Time (non-fic)

My Acknowledgement of Time’s Passing


The seasons are changing and as always, it makes me sad. Do I *have* SADD? No, I don’t. What I do have is an acknowledgement of the passing of time. This knowledge makes me…introspective. Contemplative. Heartsick. Demoralized. You know – navel-gazingly sad.

In the end, this is a good thing. This helps me keep track of “where I am” in my life versus “where I should be”. Somehow the two never seem to match as I tend to concentrate on the tree while ignoring the forest, so it’s good to get that kick in the ol’ tush.  Have I accomplished the goals I set out to complete during the previous season? What about since this time last year? Yeah? No? The “yeahs” are fantastic; the “nos”…not so much.

The “nos” make me sad, of course. But I have the sneaking suspicion that even if I had accomplished every possible goal and then some, the season’s passing would still be a downer.


Because like the vast majority of us, I’m mortal, and each chunk of passing time denotes a season, an era, a set of opportunities and moments that I will not have again. Regardless of how successfully spent, once gone they tend to stay gone – you can’t get them back.

Summer is all fine and good and filled with mosquitoes and stifling heat and sweat – but I wish it would last just a little…longer. I love when the weather turns a little cooler, but I do wish the sun would magically continue appearing earlier in the mornings and keep hanging out later in the evenings. It would be a mere illusion of time held in place for a bit, but it’s an illusion I would take in a heartbeat.

I just wish all the seasons would last a little longer…just a little more time…


7 thoughts on “Time (non-fic)

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  2. While understanding exactly what you mean, on a purely physical level I’m glad that this season is finally changing. I’m just not a summer person. I love wearing my hand knit and hand spun sweaters, my daughters play ice hockey and summer sometimes never seems to end. I’m ready to move to Sweden where they complained about the heat when it was the equivalent of 72 F. 🙂


  3. I hate summer. The passing of the season can never come to fast for me. I love Autumn. The colors! The breeze in the air! Apples! No sweating, mosquitoes or bees. No humidity caused exhaustion. I can go on. Winter I can stand, especially here, in Arizona, where it is the best season of the four. We would always go on vacation in a season other than summer. Yes, even if I had to take my kid out of school. We made sure she kept up. Better to explore with a cool breeze than sweat.

    Did you catch that? Yes, I, the original summer hating girl lives in the land of perpetual summer. Getting hotter every year. But it’s cheap and the New York suburbs were not.

    I can also teach you to count every tiny blessing you have. Those moments and opportunities come along during the other nine months of the year also. Are you missing them because they’re not wearing a garland of flowers and turning pink in the sun?

    I may be the oldest fanficfan around. I’ll be turning 70 at the end of October. I had a stroke on August 31st. It fit in to my summer life very well; stay inside, keep cool and comfortable. But now I’ve added; exercise, sleep well, eat well and watch my diet. I’m going to be healthier than before the stroke. I’m already happier! This stroke was a warning shot, not a cannonade. I have time to right what I was doing wrong. So do you. If there’s something you feel is missing, or you have neglected to do, work out a way to do it now. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

    With Love,

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  4. I love summer! I don’t like fall because that means winter and snow is right around the corner. I live in Michigan and winter is no fun around here. Shoveling snow and scraping ice is no fun for me!


  5. mom2goalies: Me too and me neither. I bluntly detest sweating…and humidity? DISGUSTING. I do NOT need to SWIM in my air, tyvm. I hate ice, too, though…wish it could be fall all year long. And yeah, Sweden (sans ice, natch) would be fantastic!

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  6. Irene: I can NOT imagine living in AZ! Just…cannot do it. I can BY FAR see living in the NY ‘burbs over the AZ heat! Yuck…just…ew. I detest sweating. I detest bugs. I detest humidity. Spring used to be nice here but now that it lasts barely 2 weeks if we’re lucky, Fall is the perfect time of year here in NC-landia. There’s the cooling down, the lowering humidity, the mosquitos/no-see-ums die-off…it’s glorious! “Carolina blue” is a thing, y’all…when the humidity-haze clears enough to SEE it – same with the blue of the Smoky Mountains in the far-off distance. That crisp air? Magnificent! Winter in AZ would be fantastic, though – can definitely see that.

    Age is just the linear results of adding the numbers on a calendar. The end. Age has nothing to do with enthusiasm, relevance, spirit- nothing of importance. I’m glad you came through the other side of that stroke wiser and in better control of the things that *can* be controlled, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Here’s to many, many more! ❤


  7. luvvamps: *wraps up summer and sends it to you* I love – adore – watching snow fall…but dealing with it sucks!!!!! And ice? Ugh, I *detest* ice with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Too bad that burning passion doesn’t melt the damn ice…

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