Best E/S MicroFic Ever

Sookie looked from this Eric Northman vampire, so big and tall and handsome on his throne in the weird vampire bar, over to Bill who suddenly resembled a monkey more than ever before, and snorted.

“No, Bill, I am so not ‘yours’.” Surreptitiously she tried to remove her elbow from his strong hold.

She looked back to Mr. Northman who now had a cute little smirk on his face, and rolled her eyes. “Mr. Northman, I do not “belong” to anyone, much less this walking piece of rudeness with the bad sideburns. He’s just my neighbor who kindly escorted me here tonight so I could help my brother.” She tried once again to remove her elbow from Bill’s tightening grasp.

Eric rose to his full height and glared down at Bill, who took an involuntary step back. “I see. You will release your hold on Miss Stackhouse and excuse us, William Compton, while I speak with my… new friend.” When Bill didn’t immediately comply with the direct order from his Sheriff, the Viking Vampire dropped his fangs.


With a huff and a pout, Bill finally released Sookie, who immediately began rubbing her bruised elbow, which did not escape either Pam or Eric’s notice.

“Miss Stackhouse, would you care to join me?” He held out his hand in invitation.

With a nod and a smile, Sookie placed her hand in his, and was comforted when her smaller hand was swallowed in his secure grasp.

Pam smiled as she watched her Maker escorting the PYT to his office, then left.  Bill was never seen or heard from again.

The End.

**A/N:  I’ve been told that terrible things would happen to me if I deleted any more of what I wrote as pure procrastination, so, well, yeah.  What did you think?**

30 thoughts on “Best E/S MicroFic Ever

  1. Great little micro-short story. It should have been like this but then CH would be 12 novels short.
    Going gem hunting.
    What is PYT? Pretty young thing?


  2. gaijinvamp: Heh, wouldn’t it have been fun if it HAD gone that way? (Yup – PYT = Pam’s version of a pretty young thing) Glad you liked it!


  3. Idk if I’ve ever said this before – I doubt that I have – but for YOU, if you want, you are more than welcome to run with this! I’d love to read your take on how things could go if Sookie had both found AND used her ‘girlie-balls’ and literally, metaphorically, and supernaturally broke Bill’s hold on her (she’d had his blood by now from the set-up at Merlottes, I think, right?) so soon after meeting Eric.
    I imagine that just before they reached his office she’d have overheard the undercover cop wondering where his backup is as well as hearing that guy in the bathroom with Taryn (?) wanting her to feed from him, etc… Run with it! GO!! SHOO!!! ♥

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