Playing for Keeps

**A/N:  This WP-only (final season fix-it) one-shot takes place the night after Sookie staked Bill.  While this is NOT intended as a song-fic, the inspiration came WHILE I was working on a WIP (or two) in the form of a scene of Eric sitting in the pouring rain in a brand new SUV in front of Sookie’s old, dark farmhouse.  He’s fiddling with the sat. radio and, appropriately enough, In Too Deep (Genesis) comes over the airway.  As I’m sure you can tell, it’s a wee bit moody at first (“it’s a dark and rainy night”…) but Eric demanded that it have an HEA.  That was not where I originally intended to go with this, but you know Eric – he saved the night, lol.  I hope you enjoy.**


Eric Northman, now a vampire free from the Yakuza, free from Hep V, free from all other obligations except to his Children, sat in his newly acquired SUV outside Sookie’s aging house. The warm, dry interior provided a temporary shelter from the rain pelting down on this dismal night, but that wasn’t the only reason he was loathe to exit the vehicle. The darkened interior of the aging Stackhouse homestead didn’t beckon with welcoming arms.

It rarely ever did.

He didn’t understand why he felt the urge to leave a final note for her, something simply stating that he had left the area and wanted to wish her “goodbye”, but he did.

In the dark he idly flipped through the multitude of satellite stations he’d already programmed, and settled for one specializing in the more depressing older classics.

It wasn’t a night for anything upbeat.

Thanks to the tender auspices of Jessica, he knew that Sookie had let herself be manipulated into staking Bill fucking Compton the night before. With a grimace, he wondered just how gullible, how stupid, the love of his unlife could sometimes be. Of course, with calculating assholes like Compton in the picture, her good nature would get her in trouble far more often than not.

She almost didn’t stand a chance against fuckers like him, but damn, it looked like she’d learn at some point.   Compton, of course, was a craven coward at the best of times and couldn’t be bothered to do the sane, decent thing and just walk his ass out into the sun on his own two feet.

Eric shook his head sadly. He doubted even now that Sookie would ever learn, ever grow the fuck up and see what was right before her eyes.

He lowered his head to the steering wheel in defeat as the one song that defined his relationship, if that’s what it could be called, with her came over the air.

Listen, you know I love you, but I just can’t take this…
You know I love you, but I’m playing for keeps…

Maybe she never knew that he was playing for keeps?  Perhaps if he’d been clearer? He thought he’d been clear enough, though, but maybe not.

Maybe she feared that he was playing for keeps? Perhaps he hadn’t given her enough choice? In retrospect time had always been at a premium…maybe they’d never had a chance to begin with, not really.

It didn’t matter now, of course. He’d been waiting too long, and it was time to go in more ways than one.

He had a future to build for himself, for himself and his progeny, even and especially for Willa. He had an obligation to his newest daughter, and he was determined to see it through…whether she liked it or not.

It wasn’t as though he’d know – she still wasn’t speaking to him unless she had to.

Although I need you, I’m not gonna make this…

With a sigh he jerked the SUV into reverse, but before he could hit the gas, he heard then saw the lights of a truck coming down Sookie’s long driveway.

You know I want to, but I’m in too deep.


No clean get-away tonight, he guessed.

He returned the gearshift to park, flipped the lights on, and waited.

The man’s truck slowed down and instead of going around the house to let Sookie out where she’d normally enter her home, the driver pulled up and parked beside him. A glance through the windshield had shown the drive to be her brother Jason.

The pleased surprise on Sookie’s drawn, tired face when she looked over at him was nice, but he knew from experience that such things didn’t last too long.

She must have guessed that he intended to open his door because she held up her hand and said too quietly for a human to hear behind rolled-up windows, two vehicle engines, and the pouring rain, that she would come around and to be sure the door was unlocked.

Eric shrugged and reached behind his seat to grab a roll of paper towels. She’d be drenched by the time she made it. He kicked up the heat since the night was too cool for human comfort, and waited while she earnestly hugged her brother for a surprisingly long time.

What was up with that?

A few minutes later she, along with a duffel bag, a plastic bag stuffed to the brim and knotted, and a large purse, noisily entered the SUV. After a wave to her brother, the truck slowly reversed, turned around, and rolled noisily down the driveway. In the brief view he once again had of Jason’s face, he could see that her brother’s cheeks looked wet, but he hadn’t been out in the rain.

Refusing to be curious, he handed her the roll of paper towels, and turned off the station.

“Wow, it’s really comin’ down out there,” she said, her voice more cheerful than he’d have thought considering the tears leaking from her eyes and her over-all fatigued appearance.

Eric nodded briefly then smiled a little at the sight of her trying to dry her face and arms, then her hair, with gobs of paper toweling. Finally she gave up on her hair and settled for blotting her ample chest.

He had to look away. The resilient bouncing was far too tempting.

“All right, I think I’m as dry as I’m going to get for now,” she announced as she tossed the damp white pile over her shoulder into the back seat with a dramatic flourish.   “So, what’s up?”

She adjusted the heat vents and turned to face him.

Eric inhaled, and in with the mouthwatering fragrance of a rain-wet fairy hybrid he caught the unmistakable odor of old items stored too long in damp, dusty places. He could barely meet the expectant look in her eyes.

“I came to say goodbye,” he finally said, his voice thickened as the enormity of his planned actions weighed down on his heart.

“Goodbye? Where ya goin’?” Her voice held an unexpected tone that niggled at his brain, but he didn’t try to understand.

His nights of trying to figure Sookie out were over.

“I’m not sure,” he hedged, wanting…no, needing to cut his losses completely. He knew that if he told her where he was going, he would spend the next sixty-odd years holding his breath, waiting to see her pop up out of the blue one night or waiting to hear from her if she managed to find trouble yet again, and he couldn’t take that.   That waiting would be the end of him.  Clean cuts heal fastest and so on…

To his shock, she snorted.

“That’s exactly where I’m going, too,” she said with a wry grin.

Curious beyond any desire to be so, he turned to face her more fully and quirked his brow. “What do you mean?”

Soft, warm brown eyes, still glistening with shed tears, looked him over as if savoring the memory of his face, then finally, boldly, met his eyes.

“I mean I’m getting out of here, Eric. There’s too much… too much everything here.” She swept her hand across the dash, clearly indicating not just the old farmhouse, but the area itself, too.

Sookie tore off another paper towel and blotted her face, then with a giggle gave into nature and blew her nose with satisfaction.

“Sorry, it’s been a long day.”

Stunned with her declaration, he couldn’t stop himself from inquiring, “Why?”

“I’m finally goin’ to do something smart for myself for a change. Here, this place, this whole county, is filled with sorrow and sadness, with bad decisions made for good reasons, but they were still bad decisions. People who I thought were my friends, well, I found out that they really weren’t, or that they were friends with me only when I would do things for them, and I don’t need that.   There’s too much stuff that happened that I still to this day don’t understand, but it doesn’t matter anymore,” she said, her voice filled with steely yet vulnerable determination.

She wiped at her eyes with her hands, the used paper towel now tucked into the pocket of her jeans, and cleared her throat. “I don’t know where I’m goin’ yet, maybe to Houston or Dallas or maybe New Orleans now that it’s safer for tasty fae hybrids, but it’s time for me to go. It’s time for me to be any place but here.”

Eric gripped the steering wheel so strongly that it warped before he realized what was happening.

All the best-laid plans…

His mind working at vampire speed, he rushed through a thousand thoughts a second. At this late date, maybe Sookie was realizing a few home truths, maybe she was growing up, maybe she was tired of being so fucking stupid at every possible chance…

Maybe the real Sookie was finally, fucking finally, coming out to play?

But even so, she was still being fucking stupid…

“So, you’ve decided to leave, but you don’t even know where you’re going? Where you’re going to stay? How you’re going to support yourself? What the fuck, Sookie? Are you asking for trouble?” He could no more stop the torrent of words than he could stop the sun’s rising.

Instead of firing back at him, after her initial shock over his tone of voice faded, she beamed at him.   To Eric it seemed as though she had seen beyond his harsh tone and glimpsed the desire so deeply ingrained into his soul to protect her.   Slowly her smile softened and she gazed into his face, her new maturity obvious.

“No, I have a little money saved, and Jason gave me what he had saved up, too. Lala wrote down some places in New Orleans that would be safer for what he called a “borin’ white chick”, and gave me some names of people who might be able to help me get a job waitressin’.” At the look of disgust on his face, she added, “It’s not what I want to do, but it’s what I can do until I find something better. He also told me that there are grants or somethin’ for people who need financial assistance to go to college, too, and after I get settled wherever, I’m going to look into that.”

She looked down at her hands as she considered her words.

“I want better than what I had, Eric. I’ve lied to myself for years trying to justify stayin’ here and havin’ nothin’, but I can’t do that anymore. This,” she looked up and again swept her hand in an arc, her accent deepening with the force of her emotions, “might have been ok for Gran, but it’s not ok for me. Maybe she felt that this was all she deserved after cheating on my Granpa, but that’s no reason for me to be stuck here, workin’ hard to do without. I talked to Jason and told him what I was goin’ to do, and you know what, Eric? He agreed with me. He actually agreed with me that I can do a lot better than all this. He’s goin’ to stay here and keep workin’ steady and send me what money he can until I get on my feet, and then he might just join me.” She looked up at him and the quiet joy on her face pricked the back of his eyes. “My bags are already packed in my car ’round back. I’d meant to leave a lot earlier today but me and Jason got talkin’ as I looked through some old stuff at his house, and time flew by. But yeah, there’s a whole ‘nother life for me out there and I’m goin’ to go find it.”

He could see, could feel, that she meant every word, and if her worthless, shiftless brother was even willing to help, which he would believe when he actually saw it, then that was even better.

But in the end he could tell she meant it. He exhaled gustily, and fiddled with some of the buttons on the dash.

“New Orleans,” he stated out of the blue minutes later. The silence and the rain were deafening. “That’s where I’m headed. I’m starting a new blood substitute business and that’s where my home base will be. My genius contacts in a certain Swedish lab have already created a way to incorporate a synthesized cure to Hep V into the fake blood, and I have a number of warehouses and potential factories available down there. Pam is a silent partner, and Willa is, too, whether she cares or not.” He closely examined a non-existent piece of lint on his denim-clad thigh. “With the way things are in the vampire world, this is going to take off fast.” He paused for a long moment.  “I could use your help…”

He glanced at his silent companion out of the corner of his eye, and turned to face her fully when he saw tears falling past trembling lips.

She nodded vigorously, then scrubbed at her face with trembling hands before almost shouting, “Yes!”

He felt what must have been thousands of tiny shards of ice fall from his heart, and then her faced turned serious.

“But Eric, um, I know we’ll always be friends, at least I hope so, but, well, I…shit,” she cursed uncharacteristically. She took a huge breath, held it for a moment, then exhaled. “I’ll be blunt, then, cause I just can’t think of another way to ask this. Will we be going together as friends, or as…as more than friends? I need to know.”

At the surprise on his face, she chuckled wryly. “I know, right? I used to be so scared to know anything for sure that I’d never dare to ask, but those days are over. So, I need to know what we’re goin’ to be to each other. Regardless of whatever, I’ll always want you in my life even if it has to be just as a friend, but if you wanted more, if you would be willing to give us another chance, that’d… that’d be even better,” she said in a rush as she very daringly met his eyes.

Eric held her gaze for an endless moment while sorely wishing not for the first time that he could read her damn mind. On the one hand, this all held a mature logic he hadn’t thought her capable of, but on the other, it seemed too good to be true.

Dare he trust it?

As if sensing his doubts, Sookie added with a sad smile, “Like I said, I’m ready to leave right now. I’d already be gone if Jason hadn’t stopped by for lunch after I’d called him, then he made me promise to wait for him to get off work so we could talk some more. We went back to his house so I could look through some old family things and collect some of my clothes I’d left over there off and on. I don’t like the “me” I was here,” she suddenly clarified to his shock. “I want a do-over with my life, and that includes you, Eric, whether as friends or…more.”

As he stared at her, his eyes narrowed, and his mouth started talking before his mind could over-think.

“If you go as Mine, you’ll stay Mine.” His eyes flicked to the dash, then back to her. “I’m playing for keeps, Sookie, except this isn’t a game. This is my life. I need to know that you’re in this for forev…for always.” His voice was strong, his words almost harsh, but the look in his eyes, the vulnerability vying with hope for a last stand, revealed the state of his heart.

Sookie kept her eyes locked with his, the quiet joy on her face growing broader and brighter. She took his face between her hands, and spoke.

“I know.”

He swallowed almost convulsively, but kept silent as he sensed she had more to say.

“I can’t say it’ll be easy between us, but how about we do things a little differently this time,” she suggested with a slightly wry but loving smile curving her lips.

He raised a brow in query. Despite her obvious exhaustion, her new, deeply buoyant attitude was not only evident, but was somehow contagious, too. Truthfully he couldn’t wait to hear what might come out of her mouth next.

“How about we try talking more this time around? Let’s ask honest questions and give honest answers and make actual time for each other. I think we both deserve that. Neither one of us is perfect – no, not even you Mr. Sexy Vampire Britches,” she snarked with a huge grin at his faux affronted expression. “But we deserve to fight for each other and for what we can be together. So, if we have to, let’s fight, let’s argue and butt heads and have heated debates over whatever we have to, but let’s stay together because the “we” of us is worth it.”

Eric stared into her eyes as if searching for a sign, nodded, and took her hands in his to kiss her palms. After placing them in her lap, he started the engine, and drove around to park beside her car.


Momentarily at a loss but then realizing his intention, Sookie quickly dug her keys out of her purse and handed them over.

At vamp speed he emptied her old car and trunk of all the bags, boxes, and suitcases she had stored in there, and loaded them into the back seat and trunk compartment of his vehicle. He handed her back her keys along with the small bag of travel snacks and the “car drink” she had ready for her trip, and in comfortable silence they drove away.

Sookie fell into a deep sleep within ten minutes, a peaceful smile gracing her lips. With one hand on the slightly warped steering wheel, Eric reached the other to the now loaded back seat, grabbed the ugly old afghan left purposefully atop the pile, and draped it across her sleeping form.

She was his, and he’d be damned if he was going to let her catch a chill…

**A/N:  So, what did you think?  Reviews feed the muse…  I hope it was worth veering off from the WIP (or two) I was working on when the notion struck?**



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  2. Absolutely worth the detour. I agree…an epilogue maybe? Ya know, like “A year later…”
    Anywho, thanks for a great one-shot. 😀


  3. I know you don’t want to hear it but… you know we all want more. I could see this turning into a story. That being said of course I loved it and happy that Sookie got her head out of her ass and figured out the truth about her friends and town. Great job as always!


  4. i liked it , they said the needed words and she grew up a bit and i am sure the arguments will be epic but at least they will be communicating. thank you for sharing. KY


  5. We are all ungrateful. We always want more, when the story is worthwhile.

    I saw that someone has discussed the possibility of turning into a vampire Sookie epilogue. Would not that be impossible since she is infected and the disease prevented the processing?


  6. Perfect one-shot fixer of TB… Loved how they talked…. Much improved Sookie too… Loved how you showed her emotional growth… She sounds quietly serene and ready to leave the past behind… Enlightened if you will… Which is what makes this work as seeing her like this makes it believable that Eric would give her (and them as a couple) another chance, THE CHANCE…


  7. I loved it! And bonus: the next thing on YT was The Best of Phil Collins!!! Love that man’s music. I agree with the epilogue, set at an undetermined time in the future. As for Sookie choosing to become a vampire, I’m sure Eric’s team of top notch Scientists will be able to find a way to cure her of the HepV so it can happen


  8. That was great! I would love to have more in the future! I like how you made Sookie realize that there is more to life than a house. I never understood her attachment to the farmhouse. She could have rented it and gone anywhere with Eric. When I married I followed my hubby we didn’t stay in the house I grew up in. Your Sookie seems to have found a backbone!


  9. This was awesome . I totally picture the whole scene I stared at the gorgeous picture and listened to Phil (love that song). This was great on so many levels, I like that Sookie is leaving and starting over. I like that Eric is starting over. I love that they are doing it together ‘for keeps’.


  10. Heey!! This was pretty great! 🙂 You seem to have quite the Talent for one-shots that are so awesome they tide us well over till the next update! Bravo, Brava :). You have to wonder what would happen if in the show, she really did up and leave forvever… NAH!! Eric HELLO??? 🙂


  11. Loved it! Thanks for the lovely little tale, and using one of my favorite Phil Collins tune to go with it!


  12. I have so much love for this and well Phil is one of my favs and that song rocks…I love a strong Sookie who stands up for herself like that and seeing Eric vulnerable is always refreshing and while I wouldn’t normally beg for more I think a sample of their life in the Big Easy would welcome with a glimpse of their fights and their love and their work sometime in the future of their relationship…


  13. ericluver: 😀 Thank you – very glad you liked it! Lol, I won’t say “never” to an epilogue/part 2, but I wouldn’t place any bets, though.


  14. gyllene: I love the idea of this staying as it is and imagining them riding off into the moon-set and being happy ever after, of a sort, but I can also see different plots and issues, maybe some odd-ball circumstances, popping up during that romantic ride off stage left, lol. Anything is possible, never say never, etc… Thanks – I’m glad you liked it! I love showing Sookie getting smarter, waking up and realizing that despite Gran’s attempts to keep her locked down in Backwater, USA, there IS more out there for her, and I love seeing Eric realize that no matter what he feels about her, he has his own life to lead and he can’t waste his love on someone incapable of appreciating or fully returning it…but it’s even better when they can come together after those revelations and be a happy couple then.

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  15. suzi44ky: 😀 Thank you! I’ll not say “never” on an epilogue, but it’s not in the cards just yet… I”m glad you liked it!


  16. galwidanatitud: Ha! I blame my journalism background for enjoying writing shorter, punchier one-shots. In my multi-chapter fics I can have fun with the rest of my English major with full-on descriptions of every freakin’ thing, but one-shots let me tell the tale faster and generally use one scene to combine the past and probable future events in a BAM! sort of way. Glad you liked it!


  17. Definitely worth it if only this could have happened, makes so much more sense than the crap they threw at us


  18. kleannhouse: Thank you! I love having a chance to show that they’ve both grown and that they’re now ready to move on, but move on together. And I can just imagine some of their future arguments! They’ll both always be strong-minded, lol. Glad you liked it!


  19. Perfecta999: Thank you! I won’t say “never” about extending it some, but that’d be way in the future (unless Eric glamours my muse again…). Glad you liked it!

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  20. cari1973: Thank you Cari! I’m glad you liked it! And I agree – I can’t imagine Turning Sookie as she does carry the Hep V virus. But since she caught it while still human/Fae, maybe her Fae side would kill it? It is worth serious thought. Good point!


  21. saintsfan022010: Hey thanks – glad you liked it! I can’t promise there’ll be more, but I haven’t ruled it out, either. (Just don’t let Eric glamour that particular muse, though…) 😀


  22. duckbutt60: Awww, thank you, sweets! I’m really glad you like it. I love writing “short and sweet” fix-its to at least TRY to write The Twit and HBO’s wrongs. 😀


  23. redjane12: Thank you – I appreciate it! I just had this thought that after she staked Bill, after she recovered from the shock and horror of it all, she had to have realized just how manipulative and cowardly he was, and that her thoughts would naturally grow to include so many other ideas that she’d held dear for no good reason whatsoever. It would have been cathartic as well as eye-opening (all that crying would have, figuratively speaking, cleansed her eyes and given her new sight), and I like to think she’d have been left healed and whole, and ready to welcome the rest of her life. And I see Eric as being very courageous, and when necessary, emotionally courageous, too. He could see that he was dealing with Sookie 2.0, and so he went out on that emotional limb and gave “them” another chance – the chance that they deserved after all the changes they’ve both endured. He’s strong like that! 😀


  24. missingjasamalways: Lol, I love Phil Collins too! 😀 I won’t say “never” about an epilogue at some point – Eric totally glamoured this muse this time so I wouldn’t put it past him to do it again, mouthy swot that he is – so I’ll just say that anything’s possible, lol. Glad you liked it!


  25. Lisa Baum Kisner: Awww, thank you!! That strange addiction she had to that old farmhouse was annoying. I can kind of see a little of it – it was home after her parents were killed and all, but after a while, it was nothing more than a moldering weight around her neck. (And I’ve had Sookie rent her house out to {unknown to her but Eric-approved} Weres in another one-shot – it’s the perfect way for her to have money coming in while she’s off living her life!) I love being able to let Sookie grow past the bs of her youth and shine on her own. That way she’s her own person, and is a far more equal match for Eric rather than having his personality completely drown hers. They deserve to have a great life together, and I do love giving them that! Glad you liked it! 😀


  26. mindyb781: Awww, thank you! That’s exactly the scene in my mind that cause me to write it (although I totally think Eric glamoured that particular muse…) Sookie needed to find it in herself to break free of her past, let go and fly free. Eric needed to find it in himself to do the same. When they did, it left them both free to be with each other as equal partners, neither held back by the “could have beens”. Now they can set off to investigate and conquer that brave new world – together – and for keeps! I’m so glad you liked it!


  27. simonedmcintyre: Thank you – glad you liked it! I love one-shots – they solve whatever the “problem” is quickly and efficiently, lol. 😀


  28. kinnik7104: Thanks! I love rectifying the situation, and you’re right – that was the ending of both their old lives and the beginning of a brand new adventure where they’re both on equal footing, and they each know that the other in “in for keeps”. 😀


  29. charity6201: 😀 Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! I’m not ruling out an epilogue or Part 2 or anything, just, unless Eric glamours that muse (again) anytime soon it might be a while. And you know those poor kids will have troubles in N’Awlinz… 😀

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  30. shandiii: Thank you! I’m still shaking my head over what they thought were appropriate endings. That mess was, and will always be, just plain awful. I love writing what I wish could have happened. Glad you liked it!


  31. Too true! Isn’t that part of why we love them so? LOL! 🙂 “No Jacket Required,” one of my Top 10 albums of all time. 🙂


  32. Omg!! So freakingly perfectly awesome!! I love fix it fics!! And when they are this famously awesome, I fall in love!! Thank you madam for the gift.


  33. Very happy Eric made your muse change the direction of this little gem. It’s full of hope and potential for their happiness and future together. What more could we ask?


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  36. Loved it!! I guess I’m greedy too because I would love an update maybe a few years into their future. It would be fun to see how a more mature Sookie and a more open Eric work out together.


  37. valady1: Thanks! And he did, too. Here I was all moody and ready to give him his freedom to go on to a better future with more deserving people, and oh, no, he decides he wants his Sookie…who just happens to have made some amazing decisions and huge steps in emotional maturity earlier that day. *hrumph* 😀 So glad it worked out for them! 😀


  38. tcunnings: Thank you, very glad to hear it! I won’t say “never” to an epi, but it might be a while if I do one. Glad you liked it! 😀


  39. lzdiva4: Thank you! 😀 I love the idea of them living their lives happily together, arguing when they need to but resolving any issues quickly and getting back to the bliss. Very glad you liked it!


  40. It’s so much better when everything works out. I understand not wanting to continue, you’ve already got a lot of stories going on, but I hate the ending to almost any Eric and Sookie. 🙂


  41. I loved it! The perfect HEA for Trueblood Sookie/Eric!
    I’d love to find out what life in NOLA would be like while working together.
    I wonder how Pam would take this new revelation?


  42. ashmo2000: 😀 Thank you! I could see Pam being very suspicious at first (this is TBPam, plus she’s fully aware of all the times Sookie chose someone else over Eric in the past), but I’d like to think that, eventually, she’d settle down and be ok with it. I can’t see TBPam ever becoming Sookie’s BFF, but I can see her getting her head out of her butt long enough to see that Sookie has grown up and gotten over the issues in her past. Glad you liked it!

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  43. ashmo2000: Yup! Especially if mainly Eric but Sookie as well made a point to make her NOT feel excluded. BookPam seemed to have more “emotional intelligence” than TBPam did, but even TBPam wasn’t so much “stupid” as “semi-obsessed”. I think that if Eric spent a little more time (and words) with her, she’d get the point, eventually, that just because he loves Sookie doesn’t mean he can’t love Pam as a Child, too.

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  44. You’re right now THAT I think about it. At the end of the show I felt Pam was more obsessed than was necessary. It’s like she forgot how she was turned. Eric didn’t choose her, there wasn’t a pull. I didn’t really like TB Pam all that much.


  45. ashmo2000: Exactly. It’s like she totally forgot that she emotionally coerced him into changing her, like she thought that he owed her something for it all, whereas BookPam was turned without consent yet she loved her new life. You can tell which one Eric felt that pull toward. TBPam in a way was fun, snarky, kick-ass, but that tinge of semi-obsession over Eric was pretty off-putting.

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  46. Pam reminds me of a scorned lover. She was jealous of the French girl in the vineyard and now Sookie. How did she always manage to get chained up anyway?


  47. ashmo2000: It does make you wonder. And yeah, she had that jealous ex-lover bit down pat, which is truly weird since she decided she preferred women about, what, 8 minutes after being turned?

    Liked by 1 person

  48. ashmo2000: It does make you wonder. And yeah, she had that jealous ex-lover bit down pat, which is truly weird since she decided she preferred women about, what, 8 minutes after being turned?

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  54. I adored this!! As you may know I am a fan of Phil Collins (and Genesis). This song does fit extremely well with Eric and I am glad it inspired you to do a o/s! It was perfect and I’d love to see an epilogue!!


  55. This is awesome even if it does have a Phil Collins song in it – always makes me think of American Psycho. Maybe gran was punishing herself by staying in Bon Temps for so long. It’s nice to think of Eric and Sookie running away together.


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