Yhep…It’s me again. Notes, shout-out, and a new chapter of…

You guys are probably getting pretty tired of hearing from me here lately but, well, I have been on kind of a roll…and I’ve learned that when the planets are cooperating, go with that flow.


So, in case you’ve missed anything lately, here are the basic links:

BNP, PT. 7

BNP, PT. 6

BNP, PT. 5

BNP, PT. 4

EN: ATS, CH. 16


STC, CH. 23


(I think that’s most of what I’ve posted in January?  I got tired of looking…)



Gyllene has finished her Lover’s Always fic!!!  (This is actually a sad “yay” since I loved that story and didn’t want it to end.)  If you haven’t been following it, now’s a great time to pop over over and give it a read!



of BNP!

Yup, here’s Part 8 of 9.  There is one Part after this with a chance of a possible outtake or two.  CHANCE.  MAYBE.  But I can’t wait to hear what y’all think about this Part…

BNP huge

I hope you enjoy!

Well wouldja look at that…

Anyone want some EN: ATS, Ch. 16?  :D

I’m working on upcoming chapters of Decisions, Andre, and STC, too, as I can.  We’ll get there!

Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic Cropped

That white crap is still in my yard. 

Hi…anyone remember something about The Moon? Ch. 31??

Here – catch: Chapter 31 of The Moon is up!  It’s a fluff-fest of sorts – Sookie’s cravings, Thalia’s Thalia-ness, Sevrin’s nods and a grunt, Willa’s blush, and Eric being his magnificent self – so I hope you enjoy!

aThe Moon banner

Frozen sky piss still sucks.  IT’S STILL ALL OVER MY YARD AND IT WAS 51*F TODAY!  (Whine over…mostly.)

BNP: Pt. 7 is up because #‎snOMG‬ ‪#‎snoPOCALYPSE‬ ‪#‎snoMAGEDDON‬

Snow sucks. 

It’s *gorgeous* to watch while it’s falling but the mess after said gorgeous falling sucks misshapen genitalia. Thankfully I’m in the mostly-snow zone for this “winter weather event” but there’s a chance for ice/freezing sky piss, so there’s a chance that my power might go bye-bye if there’s any accumulation of weight on trees and/or power lines. 

So, yeah, here’s the next Part of BNP.  Figured I’d set it free early jic the power does go on hiatus.

Enjoy!  There are several questions answered in this Part, so I hope it helps.

BNP huge

(Somebody tell this nasty mean old winter weather to go the hell away – it’s not listening to me.)


Since it’s a holiday for us ‘Merrykins: BNP, Pt. 6 is up!

No comment.  Nope.  None at all.  Well, except to say that although I know *vastly* better than to try to run updates/upgrades on my system while Mercury is in Retrograde or to at least implement stringent precautionary measures if said updates/upgrades are necessary, my dumb ass blithely did it anyway (Firefox because I’m a complete moron and don’t value my favorite add-ons enough to pay fucking attention to the calendar like the dumbass I am).  #bitterness


All sympathies are hereby accepted and appreciated.

Send coffee and ciggies.

It’s gonna be a long-ass’d day.

BNP huge

(Runs for life)

*tosses new BNP Part and hides*

Bribery and guilt trips don’t work.  Honestly.  They don’t.  Not at all.  Nope.  Never.  (*Innocent Look #29*) 

I feel like I should be writing more here but I think I’ve used up all my available words in fic chapters.  I need a refill…so here, go read then leave me lots of comments and reviews.  Maybe I can scrounge some words there.  (*gazes sadly into almost-empty coffee cup…damn thing has a hole in top and needs a refill, too*)

Hope you like it!

BNP huge

And yes, Eric and Sookie – face to face – next Part!  (Yay!!)

Chappy and a question

There’s a shameless question at the end of this post, but first:

Was someone saying something about STC?  Who was that…

Anyway, despite an unusual number of background distractions (and noise)…not to mention my sudden and rabid fascination with PBS’s Inspector Lewis series…, here’s Ch. 23 of STC.  It gets a little juicy toward the end…

STC banner from Gyllene

And now for the shameless question:  Who wants more BNP?  If you do, lemme know, and I might could be persuaded/bribed to post the next part early, say, I dunno…tomorrow or the next day, if there’s interest.  It’s pretty much ready to go, just needs that usual final tweak.

What say you?

As always and either way, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

To ease the Monday Mehs: BNP, Pt. 4

Ugh, yeah…I feel a Monday comin’ on over here (EST time)…hope this makes YOUR Monday or approach-of-Monday a little less meh-y.

This bit hasn’t been gone over with as fine-tooth’d a comb as the previous three since I’m working on upcoming chapters of EN: ATS and STC (and Moon) as well as plotting for the final/next-to-final chapter of Andre, so ignore anything icky.

HOW-EV-UR, you know that new style of writing I was going on about for the first part?  It somewhat makes a sideways return during Sookie’s portion of this part, so BOLO for it, and let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoy, and srsly, have a great Monday.  I’ve heard that with enough coffee, chocolate for those of you who can eat it, and foot rubs, anything is possible.

BNP huge

And money.  And comfy sweats.  And comfy pillows and a comfy bed.  And comfy fluffy-socks.  And…  *sigh*  Go read.  Enjoy.

The Vikings Used Comfortable Shoes

For those of you interested in Viking footwear:
Hint: Vikings wore comfy shoes…


Osberg Ship Viking Shoe

 One of the original boots found in the Oseberg Burial Mound dating back to 834 AD. (Photo: skinnblogg.blogspot.no)

A number of complete Viking Age shoes found in Scandinavia and England have the same characteristics. They are flexible, soft and mostly made of cattle hide, but also other kinds of leather was used.

There are complete shoes found in the Oseberg ship burial mound in Norway, Hedeby trading center in Denmark, and Coppergate (York, Viking Age Jorvik, Editor’s note) in England.

All three of these discoveries show a similar construction and form typical for the Middle Ages.

The shoes found in the Oseberg ship consists of two main parts, soles and uppers, and are so-called “turn shoes”.

(Article continues)

Reconstructed Oseberg Viking Shoes

Reconstructed boots found in the Oseberg burial mound, by Bjørn Henrik Johansen. (Photo: Bjørn Henrik Johansen/ skinnblogg.blogspot.no) 

The shoemaker stitched the shoe together inside out, and then turned right side…

View original post 235 more words

Oh, it’s Tuesday – how’bout a two-fer?

So these chapters are a little…wordy.  Hope y’all don’t mind?  I’ll keep this short to make up for it all cause it totally works that way, right?

The Revealing of Andre is winding down.  This chapter reflects it in its length, I think.  There is one more chapter planned after this one (although there’s always the vague possibility of it actually being two, depends on the flm) before it ends.  More information about this is in the AN.  Andre, btw, is a bit pissed at me about this…you know how he gets.

Andre banner1

And because I adore you and the love you’re sharing, here’s BNP, Pt. 3 a little early.  I hope you don’t mind too much…

BNP huge


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2 new chapters, and a lot of words…

(Scroll down past all the inspirational wordage if you’re just wanting to click on the pretty linky-pics.  I won’t know…so I won’t pout.  Much.)


I’m posting this a bit “early” for several reasons.

One, and honestly the main reason, is to wish all my addictive and discerning readers an extremely awesome, prosperous, healthy, comfortable, cheerful, and peaceful-with-brief-periods-of-desirable-chaos HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

(This VERY early posting is also to give a more timely shout-out to my lovely readers who live “in the future” – I’m lookin’ at you Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Russia…and wow – you guys are gorgeous!  Hey, let the rest of us know how 2016 is going, wouldja?)  :D

Srsly, I hope every one of you wonderful living beings – products of the culmination of unknown eons of biological luck, evolution, survival of the fittest, and pure bloody-mindedness – can look back on 2015 with fondness and then bust 2016 wide fucking open with hope, energy, inspiration, dreams, plans, smart work (srsly, don’t work “hard” – work smart), creativity, genius, ambition, motivation, and all those other “get up off your ass and get shit done” words, but I also hope you have plenty of sleep and play and star gazing and staring at the dreams that live in the clouds. 

We all need both. 

I hope you and 2016 have a fantastic time together, raise hell and reach heaven, help kittens and puppies and old people and anyone and everyone else who needs a hand up.  You’re strong and powerful and resourceful and ingenious in your own individual ways, so use your powers for the good of all mankind as well as your neighbors and, lastly but not leastl’y, for yourself, too, because dammit, *you’re worth it.

(*Hair dye not included in the preceding motivational-as-fuck speech.)

The second reason is that Decisions, Chapter 34, is finally up.  Godric does some thinkin’, he and Cara do some talkin’, and Cara…Cara is herself.  (You know how she is.)  Enjoy!!  (Sorry for the wait – I tots blame Godric this time around.)

The third reason is, well, weren’t there are a few of you…maybe a couple…at best a tiny handful…who seemed vaguely interested in Part 2 of BNP?  Huh?  Maybe three, four of you?  So yeah, Part 2 of that is up and ready for your reading pleasure.  The tone of this set of wordage isn’t like last time, so do expect the tone to reflect that.  Your support for Part 1 was truly overwhelming and I appreciate every single word.  Thank you, really – you guys make taking writing-style chances seem not quite so scary.  I only hope you like Part 2 as much…

So yeah, this post is a two’fer!

The final reason I”m posting this here and now instead of then and later?

Why not?


Decisions Story Banner

BNP huge

(The fact that this is my last post of the year is kind of sad…  I’ll see y’all in the new year, though, hopefully!)

BNP. New short (9 pt) fic. It’s complete. I’ll cry if you yell at me.

Long ago and far away (ok, starting apx. 2 months ago) in my “spare time” (go ahead and laugh with me) whenever I was in a writing mood but wasn’t actively inspired toward one of my *5* WIPs (pleasedon’tthrowthingsatme), I spent that time working on another story (since forcing myself to work on something that I ain’t feelin’ never turns out well and often results in deleted pages…).  It became a personal challenge to me to see if I even COULD finish a fanfic without the encouragement from my lovely readers and their fantastic comments and reviews.  (Y’all should be classified as “addictive”, btw…)

I did it. 

I actually completely finished a fic BEFORE I gave into temptation and started posting the bastard.

Blue Nail Polish has a total of 9 parts.  I call them “parts” since this thing was originally meant to be just a long, then really long, then really really…long ONESHOT.  Yeah, that part laughed its ass off at me.  So…, there are 9 parts.  I’ll be obsessively going back over each one of them before hitting that scarylicious POST button, but them bad boyz is done and will be posted more or less-ish about once a week or so.  (I’m a commitment-phobe…can ya tell?)


Now for the nerves part:  the mood of this piece is different from my usual style of writing.  It starts off concentrating on Sookie and how things went for her after offing Bill but thereafter it progresses, time-wise, fairly quickly.  It should feel a bit…jumpy.  It’s hard to explain, but know that it should be – for the most part – different from my usual offerings (except that, as usual, an E/S HEA is guaranteed).  I’m a bit hesitant to post it because of that change in style, but how else will I know what you think of it if I don’t put on my brave pants and post the fuck out of this set of words?

As for that, again, look for “around about” one part a week.  Or so.

Let me know what you think.

BNP huge

Moon, Ch. 30 (the video chapter) is up!

I hope you enjoy this longer chapter – perfect for the cool, rainy day I’m having.  Tip:  goes great with a warm beverage of your choice!

aThe Moon banner

Oh my lands…that trailer…oh, yeah, that trailer… AND A GIF!!

The Tarzan trailer…  I’m fearin’ there’ll be no recovering my poor brain from this gutter-trip, and that’s fine by me…

And this that I saw in Gyllene‘s FB group and had to promptly steal for mine (and y’all!):

And then here’s this gif our amazing 4Padfoot made for me – it’s perfect!!

Tarzan gif

My poor brain?  GONE SPLODY. 



And we all know our amazing gif and banner makers are going to be having a field day with this trailer creating all the fantastic things they do!

I’m going to go stare off into space for a while…ignore any drool and/or whimpering…

Well would you lookit that… EN: ATS Ch 15 is up!

No words of wisdom, really, just that whole “do unto others” and “don’t put your elbows on the table” (what, they’re gonna steal the silver?) thing…

So here’s EN: ATS Ch. 15, and the end of this chapter holds a bit of father/daughter, well, Maker/child sweetness…someone might have cut a bit of an onion around me right then, dammit.  Need to look into that shit…meanwhile I’m going to blame Christmas commercials!

Well, here…enjoy!



STC, Ch. 22 is up!

I’m going to go operate on a painful hangnail now.  Yes, I suffered the agonies of a VERY SORE HANGNAIL to get this chapter out to you ’cause that’s how I roll or, um, something.  Lol, enjoy!

STC banner from Gyllene SMALLER

The Moon, Chapter 29, is up!

I’ve been told that this chapter might require half a tissue, maybe all the way up to a whole tissue.  *grimace*  No ducking or dodging of rotting vegetation will be necessary, though, so there’s that.  (Coffee I’ll bestir myself to actually catch, so if you gotta throw something, be sure to only throw the good stuff…)

Keep in mind as you read that there will always be at least three parts to Eric.  Among many others, there’s the man he was, the vampire he is, and the Maker he’ll always be.

Enjoy?  Let me know what you think…

aThe Moon banner

So Sookie stopped by to chat this morning – Decisions, Ch. 33 (yes, Decisions) (yes, Sookie)

So yeah, Sookie from Decisions (yes, DECISIONS) stopped by this morning and was all chatty – downright verbose for her usual self!  I’m not an idiot (usually) so hell yeah I took advantage of this situation.  (Eric might have chimed in a bit, too!)   I’m only now on my *SECOND* cup of coffee and this chapter is done and everything!  For SOME vague, strange, dunno-why-I-think-it reason I had the notion that you Eric/Sookie shippers might enjoy this rare other-character treat, so here:

Decisions Story Banner


Happy Tuesday? EN: ATS Ch 14 is up!

Thank you for your recent consideration as I dealt with the unexpected (although it really shouldn’t have been, but hell, how do you go about “expecting” someone to die?) death of my uncle. 

That event upset my muse a little and impacted, however temporarily, her (and my “her” I mean “my”) ability to focus on chapters for current WIPs.  Part of the reason for the temp. stop was that it caused her to think in a bit of a different way, I guess you could say, in a “mood” that would not have suited any chapter of any current fic I have open.  But…that different “mood”, because it IS so different, sideways-sparked a short new (as yet untitled) story that I’ve almost completed. 


It will be *COMPLETED* (I really wanted to put some pretty fireworks and happy ‘splody things here) before I even post the first chapter.  A story that’s finished BEFORE posting the first chapter???  I’ve heard this can be done, that some writers even do this kind of common-sensical, intelligent thing on the regular!  Oh, I so admire their fortitude and, yeah, their common sense…  :D

Anyway, shit happens, the sun still rises, and life progresses.  Sometimes words are even (somehow…eventually) caused to magically appear on virtual paper.  Hence, EN: ATS Ch. 14!


Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic

Happy Friday! Andre, Ch. 46 (NSFW) **and** STC, Ch. 21 are up!

Because I adore you and want you to be happy, here’s a 2-fer.

To your left you’ll see a fine new, rather long and…erm, yeah, chapter of Andre.  Bloodlust is a thing, y’all:

Andre banner1

And to your right you’ll find a brand new chapter of STC where Sookie…then Eric…and…oh, hell, just read it:

STC banner from Gyllene SMALLER

Here’s hoping you have an awesome Friday, a fantastic Halloween, and an amazing weekend!

Hope this makes your Monday a bit less…Monday – Moon, Ch. 28, is up

Here’s to having the best Monday possible.  And by “best” I mean I hope you can just turn over and go back to sleep for a couple of hours, but if you can’t, I hope this helps.

aThe Moon banner 2

(No words of wisdom, just an offer of an extra coffee or tea or other murder-preventing beverage of your choice.)

Decisions, Chapter 32, is now up…and it’s…

…yeah.   Ok, y’all, the gore factor of this chapter is more than my usual, and it’s NSFW.  You have been warned – read accordingly…  Enjoy??  *snicker*

Decisions Story Banner

Moon, Ch. 27, is up! (AKA: can I come out of hiding now?)

You heard it here ladies and gennelmen – The Moon, Ch. 27, is up!  (Srsly, you can stop with the de-coffee’ing threats now – not the bribes, though…they’re fine…) Hopefully this will help soften the “tomorrow’s Monday” blow.

Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think:

aThe Moon banner