EN: ATS, Chapter 17

**A/N: Ok, so, Fairy Sookie got style…and a clue…and Godric got laid as Godrics do, so, yeah, BOLO for that…**

The moment the screen went dark, with a word to no one Sookie popped out of the room. Before anyone could do more than rise in shock, she reappeared…dragging a half-dressed Preston by his pointy ear.

“Here,” she spat, “is the traitor.”

In a blur of movement invisible forces at Sookie’s direction placed the male fairy into a spare desk chair and held him immobile.

“Don’t even try it,” ordered Niall in a firm if disheartened voice, his face more haggard, his shoulders more stooped, than those present wanted to notice. He approached the wild-eyed fairy and placed his hand on the male’s dark head.

A soft glow formed at his touch and all beheld the myriad expressions on the old Fairy Prince’s face as he stood so still. Preston’s face showed bitterness, anger, fear, and peevish disgust in rotation.

“He’s reading Preston’s memories,” whispered Sookie when she noted the vampires’ confusion. “He has the power to search through every memory he ever had and there’s no way Preston can hide anything from him. Niall will know if he’s guilty and if he is, he’ll know exactly what he’s done and who all was involved.”

Within moments a furious hiss that would have made a vampire proud escaped from the old fairy, and the soft glow abruptly turned blindingly bright. Seconds later a series of incandescent sparks began rising from Preston’s back and chest. Eventually they gathered above his head then separated into tendrils of bright sparks that floated up then disappeared into Niall’s arm.

The vampires in the room turned to Sookie when she gasped. She turned to Eric, her eyes filled with wide-eyed wonder, and explained.

“Niall is…he’s removing Preston’s spark! I’ve only seen it done once before, when I was a child…,” her voice tapered off as she focused her attention on the light show in the center of the room.

Long silent minutes later, Niall removed his hand. The change in his appearance was remarkable. Even if his expression was rife with disappointment and heartbreak, his appearance seemed centuries younger otherwise.

Preston sagged down in the chair as though deflated, his forlorn expression a blend of bitterness and disbelief.

Niall took a moment to compose himself, then allowed his former purpose and slight arrogance to return. He looked toward Richard.

“Do you have a prison…um…nay, a cell, comfortable but highly secure, where Preston may be kept until things are calm enough to have him transferred back to my Realm?”

Eric snarled and the room vibrated.

“You mean to treat that traitor as a fucking guest? He would have my Sookie raped and forced to bear young! He would have led to your death and you wish to treat him as a fucking guest!?”

Sookie, knowing Eric didn’t understand, popped to his side. She slid her soft body under his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Niall shook his head then smiled sadly.

“What I have just done to the child is far worse than even your most barbaric tortures could possibly be.”

He sighed, his regret obvious.

“I have taken his spark from him, Viking. There is no magic left anywhere within him and he will live out the natural days of his life never feeling complete, always missing the most of who he used to be. Imagine having known extraordinary power, the ability to slip between Realms with a mere thought, the ability to meet all your needs and wants with a flick of a wrist, then suddenly losing all touch not only with that sweet, delicious power but with your entire family, with your entire…species.”

He shivered at the thought but didn’t look at Preston who now appeared more lost and bewildered than anything.

“As a mortal, his time in any realm is now limited to a natural aging, and he will die never again knowing the presence in his heart or mind of any other. What I have done is a last resort to our kind for a very good reason. Death would have honestly been kinder but given the scope of his crimes…” His voice trailed off as pure anger briefly suffused his face, then was replaced with a strange pity.

“I am not sure if he will even be allowed to enter the Summerlands after his natural death, but he cannot end his own life for fear of being denied that final boon anyway. His existence is now one of misery, bereft of all which made him Fae. He has now paid more than you can possibly imagine, and he will continue suffering until his last breath. So, yes, a cell as comfortable as you can make it is, indeed, appropriate.”

Godric was impressed with the dignity behind the old goat’s request and with the severity of the punishment inflicted upon his own kinsman, and nodded subtly to Richard who wore a somewhat conflicted expression.

Eric didn’t appear fully convinced and Godric could easily feel the need for bloody revenge thrumming too close to the surface but knew his child would…probably…allow the woman to console him.

Richard nodded then paused for the briefest moment to imagine how the traitor must feel, then, with a mental shrug and a “nanner fucking nanner – sucks to be you” called his head guard and ordered the necessary arrangements. Afterward he glanced around the room with an intelligent eye.

He nodded to his surprisingly controlled Sibling before walking over to Niall and holding out his hand, one ruler to another.

To Niall’s surprise, he saw not only respect but also compassion and understanding in the vampire king’s knowing gaze.

Without a word they shook hands, then citing “king business” Richard headed for the door.

“Pam, walk with me,” he said briskly.

Once they left the room, Sookie moved from Eric’s side and went to her relative who now appeared mere years older than herself, and despite the lack of privacy, gave him a hug.

She knew just how painful the experience had been for both Niall and Preston, not physically but emotionally and mentally. Niall had almost regained his youth but the price…

As his old arms slowly folded around her, Niall blinked back harsh tears. That Preston had been so blithely willing to betray them all… Family…family was everything to a fairy and to knowingly aid such horrible plots…he couldn’t imagine.

His strength was vastly restored, many centuries had been added to his lifespan, but he’d have gladly gained naught to have kept Preston innocent.

That poor, stupid boy…

“I’m sorry,” Sookie whispered into his chest.

“No, child, the full blame rests where it grew,” he wearily replied. A moment later he patted her back and gently set her from him. He tilted her face up so he could meet her eyes.

“And that, how you rushed in to secure Preston, is exactly why I wished to keep you apart from any plans, my dear. You have a strong, brave heart and a courageous spirit, and you are loyal almost to a fault, but impulse control has never been one of your strong points,” he said with loving exasperation. “You rush in where our angels fear to tread and one day your luck may not go with you.”

Sookie…pouted. He was right…she knew he was right…but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“I can’t sit around and do nothing, though.”

“Sometimes, especially when the situation revolves directly around you, Sookie, that is exactly what you must do.”

Niall paused to think and eyed Sookie thoughtfully.

“You would be a valuable tool in this war but,” he let his voice trail off tantalizingly. Silly girl had the best of intentions but the worst ability to play well with others, and the only way to win this war would be to work together.

“But what?”

He kept up the “considering” expression for another long moment, then relented.

“But only if we could count on you to discuss your intentions with us before you act on your thoughts. You have brilliant ideas but how can we provide backup and support if we don’t know what they are? What if Preston had somehow been prepared for your appearance and had managed to subdue you? We would not have known your intentions so we would have no idea of the risks involved so we could not have been prepared to help you.” He exhaled in frustration.

“How would you like it if your Eric disappeared on some sort of mission and had told you nothing about it?”

The frown that marred her lovely features gave him slight hope.

“Would you rather live in simple, happy ignorance of his actions without being able to help him should things go wrong, or would you prefer to know what he’s doing, to know when to worry and how to prepare to help him should those things go wrong?”

Sookie’s gimlet glare told him he had finally, after all those years, finally made his point.

“Would you deny him the same? Would you deny me the same?”

She huffed, then rested her forehead on his ancient chest.

“Ok, Niall, I get it. Dammit.”

Her whispered words made his heart sing and he gladly hugged his precious Sookie once more.

Across the room, Eric exhaled a relieved breath.

Godric nodded to his child and slipped from the room where his ancient presence was no longer needed. He had a date with Claudine…and some sheets.

The dark-haired fairy had definitely caught his interest, and although this was nothing more than a fling for the both of them, it was a fling his cock was happy to enjoy.

He had no intentions of “settling down” or whatever they called it these nights and she felt obligated to, eventually, find appropriate fairies to mate with for the continuation of her species, but if they were to happen to find pleasure in each other’s arms in the here and now, where was the harm?

True, there was a war of sorts slowly escalating beyond their perimeters, but not every single moment of every single night could be spent making plans that would only change as more information became available.

During the past many centuries, Godric had put more than enough of his time in dealing with wars and plots and such…it was all “old hat” to him now and honestly, the only fun wars were the ones he himself had started. Besides, from vast experience he knew how to both spend and bide his time.

He was even parsing out clues toward solving his older dilemma, the one involving that twit and the mysteriously changing plots and such.

Yes, his vast experience had taught him many things including how to plan and theorize when you can but to write no plan in stone and definitely leave the theories open for reinterpretation. Tonight’s information was valuable and he was already reevaluating his theories and plans in the back of his mind. He would have some calls to make once he had dissected and examined all the possibilities, but in the meantime Claudine had a deliciously carnal side he was by no means through exploring.

For a creature appearing to be so shy she was quite delightful on her back…and on her knees…and shoved up against the wall, he thought in appreciation as he approached the separate quarters he’d selected for their meetings. There was certainly no shyness in her enthusiastic ability to suck him off while on her knees with her fingers tickling his balls then exploring his ass, either.

He certainly wasn’t going to entertain her in any of his private quarters – well over 2,000 years of keeping his resting places secret just wouldn’t allow for that, and he wasn’t going to meet her in the Fairy Wing either. Gelsey had finally given up on catching Richard’s eye – his progeny had stated that while the fairy was quite attractive, he simply wasn’t interested in starting a doomed relationship right that moment…maybe later – and she had quickly indicated a certain willingness to “protect his ancient body” should the need “arise”.

Godric remembered fondly the times he hadn’t minded involving himself in the intimate affairs of many sets of twins and several sets of triplets so entertaining the two fairies wouldn’t have been a stretch of any sort, but these nights he felt he had to set a better example for his family and so chose not to allow himself to present too much of a temptation to the bored and horny fairy.

Besides, it was entirely possible that Richard might at some point pause in his “explosive devices and other creations” research and remember that he was, in fact, male after all.

Possibly…though unlikely.

When his Youngest wasn’t tending to his kingly business or planning plots and plotting plans with Eric regarding the Sookie situation, he was busy trying to create ways of color-coding said devices of devious destruction.

Stan did like his colorful explosions.

Godric shook his head. At least it kept him out of trouble, well, until it came time to actually test his little projects.

Texas needed its own Area 51. Perhaps he should see to that after all this war business was over.

For now, however…

He entered the suite he’d claimed for his more amorous activities with Claudine and secured the door behind himself, then stopped to inhale the heady fragrance of a fairy in a very receptive mood.

As he paused in the doorway to the bedroom, he undressed while admiring the view of a naked Claudine as she rested on her forearms watching what appeared to be porn on what appeared to be one of Pam’s discarded laptops.

Trust Pam to have an offline porn collection…

“Getting new ideas,” he asked as he blurred across the room to stand at the foot of the bed and admire the rounded curves of her ass. She obligingly parted her legs just enough for him to glimpse her nether lips already pinkened and slightly swollen from…

The scent of her release and the glistening juices between her thighs indicated that she had already pleasured herself at least once while waiting on him.

Good…then she was already primed…but he would make sure before using her too roughly.

At her faux-inattentive drawn-out murmur of agreement, he grinned, then in one move spread her legs and knelt between them.

He ran his palms over her thighs then over the curves of her ass a few times before suddenly pulling her hips up and toward him so they would be in the perfect position. A strong burst of aroused fairy scent teased his nose and dropped his fangs when she realized his intentions.

She gasped and dropped any pretense of ignoring him when he thrust two fingers inside her and expertly stroked her to completion at vamp speed.

Once assured of her first pleasure of the night at his hands and smirking as she grabbed blindly at the sheets then a pillow, he fully thrust his hard cock into her well-prepared channel then held still for a moment until he felt her accept him.

He then proceeded to fuck her faster, then slower, then faster again, never allowing her to grow accustomed to his pace until she finally whimpered into the pillow her need to cum.

When he heard that signal, he slowed his pace purposefully but thrust harder as he spread his knees to part her thighs even farther so he could thrust deeper…slow and hard and steady… until she screamed her release into the pillow she was undoubtedly biting by now.

Without giving her a chance to recover, he flipped her over and savored the fairy-sweet juices now coating the hairless juncture of her thighs. As his devilishly talented tongue worked her once more toward hot desire, he brought his hands up to cup and fondle her breasts before lightly pulling and pinching her hardened nipples.

She liked having her nipples pinched and rolled rather firmly, but he would wait until she was ready to cum – and cum hard – before gladly sating that need. He couldn’t blame her…it was all he could do not to cum when she sucked and bit his own nipples.

Finally he latched onto her clit and gently sucked it into his mouth and counted…on the fifth and strongest pull he granted her that nipple wish and with firm hands and tongue made his temporary fairy shriek.

Barely a second later he was once again thrusting away inside her, their hips bucking to an interspecies beat older than time, the muscles in his arms and back rippling as her short, strong nails dug into and scored his skin…and finally he worked toward his first pleasure of the night.

Later, after he came, he allowed his companion a few moments to regain her lost breath, then with a cocky grin and a cocky erection that he never quite let soften, he planted Claudine on his lap for round two.


“No, you should dedicate purple for any royal places and green for demon places and that weird blue color for Weres and yellow for any you-know-who places and leave that orange for businesses and brown for everything else,” Pam stated quite strongly.

She shook her head. If there was one thing her Kingly Uncle could be counted on to get wrong, it was color combinations.

And time. It wasn’t unusual for him to become so caught up in his experiments that he forgot the time and ended up having to stay the day in a coffin kept in a highly securable side room just for that purpose.

He could easily return to his own quarters but where was the fun in that?

Stan paced the length of the counter in his triple reinforced workshop. He could see where Pam was coming from about the colors sure, and while he actually agreed with her rationalizations, the subject still required serious thought.

By necessity it would be dark any time these particular devices were used and should the destruction of any royal buildings – houses, palaces, residences, estates, etc. – become gloriously necessary, he wanted the effect to be highly visible, and damn it, that particular purple just wasn’t eye-catching enough.

Maybe if he tweaked the formulation he could make it a bit more elegantly glow-in-the-dark… The brown would have to go, though. It was too boring to make one immediately think of glorious destruction when they saw it.

Brown…brown was for leather and walls…and some trees…not explosives!

After he finished perfecting the purple he really needed to see about better balancing and sharpening the rusting iron throwing stars – Breandon might be an itchy thorn in everyone’s overly ticklish sides, but he would be good for honing the stars…

Fucking Breandon…what a fucking bastard! Oh, the daggers…he would definitely be using that bastard’s useless hide to test that latest set of daggers he’d been playing around with. Coating finished products with rusting iron wasn’t as easy as it sounded and then came the balancing and the sharpening…

So much work to do…so much work…

Pam huffed and resumed perusal of the fashion mag she’d snagged en route to Stan’s lab.

A while back he had made a “royal niche” for her in the huge main room of his lab and while the slightly overdone Victorian “sofa and chairs” bit looked extremely out of place considering all the weird, and usually dirty, paraphernalia he had set up and strewn about the place, it was still a little place of her own. She appreciated his consideration…and the muted lighting provided by the gold-and-diamond chandelier shining down above her head.

To the left was a Viking refrigerator, no doubt selected by Stan specifically to annoy her Maker, but it was as always well stocked with premium blood products that could be heated in the microwave beside it. The freezer portion even contained one of Stan’s many successful experiments: blood popsicles!

With a silent squee she remembered him saying that he’d made a fresh batch recently, so she tossed the mag to the table and jumped up to grab one.

Her Maker was undoubtedly coddling and cuddling with his Sookie; Godric was undoubtedly finding new ways of making that Claudine chick scream – she smirked as she remembered the dark-haired fairy giving her a long side-look then sidling up and asking her if she had any human porn handy; Niall was undoubtedly becoming accustomed to his suddenly-younger body and probably playing “guard the cock” with Gelsey, the only female he’d brought along who wasn’t related to him; Preston was undoubtedly staring at a wall in a cell by now, and the rest of them could all go hang for all she cared.

She finished her popsicle and tossed the plastic – never wood – stick into the nearby wastebasket and washed her hands in the industrial sink with the imported soap Stan kept on hand for her and sat back down.

With a huff she flipped through a couple pages, then gasped.


**A/N:  “Interspecies beat”…sorry, I had to…it’s what happens when PapaGodric gets his groove on…  Heh, Sookie contained the traitor then got a clue, bless her heart, and Stan?  Stan’s happy in his lab with his Royal Niece keeping him company.  Pam has blood popsicles and a fashion mag handy, so she’s set…sorta.  So, what’d ja think?**

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  2. It is interesting to see what each one of them looking at a relationship. One did not love them, the other only occasionally and impersonally, and the other wanting something for life.


  3. Wonderful update.
    Wow I didn’t see that coming,Naill taking away Preston’s spark!
    That is certainly worse than any kind of torture,isn’t it !?
    Thank goodness Sookie finally understood that she can not act impulsively anymore.
    Loved Godric’s and Claudine’s battle between the sheets!
    Oh Pam is Pam.


  4. Holy crap Godric is one dirty bird!!! (sorry that needed to be said first) You gotta love Sookie’s enthusiasm but yeah she needs to work on how to be a team player. I wonder if losing you spark is like life with out coffee or maybe life with only (shiver) decaf coffee (the horror). Still giglling over the ‘colored’ bombs the bloodcicle!


  5. Losing that which defines who and what you are..if given a choice I imagine Preston would have preferred death. Niall’s explanation about the punishment meted out to Preston makes that clear I think.


  6. Punishment befitting the crime- harsh but well deserved. As for Godric & Claudine – very ‘cute’ together; nice to see a Godric who’s not depressed. 🙂


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  8. That was a very imaginative punishment for Preston and a truly horrific one. Hopefully Sookie now understands the position she puts other in with her impulsive moves. Gotta love Godric and his fairy friend! And cracked up when Pam got distracted by pictures of shoes.


  9. cari1973: Exactly – they’re all in a different place as far as wanting or dealing with a relationship is concerned and it’s interesting envisioning how they each deal with it when it comes up.


  10. Jackie69: I imagine this Sookie being a bit “spoiled” in that she’s always been used to having her powers that have only gotten stronger through the years so to her it’s nothing to just pop over here/there and do what she wants without having to REALLY worry about her own safety. Now it’s a different story because not only is Breandon actively looking for her but she has one other person who would most definitely be affected if something should happen to her. Niall could pop in to help her if he needed to but Eric couldn’t. I’d almost feel bad for Preston but…neh. I’m like Stan, lol. I love imagining his lab! And Pammy’s little “sitting corner” in it, too, lol. Glad you liked it!


  11. charity6201: Heh, he said it was time for the ol’ guy to get some lovin’, especially since neither one of them is in a mood to actually settle down…just have some fun…lots and lots of fun…wait, where was I?

    Heh, and yup, it was time for Sookie to get a safety-clue. I imagine losing the spark being along the lines of never having any sort of coffee again…ever…or chocolate…or ribs…or… But you gotta admit, the colored bombs were fun! 😀 And you know Pam went back for another bloodcicle…

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  12. valady1: Thanks! With what he had been planning against his on family, he definitely deserved it, plus by absorbing his spark, Niall is now even more powerful which will help with defeating Breandon, so it’s a fitting punishment. Plus, he didn’t actually kill his own relative, something that he’d by far prefer not to do except in self-defense, so there’s that. Harsh and bloodless…signs of an elevated fairy…

    Or something. Glad you liked it!


  13. shoegirl01: Plus Niall was able to absorb his spark which increased his own power and ‘youth’ so now it’ll be slightly easier to deal with Breandon…kind of ironic, eh? *still giving Preston the side-eye* Heh, this Godric is a lot of things but depressed isn’t one of them… *yeah, totally snickering over here* Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. mom2goalies: Lol, I can totally see her sitting there trying to work up a good pout since everyone else is off being busy doing their own things and BAM: SHOES! 😀 And Go Go Godric! He’s like the EnergizerVamp! *Claudine, it should be noted, is an extremely happy and fortunate lady…* Glad you liked it!

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  15. Wow. One traitor down and an enemy to go. Yeah, Sookie was careless, but she seems to have gotten a clue. I’m glad Godric is enjoying himself. Richard and Pam, too. I feel a little sorry for Niall. It sucks to have to do that to someone, even if it did give him some rejuvenation. Great chapter.


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  17. Great update – love everyone enjoying a bit of down time… Next comes battle I guess? I like the friendly vibe between the King and the Kingly Niece… they’re like the young siblings in the family hanging out…


  18. kleannhouse: I feel badly for Preston…know I shouldn’t, know he deserves it, but yeah…I kind of do…sorta. Heh, and I can totally see Godric having a fling with a super-willing fairy! Glad you liked it!


  19. galwidanatitud: Heh, that they are! 😀 And that’s me, too – the view I have of Preston in my mind is that he’s not “irredeemably evil”, more “horrendously stupid, thoughtless, jealous, sniveling, whiny frat-boy” who was headed down the wrong path but might not have gone all that far along it if Breandon hadn’t been in the picture. Still…at least he isn’t dead… 😀


  20. murgatroid98: You’re right – Niall had a hard decision to make, but he just couldn’t bring himself to actually kill the boy. No matter what he said, to him it’s better that Preston be alive (even if thoroughly miserable) than completely gone…and at least he can now rule for many more centuries before having to foist that responsibility off onto Sookie. I love having Richard/Stan and Pam being buddies! And heh, yeah, Go Go Godric! 😀 Glad you liked it!


  21. ashmo2000: Ha – that he is! He’s like the sexy vampire nerd I’ve always wanted, lmao! (He dvr’s an insane mishmash of everything from How It’s Made to Modern Marvels to Nova to Mythbusters to…you get the idea…but we pretend we don’t see the smattering of X-Files and Big Bang Theory among other things.) And yes – Sookie finally found a clue!!

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  22. redjane12: You’re exactly right – Richard/Stan and Pam really are like the “younger siblings” in the family. They don’t have to deal with the Maker/Child aspects so there aren’t any power/control issues to have to deal with – they can just be themselves (even though neither Eric nor Godric have never, ever abused the Maker authority).


  23. That Sookie! Bless her heart! Niall gets younger when he relieves a fairy of their spark? One would think he would do it for sport! LOL! Papa Godric gettin’ his groove on was delightful! 🙂


  24. msbuffy: True! It shows thought that no matter how preeny or arrogant or “fairy-like” Niall is, he really does care about his Fairy people. Heh, and yeah, GO GO GODRIC! 😀

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  25. ladytarara: Bingo. Niall is a badass in his own way. The fall-out from Preston’s actions would have led to Sookie being repeatedly raped and forced to pop out fae’babies, and there would have been numerous deaths all around. Preston knew that would happen – maybe hadn’t realized the true depths of his actions, but he knew. He definitely deserved it.

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