The Moon, Ch. 3

Late the next afternoon Sookie snuggled into the best pillow to ever cradle her cheek before her aching back demanded a stretch…and then the beloved little demon in her womb decided to play soccer with her bladder. With a grumph and a huff she finally managed to extricate herself from the surprisingly comfortable bed and waddled her way to the bathroom.

After answering nature’s call, she shuffled over to the sink to wash her hands and winced at the sight of her swollen black eye and split lip in the mirror.  All the memories came rushing back followed by a strong kick from within.  Sincerely glad that the baby whose sex she had chosen not to know seemed to be fine, she smiled down at the detectable movement as she thought back over the previous night.

For someone no longer attracted to her and who rarely voluntarily spent time with her, Steve sure hadn’t taken the break-up as well as she and Willa had hoped.

Sookie had tried to handle the break-up with class. She’d politely asked Steve to come in the house and talk with her, but he couldn’t be bothered. He’d rolled his eyes and said that he’d be there in a minute, then dug right back into the heaping pile of food on his plate after laughing at something Sam had said.

That was when Fairy Sookie decided that she’d had enough. She hadn’t been the one to invite anyone over to stuff Thanksgiving down their throats at her house. She hadn’t willingly volunteered to cook and bake for days on end to prepare the feast so that Steve fucking Campbell could look like lord of her manor.

Human Sookie had started shushing Fairy Sookie not too long after Bill had died. She liked that side of herself, but that side of her personality just didn’t fit in with her friends after all, so she had tried to “let her out to play” less and less. After a while she had become accustomed to bending over backward trying to please people she’d long thought of as her friends and, while some did genuinely care for her, when it came down to it, they all had lives and interests of their own…lives and interests that didn’t necessarily include her.

They’d all been happy for her when she turned up pregnant – just her luck to be one of those women who got pregnant while on the pill – because it suited what they thought she should want, and while it had been nice feeling their love and warmth, still, it hadn’t lasted long. They all had lives and interests of their own, after all.

Once again everyone had fallen back into their own little spheres leaving her alone with her unborn child and steadily worsening relationship.  Calls were still usually returned the next day, or the day after, but planned visits and lunch dates were canceled at the last minute or not made at all.

She had been furious when Steve had announced just four days ago that he’d invited all her friends – well, all the people he thought she should be friends with – over for a Thanksgiving day dinner. After yelling at him for not only inviting people over to her house without asking her in the first place but also for springing this on her at the last minute – turkeys take forever to thaw – she had called everyone and told them that it was being rescheduled for after the sun went down so that her vampire friends could come, too. Steve’s attempt at excluding her undead friends had backfired royally, but she was still miffed at herself. Her good manners had precluded just canceling the whole damn thing as she truly wanted to do.

Irate, disgusted, and her face still flushed and tear-stained from crying, as Sookie hauled her sore, aching, and roundly-pregnant self back down the steps, more and more memories of his little and not-so-little insults and proofs of his lack of true affection for her surfaced.

By the time she reached the others, Fairy Sookie was livid. She grabbed the pitcher of tea, and promptly dumped it over Steve’s head, down his shirt, and into the plate of food that was obviously more important to him than she was.

“Have you got time for me now you self-centered conniving asshole?”

He looked stunned since he had never seen her so angry before, but she thought she saw something flash in his eyes briefly before he stood up to shake off as much tea as he could.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” He looked around at the numerous guests he’d invited over, and the ones he hadn’t, and his face reddened in either anger or embarrassment.

Sookie didn’t care which.

“All I asked you to do was come into the house for a minute, but nooo,” she said, still brandishing the glass pitcher like a weapon. “No, you had to stay out here with all these people that you invited to my house without even bothering to ask me if I felt like cooking and baking for the past two damn days! What part of “I don’t want to host Thanks-fucking-giving because I feel like shit” did you not understand two weeks ago, asshole? Now, do you want to do this out here or do you want to come back in the house?”

“Ugh, Sookie, why do you have to be such a fucking bitch all the damn time? They’re your damn friends – I invited them for you!”

“Bull. Shit,” she enunciated very clearly. “No only did you try to exclude my vampire friends, but you knew damn well that I did not want to have to deal with all this mess! Who did you think was going to do all the cooking and baking and cleaning and everything else? Sure as hell wasn’t going to be you, now was it?”

Knowing that she was right, Steve took a couple of steps back and changed the subject.

“Well what the hell did you want to talk about, anyway?” The sweet tea was starting to dry into a sticky mess in his hair and down his shirt. She heard someone snicker when he tried to wipe his hands off on his jeans.

“You want to do this out here? Fine! I could not give a shit less.” She struggled briefly with the ring before finally removing it from her slightly swollen finger, then tossed it to him.

Angry disbelief raced across his face as he let the ring bounce off his brawny chest and land on the ground in front of his dusty loafers.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, you dumbass bitch?” The redness on his face was definitely anger.

“I’m breaking the hell up with your ass and kicking you and it both out of my house,” she screamed back at him. Surely he could understand plain English!

“What the fuck? No, oh, no you’re not,” he ground out, obviously having a difficult time controlling his temper as his hands kept clenching and unclenching. “You ungrateful little slut!  Not after all I’ve done for you!”

“What? Are you trying to say that you moved in on me without me ever asking you to for me? Oh, or did you fuck around on me for me? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“What the fuck? What the hell did you do, listen in to my thoughts or something? You ought to know better than that shit – for all you know I’d just been thinking about it!”

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice that cheap whore perfume on you the last couple of times you dragged your sorry ass in? No, Steve, it’s over and I want you out of my house.”

A flash of something showed in his eyes again a split second before he headed toward her with his fist raised. As fast as Willa was, by the time she had Steve off her and shoved up against a nearby tree with Jessica’s help, Sookie’s eye and lip were already throbbing.

Thankfully Jason had finally decided to put down his turkey leg and made a big deal of handcuffing the bastard…after Willa and Jessica had pulled him off her, of course. Sookie rolled her eyes.

As she stood in the bathroom of the luxurious hotel suite holding a cold wet cloth to her eye, she thanked her deities once again for Willa’s help, and Jessica’s, too. After the confrontation, her nerves had started getting the best of her, and she had been more than glad to leave if only for the night.

She guessed her former engagement ring was still on the ground where it had landed, and shrugged. She wouldn’t know.  After Jason had hauled Steve off to the local jail, while everyone else taking up space at the Thanksgiving dinner had just sat and stared at the break-up drama, Willa had steered the trembling blonde toward her car while Jessica had glared at the so-called friends who were just sitting there with their mouths open.

After settling her in comfortably and making sure that the younger vampire would stay by her side, Willa had vamped back into the house to grab Sookie’s purse and keys, and they’d left. Quicker than she’d ever thought possible during the silent drive, they arrived at the most expensive hotel in Shreveport. As the valet parked the car, Willa escorted Sookie to the elevator bank.

“I own half the floor just below the penthouse,” she explained as they entered the elevator. “There are three other bedrooms, and they’re all light-safe, but you can override the window controls with no problem. You can stay with me as long as you want, Sookie.”

With a sniff, Sookie replied, “Thank you, Willa. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m sure glad to be here tonight.” She withdrew a balled up tissue from her pocket and tried to stem the tears of frustration, heartbreak, and she didn’t even know what all else.

Shaking her head, Willa countered after they had finally reached her floor. “I know exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to keep growing that baby and you’re going to get a good night’s sleep, and you’re not going to worry.”

They quickly arrived at Willa’s door, and after giving Sookie the security code, they entered one of the nicest hotel spaces the telepath had ever seen.

“How,” she started to ask as she looked around in amazement, but stopped because she didn’t want to be rude. The bank of windows on the opposite wall were uncovered to display a beautiful night view.

Willa simply laughed. “You know that Eric settled a lot of money on me after he finally returned, right?”

Sookie nodded then toddled over toward the kitchen for some water.

“Well, he gave me half of this floor, too.” She started to tell Sookie that Pam had the other half…and that while Eric owned at least a dozen properties in the area, he also owned the entire top floor, but decided that maybe those tidbits ought to wait until another night.  One thing at a time…

“So, you see? I don’t have to worry one little bit about money or anything else, and so you shouldn’t, either. You’ve been an amazing friend to me when I was really down and needed one. It’s my turn to get to help you now.”

“But…” Once again Sookie’s pride warred with her common sense.

“No buts,” she interrupted. “You wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings, now, would you?” She grinned triumphantly, knowing that her friend would be hoisted on her own petard.

Sookie expelled a gust of air, rolled her eyes, and grinned. “Of course not.”

“Good, that’s settled. In a little while I’ll call down to the concierge and have them go shopping for you some food and whatever else you need, so why don’t you make a list as soon as I find you some paper and a pen? In the meantime, there’s a room service menu around here somewhere…it came with the place,” she said as she started looking for the menu she’d never actually used before.

An hour and a half later Sookie’s belly was full and her lists were made, so Willa shooed her off to bed; the telepath’s exhaustion was palpable, and she worried about how the stresses and events of the past couple of days would affect her and the baby.

Tucked into the warm comfortable king-sized bed, Sookie tried to carry on a polite conversation with Willa as the vampire went around the room checking to be sure that everything was up to standard. Since she was as much asleep as awake, some of her words were mumbled…but Willa clearly heard her say something that she not only understood, but that made chills go down her spine.

“Willa? I never told him I was telepathic.”

The vampire thought frantically while remaining motionless in the chair beside Sookie’s bed until the fairy-hybrid quickly fell asleep.

She knew what she wanted to do, and she had a pretty good idea of how Sookie felt about her Maker just as she had a pretty good idea about how he felt about her, too.  But even if she was wrong – and she knew she wasn’t: they were both nuts for staying apart – something was definitely rotten in the state of Denmark as it were, and this kind of thing was by far his area of expertise.

Willa called Eric.




**A/N: So, what did you think?  Also, just breathe, my lovelies – Eric’s fine, but he IS about to get quite a  shock…**




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49 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 3

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  2. WTF what type of worthless male would hit a woman not to mention a pregnant one. Some one planted him there. I am glad that Willa and Jessica were there to help Sookie and that Willa made the call.


  3. Geez Sookie is lucky to have Willa around… what a godsend…
    Steve is a douchebag all right… hitting a woman and one who is pregnant… can we have him die please… Geez TB Sookie and her taste for men…
    Re: Steve not having been told Sookie is a telepath – if he’s been around her friends for over a year now (or at least a few months), couldn’t he have learnt it from one of them? In Bon Temps by now everyone would know she is a telepath so he could just have overheard it? I don’t have a problem with Steve having a secret agenda just saying knowing about her telepathy is not definite proof…


  4. It’s almost like Sam and the rest of them are under a spell. It also sounds like Steve has been systematically isolating her. I wonder if he had something to do with them staying away from her when she could use support. I love that it was a very public break-up and not done in private. All her so-called friends saw Steve for what he is. Jason would not have been fast enough to defend Sookie like Willa and Jess, but he stepped in and did what he could. I think Stevie boy needs a thorough questioning. Great chapter, but it ended too quickly. I love Willa and Jessica.


  5. Good for Willa! This is definitely an Eric situation. That asshole husband of hers was planted somehow. I wonder who sent him/set him up with Sookie/paid him? Bet you he didn’t marry her for nothing! There’s some sort of reward in it for him.
    And what asshole hits a woman…a pregnant woman…in front of all her friends…which include vampires and policemen? Idiot!


  6. Now just who is breeding themselves some telepaths? Bet the birth control failing wasn’t what happened. I can’t believe everyone stood around while a pregnant woman was hit. I hope Sookie says to hell with her supposed friends.


  7. Uh oh! Steve’s in some trouble now! Working with some unknown Big Bad trying to breed another telepath… He’s probably Fae of some kind. Nasty little fuckers. 🙂 How else could he fool a telepath and all the other Supes? Now with Willa going to the even Bigger Bad? I’m guessing there just might be some faery dust to clean up along with all that Thanksgiving mess… Eric might just be able to kick some faery ass in the daylight too, I hope? Excellent chapter, meridian! 🙂 Can’t wait for more!


  8. You successfully made everyone hate Steve more. I love the twist that he shouldn’t know she’s telepathic. I’m so happy that Willa called Eric and we all know that how they feel about each other. I can’t wait until the next chapter. 🙂


  9. I thought they were married but she though about her engagement ring so now I’m confused. I’m disappointed in her friends and family. Jason was the only one that even got up from the table after dickhead hit her. I’m hoping there is something more going on than them just being assholes. As for dickhead, it’s mighty curious that he knows all about Sookie being a telepath when she never told him. I agree that he could have heard something from someone in town, but, most people don’t really talk about it out loud. So I’m leaning towards him have a secret agenda. Definitely sounds like a job for the Viking! So glad Willa called him!


  10. I wonder what he is? Other then a sucknugget….and a sh&$head, and a f:;(tard, a double dumba$$…. I mean Steve of course…. And of course Go Willa, Go Willa, Go Willa!


  11. Witnesses! Lots of witnesses!
    Holy crap. This guy is. .. Denmark is definitely holding something rotten! So much wrong 😦

    Eric is about to be less bored, again lol


  12. suzyq591suzy: Exactly – what an ass!! I’m really glad that I’m able to work in Willa, and Jessica to a lesser extent, and show them being supportive women. Thanks for reading! 😀


  13. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: Steve is a nasty one, that’s for sure and Willa and I were both glad she was able to call in Eric! 😀 Thanks for reading!


  14. Tania Bondallian: Yeah, it’s definitely time for Steve to go…and I’m really glad to have gotten rid of him, too! Thanks for reading! 😀


  15. murgatroid98: You’re right about the systematic isolation – one of the key indicators of an abusive mate. And I’m having a great time expanding Willa’s character, and Jessica’s, too, to a lesser extent. I figure Eric wouldn’t have changed her even to piss off her dad if he hadn’t seen something “else”, something more worthy, in her even if he hadn’t realized it at the time, so I’m getting to show it! 😀


  16. ericluver: Steve is definitely an asshole…an idiot asshole at that, and Willa definitely did the right thing in calling Eric. She can tell southing’s going on above and beyond the asshole just being a jerk. (Psst: they’re just engaged in my story, more on that later)


  17. jroxraytech: Exactly – granted it happened pretty fast, but still, they should have seen that the situation was escalating quickly, yet they (except for Willa and Jessica) just kind of…sat there and watched – some friends, eh? Thanks for reading! 😀


  18. msbuffy: Weeeeeellll, sorta.. 😉 <—enigmatic wink! Eric's definitely going to be storming in large and in charge, that's for sure! 😀 Thanks for reading gorgeous!


  19. gyllene: Yeah, Steve definitely overstepped his bounds in not only hitting a woman but a hugely pregnant one at that. Willa might not be sure exactly what was going on between Eric and Sookie, but she’s smart enough to know that she and Sookie are both in over their heads and that it’s time to call in DAD! 😀 Thanks for reading and listening to me whine on a bit about my story! 😀


  20. missingjasamalways: They’re not married in my story, just engaged…more will be explained later, though. And you’re exactly right – her telepathy isn’t something that would have come up in general conversation… Thanks for reading! 😀


  21. gwynwyvar: Yes! He’s definitely flying high above that cuckoo’s nest! And LMAO – that’s the understatement of the year – he’s gonna be SO much less than bored now! 😀


  22. Oh bad bad bad Steve! There’s nothing worse than a man that hits a pregnant female. He’s a dead man walking, he just don’t know it yet..evil grin….So can’t wait for Eric’s reaction


  23. Well, an ending is an ending and that relationship definitely went out with a bang! Sookie said before she went to sleep that she hadn’t told dorkis that she was telepathic, but he said something about her reading him. How did he know? It’s possible big mouth Bon Temps ran their mouths or he already knew and was with her for the telepathy. How could anyone just sit around watching what Steve was doing? Friends or not how could they not help? The main assholes I’m mad at were Jason and Lafayette, ,they just sat there and didn’t do or say anything.


  24. There is something really weird happening at the Thanksgiving table. It is out of character for at least Laf and Jason to react faster when Sookie is in trouble. Also everyone usually pitches in and help when these type of dinners take place. Something is very very wrong.


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  26. Sakshi Chopra: Oh, he’s a “”good”” one… In my mind the breakup scene was even more emotional, but yeah, she dumped his ass… 😀


  27. Another awesome chapter I read today. I was thinking that Steven is gonna pay for raising his hand to Sookie. Eric is going to make him pay. I was also curious how he knew she was telepathic if she never told him. Sounds fishy! I wonder if he has some nefarious agenda we don’t yet know about!


  28. damn , what the hell is Steve and how the hell does he know she is telepathic. my guess is fairy or demon.. Eric is gonna kill him when he sees her face. . KY


  29. I just read the quick one shot making a much better ending than TB and now this such a great fix and continuation! This line you wrote to me pretty much summed up the finale of TB “[Sookie being pregnant] suited what they thought she should want”. This story already has a few much chapters ahead which I’m happy for because we get to find more about the louse named Steve. Oh and arrgghh I hate Jason as a man of the law and a brother how/why did it take him so long to take action against a man who was already saying hateful things to his sister; because he’s a self absorbed twat!


  30. marebare1979: Thanks! Actually, I’d started writing The Moon first, then as it keeps progressing, I decided that I wanted to give E/S a fast, clean (non-dramatic), happier ending “right then”, so I wrote He Had Your Eyes (since I was impatient for a fast HEA, lol)…now, it’s back to The Moon (which has gotten far more involved than I’d meant…oops?).

    Thanks for reading!


  31. *dashes back into the room in victory. I told you to leave the bag. Do I need to give you an intelligence injector Godric?* Now back to the story which I love by the way in case my comments haven’t been noticed!

    Okay where were we…late the next afternoon…WTH…no I want to smash a Steve-person’s face. Oh man. Where are you going with this..*reading* Swollen black eye and split lip…did I miss a chapter…no who is the dickweasel who did this…so I am assuming you did a time jump. We will get explainations won’t we. Yes there was a break up but wait what happened. *reading* Sam I will be dealing with yourself later you have been warned. Oh I like it when Fairy Sookie comes out to play. *are all these personalities healthy?* Maybe smart Sookie and Fairy Sookie can beat some intelligence into Human Sookie if not I have injectors! What friends the ones that are eating all your food and didn’t help one bit. You keep bending backwards to help others that way and you will break your back. Like I said this Steve-person needs to just disappear. *Eric Godric I got a job for you guys!!!* LMAO pregnant rage and a pitcher of tea this will be fun. I personally would have hit him with the pitcher too. Cause I think he needs a checkup from the head up. Yeah take some steps back not that any of her friends are going to step up for her. It has always been the other way around hasn’t it Human Sookie. *reaches behind me for the injector* Ugh Brawny chest, with jeans and loafters…I am cringing over her wondering what kind of nastiness this guy is. *preparing injector “Don’t even think of it Godric I have to do what I have to do!”* What is with this flashy eye stuff…hummmmm….*reading* Thank you Willa and Jessica! *digging back in THE BOX for the electrical castration machine* Yep people like that shouldn’t be breeding can we just cut his dna out of the baby safely. *note to self research that later* Yeah Steve will use Jason arresting him to get out on a technicality. But that is okay I will have a very pissed off Godric or Viking waiting for him so we are good. Jessica give them that southern lady come to jesus speech I know you are capable of. Willa has Sookie safe now. Never told him she was telepathic….WTH…Willa Brilliant decision…call Eric… You are sooo lucky there are more chapters…cause I mean I would be Begging…now I also want to know where dickweasel is cause he seems to be Bill Compton reincarnated *shivers* and will we get to see what happens to him *perks ups and blinks innocently* you know for science!

    Off to the next chapter!



  32. 4padfoot: I do love working with Willa! 😀 There was NO way I was going to go with the idea that Eric changed her solely to use her and her connections – he had to have felt a pull to her…had to have known by that pull that she would make a good Child…dammmit cause I say so! 😀 And don’t worry…it might be a while, but Eric does ‘get’ to ‘meet’ Steve… Godric would approve… 😀


  33. I’m not sure how I just found this story, considering I’ve read everything else you’ve written, but I’m so glad I did! I’m loving it so far!


  34. Awesome! I love this story! Hooray for Jason hauling his sorry ass off to jail! And hooray for Willa giving her a place to stay and I think Eric will be joining in some ass-kicking of his own pretty soon! Wonder who this Steve dude is connected to? Niall maybe? Sounds like shifty fairy stuff to me!


  35. Ooh, who could Steven be? What were his intentions?? Can’t wait to read more! I love your writing style.


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