On Plagiarism

*A/N:  This was originally a blog post I posted on April 29, 2014, found here, that I have decided to make more highly visible as it will, sadly, remain relevant.  I suggest checking out the original post as there are many interesting and informative comments worth your time.*

And on a serious note, it has come to my attention that…

Sadly, it has come to my attention that there is a writer/are a few writers who feel that my specific ideas, the ones I use in my stories, are free for the pickin’, as it were.

They are not.

While I would never, ever call these people out in a public forum unless it became absolutely necessary, I will use said public forum to ask this person/these people to either credit me with the idea, terminology I invented, or plot point that I created, or to just stop lifting and using my ideas from my stories as their own.

I had hoped the first example or two were simply coincidence, but evidently they are not.  I also tend not to believe in coincidences.

Everyone knows that many larger plots are enormously inclusive and have been around for so long as to almost become their own canon, but… it is generally quite easy to tell when the writer of a story has created something based on their own ideas.  And, no matter how unintended the action – as I hope these incidents are, and no matter how large or small the theft, stealing that idea, terminology, or plot point is still theft, and it makes me sad that I even have to address this issue.

And, yes, I *am* being purposefully vague here because I would never want to hurt their feelings or cause them any distress – unless it becomes absolutely necessary, at which point I will raise hell.  At this point I am not out for blood or anything of that sort;  I just want them to either stop (preferably), or to have the grace to acknowledge that, simply put, *I* thought of it first!

To the very best of my knowledge I have never done anything along these lines to any writer because I have too much genuine respect for them.  But, if I ever did, then I would surely want that writer to let me know so that I could immediately correct that part of my story – hence this post.   Ideas belong to their creator, period.

Now, if this person/these people had become inspired by one of my stories or found that they really wanted to incorporate a certain section, and had come to me asking if it would be ok to use this part or that, I would have been flattered as all hell and would most likely have given them every approval and assistance they could have wanted.

Anyway, I am now going to consider this issue addressed, but I will be keeping my ever-watchful eyes open and aware.  I know exactly what all has been lifted and from which stories. Although I am a very easy-going person, I hold my creations dear to my heart and do not in any way appreciate others using my specific ideas as their own.

I feel…violated.




**A/N:  Although this topic is now “old”, feel free to add your own thoughts and comments below if you want.**








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