Anticipating, Chapter 6

(Godric takes a bath…)

“Vampires and humans are all people of one sort or another.” Cara’s ringing endorsement nipped at his memory. She had been determined to make him realize that it did not matter to her if a person was “living or undead, warm or cold…a person is still a person.” Beautiful, stubborn female.

He smiled faintly at the memory of the surprising resolve in her face as she sat across from him at her small kitchen table. That this lovely girl…he guessed her age at somewhere around a mere 25 human years?…argued quite effectively with a vampire well over 2000 years old…simply incredible.

Godric stretched and added more hot water to his bath. Long soaking bubble baths were one of the few excesses he allowed himself on a regular basis. He could excuse such an activity by claiming it helped him think and relax, but honestly, he just enjoyed the peaceful sensuality of lying back and soaking in very warm, nicely scented water.

He let his mind drift yet again to the hours before and found himself both pleased and disconcerted by the night’s revelations.

Cara’s small rented apartment was clean and well tended, but strangely impersonal. She was an avid reader and drinker of ever-present, rather milky coffee, and an excellent conversationalist. She possessed a strong intelligence, incredible tolerance, and a thoroughly charming sense of humor. He wryly believed that, given time, her stubbornness would become quite legendary.

A different memory resurfaced, and he cringed. He had been frighteningly close to the edge. He would always be grateful to whatever powers that be that must have come to his aid for he still had no idea how he managed to stop himself from draining her and fucking her senseless. It had been a horrible shock to discover just how easily his restraint could slip around her.

He slapped his hand through the water in automatic disgust with his lack of control, then relaxed his head back onto the bath pillow. His next memory was much happier.

After all that drama, he was surprised and grateful at being allowed to sit and converse with her for an immensely satisfying two hours. She was unfailingly polite, and a lively, interested participant in their conversation. She was quick-witted, charming, eloquent, yet peculiarly reserved.

While he was well-pleased with the advances he had made in teaching her more about vampires in general, he regretted that he was unable to bring the conversation around to…himself.

He found that he wanted her to know him, the real him, and it bothered him that she seemed determined to keep a sort of distance between them. Perhaps the time for such things was not yet right because every time he tried to bring up something of a more personal nature, she managed to very subtly redirect the conversation. Odd, that.

But he was immensely pleased that he could play with her, and laugh! What an extremely pleasant surprise! He was thoroughly taken with this Cara, and delighted with their shared humor. He could not remember how long it had been since he had enjoyed partaking in such silly behavior. It was particularly invigorating!

Others by nature treated him with the deference and admiration due his age and power, but it was tinged with an obligatory distance. By necessity he had precious few trusted friends, and even fewer confidants around whom he could truly relax.

Sadly, he admitted to himself, he missed laughing.

He added bath gel to a natural sea sponge, worked up a thick lather, and began to bathe. It was getting close to sunrise.

What a night! Cara’s tinkling laughter then came to mind, as did her luminous brown eyes, gleaming with humor and intelligence. How clever she was with her jesting, shyly peeping up at him from beneath her long dark lashes.

Slyly he smirked as he washed his arms. He would definitely have to think of more ways to tease her. She blushed so beautifully.

As he washed his chest, he pondered various excuses to visit her home again. Maybe he could entice her into visiting his estate? His fangs ached in his gums, but he held them in.

Cara was genuinely happy to receive her cleaned jacket, and had jokingly hoped she would never have to try out her new “super mace”. He had tasked his day-man with acquiring the best mace product available; apparently he was successful.

She had received her gift as gracefully as anyone could when receiving a replacement mace device, but he wanted to give so many other things, better things.

How he would love to see her eyes light up when receiving much more appropriately feminine gifts. Jewelry? Flowers? Perfumes?

Memory of her luscious scent flooded his mind. His fangs dropped before he could stop them.

His hand slowly slipped lower, the sponge forgotten as he relived the intoxicating blend of jasmine, honey, pears, and her own warm feminine scent.

Fuck. His cock was rock-hard and aching.

He palmed himself and slowly started stroking as he imagined his lips on her neck. He could almost feel her skin under his tongue. Maybe he could permit himself an imaginary nip or two.

He could just see her biting her lip as he sucked on her neck. His cock jerked at the thought of her teeth biting his lips instead of her own.

His hand clinched tighter and stroked faster as he imagined tasting those soft plump lips…imagined thrusting his tongue into the depths of her warm, sweet mouth.

He growled and hissed and pumped furiously at the thought of those lips kissing down his chest and lower…

His whole body went rigid as he shocked himself with the force of his shuddering release.

Godric could not remember the last time he had put his hand to such use. Apparently her laughter wasn’t the only thing he wanted.




*Well…what did you think? This is my first serving of lemonade here, so let me know if you loved it, loathed it, both…neither? (I gotta say, I love me some Godric gettin’ his groove on…)*


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18 thoughts on “Anticipating, Chapter 6

  1. There is just so much to love about this story!!! Godric had to take some care of himself at just the thoughts of his Cara!!! Poor Godric she’s gotten under your skin so thoroughly already!!! Love this so hard!! Heh pun absolutely intended!!! 😉


  2. Mmm, Godric lemons.
    As you have said, very jealous of a hand right now. Please excise my stop/start reviewing. I’m having a goldfish/daughter crisis. Apparently flushing it was the wrong thing to do 😦
    Now I’m trying to make sure the others survive! Dang finicky things. I’d much rather read lemony, yummy Godric!


  3. Oh noes – poor Mr Goldfish! Poor Daughter!! (Ugh, fish are SO tetchy!!)

    No worries – I’d rather you read slow and enjoy (And yeah, his lucky, lucky hand…)


  4. LOL, poor Godric, his hand is not used to such activities… It’s very refreshing to read a vampire taking care of himself while fantasizing about the woman he wants instead of letting his vampire nature take over and use another warm body to satisfy his needs. Godric, I surmise, will be taking more baths like this one in the foreseeable future.


  5. AlphaEN: THANK YOU!! I wanted to show that Godric is so old, so mature, so self-disciplined that he doesn’t feel the need to succumb to his vampire nature (as an excuse to just do what he wants?) when it comes to sex and blood needs (vx wants). And heh, in my imagination, he became very familiar with baths…


  6. fundamentalblue: 😀 Glad you like! “Time-wise” this actually did move rather quickly, but “chapter-wise” yeah, it’s a slow-go. Lots of things have to happen to draw them close before the bodies follow. 😉


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