Godric Wakes : An “Anticipating” One-Shot


Godric quickly stirred back to life that early afternoon and immediately his mind was flooded with memories of the night spent with his Cara.   He also immediately he noticed that she was not in his quarters, and that she… He caught a scent, a soft, delicious, rich, warm scent…

He snarled as his fangs erupted and his cock rose hard.

Within seconds he was partially dressed and up the stairs. The bond as well as his nose instantly tracked her exact position in their home. His Cara was in the kitchen.

Although it was not protected from the sun’s afternoon light, at his age he could move so very quickly that he did not have to worry about such a brief exposure.

Growling, eyes burning with lust’s own fire, in mere moments he had a very startled Cara slung over his shoulder and was back safely ensconced in their private quarters.

After securing his door, he gently tossed his prize onto his bed, and, ignoring her laughing sputters, quickly stripped her and himself of the offensive barriers of clothing separating them.

Hands rough with surging need, he quickly spread her thighs wide, lifted her hips, and lowered his nose to deeply inhale the delicious results of the hormonal changes affecting her body in such an enthrallingly irresistible way.

“Cara,” he moaned into a deep, hard purr that shot fire through her center. “Oh, my Cara…how luscious you are.”

His thumbs spread her moist inner lips to display the most enticing meal Godric had ever encountered. Body rigid with suppressed savagery, he forced himself to lick slowly from stem to stern, again and again, before allowing himself to repeatedly thrust his tongue as deep inside her as possible.

After very thoroughly lapping up all the blood he could find, he locked his lips around her hard clit and suckled and purred, alternating between gentle and hard pulls, until with feral pride he wrung a loud, long orgasm from his mate.

The resulting contractions encouraged more of her monthly blood to flow, which he eagerly and meticulously lapped up while purring his satisfaction.

For hours he repeated the process, lapping, delving, and suckling, occasionally secretively bathing her with his healing, soothing blood, until finally his exhausted, trembling, blissed-out mate had to remind him that she was human and couldn’t handle but so many hours in the stratosphere.  She didn’t tell him that she was wondering how in the hell she’d lasted as long as she had.

After deviously bathing her clit with more of his ancient blood to help her recover and to prepare her for the pleasure to come, Godric magnanimously agreed that a small break was in order.




**Ok: Gross, or hawt, or…both?**


21 thoughts on “Godric Wakes : An “Anticipating” One-Shot

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  2. Thank you! I debated (for all of 8 seconds) on whether or not to publish this, but then thought about it from the “vampire” POV… I can just SEE the smirk on Godric’s happy-lappy face, lol!


  3. I think that it was Pepperminty Rose who said that since since menstrual blood is waste material it comes under the ewww heading. I’ve also read that some writers maintain that ‘dead’ blood is not healthy for vampires. Don’t think that is canon though.


  4. I’m just about allergic to following canon, so I get to flood the market with new “info” and ideas, lol. (I honestly wouldn’t have even considered writing a short about this {the whole thing is EWE-GROSS-NASTY to me, ha!} but for some comments and PM’s from readers wondering about Godric and this particular topic.)
    My original intent was to show whether or not “that time of the month” would be uncomfortable/complicated as it relates to her dealings with the vamps, but…the first story ended before I “had” to write about it.


  5. I agree. I want Godric to visit every month! And all that orgasmic work would have moved things along nicely, so… Less days bleeding! Win-win in all directions 🙂


  6. Holy Hell! Answers, you were looking for comments…
    *clears throat* That was super Hawt! Honestly, he’s a vampire. I always thought the blood is still living because it’s bright red, not darker.
    Nicely done!
    Andre, here I come 🙂


  7. FairytaleAmber: Heh…yeah… I didn’t want to go gross with it, but hell yeah – vamps…blood…DUH! 😀 I mean, to a vamp wouldn’t “that” be like drinking from a slow-filling fountain??? *snicker*



  8. I’m gonna have to go with hawt as hell… but maybe I’m kinky. I mean – for Godric it’s gotta be like having your cake and eating it too, right? *giggles*


  9. Bertie Bott: *blush* Thanks! Godric didn’t seem to mind… As “mature” as Anticipating was (heh, my first fic sex scene ever was Godric in the bath…), I felt this was a nice extra “night after” chapter for Godric/Cara but didn’t necessarily need to be added to the story itself. Glad you liked it!


  10. Can’t see how it could be dead blood given embryos implant themselves in it to live. I think vampires would probably quite fancy it, except perhaps the self-loathing ones like Compton. It is kinda taboo though I guess, so I can understand people’s hesitance, but surely blood is just blood?


  11. I’m catching up on all the bits and pieces I might have missed. Obviously I missed this!
    I’m kinda on the fence…ewwww/not ewwww? Kinda hot but kinda not, but I think that’s old fashioned human thinking getting in the way. For a vampire, probably a tasty treat! 😋


  12. ericluver: Heh, I’m right there with ya! The concept itself is fine given vampire “diets” and all, but when you add in social mores, yeah…the entire thing is just gross. The dichotomy is fun to ponder… *evil-snicker*


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