Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 12

**A/N:  I’ll be brutally honest – this is mostly a “where is Eric emotionally and mentally” chapter.  There’s no Sookie, there’s no Godric, yadda.  There may be some slightly-unintentional humor in the writing style (It just happened that way, but I liked it so I kept it.).  Also, I have NOT forgotten Billius, either, sadly.   I just don’t like him therefore I’m applying “avoidance therapy” to all-things-Beehl for the nonce.  I’m pretty sure most of y’all won’t mind, lol, but yeah, we’ll have to get Beehl’d again at some point (icky face – I should post some Brain Bleach for that, right?) – just not in THIS chapter, dammit.  Disclaimery crap that I never remember to do because I have it perma-posted on my site:  I own nothing but the plot and the characters I’ve invented.  All mistakes are mine own to bear/laugh at later.  Hope you like!**

Sitting on the sofa in Sookie’s living room, Eric allowed the soft noise of the electricity humming through the wiring to lull him into downtime. So far the short night had been very long indeed, and he once again mentally thanked Sookie for giving him the peace and quiet he needed to process everything.

His Maker was alive.

His Maker was well.

He even had a way of staying in contact with him.

Finally the noises of the old house settling for the night roused him from his downtime, and he rose to yet again wash the dried remains of his tears from his face.

Damn but he was tired of crying, but at least these had been joyous tears.

As he stood before the mirror in the small bathroom that he wished he’d had enlarged when he had the chance, he stared at his face. Surely after all the night’s upheavals he should look somehow different, right?

Not only was his Maker alive and well and in contact with him, but Sookie…

He stared hard at his face again, and still no changes were apparent even with his enhanced vision. He scoffed at his reflection and left the bathroom after hanging his face cloth to dry.  With a grimace he realized that this was something his former self would never have thought to do.

Hell, he didn’t even tidy up after himself at his own place – that’s what glamoured maids were for, but this was Sookie’s home.  While he didn’t understand her strange distaste for the old place now, it was still his duty to respect it and get it back to her as soon as he could.

After making sure that the house was as secure as it could be, he descended into the cubby. He had a lot of thinking to do, and wanted to do it in peace.

Peace that, for once, Sookie herself had given him.

Ah, Sookie…

Since she had first come into his unlife, thinking about things he’d rather not think about had pretty much become the norm. Bluntly, her “magical powers” didn’t involve just telepathy and fairy magic – she was also quite talented as a disturber of the peace…HIS peace…

Only now…now that she was back in his unlife after being gone so long, for some reason he found that he didn’t mind so much having his peace disturbed.

Said peace, however, was slightly less disturbed after dealing with darling Pamela’s failure to heal Sookie after he and fucking Edgington had almost drained the telepath. His Child knew it would be her responsibility to heal the fairy hybrid, that the moment the ancient vampire exited Fangtasia she – not Compton – was to give Sookie enough of her blood to heal the large gash in her neck and restore her to health.

She was not to sit on her lazy ass watching the monitors as Sookie bled out on some table.

After her excuses, and he could tell she truly had been heartbroken that her Maker was burning in the sun, came her snide remarks regarding Sookie. This reminded Eric of her oddly growing jealousy. He couldn’t understand where that resentment had come from – their association had never been romantic, and the sexual component of their time together had barely lasted long enough to remember. As far as he could tell, Pam had no reason to feel any sort of jealousy.

He did see it as a growing problem, however, and decided to put a stop to it immediately.

The Maker’s Command he had chosen for her punishment seemed appropriate: no sitting on her ass for two solid weeks. He had been going to make it last for a month since Sookie had almost died due in part to Pam’s uncaring attitude, but relented after taking into consideration how the possibility of his death would have affected her. She could of course rest for the day as normal, but upon rising she was to remain standing until it was once again time for her day rest. He may have also commanded her to wear her highest heels during this time.

Pam was a vampire, so it wasn’t as though standing for the night would actually harm her.

And Sookie could have died, after all.

Then, in a kinder tone but laden with just as much of his Maker’s power, he had commanded Pam to no longer feel jealousy over Sookie, and to be as concerned for the fairy-hybrid’s comfort and safety as she was for his own. He wasn’t sure how well the ‘no jealousy’ part would work, but figured the other part of his command would cover the necessary bases.

He could always add more later if need be. It wasn’t as though he would stop caring about Sookie any time soon.

Caring…how mild a word to describe the cause of the feelings that roared through his system.

He knew that earlier in the night he’d had an epiphany of sorts. Combing back through his memories as he settled down on the bed in the cubby, he realized that while he truly had regretted his past actions, and that he had genuinely somewhat revised the way he’d regarded her, until earlier that evening he had never honestly considered that she was her own person.

That she wasn’t a pawn that he could use whenever he wanted and for whatever reason.

That she wasn’t an asset he could simply pick up, use, then cast aside at his discretion.

That she wasn’t required to like or tolerate or submit to him in any way.

That she was…Sookie.

His head reeled as the full force of his own arrogance hit him.

Then came the rising tide of humility.

Even after all that, even after he had abused her trust, kidnapped her body, and painfully used her blood with no prior warning and without her permission after lulling her with the most perfect kiss in either of his lives…

Even after he had then come to her at the hotel – not to apologize but to smooth things over enough that he might procure her services for the upcoming conference and perhaps her body for his pleasure and convenience…

Even after he had shown up that very night to persuade her by any means necessary to work for him once again…

Even after all that, she had still shown him grace.

Shame thickened the back of his throat.

He had no selfish illusions that she’d brought the letter for his own sake, rather he knew that she did so for Godric, but still, it counted. And when he had accosted her immediately upon her exit from the Portal, she hadn’t used the full force of her power against him as by rights she should have.

And she had held him while he cried like a baby in the comfort of her arms.

And she had welcomed him into what was ethically – and would soon be again – her home…had allowed him to salvage his pride by letting him clean away the evidence of his breakdown.

And she had offered him the solitude she must have known he would need to come to terms with the events of the evening.

And she had even left him her phone number.

Truly, her grace and compassion, especially in light of his previous use of her, brought him to his knees.

Eric turned over on his side, brought his knees up, and held his pillow with both hands.

And then there was Godric.

Finding out that his beloved Maker had not died, that he had in fact gone to fucking Fairy, had been one hell of a shock. That, combined with the information in the letter, had provided him with a peace he had never expected to feel again, and it also worried him on Godric’s behalf.

Eric ached to be in his Maker’s presence again – of course he did, yet, if being in this Realm had stolen the light from his soul, it wasn’t worth it. If Sookie would consent to transporting correspondence between himself and his Maker, he would be more than content.

He would have to be, and he fully acknowledged that it was far more than he had before this night.

As dawn approached, Eric looked forward to his dayrest but for an entirely different reason than usual. When he rose that evening, he planned to write his Maker back, which would be the perfect excuse to call Sookie…at the phone number…that she had left for him.

As he slipped into his dayrest, Eric smiled. He had plan to implement, amends to make, the first of many letters to write, and a Sookie to call.

**A/N:  Annnnd that’s “where” our Eric is right now:  in his cubby, curled up on his bed, cuddling his pillow, and smiling.  A smiling Eric is a very, very good thing – especially for our Sookie!  😀   So:  What did you think?**

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47 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 12

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  2. I like where he is and what he realized about Sookie 😉 I hope that Pam does not become to big of a problem. This shows that you are never too old to grow up.


  3. suzyq591suzy: Exactly!! Even in THIS story I still see Eric as being a good guy at heart, just, there was over a thousand years of naturally ingrained arrogance, not to mention all that vampire arrogance, that had to be waded through before any true progress could be made. 😀 This Eric (just like all of mine) is smart, too, so I’m thinking he’s nipped the Jealous Pam problem in the, erm, feet. (Yay!)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. No change in ways of seeing life, or to a particular individual, occur overnight. They have to be there, albeit unconsciously, before we realize the change.

    As for the jealousy of Pam, I doubt that a command not to feel jealous of Sookie serve for that purpose. I have the slight impression that if feelings could be ordered by vampires creators would use for loyal, honorable … ingraine in their children from the very beginning.


  5. Aw poor ‘little’ biddy Viking all curled up in his bed with a pillow for company, I half expected him to suck on that thumb again but it was nice to read that Godric’s letter had made some impact to how he viewed past and present. Added to that in his role as custodian of Sookie’s house he came to find humility in those surroundings and help recognise the appeal of a certain telepath beyond sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle… *sigh* it left me with a smile in the end too as something to look forward too in the chapters ahead 🙂


  6. Even an old Viking can learn new tricks, so to speak. A little blonde fairy/human hybrid has humbled him with her honesty and lack of guile. She truly is good for him!


  7. bbrock525: He is…finally, lol. I see him as an extremely intelligent guy who just never truly had a reason to examine his own self all that deeply before. 😀


  8. cari1973: True!! Problems that took a long time to grow generally won’t be solved very quickly. Even when the desire to change was already there subconsciously, sometimes it still takes a while. And I agree with you on the commanding-nonjealousy thing… 😉


  9. Oh, I love where Eric’s head is right now! I hope he can keep it out of his ass in the future too. I’m not sure the glamour of Pam is gonna hold…
    Hopefully Sookie will see the difference in Eric and give him a chance to show her the real him.
    Love the visual of him curled up in bed with a pillow, sigh


  10. duckbutt60: Exactly! We all know that Eric’s smart, that he’s capable of highly complex thoughts or he wouldn’t ‘be’ after 1,000+ years, but sometimes he just needs a bit of a kick in his really tall rump, lol. And you’re absolutely right – Sookie humbled him without guile or tricks, or anything like that. Honest compassion ruled the night. 😀


  11. So good to see Eric smiling! That’s always a great thing!
    Loved his reflections about Sookie..he’s changing and I’m so thrilled!
    I agree when you wrote that Pam had to be the ONE to give Sookie blood….as Pam knew about the plan Eric set up for Russell…
    Bill fucking Compton had to stay tied up…his blood was so toxic to Sookie
    That show still makes me angry!


  12. Eric has experienced a lot of growth. Too bad Sookie had to force it on him. Still, I’m glad he admitted that he wronged her. I do believe she is more inclined to forgive him at some point. I don’t think Bill will receive any forgiveness. Thanks for another great chapter.


  13. My internet is giving me fits and I’ve lost the paragraph I wrote previously. That being said, I adore this story and you my dear. Now it’s time to drink! 😁


  14. Wow, I’m so glad he finally realized that Sookie is a “real” person and not a plaything. This is going to be a huge step in their interaction. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!! Bill, huh, must we??? Well, if it is something that must be done, PLEASE smite him in the most painful, degrading and humiliating manner possible, PLEASE, just for me????


  15. Jackie69: Thank you – glad you liked it! It’s great seeing Eric truly growing as a person, not just faking it to get Sookie to do what he wants. And honestly, on TB, even *if* Eric had planned on dying, he STILL wouldn’t have wanted Sookie taking Beehl’s blood, and I can absolutely imagine him telling Pam that during the parts of their convo that we didn’t see. And I now equate TB with Alka Seltzers.

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  16. murgatroid98: I like to think that Eric never had any truly bad intentions toward Sookie – he just didn’t “think” (well, with the head on his shoulders at any rate…), but during the time that she was gone, he had an opportunity to start realizing a few things that just hadn’t occurred to him before, so that subconsciously got the “smarten up” ball rolling. And, heh, if Bill receives ANYTHING from Sookie, it’ll be something painful and probably quite…charring. Glad you liked it!


  17. E. B. Rhome: Aw, man, I hate when the internet attacks! Hope things settle down soon – so frustrating! Very glad to hear that you like the story – thank you!! 😀 *have 1 for me, too… (And now I’m dying to know what you’d written before the evil internet gremlins stole it – kicks evil internet gremlins soundly!)


  18. galwidanatitud: Yes!! Finally! He’s been building up to this point from before she returned, so the ground-work as been laid out, but… Finally! And Brain Bleach Guy will be back sooner or later, but yeah, he might not have all that nice a time… 😀


  19. The Queen of All: Ya know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sookie had a secret list:
    1. Bake a chocolate cake
    2. Get a mani/pedi
    3. Get hair done
    4. Smite Beehl
    5. Get hair done again to remove the Beehl particles
    6. Buy Brain Bleach

    And things should start (still slowly) coming together for them now.
    (Of course!!)

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  20. I love this side of Eric. He’s realized so much in the cubby about Sookie and about himself. Although, it would be wonderful for Godric to return, I like that they will be able to write letters and correspond in that way for a while. I can’t wait to see how Eric goes about trying to make amends with Sookie. It’s going to be difficult and lovely at the same time. Thank you so much for the update. I absolutely love this story. 🙂


  21. Love it!! Much thoughts going on here in the right direction. Eric will soon find the way, my young friend. The way to the light side of the force will he find…..


  22. I have to say I love the image of Eric curled up around a pillow with a smile on his face of course I look even more forward to his reparations towards Sookie and his subsequent letter to Godric.


  23. kinnik7104: Hey thanks – I’m very glad to hear it! 😀 There might be a way for Godric to return for short visits…Claudia knows that lady who maybe knows things… (Was that vague enough??) 😀


  24. shoegirl01: Thank you! There’s a very fine line to walk with Eric. I don’t want him go to all sappy/mushy/wussy (much), but I don’t want him to be too arrogant, either (much). I just hope I get him right. Glad you like it!

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Great to end the chap with a smile – you know what would add to that (and make me smile too)? Sookie setting douche Bill on fire again…. He’s too dumb to stay away….


  26. I’m so glad that Eric is taking the ‘glass half full’ approach to Godric being alive and well in the Fairy world. And now he is looking forward to being pen pals with Godric rather than furiously scheming to get him back on Earth. Hope his pending call to Sookie goes how he is hoping it will. I vote for him starting it off with a heartfelt Thank You for bringing him Godric’s letter. And I am wondering how his commands to Pam will turn out. As for Beehl, no one says you can’t make sure he is being humiliated every time he has to make an appearance. That should take some of the sting out of it! Thanks for another great chapter!!! Looking forward to more Eric/Sookie interaction soon!


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  28. redjane12: 😀 Heh, sadly Beehl will have to slime back in at some point (once he’s fully recovered AND has a plot in mind), but…yeah, Sook’s not going to put up with him. 😀 Thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. missingjasamalways: Exactly! I could see the ‘former’ Eric driving himself into a frenzy trying to think of ways to bring Godric back whether or not it’s what his Maker would actually want. Heh, and the Beehl parts should come with Brain Bleach just because BEEHL. Glad you liked it! 😀


  30. Finally. Eric has his head out of his arse!
    I wanted to hug him. Dang. But glad he’s worked through it. A makers command for Pam huh. Oh well, we’we’ll see how effective that is soon I’m sure 🙂

    Hmm, no Beehl for a while… bestill my breaking heart…. LMAO. yeah. Uh, can’t even pretend grief. Woohoo!


  31. gwynwyvar: Yes, finally! And I did, too, and snuggle down for a nice restful sleep. Yes, I typed that with a straight face even… Poor guy, he’s been through the wringer, emotionally, but he’ll be fine. And yeah, I wouldn’t put too much stock into his Maker’s command to Pam – but it was worth a shot, right? Heh, I’m pretty sure the streamers and balloons are sagging over at the “Missing Beehl” party…

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Pam is going to have some serious calf-burn after two weeks of only standing! Eric’s self-realisation has been difficult but definitely worthwhile


  33. ladytarara: Heh, that she is… This Pam…she’s not eaten alive with jealousy or anything like that, but she does have some things to learn and deal with, but in the end she’ll be more neutral than anything. At least she’s learned her lesson when it comes to interfering with anything-Sookie.

    Liked by 1 person

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