The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 23


“How is Rasul,” Emma asked as she stepped lightly backward toward their bedroom.  Oh yeah, she thought, that look in his eyes was definitely warming up her blood.

Andre continued his slow, steady stalking as he answered, “He will heal.”  He didn’t bother hiding his extended fangs.  His muscles were tightening, his nostrils flaring as he scented his mate. 

“Was he easy to find?”  She took two more steps back with a quick glance to ensure no walls had suddenly jumped in her way.

“Yes.”  Three more steps forward, tracking her every move with a feral gleam in his eyes.  His clothes, especially his pants, were uncomfortably tight as a wild energy surged through his body.

“Were you able to get rid of a lot of his men?”  She backed seamlessly through the door.  She knew instinctively what was coming, and she found herself aching for it.  She might not be a vampire, but something in her gut had somehow seemed to recognize from their first encounter that this male was hers. 

“Yes.”  His blue eyes glittered as he enjoyed this extremely mild version of cat and mouse.  He shook his head as he tried to temper the lust part of his bloodlust else he’d risk outright attacking his small mate.

Bloodlust.  He strongly regretted not having discussed this fact of vampire existence to Emma…he knew there were so many things he had yet to tell her, but it felt like they’d only just met.  His cock lurched when he scented her excitement, reminding him that he’d fought well, that he’d drained his enemies, and that now his inner beast required his mate.  He was incredibly thankful for his age and experience which allowed him to temper this pulsing, burning need to shred any obstacles keeping him from his Emma, spread her thighs wide and pound himself relentlessly into her warmth.  He shook his head again as he tried to calm the impatience firing his blood.

“Are we really going to the opera tomorrow evening?”  Emma’s voice was unintentionally wistful; she’d been cooped up long enough.

“Yes.”  He stalked two steps forward as he matched her two steps backward.

“Good,” she replied emphatically, “because I’m sick of being cooped up in here!”

His steady advances continued and Emma knew that through her careful maneuverings she was nearing the foot of the bed.  She softly groaned as she succumbed to the fire glittering in his sea-blue eyes.

“Sophie-Anne warned me about something called blood lust.  Is that what this is?”  She knew it was, but had felt the need to say something, anything, to try to tone down the strong lust igniting within her own body.

“Yes,” he growled with a hiss as he lunged forward and, picking her up, leapt to land them both in the middle of the large bed with Emma flat on her back. 

“I have been without you quite,” he growled as he rose to his knees to tear her shirt and bra off and fling them to the side, “long…” he quickly shredded her jeans and panties into tatters, “enough.” 

With that he divested himself of his own clothing at vamp speed and lowered himself onto her, resting his upper body on his elbows and the weight of his hips pressing hers into the soft bedding. 

As he lowered his head to capture her lips with his, she stunned him by bracing her hands on his shoulders to temporarily stop him.  “Next time I’m in control, ok?”

Need for her rolling through is body like thunder, aching, burning to be inside of her as quickly as possible, Andre would have agreed to anything.  “As you wish,” he growled against her lips. 

He crushed his mouth to hers even as his fangs throbbed and begged to sink into her flesh.  The blood of his mate fed more than his body – it fed his soul, and he had never known a desire as strong, deep, and aching as the need to feed from his mate right that moment. He brought his lips to her ear and whispered his plea so softly that it broke her heart.


“Anything, my love, anything that you need, is yours.”  She turned her head a bit more to the side bearing her neck to his throbbing fangs and ran her fingers through his hair to guide his mouth to her throat.  He struck instantly, his lethal fangs penetrating seamlessly into her skin. 

Three slow, long pulls and Andre felt whole again.  He hurriedly healed and sealed his marks and lowered his mouth to capture a nipple.  As he sucked greedily, he dipped his hand between her thighs to prepare her for his immanent invasion.

The very instant he deemed her ready to receive him, Andre raised up, slammed into her, and a loud, guttural sound escaped his lips at the sensation of finally being fully seated inside his woman.   Hands clawing at the bed coverings, he stilled completely as he clenched every muscle in his body to keep from fucking her through the mattress.  After a few brief seconds, he finally felt he could move without pounding her into pieces.   

His next thrusts were slow, punishingly slow, as he fought to contain his power.  Finally, with her vigorous encouragement, he began moving faster, and raised one hand to grab hold of the headboard as he worked to pump his hips as hard as she could take, but no harder.  He was once again thankful for the bond and the information he had because of it.

Emma smoothed her hands over his shoulders and back, loving the feel of his muscles as they flexed and tensed with his every motion as he rode her hard.   The steady, constant tempo of his thrusts in and out were almost mesmerizing, the power rippling through his body, his back flexing with every thrust.

His inner beast crowed with glee with every orgasm that he gave his mate, with every scratch she clawed down his back, with every scream of his name from her lips.  But his beast was greedy and demanded that he both give and take more…so much more.

He paused for a moment to kiss her senseless, then, with a harsh growl, he flipped her over on her hands and knees, raising her hips to slam back home and once again began his hard, controlled thrusts.  Enough…it was never enough.

She braced her hands against the headboard as he resumed driving his hard cock as deep into her as he could, matching every thrust with a deep, feral growl…and when he regained his previous rhythm, the one that drove her to cum so many times, she relished the sensation of his hard body moving to cover her own.  It was during times like this that she wished she were vampire, too, so that she could match his stamina.  Then even that tiny bit of rational thought fled as he picked up his pace and once again sank his fangs into her flesh.

“Wow…so that’s…bloodlust,” Emma gasped as she tried to slow her breath and stop the twitching in her legs.  Astonished that she hadn’t passed out as usual, she tried to push herself up to turn over, but really didn’t have the energy.  With a quite chuckle, Andre offered his assistance and arranged them under the covers.   

His blissful mate draped safely across his chest, his needs and lusts more than sated, his enemies drained, slain, and staked by his own fangs and hands, Andre closed his eyes and savored the perfume of their love. He wished all the nights of his future could end exactly like this. 

“Are you ok, ma chérie?”  He softly kissed the top of her head where it rested just under his chin and lightly stroked her back.

She mumbled with a hushed chuckle, “I’m fine…just fine…just very, very fine,” which caused him to laugh quietly in both humor and relief.  No matter how much he trusted their bond to tell him if he was too rough with her, he still worried.  He felt her body relax into his as she rested as he continued stroking her back then began sliding his fingers through her hair to untangle it.

A little while later Emma stirred from her drowsy state and mentioned that she’d love a bath. 

“Then you shall have a bath, milady,” he offered generously. 

“But I don’t want to get up,” she jokingly pouted as she stroked her cheek on his broad chest.

“Then I shall prepare your bath, and then I shall carry you to that bath,” he offered.  He laughed when she nodded her head vigorously, then gently eased out from under her.

When the bath was ready, he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom just like he said he would, then eased her into the water.  A moment later, he took his place behind her and encouraged her to lean back against him.  She did, and he gladly took her into his arms. 

She sighed.  “This warm water feels so good, honey.  Thank you.”

“Please, ma chérie, do not thank me for this. It is my most welcome duty, and my honor, to care for you,” he spoke softly into her ear and nipped the lobe.  He lathered a natural sea sponge with a sweetly scented soap, and began bathing her arms.  “And, on that note, I have been remiss in my duties to you.”  Before she could refute that statement, he continued.  “There is much about my world that you do not yet know, that that is my fault.”  Finished with her arms, he cupped water in his hands and slowly rinsed the lather away.

“I will start talking, and if you have a question, ask.”  He began bathing her stomach.  “As you know, in my world, the king or queen of a state is all-powerful.  Technically we have to report to The Authority and The Council, but they have very little power, in all honesty.  Some monarchs, like my Queen, rule with a just and fair hand, while many others certainly do not.  That is one of many reasons why my Maker wishes for me to rule Arkansas.” 

Emma gasped and squirmed a bit when he began bathing her breasts, playing particular attention to her hard, pink nipples.  Pretending that he didn’t notice the arousing effect his ministrations were having on his mate, Andre continued.  “When we take over that state, it will give me a chance to further expose the vampire world to a more just way of ruling.  Although I do not in any way wish to rule, I will do what I can to protect what Louisiana, and taking over full control of Arkansas will help.” 

He began dipping water over her now thoroughly clean breasts to rinse away the lather, pausing often to tweak and roll her hard nipples between his thumb and fingers.  She arched her back in pleasure, and barely noticed that he’d moved her legs to each side of his own.  He applied more soap to the sponge, and began bathing her legs. 

“Tonight we fought well, and killed many of BeauChamps’ supporters, both were and vampire.  We have several prisoners who might prove useful for information tomorrow after we return from our outing, but as you know, BeauChamps escaped.”  He lightly traced his nose up the side of her throat to inhale her scent then smoothed his hands down her body.  He brought her knees up so that he could reach her calves and toes.

“I’m sorry, chérie, but the current security measures will stand until he is no longer a threat.    At this point I suspect there may be a leak somewhere in the palace, which I may be able to put to my own use.”  Emma lightly shivered as he brought the almost soap-free sponge up to bathe her inner thighs with light, quick strokes.  She couldn’t suppress an impatient wiggle, and felt the plentiful evidence of his own arousal.

When he’d finished bathing her thighs, Andre pointedly set the sponge to the side and pulled Emma up a bit closer into his chest.  Then he slid his legs apart thereby spreading her thighs wide open for his upcoming pleasure. 

“I must ensure that you are thoroughly clean, you understand,” he said, his voice gravelly with his own desire, as he ever so slowly ran his fingers through the light sprinkling of dark curls before massaging the entire area with the palm of his hand.  He groaned low and long when she slipped one hand behind her to grab and stroke his hard cock.

His other hand rose to recapture a nipple and pull and rub on it as he placed open mouthed kisses along her shoulders.  At her mew of impatience, he spread her lower lips and began rubbing her hard nub in maddeningly gentle circles. 

Rocking her body in time with his motions, Emma eased the small of her back against his obvious arousal, and the harder he rubbed, the harder she rocked against him while stroking and squeezing him.   When he inserted first one then two long fingers insider her, she gasped and arched even more into the hand loving her breast, and accidentally stroked him even harder.

Still rolling and plucking her nipple, and determined not to cum before she did, Andre began nipping and sucking along her throat as he thrust his fingers faster and harder into her warmth.  He felt her internal muscles start to quiver, and changed the angle of his thrusts and curled his fingers in just such a way that caused her to seize up for a long moment and squeak his name breathlessly.

When she came, her hand around his cock squeezed and jerked and brought him to his own roaring conclusion.  As soon as her quivering stopped, he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close. 

A few moments later, when she could speak coherently, she cleared her throat and noted, “Well…I think I’m clean now…”

Roaring with laughter, Andre stood them both up and dried them both off.

“Oh, what did the…your friend Sookie bring you earlier?”  In truth, he was glad that his Emma was developing a friendship with the blonde.  Thorough investigations had shown that both she and that Northman were, in fact, “decent folk” as these Southerners would say, and Emma needed friends of that caliber, especially as she was to become his Queen.


 Laughing as they escorted themselves from the palace, Eric and Sookie both found great humor in the situation between Andre and Emma.  Neither could still quite believe that the Andre had taken a mate, and certainly not a human woman who was so…likable, nor especially that she apparently had him wound around her little finger.

For a moment, and, perhaps longer though he wouldn’t admit it, Eric felt a certain sense of camaraderie with the slightly younger vampire.  Well, he knew that Andre was a bit younger than himself, but he wasn’t sure by how much.  The Queen’s Second was notoriously secretive, and not prone to developing “unnecessary” friendships.  He kept well to himself and his vampire family, not having a particularly high tolerance for…anyone.  Well, he thought with a grin, anyone except Emma now, it seemed.

Yes, Eric did feel somewhat badly for him.  He himself knew all too well the “growing pains” that had to be endured when becoming wrapped so tightly around a woman’s smallest finger.  The Second seemed to be coping rather surprisingly well, too, he thought. 

And it wasn’t like he’d lost possession of his balls during the process, either.  He’d never actually had the pleasure of fighting side by side with the Frenchman, and Andre definitely gave lie to the rumor that Frenchmen were “lovers, not fighters”.  He would willingly admit that Andre was a fucking badass with a sword and in hand-to-hand combat.  In less than two minutes he’d ended two skilled vampires and a semi-rabid were, and in less than twenty minutes, the majority of the battle had been over. 

Eric smirked; he himself had taken out his fair share of traitor vampires and weres, too.  And when the human spies had been found huddled like the cowards they were in a small room to the side of the area where Rasul had been held, he and Andre had both fed well.  When they were filled, they’d exchanged places with the rest of the extraction team, offering to watch the prisoners while the rest of the team fed from the urine-scented cowards. 

Most of the men were unfamiliar to them, but Andre did recognize the scent of two from them being in the palace; one had been a janitor, and another had apparently worked in the kitchen.  That had pissed off the newly mated vampire who had immediately realized the potential danger to his human female.  Other arrangements for her food were being taken until his Sookie had a chance to read the remaining humans at the palace.  She had agreed to do it the following afternoon.

He hoped they would still be able to go to the opera the next evening.  As much as she fussed about dressing up, he knew she secretly enjoyed looking her best for him even if she wouldn’t admit it.  To him, she was breathtakingly beautiful no matter what she wore, or…didn’t wear.

Thankfully they had just arrived at their place in the city, because he was more than ready to toss his pledged over his shoulder and relieve his own lingering bloodlust numerous times.

He proceeded to do just that well into the daylight hours.




**A/N-slash-whine:  I wanted to say “howled” instead of “a loud, guttural sound escaped his lips”, but my friends laughed at me. *sad face* Eyeballin’ you, Gabrielle Blue…  Also:  I’m really tired, so if there are more mistakes than normal, just…you know…ignore them…like you usually do…

Also Also:  Next chapter:  a certain cobalt blue silk scarf makes an appearance.  I’m thinking of naming it…**





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