It’s a 2-fer…~ish: The Moon, Ch. 22 + a tiny non-fic piece

Ok, I’ll be honest – I started to not post this today since it’s Saturday and I know that most of my readers are busy on the weekends and may not have time to sit down and read, but then I decided that I wasn’t in a withholding mood.  I hope you DO have time to plop your butt in a comfy place and escape for a bit.

The first item is Chapter 22 of The Moon (I kind of think you’ll like this chappie!).  The second is a little non-fic piece you might like – read it if you want, and if you do I hope you enjoy it.

aThe Moon banner

This piece is a, well, it’s a something…a short something:

Death Now Has A Dog…But Still No Head

Enjoy?  Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.

Decisions, Chapter 30, is up, and it’s long…

Srsly, grab a drink…maybe a donut…go potty first…  I’d meant to “progress the plot” further but there’s still a lot happening in this chapter, so read carefully – there might be a test!  (Or not…)  Lol, just enjoy.

I’ve clicked to “enable comments” in all the places WP tells me I can, but there is NO telling if the Comment Box will actually appear or not.  (It’s all out of whack since WP’s ridiculous fuckedupdate.)  I have no idea if the Comment Box will magically appear below…or not.  So, there’s that.  I started to delay posting this update since I *do* value my readers’ comments (hint hint), but I wouldn’t do that to y’all.

So, here ya go in its almost 5,000-word glory:

Decisions Story Banner

WordPress is being strange (aka: WTF?)


—> Since WordPress has decided to fuck with the ability to leave comments/reviews (the comment box comes and goes, and hell, WP is even having problems ensuring that post notification emails make it out…*eyeroll*), please feel free to visit my loathed fanfiction.asshole site, my AO3 site, or my TWCS site for this and all fics until they can figure out how to get their collective heads out of their collective asses.  Comment away!  WE WILL NOT LET THEM WIN!! **glare***   <—

So not only did WP magically and mysteriously “disenable” my Comment boxes (fixed now) on today’s new chapter, but I’m finding out that apparently it didn’t even send out some email alerts when I posted it, either.

That makes me wanna kick inanimate objects…you know, ones named “WordPress”.  I have really strong thighs…I can kick pretty damn hard…

Andre might not be my most popular story (understandable since it IS about Andre…yes, that Andre) but I put just as much time and effort into it as I do my higher-profile fics and it makes me angry that my readers who HAVE given it a chance might miss a new chappie b/c of WP’s fuckery.

Fucking meanypants.

Here’s the link for the new chapter (again) in case WP snubbed you:

Andre banner1

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 44, is up!

This chapter gave me fits.  I hope Andre appreciates the effort, but really he’s probably off snickering at me in retribution for having him create odd glittery pottery in that crack fic. Sadly, I couldn’t blame him (Sorry for the crack fic, Andre…- it was just your turn…). 

Hope you like!

Andre banner1

So this is it… Lol, Act 3 of the Andre crack fic is up and that POS is now complete!

Several of you fantastic fuckers have been going through some rough times here lately, and this silly crack fic was meant to bring you a few giggle-snorts, maybe a full-on belly laugh (ok, so I really wanted at least some of y’all to pee your pants laughing, but it’s ok if you didn’t…I won’t pout…much…*dabs eye with tissue*). 

I love thinking that I’ve brought a bit of sunshine, or at least some fun snark, to your life to brighten your day.  Life can suck donkey ass at times and if I can use my words to bring fun and joy to my fuckawesome readers, then that’s what Imma gon’ do.

So here.  This is the third and final “Act” in this mess.   It’s:



Over and…out.

Clicky the pikky and read and giggle and then tell me I’m pretty (snark) — Just don’t tell Andre I wrote this…(not snark) :

A Parody in Three Acts banner


EN: ATS Ch. 11 is up!

Yes, the FLM (“flighty li’l muse”) might have spawned a 3-Act Parody of Andre (just do NOT tell him about it…) – it’s pure unmitigated fluffly nonsense and the third “act” will be posted either this evening or tomorrow – but: I’ve also been working on “the regulars”. 

It’s EN: ATS’s turn, so…HERE!  CATCH!  This chapter is all E/S…  Let me know in the comments if you liked it!  :D

Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic

So I was straightening out my CRACK FICS menu and…

So I was straightening out my CRACK FIC menu and then this happened.  Well, I was straightening that out AND I was kind of pissed off at my doctor’s office for not calling me back and so I apparently decided to take it out on Andre.

He’s a big boy, he can take it.  (Just, you know, don’t, like, TELL him or anything…what he doesn’t know won’t hurt me, right?)

But yeah, this is the kind of thing that can happen when I’m left unattended for a couple of hours.

No, I am *not* starting any other fics right now – this bit of useless fluff is complete in three “acts” which (by the time you read this) will be/are already loaded into drafts and most likely will be scheduled to post automagically (begging might get them posted faster…I dunno…still pissed at the dr’s ofc).

Hope you like!

(Srsly, don’t tell Andre…)

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Story Spotlight: A World Without You

Originally posted on Kelpie's Korner:

Title:A World Without You
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: Canon/AU
Complete? yes

Summary:Anyway, I was clearing away Tumblr and saw this gif of Sookie staking Bill from season 6.  Inspiration immediately bloomed for a one-shot and here it is.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
So I usually love anything that Gyllene writes and this little one shot is no exception. It’s simple and perfect.

It’s basically her take one what would’ve happened if Sookie’s stake HAD killed Bill. (Ah, we can all dream, right???) I loved the uncertainty that pervades this fic and the adorable quality that comes in at the end.

(I’ve been watching too many cooking shows…gah!) Anyhoo-it’s a sweet and short little fic that will leave you all fuzzy and happy. So go head on over and check it out. And don’t forget to leave her some love!

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STC, Ch. 18, is up!

If y’all are sensing a trend in my update schedule, it’s because there is one.  I aim to update each of my 5 current WIPs in order  so that NO story gets left behind or left alone for too long. 

This, of course, is assuming the muse is willing – that flighty little bitch is prone to tossing out new story ideas, but I do use things like WILLPOWER and SELF CONTROL and LOTS OF MEAN-SOUNDING NO!!s to make myself only write up the summary/relevant notes for new stuff and then I make me TUCK THE IDEAS AWAY in a folder marked (oddly enough) STORY IDEAS FOR LATER so that I can concentrate on the fics that I already have open.  Of course, said muse also sometimes gets bright and takes a vacay withOUT taking me because, as I may have mentioned once or twice, she a flighty little bitch like that…  (Remember that time she took off with Andre and didn’t tell me for, like, ever?!?)

But anyway, this is the GENERAL rotation schedule:  Next up will, theoretically, be EN: ATS, then should come Andre (hush), then Decisions, then The Moon, then STC again, rinse, repeat.  (Now watch…I’ll get stuck on EN:  ATS and then Cara in Decisions will start screaming at me and then Willa will run off and do terrible things in Moon and then Andre will glare and ugh…yeah…that’s how it goes sometimes.)

Anyway,  here’s the next chapter of STC – hope you like it:

Sookie Takes Charge pic

(**Yay – the pretty pretty linky-pics are back!**)

The Moon, Ch. 21, is up!


aThe Moon banner

*grumble*  WP isn’t letting me set links in pics for buttons right now, so instead of clicking on the pretty, pretty pic, click on the *grumble* pretty blue words.   (I could have waited until WP got its shit sorted, but I like y’all too much to do that.)  Hope you enjoy!


(Also don’t forget to check out the latest chapters for Andre and Decisions, too!)


The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 43, is up!

1.  Thank you everyone for your well-wishes and support during the “The Great and Annoying Revenge of the Hands, V. 2015“.  The Site of the Great and Invisible Splinter is now all-but undetectable, and the Stabby-Sore Finger-Joint of Death and Grumbling seems to have finally shut-it.  The Voldemorting Palm Scar seems to be minding its manners, too, so yeah, that’s good.

I wisely and/or lazily gave all of the above a couple days’ extra rest before hovering too closely over my keyboard just in case.  You know how vengeful hands can be.  I wouldn’t want them attacking me in my sleep and I know those bitches…they totally would, too.

2.  For some reason WordPress has become a wise-ass here recently and has decided that aprox. one-fourth of the reviews and comments I receive need, for some reason, to go hide out in either the Pending or the SPAM folder instead of posting normally.  I’ve caught quite a few reviews and other comments from long-time readers as well as from some of my newer lovelies hanging out and being bored in those folders.  I’ll go through and approve (again and again and again), but for some reason it keeps happening.  I’m only letting y’all know about WP’s strange new habit so you won’t wonder where’n hell your review went when it doesn’t show up immediately, but no worries – I keep an eye on those folders. 

Also, I’ve been told by a couple of friends that, apparently depending on their phone’s system?, they sometimes have to enter their comments two or three times to get them to go through.  I dunno if this is a phone thing, a WP thing, or a duck farting in China thing, but it sounds very frustrating.  The comments do come through eventually, though, if you keep entering them.  I guess you have to keep stabbing “enter” or whatever till that duck farts or something.

KEEP REVIEWING, though – review OFTEN and LOTS and all that jazz CAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY!  :D  I like being happy!  Happy is good!

Okee dokee, after all that ado’ing, voilà:

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New One Shot & Personal Update


SHE LIVES! (or would you prefer: She’s BAAACK! ?)
Either way (and complete with a NEW BUNDLE OF HANDSOME JOY), Gabrielle Blue has a new story up – check out her words – she uses them well! She’s also a great lady in her own right? write?, and a great friend. Go! Shoo! Read!

Originally posted on Gabrielle:

Reposting this due to some fb link issues

Hello everyone! Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve last posted anything for you. It’s closing in on a year since the last story I shared with you. I’d say I’m sorry, but it’s been such a wonderful time for me that I can’t even begin to bitch about my muse going into hiding.

I’m going to state here that I’m going to go a bit into details about my life this past year. If you’re not interested in reading this just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link there to get to a new one shot that may or may not get continued.

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Normally I wouldn’t complain about crap like this to y’all who have by far better things to do than listen to me whine, but I figured (according to PMs, emails, etc…) that some of you kind-ass’d folks might be wondering just where the hell I am.  Therefore, to dispel the (non-existent) rumors, I’m checking in to let y’all know that I have not (yet) fallen off the face of the earth (hush, I can hear you).  I have, however suffered a slight injury of mysterious but painful origin to the last joint of my right hand ring finger.   To make matters even more exciting/whine-worthy, I somehow decided to acquire a splinter – a RECALCITRANT, INVISIBLE splinter – in  my left index/pointer finger just for funsies!  (sarcasm)

My typing fingers appear to be revolting against me.  It seems they are not a fan of my word spewage, ouchy little bastards.  I’m glaring at them mightily (and somewhat condescendingly) as I “hunt and peck” on the keyboard even as I, well, hunt and peck.   Thankfully I give good glare.

(FWIW:  I also apparently have nerves reactivating below an ANTIQUE, ANCIENT scar – ok, so I made the scar when I was in, like, 5th? grade when I accidentally sliced through the meaty side of my palm with a pocket knife.  What used to be numby is now alluvafuckingsudden painful in short but loud {my bad} bursts.)

Anyway, this is just to let y’all know that I haven’t forgotten about you luscious delectable (and rather brilliant) readers-mine, that I haven’t (yet) disappeared from this mudball of a planet…that I’m still around…and that I’m currently whining with surprising efficiency.    I also give good whine.

Thank you for your time.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled whatevs.   I’m going to go whine some more.

(I have, however, perfected the art of dunking Danish butter cookies in my coffee, so that’s a delicious plus!)


I Would Eat His Heart in the Marketplace


If you believe that men and women are equal and deserve equal rights…if you’re against the degradation, domination, and disrespect of women…if you’re against old-school misogyny and chauvinistic bastards (regardless of how well-intentioned they might be), then this story will PISS YOU OFF – just like it’s supposed to!!

(Srsly – don’t kill the writer – she’s fixin’ things, I promise!)

But don’t worry – I have been well and truly assured by its fantastic writer that all those issues, and many more, will not only be addressed but FIXED in this fic. Although it’s loosely based on Shakespeare’s MAAD, you won’t have to know anything about it to read the fic. All warnings are well-well marked.

Originally posted on Secret Nerd Princess:

HI HI! I’m back with a brand new adventure, or wait, was that Vanilla Ice? Anyhow! Finally, the first chapter of Much Ado About Vampires is ready for you! It might be my most ambitious story yet. Lots of world building, which thanks to Meridian, Kittyinaz, and RealJena is not the hot mess  it was when it started out. Also my baby sis has the beta skills to end all beta skills. I thank her highly!

So about the story:

Much Ado About Nothing, one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays, is also one of my favorites. But…it’s Shakespeare and many people hear his name and immediately zone out. So I started thinking, what could I do to make Shakespeare more accessible? I was rewatching Joss Whedon’s fantastic version of the play when the line that Beatrice says, “—O God, that I were a man! I would eat his…

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STC, Ch. 17, is up!

I was going to complain quite heartily about THIS DAMN HEAT, barometric headaches (“Barometric Pressure Headaches” if you wanna be technical), and, yeah, THIS DAMN HEAT, but I won’t.

(And the humidity.)

Instead I’ll gift you with Chapter 17 of Sookie Takes Charge.  Enjoy (in a nice cool location with a nice cool beverage – cold coffee counts – if you’re in most places in the Northern Hemisphere)!!

Sookie Takes Charge pic

Let me know what you think – reviews/muse, yadda.   :D

(Did I mention THIS DAMN HEAT? It’s like Nature doesn’t want me going outside, fickle bitch…)

The Farewell Tour


While in the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that I’m not into Doctor Who stuff, this is an E/S-based crossover, and I can say that this lady is an awesome writer whose words will easily suck you into her universe. This story only lacks the final ep., so you can go into this one knowing it’s all-but complete (if you’re like me and kind of shy away from WIPs). Go! Read (if you like E/S stories merged with Doctor Who)!!

Originally posted on Secret Nerd Princess:

Okay, first off, sorry! There was a mix-up when I was creating the page for the most recent chapter of Wonderland, so it went live before things were in place. WHOOPSIE!

But this is just a preface to the real news. Namely? You’ve got a new chapter. The second to last. Only the epilogue remains after this. I actually cried when I wrote this, I’m simply not ready for this story to end. Sure sure, I’ve still got the last epilogue, which is sure to make me burst into tears several times, and the outtakes–oh gosh, I’m excited to get started on the outtakes–but we’re saying goodbye. Le sigh.

Also, in case you were wondering: I had a really fantastic interview today and I may have some very exciting news for you guys when I publish the epilogue. I’m still balancing things out in my brain since it really seems…

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It’s a 2-fer! Moon, Ch. 20 *and* Decisions, Ch. 28, are up!

Both of these chapters were finished at about the same time, so – because I adore y’all and stuff – I decided to release them together rather than waiting.  So, without further ado’ing:

Decisions Story Banner


aThe Moon banner 2

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!










Mapping Viking DNA in Normandy


**NOT** an update – just interesting (Normandy) Viking info

Originally posted on ThorNews:

Vikings Invading Normandy

The Vikings invaded and colonized Normandy and now scientists are looking for DNA traces. (Photo illustration: «Vikings», History Channel)

British scientists have started to collect DNA samples from Frenchmen to learn more about Viking colonization of Normandy.

– The aim is to learn more about the intensity of the Scandinavian colonization in the 9th and 10th centuries, says Richard Jones, senior history lecturer at the University of Leicester to

The team is also searching for Viking roots amongst residents in three areas of Britain.

Norwegian Vikings

The British researchers collect DNA from a hundred volunteers on the Cotentin Peninsula, also known as the Cherbourg Peninsula, in Normandy.

Historians believe many Norwegian Vikings settled down in the area, although most Vikings in Normandy were Danish.

According to, the French volunteers have been chosen because they have surnames that are of Scandinavian origin or that have been present in…

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So imagine my surprise when the winners of the FANATIC FANFICS MULTIFANDOM AWARDS were posted yesterday and I discovered that I’d won not just one, not just two, not even three, but FOUR awards???!!!???

(Yeah, my poor li’l doggie still hasn’t recovered from all that noise!  She’ll be fine…it’s surprising how soothing a little bit of bacon can be…don’t worry, it’s lower-sodium, just don’t tell her that.)

Truly, thank you all SO MUCH for not just all your votes, but for your kind reviews, for your “likes”, for your patience between updates, and most of all, for being…you. 

Cause you rock.

Yes, you with the debilitating chronic illness that makes you feel like your energy plug is permanently pulled and your body is a war zone, yet you manage to read and vote and leave great reviews anyway…and you, yeah, you with the shitty job and the shitty boss, yet even after you’ve worked  yourself into exhaustion, you still manage to find time to read and vote and leave great reviews…and you, you with the shitty home life with too many crosses to bear, yet you still find a way to read and vote and leave great reviews anyway?  YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING!  And yeah, you, you who suffer with ass-tastic fuck-nasty migraines, yet you read and participate when you can and yeah, you manage to leave great reviews anyway.  You moms with the progeny who scream and pull at you constantly while you’re trying to deal with life?  Yeah, you too – thank you for giving part of your VERY precious EXTREMELY rare free time to my stories.

None of us has a perfect life, not really, yet we’ve managed to come together in a way that helps us to make it through the days and the nights of our time on this planet.   You amaze and inspire me, and I’d love to share a coffee with any and all of you.

*clears throat with appropriate seriousness appropriately*

So:  Check this out (these came out huge, just pretend they didn’t…come on, work with me – you know, the way wordpress isn’t!):



Thank you.


Contest Reminder


What she said:

Originally posted on Gyllene:

Alright all you gorgeous writers, this post is just to remind you that we’re about half-way through the entrance phase for the Search Term contest!

We’ll accept fics until midnight on June 30th, so get those pencils sharpened and those typing fingers warmed up.

Remember, we want to know what some of the weirdest, strangest, and funniest search terms were that lead readers to your site, and we can’t wait to read the fics you write about them. The fics need to be between 500 and 5000 words, and for the small set of rules/information/where-to-send, click the banner below to take you to the contest page.

Send your entries to:

What Search Term Contest Banner

And I swear that I am trying to get a chapter out to you. I know excuses, excuses, but I’ve been busy with the book blog.  I went a little crazy for a couple of weeks reading whatever I…

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