Ok, so, I’m *sure* no other fic writer has ever felt this way before…ever.

And what way is this?  I’ll SHOW you:

too many good writers


Is it just me, or is the fic world absolutely CRAM-FUCKING-PACKED with awesome writers?  I mean, srsly, come on.   We have the funny ones who make you piss your pants you laugh so hard; we have the ones who write the stories so full of action, drama and intrigue you just KNOW you’ll never be THAT good at writing plots, and we have the ones who write the most well-rounded stories that you just can’t wait for another update!


I have all these (awesome! amazing! interesting! fun! incredible!) story ideas floating around in my wee li’l head, and I’ll go ahead and jot them down (ie: type in relevant words and save them in a .doc) for future use, but when it comes time to actually WRITE SOMETHING OUT, I start thinking about how silly/stupid/boring/uninspired my ideas are when compared to the excellence I’ve read, and give up and go take a nap.  Or worse…write it anyway…

Now, my dog and cats are happy about the nap part, but while they ADORE napping on with me, unfortunately, said naps don’t get shit written down.



Random meme time:

fanfic writer meme

*insert another deep, self-depreciating sigh here*

Fukkit – I’m making pancakes…WITH BACON…and you can’t stop me.  You can stop by, though, if you want.  It’s 3:21am, however…

So…what are YOUR thoughts/feelings/experiences/frustrations/ideas/concerns/favorite breakfast foods?  Feel free to join in the whine-fest!  I don’t mind sharing!  😀

12 thoughts on “~Whine~

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  2. Yes, I have some thoughts?comments? indeed. I must tell you that writing has ruined reading for me. Before I started writing (two UNfinished stories, thank you very much), I would read a fic and think, “Wow this is a great story, I really like this author.” Now when I read a fic I think, “Wow…I’m nowhere as good as this writer. Why am I even trying?” OR “Why didn’t I think of that?”
    I know it’s useless to compare yourself to others, but I just can’t seem to help it. And I feel like my fics are like kids that I locked in a basment because I don’t want to deal with them.
    I was so excited when I started my first story. Then the reviews started and the really are like CRACK FOR WRITERS! I craved those reviews. I wanted so badly for the readers to like my story. It soon took the joy out of writing. So many told me what they thought should happen. I got one guest review that just said Boooo! And one reader stopped reading because my story was Godrci/OC and not G/S.
    Then there are the readers who seem to be so needy for your words and if you don’t update NOW then you must be a bad person. That’s what it felt like anyway.
    And let’s not forget that bratty bitch called Real Life! I hate her; she keeps smacking me in the face every time I think about getting back to work on my stories.
    Hopefully when RL calms the fuck down, I can get back to writing and actually enjoy it!!
    Is that whiney enough for ya, Mer? lol


  3. Real Life needs to go to Hawaii and STAY there! Ugh!!
    I know what you mean about reviewers who live on the evil end of the spectrum!
    I’m extremely lucky in that just about all of the people who reviewed my stories are either angels-in-disguise or are just REALLY damn nice people, but, yeah, I’ve read a couple of reviews left on other people’s stories where you gotta wonder WTF are they thinking?!? And you SO want to reply: if you don’t like my story, then GO THE FUCK AWAY AND WRITE YOUR OWN DAMN STORY! UGH!!! (Skrew the “Booo”ers, anyway…they don’t count. And if someone refuses to read a G/OC, fine – fuck’em – leaves more for someone else to read! Ha!)

    (Dear World: It can’t be ALL G/S – S’s fairy-vag’ll fall out from over-use, y’all! Save some Godric for Cara or whoever else, ok? OK!!)

    I like the ones who are all “MORE!!”, but the ones who act like they’re gonna jump off a bridge if you don’t post another chapter IMMEDIATELY make want to roll my eyes so hard they cramp. Yeah…PRESSURING ME TO WRITE MORE IS SOOOOO GONNA WORK…
    Lol, but yeah: (good) REVIEWS ARE DEFINITELY CRACK!!

    I agree with you, too, that it’s hard to read now. I see such amazing works and I’m like: why bother. *sad face* My ideas seem SO sad and pathetic compared to theirs!

    But I’m just Taurus enough to do it anyway, lol. I may never give these awesome writers a run for their money, but I love thinking that maybe-just-maybe I’m giving some Godric-loving freak-like-me something fun, nice, and a bit raunchy to read and enjoy, and maybe-just-maybe I can change someone’s perception of Andre… Weee! Hey, it’s a nice thought…


  4. Oh, Yeeaaaahhhh, what isismama said.
    Because Godric is such a great character, almost a tabula rasa, there is room for all of us to play with the nuances. He can be whatever the story demands.
    Russell isn’t much fun that way. He is very much himself and anything spoken out of character sticks out like a sore thumb.
    Let me whine about writers who don’t bother to look up the proper forms of address for royals. Bill Compton would be King William, deCastro is King Phillipe, They are addressed as your majesty (at the beginning of a conversation, I think) or sir thereafter.
    Less than five minutes on Google would tell you that! Can’t be arsed, can they?
    Well, I can’t be arsed reading it.

    I hate that I get greedy for the validation of reviews. Embarrassing.
    Given that, I do try to leave reviews, even if it is only one or two words. I figure it is kind of the polite thing to do.
    I’m almost as stubborn as a Taurus, certainly Scorpios are stubborn enough to dig for the reasons people behave as they do. Which is why I love the new perspective on Andre.
    Like discovering a new flavor of ice cream.


  5. I’m with you there. I don’t expect people to suddenly know everything about everything, but do SOME research on at least PART of what you’re writing, dang! As snotty as it sounds, no matter how good the story is, if I see GLARING errors, that tells me that the writer is too damn lazy to do it right, so why should I waste my time reading what they’ve apparently just thrown together? A few general errors here and there are totally understandable, but glaring examples of laziness? Meh. *nodding emphatically at my own self*

    Plus…a writer can disguise or use anything in the name of literary license…so why don’t they do that instead of just “writing stupid”…??

    I’m a confirmed, somewhat unapologetic review ‘ho… *sorta bowing head…but not much…* I suck at leaving reviews, especially when I don’t have anything that I deem interesting or worthwhile to add.

    :”) Thank you! That’s the main reason I wanted to do something with Andre. I wondered what his motivation must be – and he MUST have had SOME underlying “motivating factors” that I could quite happily dig up. :”)


  6. I’ve noticed two, rather unpleasant, changes to my personality after I started writing instead of just reading.
    I *used* to be all “ohh, why do people even care about their reviews, this should be about their own enjoyment of exploring the world they create” & “goodness, my greatest aspiration in life is to be halfway as awesome as some of these writers, how brilliant they are!” (= generally being a nice, human being with a humble-yet-positive attitude to life)

    Now? Not so much.
    The first taste of reviews and I was addicted like a common crack whore. I won’t even go into how many times I check for new reviews after posting a new chapter because it’s honestly embarrassing.

    But the worst part… the worst part is that about 4 chapters in I gained this hugely inflated ego (I tell you, reviews are unhealthy!) and let’s just say that I have the opposite problem of thinking my work isn’t up to scratch… It’s not something I’m proud of admitting to!


  7. Heh, that “after-post notification stalking”? Yeah…been there…, lol! I figure my work is as good as it’s going to get for that time/space frame, and so fukkit. POST! RUN! STALK!! 😀


  8. Was this the part you were asking about? I have to scroll up for the original question, from like, fifty months ago…why no, I am never intimidated by other writers. I like to pretend I’m the only one writing on the site. Seriously, though, of course. There a few out there…everyone else should just pack up and go home. But that does nothing for the urge to write, so ignore it.

    I also detest writers with a gazillion stories going…jerks. Love you!


  9. Wow, so I finally found your blog, and am finally joining this thread! I have so many unfinished stories that my readers probably want to come after me with pitchforks and torches.

    The thing that bothers me the most are disrespectful GUEST reviews. People are such big cowards that they won’t even sign their name to the review.

    Some of these people need to learn that the writers on FanFiction and WordPress put a lot of time and thought into their stories, and NOBODY deserves to be put down for their own brand of creativity.

    Ok, rant over. LOL.


  10. kellybelle0927: While I’m (apparently extremely! – please don’t jinkx me!) lucky in that 99% of my guest reviews have been, well, pretty damn good (Thank God!), I’ve read screenshots of other writers’ guest reviews and damn, what the hell is WRONG with some people???

    If a reader has a GENUINE complaint/problem/whatever with a story, then they should either just x out of that tab and go live their life, or woman-up and PM the writer for Godric’s sake!

    Give the writer a chance to let the reviewer know what the thinking behind this or that is, or give the writer a chance to tell the reader the direction the story is going – don’t just start spouting anonymous shit just to be an asshole.

    Good rant!! 😀


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