Anticipating, Chapter 40

**Author’s Note**

(Possibly NSFW) 

Ok, my dear readers, the time has come.   We’ve (finally) reached THE END of the LONGEST NIGHT EVER!!  You’ve been so very good, and incredibly patient, so, to the tune of “Butterfly” by Crazy Town, I give you this:


(A different kind of night, aka:  Ponder, Plan, Plot, and Pray – Part 7…)


Godric gazed down at Cara, desperately relieved to know that, despite his most recent faux pas, she really was going to move in with him…here, in his quarters, where he could drift off into his day rest with her in his arms, knowing she is safe, and warm, and his.

Although the bond told her of his almost primordial joy, Cara was still concerned about the blood tears pooling in his beautiful blue eyes.  Godric shouldn’t cry, she thought.  Godric shouldn’t ever cry!

Quickly she raised her other hand to lower his head to hers and, for once, she captured his lips in a softly searing, soul-felt kiss.  He brought his hands up to cup her face, holding her steady until he suddenly took firm control, plunging his tongue into her mouth, savoring, plundering, teasing and stoking deep, scorching fires.

Soon lightheaded and needing to breathe, Cara tore her lips from his to immediately begin placing open-mouthed kisses along his jaw, pausing to nip at his ear lobe before tasting and biting all around his throat.  Panting and burning with love and desire and intention, she soon lowered herself to her knees between his thighs so she could properly worship his nipples, biting and sucking first one, then the other, until Godric himself was panting and warning her of his need.

Cara leaned her head back, grasped each side of his black silk sleep pants, temporarily ignored the huge bulge at his crotch, and looked him directly in the eye.   “Up, my love.  I’m hungry for something that only you can give me.”

His eyes, hooded with desire and burning that deep, bright blue she loved so much, widened at both her command and her throaty tone.  His fangs, like his cock, were at full mast, and he was purring an ancient rhythm.  He quickly lifted his hips, and gasped as she lightly scored her nails down his waist, hips, and thighs as she lowered then tossed them aside.

Slowly, almost reverently, she smoothed her warm hands around and up his ankles and calves, pausing only to spread his knees far apart before raising her eyes to meet his euphoric gaze as she lightly traced his inner thighs with her fingertips.  She blessed his inner knees up to the silky juncture of his thighs with her tender explorations, and to his immense frustration, completely avoided his throbbing, weeping cock.

“I haven’t done this in a very long time,” she huskily revealed, “but I find I’m starving for a…stronger…taste of you.  Can I taste you, my Godric?  Can I touch you with my tongue?  Can I take you into my mouth?”  He groaned, sounding vaguely like a wounded animal, but she didn’t pause for a second.  “Your flesh is thick and hard and cool, but my mouth is soft and warm and wet for you…only for you, my Godric.”

He nodded, unsure how much of her sweet, erotic torture he could endure, but extraordinarily willing to find out.

Knowing that his eyes were following her every move, Cara bit her kiss-swollen lip in anticipation and slowly lowered her gaze over his ancient tattoos, past his hard nipples, down the rippled lines of his abdomen, over the flat expanse of his stomach, and on downward to memorize the thick, hard cock throbbing for her attention.

He jerked at her quiet moan of appreciation, then hissed long and hard when she guided him into her hot mouth.  He never knew how he managed not to cum immediately.

His body rigid, his fangs extended past his lower lip, Godric fisted his hands into the cushions of the sofa and hung on for dear sanity as she took him as far into her mouth as she could.

After a couple of strong-sucking bobs with her head, Cara popped him out of her mouth.  Slowly, carefully, she gently eased the hood the rest of the way down to fully expose the sensitive head of his cock to her soft warm tongue, and proceeded to drive him ever closer to the edge with each stroke and twirl.

A few moments later, she lifted her gaze to find him still watching, mesmerized, as she worked him with increasing fervor.  His lips were slightly parted, his eyes hooded and shining with need, his scent strong and heady as his hips writhed and twitched, instinctively encouraging his Cara in her task.

Keeping one hand on his thick length and her eyes locked on his, she lowered her other hand to cup and gently knead his heavy sack as she sucked and gripped his throbbing cock harder and tighter in a rhythm he couldn’t fight no matter how hard he tried.

Mere moments later, his eyes darkened, his balls tightened, he threw his head back and roared so loud the pictures on the wall rattled as he came in hard, cool spurts.  The cushions on either side of him were shredded beyond repair.

After recovering for a very long minute, Godric suddenly scooped Cara up into his arms and blurred over to his bed.

In the blink of an eye, Cara found herself sitting on the side of the bed but placed flat on her back, the robe a memory, her knees bent and her thighs spread wide.  The second the room stopped spinning and she met Godric’s burning, mischievous gaze, he parted her slick inner lips with his thumbs and lowered his head.

Five licks, Cara thought in a haze.  Five licks and one hard suckle and she was screaming his name like never before.  Then, without giving her a chance to recover, he plunged two fingers in deep and started pumping, all the while teasing and tormenting her clit in a rhythm off barely enough to keep her on edge.  Finally he added a third finger and started pumping counterpoint to every tight-lipped suck he bestowed on her swollen nub.

Just as she was about to come undone, he lifted his head and, still thrusting his fingers in and out, harder and harder, he caught her gaze as he lowered his head to her inner thigh.  A couple of open-mouthed kisses and a small prick later, Cara screamed his name until she was hoarse.

Eyes closed, body more relaxed than ever before, Cara simply smiled when Godric stood between her wide-spread legs and grabbed her hips to position her opening at the right angle for his invasion.

“Hold on,” he growled, his voice deep and raspy.  Cara opened her eyes and saw that his face was hard with passion, his pallor almost gone from his feeding, and a smear of blood from her vein still darkened his lips.

She grasped the bedcovers a split second before he slammed into her, hard and deep and fast, over and over, his grip bruising her hips as he held her steady to accept his driving force.

Over and over he slammed into her, subtly changing the angle of his penetration to leave no part of her tight passage unclaimed.  Cara came hard…a few minutes later, she came again, just has intensely…


Sometime later, Cara felt Godric smoothing his hand over her back as she lay draped over his chest.  She felt boneless and kind of floaty as she remembered the last part of their evening, and loved every second of it.

Godric sensed his love awakening, and softly kissed the top of her head.  The love and satisfaction coursing through the bond bathed his heart in warmth.

“Welcome home, my love,” he whispered.  “My bed is now complete.”




**Ok…so…too lemony?  Too tart?  What did y’all think about it?  Sorry it’s so short, but it’s not like they had a lot of energy left for talking…  (My muses are pacing and practicing chewing on their nails – hurry – review quickly before ALL their nails are gone!!)**


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15 thoughts on “Anticipating, Chapter 40

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  2. Perfect amount of lemons. When you make life altering decisions, one must celebrate. I feel like a fat kid sitting in from of a chocolate cake conveyor belt. Yum! 🙂


  3. Cara surely knows hot to talk to her man, despite the lack of experience in the sex department 😉 Well done, ma chere 😉


  4. AlphaEN: *bows* Why thank you! At the beginning of this story, Cara couldn’t have imagined herself being in ANY way this comfortable with anyone, so I like to think the sex bits show not only the growth of their relationship, but character growth as well. Also, they like to have fun together…


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