Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 8

Since it’s been a while, here’s the ending of Ch. 7:

…Sookie popped herself to the other side of the Portal near her…the Bon Temps house.

It had gone full dark already, and within two paces she found herself grabbed up in another pair of strong vampire arms.

“Sookie,” the deep voice rasped in a verbal caress as the tall vampire buried his nose in her hair and then into the crook of her neck. “You smell of sunlight and fairies and grass and…”

Eric suddenly leaned back to glare down at the fairy hybrid now held firmly in his hard grasp. He demanded, “Why the hell do you smell of Godric?”



Eric caught the scent of his beloved Maker and all rational thought threatened to leave. Sookie smelled of Godric – his dead Maker!

How? Why?

My Maker… But my Maker is…is dead! How…


Suddenly finding herself caught in Eric’s strong and desperate grasp, his fangs descended and his words falling into snarls, Sookie felt she had two logical options. Her first was to immediately and permanently put him out of his misery, and she was sure she might live to regret that choice at some point in the far, far future no matter how badly his hard hands were bruising her at the moment.

Her second choice very quickly landed him on his mighty fine backside a hundred yards and four broken trees away. She rubbed her arms as the feeling slowly came back into them as she warily eyed the furiously dazed vampire.

When Eric finally skidded to a stop, she immediately immobilized him from the neck down with her light, and silently thanked Niall for teaching her that trick. She would also have to thank Godric for teaching her that particular “get out of an Eric hold” maneuver, although he had certainly not called it that.  However, it was indeed thanks to the Maker that the Fairy could get away from the Son so that the Fairy could tell the Son that the Maker yet lived.

She stifled a near-hysterical giggle at that, then focused her thoughts on the stunned Viking. After grabbing the envelope from the basket she’d dropped, she slowly approached him as one would a wild animal.

“You’re right,” she said, her voice soft as she spoke to the enraged vampire held motionless now at her feet. If blue blazing eyes could kill with questions and curses, she would be sparkling fairy dust by now, but she couldn’t blame him. “I do smell like Godric and there’s a damn good reason why, too, if you would just let me speak.”

His only reply was a fangy snarl.

Godric…Godric…Godric…, his mind chanted even as his body fought to free itself from her magical bindings.

Why does she smell of my Maker? MY Maker… Where is he? Where is my Maker? He felt his eyes fill with tears. It’s been so long…so long…

Sookie’s heart broke a bit when a lone red tear slowly trailed down his white cheek. Ignoring the pricks and pulses of feelings that seemed to be coming from him, she knelt by his side and nodded to the letter in her hand.

“He asked me to give you this, and to tell you that he said, “In ainm an Athar, agus an Mhic, agus an Deartháir,”” she whispered, pronouncing the unknown words slowly and carefully.

She stared in awe as Eric’s face completely transformed. She had no idea what the words meant, but they obviously held great meaning as the impotent fury was quickly replaced with beatific joy, amazement, and a desperate hope that warred with valid disbelief.

Another bloody tear slid down his cheek as Eric whispered, his voice both broken and hopeful, “Is this true? Can it be…true?”

Not entirely convinced of her own safety yet but knowing she could easily pop away if she needed to, Sookie rose and took a few paces backward before cautiously releasing his bindings.

Instead of rising immediately, Eric simply sat on the ground and gazed up at her.


“I think he wrote about that in his letter to you.” She held out the letter to him, and watched as he gazed at it as if it were a miracle too overwhelming to accept.

A long moment passed.

“Tell me again,” he intoned, his gaze still fixated on the letter he seemed too stunned to grasp.

Dare he reach for the miracle?

“In ainm an Athar, agus an Mhic, agus an Deartháir,” she softly repeated. She took a step closer, then said once again with a slightly stronger voice, unaccountably honored to be able to give this to him, “In ainm an Athar, agus an Mhic, agus an Deartháir.”

He closed his eyes for a moment and, with a burst of inhuman grace, rose and held out his hand for the letter. He lifted the thick envelope to his face, inhaled deeply, then clutched it to his chest. Eric bowed his head as great sobs suddenly shook his large frame.

Although she would strongly berate herself for it later, Sookie was unable to stop herself from gathering the emotionally overcharged Viking into her arms, his cries so powerful they shuddered through her own body.

Her hand in the silky hair at the nape of his neck immediately guided his head to rest on her shoulder.  She slid her arm around his waist and held him as securely as she could, and she comforted him while he poured out his grief, remembered misery, and desperate hope.

Neither noticed the pretty fairy with the short black hair who peeped her head out of the Portal for a long moment before quickly disappearing.


Godric paced at normal speed along the sides of the Palace’s large interior courtyard.

Sookie, with her basket and his letter, had returned to the human realm several hours ago, but something felt…off. Something was niggling at the back of his mind and it irritated him worse than even shoes did.

Godric did not like when things…niggled. Niggling was not good.

Sure, the fairy hybrid had a good head on her lovely shoulders, and she did, indeed, know how to protect herself. Between her fairy powers and her so-called “combat training” – some of which he had taught her himself – he was certain that she could handle most anything that came her way.

…if it were a fair fight.

The problem, however, was in making sure that the other fighters fought fairly.

He rolled his eyes and resumed his pacing, and for the moment he chose to ignore the worried yet curious eyes of Sookie’s cousin Claudia.  Apparently he still wasn’t supposed to be able to tell that she was silently watching him from the partially concealed alcove she seemed to prefer.


The beautiful but skittish fairy with the sometimes blonde hair was a bit shorter and of a slighter build than Sookie. Sweetly sassy (from what he’d over-heard before she would detect his presence and from what Sookie had said at other times) and with a fairer heart than most of her kin, the woman had always treated him as politely as she could given her unnecessary but ingrained semi-terror of him and his kind.

He understood her reasoning, however, and quickly gave her credit for trying. At least her “shrieking and disappearing” phase hadn’t lasted more than a day or two.

That had gotten old fast.

Now, when his appearance was expected, she would simply glide on silent feet to the other side of the room as rapidly as possible without popping, and could even manage to exchange a few pleasantries before coming up with some excuse or other to graciously leave the vicinity. He suspected she was right in remaining so wary of his presence. After all, he was vampire, and she would be a tasty, tasty treat had he any less self-control.

But, as she and her innate distrust for his kind were learning, he did have tremendous self-control.

His thoughts returned to that nagging, niggling feeling, and he wished once again that he knew what in seven hells was bugging him.

“You worry for Sookie?”

Hearing the unexpected voice, quiet and softly lilting, and apparently closer than he would ever have expected, immediately halted him in his tracks. Very, very slowly he turned to face the fairy.

“Yes, Claudia, I think I must be.”

Her lovely hair, mutable with the vagaries of fairy thought and, perhaps, emotion, was now short, wavy, and black. The worry in her eyes tugged at his heart as did the fear she resolutely attempted to suppress in order to have this highly unusual exchange.

Granted she was more than thirty feet away, but this was the first time she had ever initiated a conversation with him, and his concerned gray eyes softened into blue at the thought. For one as faint of heart as she considered herself to be, her bouts of bravery spoke all the louder.

“Why, child? Do you worry as well? I cannot think of what she would have to fear, but if we are both worried…”  He allowed his calm, relaxed voice to trail off to encourage her to speak her mind.

“I…,” her voice faltered, then with a strong breath she began again. “I could pop in and…and ch…check on her if…if you would like?”

Claudia could not believe that she was standing there, out in the open, so near to…to Godric!  Her stomach clenched and her hands trembled even though they were hidden under her elbows as her arms were wrapped around her waist.  But, after having watched the faepire’s preoccupied pacing for the better part of an hour, she was determined to speak to him.  Something was bothering the normally composed vampire, and she wondered if it had anything to do with her dear cousin.  This had to be the single-most terrifying thing she had ever done, but she could always pop away if he came closer, right?

Determined to ease her fear, Godric stepped back from her another five feet, then bestowed his gentlest smile upon her. He wasn’t sure if it was the smile or the increased distance that helped, but she seemed less nervous afterward. He secretly suspected it was the increased distance…

“Yes, yes that is an excellent idea.” He tried not to show too much enthusiasm for her inspired idea and thus risk scaring her away, but he would love for her to know how much he appreciated the thought…and how very much he respected the courage she was showing by speaking with him on her own.

With a nod, and a very slight smile in return, Claudia disappeared.

Ten minutes and a dozen yards of pacing later, she reappeared…less than a foot away from his person.

His fangs dropped from the surprise.

Both froze in shock for a moment until Godric regained his senses. He deliberately resheathed his fangs with a click, then took several slow, purposeful steps backward while maintaining eye contact with the absolutely terrified fairy.

It was only after he was more than twenty feet away that Claudia finally managed to move, her whole body trembling in reaction. She popped over to an intricately carved bench many more feet away, and seemed to brace herself for a very long minute before speaking in a whisper.

“You may come…a little clo…closer if…if you…if you want.”

His pride in the little still dark-haired fairy growing by leaps and bounds, Godric slowly closed half the distance between them and paused.

“What did you learn, ma petite?”  As thrilled as he was to see, nay, to experience the beautiful fairy overcoming her fears, he needed to know what was happening on the other side of that damn Portal.

Her wide eyes, which had been watching his feet and his core for any sign of attack, flew to his face at the endearment, and he could have sworn that she blushed. Well, he amended to himself, her face suddenly seemed less blanched from shock at any rate.

“I saw them…Sookie, and a vampire I know from her mind to be Eric, just beyond the Portal. She he…held him in her arms as he wept.”

Godric smiled.

**A/N:  *sniff*  Our little Claudia is growing…up?  Out?  Something…  (I call it falling prey to Godric’s innate charm and magnetism!  Oh, wait, that’s what I’d do…  Carry on!)  Annnnd wait…was that a…a hint of MATURITY flowing from our Sookie, too?  Could it be??  Ok, folks, what’d ja think?**

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59 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 8

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  2. why, yes my dear Sherlock, I *DO* think there is some maturity coming along for our dear Sookie. And hope for her and Eric. And the cute couple seem to making some headway. I can just see her all nervous and such with gentle Godric….


  3. Kittyinaz: Thank you gorgeous! Sookie is actually listening to the smart part of her heart finally, at least a little. And it feels SO weird writing Godric with someone who isn’t a ballsy Cara…but I can see him being all sweet and gentle with Claudia – just keep in mind that fairies can be quite viscous, too, when need be…


  4. What little Fae wouldn’t fall for a vampire who abhors shoes? Godric’s totally stalk worthy… With her changing appearances I’m sure that meek little personality can swap out now and then too. It was nice to see those balls of Sookie thawing a little but I say she still has to make Eric work for it and maybe she can do Bill a favour and revive his dead maker too 😀


  5. So happy to see an update on this story! Thanks…So hard to see Eric break down.. and Sookie held him in her arms ! Well I thinks Sookie and Eric have a good chance to start a friendship for now! Sookie trusts him more than Bill…As for Godric so sweet for him to worry about Sookie especially knowing how his childe could react to her selling like her! Can’t wait for more…take care


  6. So glad to get an update on this one, love this story! Claudia and Godric are so cute and I hope their relationship continues to grow. Sookie is certainly showing signs of growing up and that is great to see. Eric’s joy was almost heartbreaking and I hope at some point Godric will be able to visit him, it would do Eric good and hopefully he too would get a handle on the maturity thing as well! Can’t wait for the next installment of this one.


  7. hisviks: This not-so-little, not-so-Fae certainly would! 😀 And no worries – Sook might have thawed a little (I mean, yeah, who could resist an Eric crying over his Maker, ya know?), but she’s not forgiven him yet by any means…


  8. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: 😀 Thanks! It was hard to write Eric breaking down like that, too! But as much as he adored his Maker… Annnnnd Sookie might have thawed out a bit (can’t blame her!), but she’s not exactly anywhere near “forgiving territory” yet… Glad you liked it! 😀


  9. valady1: It feels REALLY weird writing Godric with (potentially….oh, hell, who’m I kidding…) someone who isn’t Cara, still, it’s great getting to see his sweet, gentle side. And no matter how angry, etc., Sookie might be with Eric, I just can’t imagine her being cruel to him on purpose. I’m just glad that Eric was finally told that Godric *is* alive! 😀


  10. ericsbickerchick: 😀 Thank you – glad you liked it! (I just can’t let E/S go the way the books/TB wanted them to…of course, that might be why I have so many stories open at once, too…lol!) Thanks for reading!


  11. The Queen: Being able to write Eric’s joy (painful as it was), Sookie’s maturity (finally…), Godric’s care and gentility (*sigh*), and Claudia’s huge steps (in overcoming her fears) made me really happy with this chapter. Glad you liked it! 😀


  12. Yeah yeah get in line already… the wait is long but since he’s your creation you probably have some snazzy VIP access pass at the ready 😦


  13. hisviks: *Tries {but fails miserably} to avoid looking over at the gorgeous ancient vampire/faepire creature sitting right beside me {in my imagination} as I type this…* … (*Oops, sorry…*)

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Oh, I’m so glad to see this. I’m glad Sookie was able to contain Eric. I do wonder what the words meant that she conveyed to him. Do we dare hope for more soon?


  15. I couldn’t resist. I had to go back and reread everything. I love it all over again, especially where Bill got handled by pissed off fairy-Sookie.


  16. Thank you for the beautiful update 🙂 Great to see Claudia feeling a little bit more comfortable with Godric! Perhaps a new companion for Godric? Glad Sookie was able to restrain Eric so he could listen and she comforted him! Update in the near future? Loving this story!


  17. I love that Claudia has become a little less scared of Godric and is talking to him now. 🙂 Oh poor Eric. I’m glad Sookie has matured and is comforting him. I think this is something they need unless he turns stupid for letting her see him weak once again. Don’t leave us hanging with him weeping for too long. 😉


  18. murgatroid98: Thank you – glad you liked it! It was great being able to show Sookie kind of “leveling out” a bit although Eric’s joyful distress was hard to write. And the words *may* come out next chapter… 😀


  19. murgatroid98: Awww, thanks – that’s a huge compliment!! Is it bad that I still snicker over Sookie vx Bill? That was too much fun…! 😀


  20. lilloucfer: 😀 You’re welcome and I’m glad you liked it!! 😀 It might be a bit of a road for Godric and Claudia, but you never know…Godric can be very persuasive, and fairies do have hidden strengths… Ohhh, and it was vastly satisfying being able to write Sookie helping Eric even though she’s no where near ready to totally forgive him. Yet… Thanks for reading!


  21. msbuffy: 😦 You don’t like me??? *pouts* 😉 Thank you, gorgeous – I’m so glad you liked it! 😀 AND I LIKE YOU ANYWAY – SO THERE! ❤


  22. gyllene: Thank you!! I’m loving Claudia – she’s determined to overcome her innate and totally understandable fears based on the evidence she sees with her own eyes – and with her own heart. And poor Eric – what an emotional overload! But one thing about it: know how he had the upper hand in his previous “sort of relationship” with Sookie? Well, now SHE has that power, and while his pride may not like it, his heart will have to get over it because GODRIC…(also: SOOKIE!). 😀 Plus, here’s where Sookie gets to show him that, unlike his past self, she won’t lord it over him like he did her. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  23. galwidanatitud: Weeeeeell, I can’t say “soon”, but I can STRONGLY HINT “eventually”… 😀 I’m loving developing Claudia’s character, and you know Godric has that “calm, cool, collected” bit down pat (well, maybe not in Decisions…), but here? He’s got the time and the patience to woo the fairy he doesn’t even yet realize holds his heart. Thank you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Why yes I am avoiding doing work by reading this chapter. Hey Godric!!! Long time no see…How ya been since Karen has been keeping you hidden. Don’t worry I think I know where she is keeping you at…I have a rescue mission planned. Okay okay you’re right I have a chapter to read…Thank her for the small recap it has been a while. Eric and rational thought just ran two different ways….DUCK Sookie! Feral Eric is loose. Permanently put him out…what…no no no…Godric how can you let her start writing like this. Do I want to even finish this chapter. Live to reget…oh yes chica you would reget. But I would be there to help beat you senseless. Eric better not get a single splinter you heifer! Godric can I have defense lessons? I will pay attention I promise to everything…your smile, eyes, abs, hands,….*ahhh I here Karen coming* Okay reading reading what the heck does that translate to….GOOGLE translate…ahhh so now I know….Claudia and Godric…what’s going on there. “Combat training?” Where were my lessons. Claudia is helping Godric just where is that going missy! Fangs dropped oohhh here we go. Godric smiled….what….where is the rest!!!! A/N no I don’t accept that….GODRIC!!!!! Make this better I swear you have to make her write more…go on go whisper into Karen’s ear I need something to keep me sane! *Shoves lightly for Godric to go back* And Quickly!!

    LOVED IT!!!



  25. 4padfoot: Hey, did you tell Godric to run around the house pinching my butt? Yeah? No?


    Now, rly, can you see ME having Sookie end Eric except under the direst of direly dire emergencies?

    Glad you liked the recap. I don’t normally do those (figuring you’d get more out of the previous chapter if you just read it again rather than reading a splurb from it), but I thought that since the ending was so…succinct, it would work this time around, so…recap! 😀 Thank you – glad you liked it! 😀


  26. Now in the right place for comments…

    Sooooo good to see an update of this story…. Loved EVERYTHING… Skittish Claudia getting a bit more chilled round Godric… Sookie being BAMF but not a heartless one (unlike the moronic yet harsh TB version) was a great sight… Not that I do not look forward to ‘fireworks’ once the Viking is less tearful and more inquisitive….


  27. Oh my! I’m so sorry! Stupid me! I wish I could WRITE like you!! And I DO like you, dahling! 😉 I’m just not typing well today, or reading my own typing very well!! (i am so embarrassed…)


  28. redjane12: Not EVER an issue – won’t ever say no to getting double the love! 😀 Glad you liked it!! Might take Claudia a while, but you know fairies have hidden depths… And you know how I love my BAMF Sookie, too, but I’m glad that her heart is still shining through unlike TB Sookie – never felt the love rolling off her… Thanks for the review! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  29. So, so happy to have an update from this one. I absolutely LOVE Sookie in this story and now to see Eric’s fury, shock and joy was wonderful. I like Godric and Claudia’s interaction. Not sure yet if they will be romantic, although that would be very fun to read, but if not, I see them as becoming very close regardless. Thanks for the update! As always, loved it!


  30. Aww!!!! Sookie is thawing a little bit, that’s good. My heart broke a little for Eric. ……naill is going to shit puppies when he hears about Claudia n Godric


  31. kinnik7104: Awww, thanks – glad you liked it! 😀 I love a Sookie who no longer takes anyone’s crap but can still give compassion when it’s needed. Hated to have Eric crying, but considering how dear to his heart his Maker was/is… (I’d love to have been there to hug him myself!) While things can always change, at this point I’m pulling for a Godric/Claudia romance if that helps? 😀 It depends on what they “tell” me… Thanks for reading!


  32. gwynwyvar: Heh, Niall may be creating a new “self-created” brick industry at some point…but he’s not a bad guy… Thank you! And I loved being able to show Sookie’s growing maturity seeping out through the cracks! 😀


  33. eaaustin85: Lmao – yeah, Niall may be creating a new “self-made” brick industry at some point, but he’s not a bad old Fairy, lol. And Go Sookie! Loved being able to write that part! 😀


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  35. I had forgotten about this one. I just read it again and still love it. I would love, love, LOVE to read more.


  36. I love this story. Please keep writing it. I hope that Godric and Sookie come together. I’d love to see the cute kids those two would make. I have to wonder though, since he returned to fairy and his bodily functions returned to they were before he was turned, does this mean that he’d start aging or would he stay the same physical age he was when he was turned?


  37. bruja6110: At this point I’m not sure if Sookie will be getting with Godric or not – I’m not opposed to E/S/Gs but I do doubt my ability to write it well enough that it doesn’t crumble into really bad porn as such set-ups usually seem to do, lol. Plus, there’s also the potential between Godric and Claudia … *cough*hint*cough*

    You’ve raised some interesting questions…stay tuned, and I may even answer them! 😀


  38. I love the idea of a fairy who can change her hair and eye colour with her moods. That could be kinda handy. I thought her interaction with Godric was really sweet.


  39. ladytarara: Color-Change Fairy is fun! She’s a blast to write, lol. (Spoiler – I love her with Godric; they’re really sweet together, and both need that sweetness.)

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