Maker, he had that ability. However, with minimal concentration he could clearly identify only mild concern mostly overridden with a blend of curiosity, confusion, and traditional Pamela-esque nosiness.  She bitterly detested not being “in the know”.

“Well, it’s one way of getting The Royal Niece back home,” Stan shrugged, then felt his fangs involuntarily erupt as a burst of scalding fury fired his blood. As he had been looking at his Maker, he saw the same reaction overtake his elder.


The rage began to diminish as quickly as it had surged, but did not entirely subside. Neither vampire spoke to the other but remained on bond and sensory alert even after the subsequent feeling of wellness was purposefully pushed through to them.

Not unexpectedly, soon enough both felt Eric’s return, and within minutes he and Sookie came through the meeting room door.

Godric and Stan exchanged a confused glance as both seemed in good health.  Eric appeared and still felt angrily unsettled, but the woman appeared calm.

What had happened to piss Eric off so badly?

Just then, everyone heard Niall’s approach with the Were escort.

As soon as the elder Fairy entered the room, to everyone’s shock Richard, with fangs still bared and all pretense of affability dropped, blurred to stand close before him.

“So, Niall, exactly why are you here?”

Sookie gasped then exclaimed, “You still haven’t told them?” She looked at her grandfather in obvious shock and dismay.

Niall appeared haughtily unconcerned for a moment before letting the facade slip. Suddenly, he looked all of his years.

For the next half hour he explained in great detail the information Sookie had already given Eric…plus more. When his tale was complete, everyone stood tense and silent except for Eric’s low snarls reverberating throughout the room.

Richard stared at his Brother and noted how the Viking held his Fairy securely in his arms. Their eyes met, and the King nodded once to his Brother.

He grabbed his phone and dialed Security while holding Eric’s gaze.

“We’re on lockdown.”

**A/N:  Just hope that you fantastic readers enjoyed it – reviews/muse/coffee/Eric/Godric/Stan/Andre/Sevrin, erm, I mean:  reviews/muse…yeah, that’s it…**

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34 thoughts on “EN: ATS, Chapter 12

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  2. (hands over cup of coffee with a side of Godric/Sevrin/Stan/Andre/Eric….too much??? Maybe I’ll take Sevrin and you can enjoy the rest…) Ahhh the boredom of being a King is it any wonder he fiddles around in a lab and makes toys that go boom, lol….Truly can not wait for Pam to show up on the scene…And the plot thickens of whatever shall happen now I wonder…..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I had to go back and read the last chapter cause I forgot what Eric was so pissed off about! lol If they are on lockdown will the ‘Royal Niece’ have to wait outside the gates in a U haul? bahaha! I hope that the Pa in this story will be more like the one from the books. Like an M&M, hard on the outside but soft & sweet(er) on the inside. Cause I love ‘That Pam’! Thanks for the new update!!


  4. Batten down the hatches, oops, wrong idiom. Pull up the drawbridge; is that better? War is coming! Time to go bowling for vampires, ironing for fairies? Too bad there are no humans involved. They could keep hydrated and carry a weapon at the same time.


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  6. charity6201: *sip…sip sip…GUZZLE* 😀 That hit the spot! 😀 Ah, but yes, what is a brilliant but bored king to do during his off-hours… Making toys that go all BOOM and stuff *would* be fun for him! Heh, the darling Royal Niece is in for a surprise! 😀


  7. missingjasamalways: Poor Pam – can you imagine just how irate she’d be if they did make her have to wait outside like that?? And it’s not like she’d called to notify them… *evil snicker* I really liked bookPam – she was great. There were some parts of showPam I liked, too, but mostly I liked the other one. You’re welcome – glad you liked it! 😀


  8. redjane12: LMAO – King Richard is going to wish pretty soon that he could be Bored Stan again! At least he’ll have The Royal Brother there to annoy… (I shouldn’t be grinning so much at that, should I?)

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  9. cari1973: Lol! It might be a while before any of the vampires complain about being bored again – their attention is definitely captured now!


  10. shoegirl01: Ik,r? He even had to result to checking and returning Royal Messages on his Royal Phone, poor guy! He’s already getting more serious now that The Royal Brother has Royal Feelings to protect, so there’s that…

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Jackie69: Ha! And there he was, so bored that he even had to check his messages – and reply to them! – he was so bored…and now? Yeah, lol, his bored times are so over… 😀


  12. galwidanatitud: Loves me some King Richard/Stan! He’s a blast! And yeah, dude has hidden depths…as happens sometimes with the easily bored… 😀


  13. Looks like their boredom is at an end for some time to come. Eric is already Sookie’s or he wouldn’t have gotten so angry at Breandan’s kidnap attempt. Excellent chapter.


  14. murgatroid98: Thank you! And heh, oh yeah, the boredom is gone! And you’re right – Eric definitely feels that connection with Sookie (the real Sookie!) already, the same as she felt it for him (via her connection with the actress). They’re a right cute couple 😀


  15. murgatroid98: Thank you! And heh, oh yeah, the boredom is gone! And you’re right – Eric definitely feels that connection with Sookie (the real Sookie!) already, the same as she felt it for him (via her connection with the actress). They’re a right cute couple 😀

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  16. Popped back and re-read the previous chapter so I could understand why they are going into lock down. And of course it make sense based on what Sookie told Eric about Breandon. Also find it amusing that we are seeing generations of Jasons as she watches for one born with the spark. And of course the final thing I adore about this story, the not so tongue-in-cheek swats taken at she who shall not be named and her younger dumber brother better known as AB..What a pair they were, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with these wonderful characters and their world.


  17. valady1: Exactly – Stan’s interest in Sookie is purely one of curiosity about Fairies and the general concern he would show any fellow creature, so after hearing the story, and especially after seeing and sensing his Brother’s growing feelings about her, he’s definitely going to step up to the plate and do what he can to keep Eric’s “fairy” safe. He’s good like that 😀

    And thank you – this story started out with plots in mind, sure, but it ALSO started out as a way for me to air my many, many, MANY grievances over how that particular set of “siblings” (lol, ♥ love that!) purposefully FUBAR’d everything they possibly could.


  18. Kittyinaz: Stan/Richard heard exactly what was being said about Sookie (and Breandon’s plans for her), saw how much she meant to Eric, and decided that enough was enough – it was time to go into active lockdown and keep the bad fairy-fuckers OUT. (And I’m paraphrasing…Stan cusses quite a lot…)

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