The Moon, Ch. 13

**A/N:  Don’t kill the writer or she’ll no be writin’ no mo’…or something like that.**

Eric moved Sookie off his lap onto the couch and gave Willa a look clearly indicating that she was to watch over the blonde telepath while he answered the door. En route he sniffed the air, and relaxed.

“Answering the door yourself these nights, are you,” taunted Dr. Ludwig after he opened the door.

Eric growled lightly. The esteemed Supe doctor had always rubbed him the wrong way.  Even though she wasn’t the only local Super doctor, she was the best in the lower half of the country, though, so he tolerated her.  Barely.  He was, however, surprised that she hadn’t popped directly into the apartment as would be her usual style, and his curiosity must have shown on his face.

“I heard what happened at Fangtasia – did you really think I was just going to pop right on in? I may be a doctor but even I ain’t that self-sacrificing. Now move and let me tend to my patient. I’ve got shit to do.”

With a barely concealed sneer he allowed her in and closed the door only a little more loudly than normal.

“I thought I smelled a pregnant fairy,” she muttered upon seeing Sookie sitting on the sofa with Willa now standing by her side.

When Eric saw the look on Sookie’s face, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to tell her that he had actually called Dr. Ludwig.


Instantly he flashed across the room, and took her hands in his as he knelt before her.

“I called the doctor earlier but with all that has happened tonight, it slipped my mind to tell you. I only wanted…” He automatically expected her to act as she would have in the past – pissed off, but to his shock she withdrew one of her hands and patted his shoulder as she interrupted him.

“Shh, it’s ok, Eric. A check-up never hurts,” she reassured him with a sweet smile.

Ludwig dropped her medical bag nearby with a loud thump, then demanded, “”Why haven’t you been seeing me all along? Have you even been to a doctor?” Her disgruntled voice rose in anger and professional suspicion.  Fairies, even hybrids, were not the most logical thinkers.

“Oh, yeah, I’ve been seeing Dr. Banner. I just didn’t want to bother you since this wasn’t a Supe thing. ”  Sookie tried to keep her indignation out of her voice – of course she’d been seeing an OB/GYN regularly!

The good doctor sniffed loudly, then snorted. “Yeah, right…not a Supe thing.  Ok, missy, lose the vamper you’re wearing and let’s get started.”

Ludwig rolled her eyes, Willa successfully hid her grin, and Sookie only smiled when Eric begrudgingly moved back a whole two feet then stopped and glared.

After checking her vitals and such under the ever watchful eyes of both Eric and Willa, the doctor turned to face the vampire she swore was taller every time she saw him.

“I need to draw some blood. Are you going to go cave-vamp?” she glared at him, then turned to Willa, “And can you handle that?”

With an alacrity that warmed Eric’s heart, Willa volunteered to step out into the hall so as to avoid any temptation.

Eric, however, maintained his stance, arms folded, feet braced, and glared at the petite doctor.

Although Dr. Ludwig disliked the vampire species as a whole based on their attitudes and their obsession with her genetic cousins’ fairy-blood, she had to hand it to the Northman. She knew he could be the requisite stone cold vamp, but he had a good head on his shoulders, didn’t go throwing his weight around just to see where it fell, and he seemed to treat the people in his unlife a lot better than did most of his kind.

And, even though she hadn’t been introduced to the young vamp, by scent she could tell that the brunette was one of his progeny. Her willingness to vacate the premises just to avoid temptation was a strong mark in her favor.

The doctor huffed. She hated thinking pleasant thoughts about damn vampers.

In short order and while pretending there wasn’t a befanged 6’5″ Viking vampire glaring and quietly snarling at her every move, she had three vials of blood drawn from Sookie’s vein. She stepped out of the way just in time to avoid being trampled by said Viking who was now actively growling.

Even though he knew the doctor was drawing his Sookie’s blood for whatever health tests she had deemed necessary, Eric had a very hard time remaining still during the bloodletting.

It wasn’t that there was blood…it was that it was Sookie’s blood…

His every instinct screamed at him to rip the small doctor’s head off, grab his Sookie into his arms, and fly her to safety. His fangs ached and his hands tightened into claws, and try as he might, he had been unable to do more than tone down his warning snarls.

The instant Dr. Ludwig finished her task, he inserted himself between the doctor and Sookie, hovering over her prone body as she rested on the sofa. Immediately he placed his mouth on her vein and with his tongue removed the precious few drops that had escaped. When her skin was clean, he pricked his tongue with a fang and gladly healed the tiny wound.

“I don’t smell you in her blood, Northman. Why haven’t you or the other one healed these damn bruises yet?” She was truly surprised that the vampire hadn’t taken the first chance that came along to shove his blood down her throat. It would have healed those damn bruises fast enough, though.

Eyes slightly dilated from the taste and scent of Sookie’s blood, Eric rolled back on his heels a moment before shaking it off.

“Is it safe with…” he gestured to Sookie’s rounded abdomen.

“Of course it is; that’s why I asked.”

“You are positive it will not hurt the child?” Eric’s voice demanded that she be certain.

“A little vampire blood won’t be hurting that baby girl,” she said gruffly. She wasn’t accustomed to seeing evidence of real care or concern from vampires. Damn she was ready for a vacation.

As she performed the tests on the blood, Eric gently helped Sookie to sit up.

“If you feel a bit woozy, it’s probably because your blood pressure is up a little. It’s nothing to worry about yet, but I’ll send someone to check it again this time tomorrow. Lay off the salt and the salty foods, and limit the pork and ham products, too.  No olives.”

As Sookie made a face but nodded, Eric called forth the questions he had wanted to ask.

“Does she have to drink milk? It smells horrible. Also, is she safe to fly?”

“Actually,” she drawled out as one vial turned green and she gave Sookie an odd look, “I have something that would be better for her than milk. I’ll make sure it’s delivered tomorrow.”

The other two vials remained a deep red color, and apparently satisfied with her tests, she handed them over to Sookie.

“He can drink these or you can toss’em.  It’s your blood so it’s up to you.”

Her face slightly pensive, the doctor started putting her things back into her bag, and finally continued, “Ok, as you know, you’re right at nine months along now, and like I said, your blood pressure is up a bit, but we’ll keep a check on that. Feel free to eat eggs, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, onions, garlic, bok choy, kohlrabi, fish, chicken, and beef whenever you get the urge to, and you should start craving them more as time goes on. Drink milk as you want it, but definitely drink what I send you. All of it. And,” she said firmly as she gave Sookie a stern look, “it’s a damn good thing your vampire called me because with your heritage and the nature of this pregnancy, you’re not going to be having this baby for at least another three, possibly four, months. No flying. I’m outies.”

Dr. Ludwig popped away but Eric and Sookie barely noticed as they stared at each other in shock.

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70 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 13

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  2. So excited to see an update *happy dance* 😄
    Good thing Eric called Ludwig. I was just about ready to kill by the time my due dates came around. Hehe! And Sookie has another 3 or 4 months to wait? You’re a cruel woman!!!


  3. whoa! that’s unexpected. how long is this pregnancy?! is this kid gonna be running around already as soon as it’s born? maybe already potty trained. that’ll be good, right? hehehehhe

    hmmmm….what are you planning? i’ll sleep on it. 😉

    and how adorable is Eric? *snicker*

    great chapter! 😀


  4. Wow, 3-4 more months, poor thing. Wonder what Ludwig meant by “the nature of this pregnancy”??? I hope Sookie takes Eric’s blood soon, hopefully she will feel better and what sort of special milk is Ludwig sending . . . soooooo many questions, great chapter as always!


  5. Poor Sookie and her unconventional gestation period… This makes me even more scared that Bill’s popping out of that uterus… it would be just like the evil bastard to keep her waiting in annoying circumstances for months on end…


  6. Holy crap, 9 months isn’t long enough, she needs to go 3-4 more?
    Wonder what is special about this little one and what will be in Ludwig’s special potion Sookie has to drink????
    Glad to see this updated and hope we get more soon.


  7. ericluver: Thank you – glad to hear it! 😀 Srsly, it’s a very good thing he called in the doctor! And I totally agree with you – poor Sookie!


  8. Jill Peterson: I’m cringing because by the time it’s all over, Sookie’s going to be ready to kill me! At least she does have Eric for back and foot rubs, though, so that’ll help. I hope… Thanks for reading!


  9. galwidanatitud: Lol, born pre-potty trained, pre-teethed, pre-cholic’d… And you know I totally saw Eric looming over Ludwig’s head micro-managing every single thing she did! 😀 Thanks!!


  10. I am even more curious as to what Steve Cambell is. He is going to,a was if Eric can find him. Poor Sookie. Just love Dr Ludwig. She always makes me smile. Thank you for the update.


  11. Holy crap! Sookie’s gonna skin you alive for giving her that long of a pregnancy! Especially with all the other stories that say Fae pregnancies are usually much shorter than a humans. So are we going to find out there is more to Sookie’s heritage than just Fae & human. Maybe there is an elephant in her woodpile somewhere? LOL Thanks for giving us this one early. Looking forward to the next chapter when Eric & Sookie react to the bomb the little doctor just dropped. Guess that’s why she is sending someone else to check her blood pressure the next day. It should be nice and normal after that news! 🙂


  12. Holy Mackerel! A twelve to thirteen month pregnancy? Yikes. And what did Ludwig mean about her heritage and the nature of the pregnancy? Dang. Great chapter, btw. Hope the next chapter will be soon.


  13. Poor Sookie! It’s a good thing Eric called the doctor. I guess with no flying they will not be leaving Shreveport. I can’t wait to read more and find out what’s going to happen.

    Sending lots of coffee your way. 😀


  14. i loved it and poor Sookie, nine months is hard enough but another 3 to 4 damn, she is going to be a moody bitch. Hmm, i can only imagine what Eric will be like. until the next post KY


  15. OMG, I couldn’t imagine another 3 or 4 more months of being pregnant, nine months is plenty. What kind of Supe was Steve, is that why such a long pregnancy?? Why did one of the vials of her blood turn green? Did that have something to do with what Steve is?


  16. rufflesmom: Glad you liked it! Dr. Ludwig is always a blast – she’s so “outspoken”… 😀 And yeah, when the time is right and Eric gets his huge Viking hands on him, there won’t be much of dear Steve left…


  17. missingjasamalways: She is! I’m totally writing this while hiding under my bed…(send coffee)! Heh, and it’s no wonder Dr. Ludwig popped out RIGHT AFTER dropping that bomb! Glad you liked it!


  18. murgatroid98: Srsly, she’s going to be gunning for me! And Dr. Ludwig is awesome at dropping huge news like that then…disappearing… Thanks, glad you liked it! 😀


  19. gyllene: (grabs the coffee and goes back into hiding) She has to be glad that Eric called the doctor especially now! Yeah, that flying restriction won’t help…might not interfere a LOT, but won’t ease their lives much. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. kleannhouse: Srsly, Sook’s gunning for me…and I can’t blame her! She’s going to be EVEN MORE furious with Steve now. Eric is going to have his hands full…but he can handle it. He has nice hands. 😀 Very glad you liked it!


  21. suzi44ky: You ask awesome questions…that will be answered in later chapters! Spot on!! (Sorry I can’t reply more…Sookie’s coming after me with a pitchfork…gotta run…well, slowly cause she, you know, can’t run really fast just now…SORRY SOOKIE!! Ok, ok, take a break, wouldja? Remember your bp!)

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Oh and I wonder if Steve is demon or part demon? Willa said in an earlier chapter that he smelled bad? Brimstone and sulphur? Sookie can’t read him? The blood turned green? Extra long pregnancy? Clues maybe?


  23. I can’t wait to find out what Steve is. I wonder if someone caste a spell on her friends and family? Eric is going to have a baby girl. I know his blood will bond him and the child. Can hardly wait for the next update.


  24. ljhjelm: Eric with a baby girl – can you imagine how sweet that could be? She would have him wrapped around her little finger MONTHS before she’s even born…! 😀 And a spell of sorts being cast over her family and (non-vampire?) friends is a definite probability… Good eye! Thanks for reading!


  25. askarsgirl: Srsly – she is going to be soooo pissed! Thank you! I’ve missed writing on it, too, but that’s all my own fault for having *5* stories going concurrently. *bangs head on desk…harms desk*


  26. Claudio Carletti: Yup – extended by “3 to 4” months! (Also, spoiler: yup!) (Now-former fiancé, btw – I wouldn’t let her marry the git.)…(Go me!)


  27. OMG… poor Sookie… I can’t imagine any woman at 9 months into the pregnancy not losing their shit if they hear an extension of 3 to 4 months has been added… Geez…
    I loved how Dr. Ludwig felt sick at herself every time she had positive thoughts about the vamps… So funny…. But no vacation till Sookie has the baby girl…


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  29. It’s catch up time, and I’m thrilled with the chapter!! Yeah for not drinking milk, and I can bet the Viking will remember the list of what she can have… And that bombshell at the end? Ouch!


  30. Kittyinaz: Yay! Glad you’ve found time to catch up, and glad you liked the chapter, too! (And yeah, ugh on the milk) Can’t type much…Sookie’s gunning for me for that extra 3-4 months bit…and even heavily preggers she can run pretty faaaaaaast! Gotta go – she’s aiming for me!!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Ok I was spoiled reading D/C ( completed ) now I’m hankering for more lol . Great story so far and you reflected my feelings of tv Pam to a tee . Love where your going with this .


  32. lorip100: Thank you – very glad you like it! (Keep nosing around, I have a couple of completed fics here somewhere…) I wanted to fix that fiasco of a final season, so…voila: The Moon! Thanks for reading!


  33. Chapter 13 I may not kill the writer but I might with hold the coffee. Oh Dr. Ludwig is here…and she has already heard what happened at Fangtasia…smart cookie she is warning him his actions are the latest gossip. Oops…yeah it’s been a busy night you are forgiven Eric. Wasn’t a sup thing is she crazy she is a fairy…and I still don’t know what this Steve-person is *hint hint* Can you imagine Eric in a pelvic exam he would crack the walls with his glare. Cave-vamp…*snicker* You know he is why even ask. Dr. Ludwig respects Eric if not secretly likes him. I am pretty sure that Eric is going to be there for the rest of Sookies life…he has made his decision and it is time for her to get on board the Eric Norseman train. Safe to fly why does she need to fly? Eric why do you drop hints like this. Why did it turn green…what does that mean. Don’t leave me hanging! Three or Four more months…WTF….NO NO coffee for you! Till you fix this an answer all my questions.

    Off to the next chapter!



  34. 4padfoot: Hey, that’s not even a threat since Godric *still* hasn’t made it over here with the coffee that’s now all cold, stale, and icky! *glares at Godric*


  35. OMG! Another 3 or 4 months – character cruelty is what that is LOL. My son was nearly 6 weaks premature and, once I knew he was fine, I was extremely thankful for that. I’m even more thankful these days as he’s 6ft 3 and appears to still be growing! Poor, poor Sookie. Great chapter and soooo funny.


  36. anem72: I haven’t had kids yet, so I can only imagine what an already heavily pregnant woman would feel and think if she discovered that not only was she NOT nearing the end of her road but that she had up to another 4 months to go??? I’m sorry he was a preemie but it sounds like he won the race and then some!! Congrats on growing a BIG boy! 😀

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  37. In England we get a red book after birth where all their stats are kept for all standard jabs and check ups. There are growth plotting charts etc and it says that a child won’t grow taller than either of their parents. Yeah right! I’m 5ft 3″ and hubby is 5′ 8″. Most of my nephews and nieces are taller than their parents too. With mine I blame peanut butter LOL. He is very handy to have around for tall shelves though! When you get there yourself you will cry at the memory of writing those extra 3/4 months!!!


  38. anem72: You were giving me an evil glare as you wrote that, weren’t you… *snicker* I’ve always heard that the next generation tends to be on average just a bit taller than their parents, fwiw. And yeah, you blame that peanut butter!! 😀 (And as a fellow shortie @ 5-3.5, I’m so jelly! Those tall shelves, etc., are a PITA!)

    Liked by 1 person

  39. LOL I’m 5-3.5 too – just got fed up with people laughing when I add the .5 on! Unlike my hubby I learnt metric at school but I’ll never get used to cm for height or kilos for personal weight. It was ok until the European Union told us how we have to record measurements in medical notes.

    Yeah I’ve read same about generation increases. My MIL is under 5 foot whilst FIL is 6ft. Their grandchildren are tall though – other than one who she tries to tell us is still growing (at 22 and peanut butter didn’t work on him whatever Barney said)!! On my side the kids are all taller than parents. It makes my life much easier with Andrew around – he’s just finished Uni for year so I have him on hand! My 11 year old great-niece is already nearly as tall as her mom (who’s 5ft 6″). It’s a real disadvantage in her case because people think she’s much older. It’s becoming a huge issue with boys.


  40. anem72: People just do NOT understand that that wee little .5 inch really IS important!!! Ugh, I would NOT want to go back to being 11 again, not unless I could know then what I know now… But yeah, I thought I knew it ALL then, and ugh. I’d just ask her why she thinks a boy giving her some attention would make her life complete when studying and perfecting hobbies would actually be worth something. It wouldn’t help, but you could be all “I toldja so” later…

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  41. Oh Aimee has her head screwed on – she knows how to take advantage of the interest! It’s my poor niece who doesn’t know what to do about it. I keep telling her that that her daughter is a carbon copy of her and I SO remember the lads flocking round her at that age! They are both blonde and blue eyed and stunning to look at. Aimee has been raised to think she can do whatever she wants if she puts her mind to it, just as her mother raised her. Our parents cared little what we wanted as long as we bought home a wage and thought continued education was a waste of time. So we’ve rasied our children to reach for what they want. Of course, my son does so with as little effort as he needs but at least he knows we’ll never say ‘get a real job’ or laugh at him when he says he wants to be a screen writer or say ‘stop dreaming’. I will never knock the confidence out of his dreams. I miss my parents but I’m glad they aren’t around to mock our kids dreams. It’s funny how my parents were proud of the degree my brother’s employer put him through whilst he worked long hours and his wife raised their 3 kids. I was the only one (being 15 years younger than oldest) that was ‘allowed’ to go to college – that was only after my eldest sister told them they’d still get benefits for me. In England parents get benefits for children in full time education up to 19 if they aren’t working. Although child benefit for those in full time education continues regardless.


  42. anem72: *whew* I’m so glad to hear that!!! And you’re right – kids do need to have their dreams taken seriously while at the same time their feet kept planted firmly on the ground. Past generations had their own ways of seeing things, that’s for sure. (And there’s not one thing wrong with “working smart” as opposed to “working hard”…)

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  43. Jesus H Christ! Another 3 or 4 months!!! Poor Sookie. It sucks ass being 9 months preggers or even 10 (I don’t know where the hell the nine month thing came from cos gestation is 40 weeks, not 36, and 40 is the average length. Some women go to 42 weeks esp with first babies) But 12 or 13 months? She’ll be a wreck, peeing every time she laughs – if she laughs cos I’d be pretty pissed – and tossing and turning all night cos she’s the size of a freakin’ whale!
    But I do love Dr Ludwig. She’s always good for a laugh.


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