Anticipating, Chapter 30

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“Why’re you dressed,” a very sleepy voice mumbled against Godric’s chest.  Cara’s hand lightly skimmed down his side until she felt the waistband of his cargo pants.  She made a sound of displeasure.  “Shouldn’t wear pants to bed..mumble…be torture to try to sleep in pants.”

Godric was not sure how to tell his sleepy lover that if he were not in the despised pants, he would be in her, instead.  Not that they afforded that much protection, he thought as his cock reacted instantly to the combined intoxications of her warm, sleepy scent, her lightly searching hands and the soft thrumming of her heartbeat.  His fangs were already aching to drop.

Suddenly Cara gave a big stretch and drew back enough to look up into his face.  “How’d it go,” she asked as she slid her hands up his chest.

“I apologize, ma petite.  I did not mean to wake you,” he replied, trying to ignore her thumbs lightly skimming over his nipples.  She shrugged off his apology, obviously waiting for him to answer her question.  “We obtained our objective without undue interference.”

Her relief showed on her sleep-softened face as she lifted her lips for his kiss.  Without even a first thought he captured her lips with his.  Her hands circled his waist as he rolled her under him and the slow, gentle “glad to be home” kiss soon escalated into something much more heated.

He braced himself above her with one arm near her shoulder and explored her barely-clad thigh for a moment until he hitched it around his waist.  She mewed her pleasure when his hips started rocking in time with the thrusts of his tongue in her mouth.

Although extremely pleased with her response, he had not meant to mate with her this night.  He wanted to give her time to heal from the soreness of his last passion spent between her thighs.  Never before had he had such little self-control with a lover.  But this was no ordinary lover; this was his Cara, and he would protect her even from himself.

However, he would still give her intense pleasure.  He slowly broke their kiss to lean up a bit to gaze down into her hazy eyes.  With heated devilry in his burning blue eyes, he dipped his head to trail wet, nipping kisses along her throat to her collarbone, down across the edge of her camisole-style top.

Without pause he hooked a fang into the silky material and ripped it completely in two.  He chuckled at her startled gasp and immediately sucked a nipple into his mouth when the two sides parted.  Long torturous moments later he switched and began suckling her other nipple as his fingers started rolling and pulling on the moist, abandoned one.

The scent of her arousal combined with her gasps and cries of pleasure were severely straining his control.  When his blood told him that she could bear no more, he leaned up to his knees between her legs to shred her sleep shorts into tiny pieces.  He had her thighs spread wide and her hips lifted into position before she even registered her sudden nudity.

He waited until he was sure Cara knew exactly what he was about to do before parting her slick lips gently with his thumbs.  She cried out at his first slow, teasing lick from back to front.  By his third pass, she was writhing and he had to hold her hips still against her bucking.

Suddenly content to spend the rest of his nights pleasuring her with his tongue, Godric could not believe his luck.  Her dark curls were neatly groomed, her feminine scent was sweetly intoxicating, and her taste was truly divine.  As his tongue worked and flicked and teased and probed, he groaned as he realized she tasted better than the finest blood he had ever consumed…except for her own.

Sensing that she was nearing her climax, he tongued her clit harder and faster until her whole body seized and bucked in pleasure. He immediately lifted his head and used his hand to gently soothe her until she calmed back down.

Then he did it again.

And again.

By the time Cara approached her fourth orgasm, her shattered mind was convinced that not only was Godric some sort of tongue maestro, but that he actually liked going down on her.  His groans and hums of pleasure as he licked her folds and sucked on her clit were the sexiest sounds she could imagine…and the vibrations certainly added to the intensity.

She screamed and almost shot up off the bed as her forth orgasm suddenly stuck.  His strong, firm hands holding onto her hips were her only tethers to sanity.  Minutes later she was still panting, sweaty and trembling and barely able to clasp his head to her breast after he’d kissed and nipped his way back up her body.

Still kneeling between her spread thighs, Godric leaned back to gaze down at Cara.  He felt an almost feral sense of satisfaction from knowing he had so thoroughly pleasured his mate.  Her flushed cheeks, hazy eyes, and languid body gave tribute to his expertise, while her sweet, shy smile bathed his heart in joy.

His cock throbbed so hard he was shocked he had not yet cum in his pants.

Cara shrugged out of her ruined sleep top, then reached her hand out to touch his chest, but his firm negation stopped her.  Confused, she looked up at him, taking in his dilated eyes and elongated fangs.

“If you touch me now, I am liable to ride you through this mattress,” he growled succinctly, “and you need at least this night to recover from our last times together.”

Somehow she could sense that he was very serious about letting her “recover” from last night, but still…that huge bulge in his pants wasn’t going down any time soon.

“Maybe I could do the same thing for you that you just did for me?”  She didn’t want to be crass, but she definitely did want to return the favor.

His pained groan as he threw back his head slightly alarmed her…and answered her question…in the negative.

“Later…definitely later, ma chere…but I would not have the patience just now to enjoy it.”

“Well, ok then…it’s painfully obvious that you need relief, too, sweetheart, so why don’t you take yourself in hand…and let me watch,” she suggested breathlessly as she peeped up at him through her lashes.

He hissed as his body went rigid.  “You want…to watch me…”

“No, I want to do it for you, but I’ll accept watching you pleasure yourself if that’s the best I can get.”

She bit her lip in anticipation of watching him pleasure himself, and her nipples tightened painfully.  The look of aggressive male need on his hard face made every feminine part she had clench in response.  She spread her legs just a bit wider.

Nostrils flaring, blue eyes blazing, he ripped his shirt off then tore the zipper to his pants.  His massive erection sprang free with a flourish.  A large pinkish drop of pre-cum already moistened the tip of his cock.

Eyes fastened on Cara as she braced herself up on her elbows, Godric wrapped his hand around his huge hard cock and gave himself a couple of quick, light strokes.  To Cara’s surprise, he suddenly dipped his hand between her slick folds to collect some of her moisture.  He then grabbed his cock again, and stroked hard and fast and firm, over and over, until with a roar he finally came in great, thick ropes on her stomach.

Spent, he toppled forward and barely managed to land mostly to her side.  She stroked his hair for long, tender moments before he collected himself enough to use his torn shirt to clean himself off Cara’s stomach.

Eventually he managed to remove his pants and clear the bed of their torn clothing.  He arranged himself around Cara then covered them up with the sheet and comforter.

“Thank you,” he said quietly as he held her closer.

“For what,” she questioned drowsily as she nuzzled her face against his chest.

He softly kissed her temple. “For being you.”




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9 thoughts on “Anticipating, Chapter 30

  1. Super hot! Holy hell lady! I can’t read this at work even if I am on my phone. 😉 What sweet ending as well. You are a romantic! Looking forward to more!


  2. FairytaleAmber: Thanks!! *blush*not blush* 😀 Lol, I consider myself a romance writer who uses the “paranormal” world as her, erm, oyster…


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