Andre Ch. 47 is up!





(The chap is tots safe for work, just wanted to use the pretty pretty pic)

Oh My Andre

The Moon, Chapter 29, is up!

I’ve been told that this chapter might require half a tissue, maybe all the way up to a whole tissue.  *grimace*  No ducking or dodging of rotting vegetation will be necessary, though, so there’s that.  (Coffee I’ll bestir myself to actually catch, so if you gotta throw something, be sure to only throw the good stuff…)

Keep in mind as you read that there will always be at least three parts to Eric.  Among many others, there’s the man he was, the vampire he is, and the Maker he’ll always be.

Enjoy?  Let me know what you think…

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So Sookie stopped by to chat this morning – Decisions, Ch. 33 (yes, Decisions) (yes, Sookie)

So yeah, Sookie from Decisions (yes, DECISIONS) stopped by this morning and was all chatty – downright verbose for her usual self!  I’m not an idiot (usually) so hell yeah I took advantage of this situation.  (Eric might have chimed in a bit, too!)   I’m only now on my *SECOND* cup of coffee and this chapter is done and everything!  For SOME vague, strange, dunno-why-I-think-it reason I had the notion that you Eric/Sookie shippers might enjoy this rare other-character treat, so here:

Decisions Story Banner


Happy Tuesday? EN: ATS Ch 14 is up!

Thank you for your recent consideration as I dealt with the unexpected (although it really shouldn’t have been, but hell, how do you go about “expecting” someone to die?) death of my uncle. 

That event upset my muse a little and impacted, however temporarily, her (and my “her” I mean “my”) ability to focus on chapters for current WIPs.  Part of the reason for the temp. stop was that it caused her to think in a bit of a different way, I guess you could say, in a “mood” that would not have suited any chapter of any current fic I have open.  But…that different “mood”, because it IS so different, sideways-sparked a short new (as yet untitled) story that I’ve almost completed. 


It will be *COMPLETED* (I really wanted to put some pretty fireworks and happy ‘splody things here) before I even post the first chapter.  A story that’s finished BEFORE posting the first chapter???  I’ve heard this can be done, that some writers even do this kind of common-sensical, intelligent thing on the regular!  Oh, I so admire their fortitude and, yeah, their common sense…  :D

Anyway, shit happens, the sun still rises, and life progresses.  Sometimes words are even (somehow…eventually) caused to magically appear on virtual paper.  Hence, EN: ATS Ch. 14!


Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic

Happy Friday! Andre, Ch. 46 (NSFW) **and** STC, Ch. 21 are up!

Because I adore you and want you to be happy, here’s a 2-fer.

To your left you’ll see a fine new, rather long and…erm, yeah, chapter of Andre.  Bloodlust is a thing, y’all:

Andre banner1

And to your right you’ll find a brand new chapter of STC where Sookie…then Eric…and…oh, hell, just read it:

STC banner from Gyllene SMALLER

Here’s hoping you have an awesome Friday, a fantastic Halloween, and an amazing weekend!

Hope this makes your Monday a bit less…Monday – Moon, Ch. 28, is up

Here’s to having the best Monday possible.  And by “best” I mean I hope you can just turn over and go back to sleep for a couple of hours, but if you can’t, I hope this helps.

aThe Moon banner 2

(No words of wisdom, just an offer of an extra coffee or tea or other murder-preventing beverage of your choice.)

Decisions, Chapter 32, is now up…and it’s…

…yeah.   Ok, y’all, the gore factor of this chapter is more than my usual, and it’s NSFW.  You have been warned – read accordingly…  Enjoy??  *snicker*

Decisions Story Banner

Moon, Ch. 27, is up! (AKA: can I come out of hiding now?)

You heard it here ladies and gennelmen – The Moon, Ch. 27, is up!  (Srsly, you can stop with the de-coffee’ing threats now – not the bribes, though…they’re fine…) Hopefully this will help soften the “tomorrow’s Monday” blow.

Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think:

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TwiFuckery – The FanFic of Itself Chapter

So when a well-known writer writes a fanfic of her own widely-published (and beloved by many) fic work, and I’m appropriately bored when I’m told about it – this happens.  It’s a  crack-fic mini-chapter.  Bring coffee.

R Putz1 3

Some EN: ATS anyone? Maybe a Ch. 13?

Hope you enjoy!  (Insert witty, wry, or otherwise life-altering inane conversation here)…(or don’t).  Lol, enjoy the chapter, y’all.

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Brag and Question Time

First up:  brag time (cause that’s how I roll)!

I have some of the very best friends in the fanfic’ing biz, y’all.  If you saw my previous post announcing STC’s Ch. 20, you’ll remember how I made a pitiful attempt at making a banner, right?  Well…me and my big mouth…

Guess what…..

(Ok, ok, I’ll get on with it, geez y’all are impatient!)


Going in order of magical appearance (srsly, these ladies have magic in their mice!):

Lookie what Kittyinaz made me!!


Lookie what Gyllene made me!!

STC banner from Gyllene


Now for the question portion of the evening:  Ok, I plan on having Eric and Sookie play 20 Questions, right?  A couple of weeks ago I was trying to cough up these questions and, well, the ones I came up with were unremarkable at best (more like “butt-ass boring”). 

The scene will have Pam (she’s good in STC, fucking clueless sometimes, but basically good) suggesting to Eric that he and Sookie get their 20 Questions on…which is great and awesome…but what the hell are the questions gonna be???

That, my dears, is where YOU come in.    I’d love to hear YOUR suggestions of the kinds of real questions Eric and Sookie might ask each other in a situation where they are honestly and seriously, and sometimes humorously, trying to get to know each other.  I’m looking for serious questions, and I’m also looking for funny and/or witty questions. 

In my head I see some of these questions coming from “Pam” – most of which Eric will refuse to ask Sookie because of their snark/smut content, that sort of thing,  and he will “replace” those questions with his own more realistic ones, and some will have come from “Eric” to begin with. 

(He’s going to surprise Sookie with this to show her that he really does want to get to know her better.  He’s awesome like that…)  *sigh*

Sookie will naturally love this scenario and will come up with her own questions to ask Eric…so yeah, I’ll need some of those, too.

So, lay some Eric to Sookie and Sookie to Eric questions on me and if they’ll work in the scene, Imma be usin’ them.

Thanks, and srsly, love my new banners…!  :D




Story Recs: Fixing the Fuckery Beyond the Final Season


They like it! They really like it! :D Lol, love the write-up:
“Come aboard Meridian airlines and let her fly you to “The Moon” for a jump in time into a not-too-distant future where the Rockwellian Thanksgiving postcard TB sent us is actually not a time of happiness for Sookie, even when seemingly surrounded by her Bon Temps ‘friends’ and ‘loving’ fiancé… Fear not! Meridian quickly addresses this sorry state of affairs via the intervention of one marvelously characterized Willa Burrell, Eric’s estranged progeny. After some minor angst, our favorite couple will soon be ready to face whatever challenges, pregnancy-related or not, the future may hold for them together… A uniquely satisfying read with TB Pam fittingly put in her place and one charming, original character in Sevrin whom we just can’t help warming up to, one single grunt at a time…”

Originally posted on The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction:


The last time we looked at those brave souls who took on the impending doom known as Season 7 and preemptively sought to rewrite the inevitable wrongs that the last and final season promised. This time we’re taking a closer look at our favorite stories that took what that last season handed us and methodically set to rights the epic fuckery, using it as a point for launching an entirely restored and altered ending.


Second Chance by Alh1971

Eric visits Sookie on her deathbed. TB One-shot, with elements from SVM. E/S, rated T, ONE-SHOT

Season 7 left Eric and Sookie with a gap too wide to cross. Sookie, unwilling to embrace her supernatural self, hangs on to her illusions of a ‘normal life’, and Eric chooses to say ‘goodbye’ rather than have his heart destroyed once more. This was a most dismal ending for Eric and Sookie shippers… but what…

View original 893 more words

Anyone want some STC? Ch. 20 is up! (Ok, that might have sounded wrong…)

So, yeah, STC Ch. 20 is up!  Enjoy!!

(Ignore the crappy banner below.  love playing around making them…I suck at it, but that’s irrelevant, right?  I mean, I know for a fact that I could ask the amazingly talented Gyllene to make me any sort of banner or button and she would gladly do it, but she’s kind of busy right now…I hear there’s an update to a certain story in the works… #nopressure…#much…)

STC banner

The Moon, Ch. 26, is up! (Yes!)

First I want to apologize for not replying (yet, gotta see how my time goes) to your lovely, delicious, fantastic comments left on the last chapter of Moon.  I adore your comments – I really do, and the ones from last chapter have been a joy to read.  It’s fascinating how a single chapter (or even portion of a chapter) can be interpreted in so many different ways and how each angle is usually right in its own way.   (Sometimes there IS no right answer; other times ALL the answers are right.)

Free time, however, isn’t something I have a lot of and so I chose to go ahead and get this chapter out to y’all (while Eric was still willing to chat and everything…always good, that).  Plus it appears my area is possibly in for a visit from a hurricane potentially in the next few days maybe.  Every 10 minutes the forecast is something different, so who the fuck knows. 

Either way, here’s Ch. 26 of The Moon.  I hope you enjoy it and don’t murder me too  hard.  That’s a great way to get no more chapters…plus I’d be all crying and I don’t cry pretty…

aThe Moon banner


It’s another TWO-FER: ANDRE and THE MOON!

Cause I love y’all and stuff.  How do ya like me now??  *blows invisible dust off nails then sips coffee with graceful élan cause I can*


Ok, first up is Andre (cause he finally got off his pouty if really cute ass and started with the talking again):

Oh My Andre

And now…srsly, cause I adore y’all:

aThe Moon banner

Lemme know what you think!  :D

The Viking Calendar


This is very interesting and may be of good use to WRITERS, too:

Originally posted on ThorNews:

Runic CalendarWorm’s Norwegian runic calendar described in his book Fasti Danici dating back to 1643. The drawing only shows the winter season lasting from 14 October to 13 April. The summer season on the other side of the bone from a whale or big fish was never copied, and both the pendant and the calendar have unfortunately been lost.

Although contemporary Scandinavian sources for the Viking Age are few, there are indications that the Vikings probably divided the year into moon phases and only two seasons: Summer and winter.

The Vikings did not use exact years to date events, a so-called absolute chronology. Instead, they used a relative chronology with reference to the number of years after important events. One could for example date the year by saying “five winters after the Battle of Svolder”.

As far as we know, the Icelander Ari “the Wise” Þorgilsson was the first who in…

View original 502 more words

Moon Followers – Guess What? Ch. 24 is up!

I like you – I really like you!  I must…cause here’s the next chapter already (like I would make y’all wait for it…).  YES – CHAPTER 24 of The Moon IS UP! 

What it is not:  huge, long, filled with death/sex/angst or dealing with Sevilla
What it is:  surprising, I think, and definitely informativeish



Sadly I am NOT one of those awesome people who has chapters and chapters already pre-written just waiting for that final go-over before posting.  Hell no – that would be too damn simple.   I’ll have the plot bits figured out before I start writing (except for the little things – they can appear as they want), but pre-writing?  *pfft*  I am not, and probably will never be, that freakin’ organized.  I’m definitely a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of lady which means that in general you get chapters less than a day, normally, after I write them.  I don’t want you guys to have to wait to get your dainty little  paws on a new chapter so I’d never withhold them after I feel they’re finished.  You get them hot off the virtual press.

The next WIPs demanding attention in the rotation (that I at least try to stick to) will be STC and EN: ATS, muse willing, but I admit that I’m hoping Andre gets off his pout in the meantime so I can rescue freakin’ Emma and freakin’ Sookie from the freakin’ assholes who freakin’ stole their fine selves.  (Can you tell I’m getting a bit peeved with Mr. Andre and his Pout?)

Anyway, it’s short, but I hope you enjoy.  If you haven’t read the previous chapter yet, read it first.

aThe Moon banner

The Moon, Ch. 23, is up!

Sorry it’s been a little while (and also sorries for the lack of Andre update in the rotation, too, but he’s still being a bit of a bastard atm). 

I do my best (read: easiest) writing between midnight and, say, 5 am, which would be fine but the (ugh) outside world has this odd idea that people need to be ACTIVE and AWAKE and FUNCTIONING during those annoying daylight hours, and there are times when even *I* have to pretend to be a normally functioning human.  Yeah, it sucks. And it bites into my preferred writing time.  Which also sucks.

Ugh, real life can be real annoying.  What’s up with that, anyway??

But yeah, here!  Enjoy!

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Decisions, Ch. 31, is up!

As you might can tell by how I skipped in the rotation, Andre is pouting at me (you’d think he’d realize that if he’d stop with the sulking and get with the talking things would happen faster but noooo…thtat would be too SIMPLE and too EASY so we can’t have THAT, now can we…  That’s ok…Imma be telling Emma on his non-verbal ass.  SO THERE, ANDRE – SO! THERE!)

Anyway, here’s Ch. 31 (31!!!) of Decisions.  I really hadn’t meant for this little story to go on so long…oy…

Enjoy!  Imma go hide now.

Decisions Story Banner

EN: ATS, Ch. 12, is up!

It’s 2:21am so I be not witty.  Sorry…

Here’s the chapter, and I hope you enjoy.  It’s short, but relevant…

Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic

And because WP has been being weird about notifications lately, here are some of my recent posts copied, oddly, directly from the Recent Posts widget on my sidebar (sorry, it’s now 2:28 am and yeah, I got lazy):


Norwegian Viking Age Swords – Typology


Interesting sword information.

Originally posted on ThorNews:

Norwegian Viking Age Swords – Typology

Vikingsword Island of Ingoy

Remains of a Viking sword from the Island of Ingøy, Northern-Norway, classified as a Type H sword in the Peterson typology. (Photo:

The sword was one of the most important weapons in the Viking Age together with ax and spear. Viking swords are found throughout Scandinavia, but the majority counting about 3500 have been found in Norway.

The reason is that the pagan burial customs of putting swords into graves were more common in Norway than in Sweden and Denmark. Several Viking swords are also found in the British Isles, Mainland Europe, Russia and the Baltics.

A typical sword has a blade that measures 70 to 90 centimeters (27.5 – 35.4 in) – and may have one or two edges. Single edges were common at the start of the Viking Age, but in the 800s and 900s AD, two edges became common.


View original 516 more words

STC, Ch. 19, for your viewing pleasure

Just that!  Well, ok, and this too:  HOPE YOU ENJOY!  :D

Sookie Takes Charge pic

Because WP has been weird here lately, here’s a list of my recent posts just in case you missed anything:

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Death Now Has A Dog…But Still No Head

Decisions Story Banner

Andre banner1

It’s a 2-fer…~ish: The Moon, Ch. 22 + a tiny non-fic piece

Ok, I’ll be honest – I started to not post this today since it’s Saturday and I know that most of my readers are busy on the weekends and may not have time to sit down and read, but then I decided that I wasn’t in a withholding mood.  I hope you DO have time to plop your butt in a comfy place and escape for a bit.

The first item is Chapter 22 of The Moon (I kind of think you’ll like this chappie!).  The second is a little non-fic piece you might like – read it if you want, and if you do I hope you enjoy it.

aThe Moon banner

This piece is a, well, it’s a something…a short something:

Death Now Has A Dog…But Still No Head

Enjoy?  Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.

Decisions, Chapter 30, is up, and it’s long…

Srsly, grab a drink…maybe a donut…go potty first…  I’d meant to “progress the plot” further but there’s still a lot happening in this chapter, so read carefully – there might be a test!  (Or not…)  Lol, just enjoy.

I’ve clicked to “enable comments” in all the places WP tells me I can, but there is NO telling if the Comment Box will actually appear or not.  (It’s all out of whack since WP’s ridiculous fuckedupdate.)  I have no idea if the Comment Box will magically appear below…or not.  So, there’s that.  I started to delay posting this update since I *do* value my readers’ comments (hint hint), but I wouldn’t do that to y’all.

So, here ya go in its almost 5,000-word glory:

Decisions Story Banner