Here recently I’ve been trying to figure out how to be more “creative”.  So, I pick up a pencil.  It looks at me, I look it at it…and we come to the mutual conclusion that I’m not an “artist”.  I, well, doodle.  A lot.  Especially when I’m on the phone.  Or thinking.  Pensive thinking = a full page of highly-intricate doodles. 

Or two.


Well, I whistle quite well.  And often.  But most people don’t like HEARING someone ELSE whistle, lol.  In middle and high schools I played the trumpet.  LOVED it.  Then.  Not so much now-a-days, lol.   But it WAS fun…then.  Never will forget the scent of that trumpet oil, lol.  Learned piano ONCE…all I can remember is Beethoven’s 9th.  Srsly.  I couldn’t find that middle key thingie today if my life depended on it.


The only acting I’ve ever done was 7-8th grade AG classes.  Didn’t like it then, don’t think I’d like it now, either.  Too many lines…too crappy a short-term memory.


I take excellent shots…accidentally.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what I consider beautiful isn’t necessarily what “the masses” would consider beautiful.  So, there goes THAT. 


Well, I have a DEGREE (or 2) in it and other business crap.  And, while there ARE ‘creative’ accounting measures that can be taken, they’re generally not recognized by the ethics boards, so, well, that’s out as far as “creativity” is concerned.


Well, I can certainly mush colors around on paper or canvas.  Now, they’re not actually REPRESENTATIVE of anything, ya know.  Just pretty colors.  Moved around.  On paper.  Or canvas.  My “originality” seems based on the number of unfortunate color combinations I “create”.

(Oh, man, Journey’s Any Way You Want It just came on!  ROCK IT, old guys, ROCK IT!!)


I *can* sing rather acceptably, just, you know, not gonna do it in FrOnt of OtHEr PeOPle…  0_o  Car radio?  SURE!  Shower?  SURE!  While cooking in the kitchen?  SURE!  Near other ears?  NOPE!


I can sew, quite well, actually, but who needs that?  I can certainly “create” lop-sided stuffed animal creature-thingies, but that’s already being done and far better than I could.  I don’t have the patience any more for creating gorgeous embroidery works, unfortunately. 


I’m a damn good cook, but who needs the aggravation of opening a restaurant (besides, I don’t have the “backing” for that kind of thing)?  Lol, I’ll just happily let my family and friends reap the really good benefits.  Can’t bake worth a crap most of the time, though, but then, that’s because I don’t follow recipes all that well.  You know, persistent problems with authority and all that.  (Don’t TELL me what to do!  1/2 tsp salt?  I’ll show you!  3/4!  See?  Toldja!…..ewe…..) 

(I have really good conversations with myself in my head…does that count as a talent??)


I could make jewelry.  I love jewelry.  Gold, silver, rubies, diamonds, sapphires…I love ALL the jewelry.  Love it.  Loooove it….  So, yeah, that could be a problem.  Plus, soldering scares me.  I’m way too prone to burning myself as it is, lol.


Animal rights activist?  Human rights activist? Yeah, and I’d be in jail in about a week.  Besides, that’s not a “creative talent”…it’s an obligation.

Clothing design? 

I guess I could smear some wash-proof paint on some clothes or whatever, but that’s not “creativity”…that’s just glorified finger-painting unless you have an actual design in mind, but that’s already being done.   Plus I doubt people would even consider buying the kinds of clothes I’d design.  I go totally for comfort, even with glam-rags.  (I’m sooo the kind who’d put pockets in gorgeous “fitted & flowing” evening gowns like from the 1940’s and call ’em done!)

(And the HATS from back then!  WOW!)

Ahhh, the 1940’s.  Back when swank was good and the men were better.  Back when ladies were LADIES, and the gentlemen were glad.  Back when eye contact actually meant something, and bedroom doors were CLOSED at the end of the movie…  Big Band was king, cars were huge, and people danced TOGETHER.  I miss the ’40’s, and I wasn’t even there.  Are there even any gentlemen LEFT anymore??  *sigh*   Too bad women were considered 3rd class citizens.

But I digress.  As always.  Hey…wait…maybe THAT’s my talent.  Writing.  Digressing.  I seem to love doing it enough.  I love crafting a mood or a scene with my words, letting the image or the feeling flow through my fingers into a form that makes sense to me.  Obviously I need to work at it, practice supposedly making perfect and all.  I used to be overly-concerned with “whole sentences” and what-not, but these days?  Skrew it.  Sometimes a choppy sentence reverse-flows better, and when it does, that’s what I’ll do.  Writing is definitely something that I don’t mind a bit doing “my way”.  (Sing it, Sinatra!)

I might not actually be GOOD at writing, but it’s the one creative thing I enjoy the most, so, guess it’s stuck with me. 

I do make a damn good cup of coffee, though.  And I sleep really well when it’s cold and rainy outside–wonder what that would count for?  😀








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