The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 16

*Useless A/N:  Sorry so late…*ducks rotten fruit*…but here it is…as is…all mistakes are forevermore mine own…*


Andre carefully lowered Emma to her side of the bed, then quietly joined her on his own side.  He rolled over to face her, but didn’t say anything.  The lengthening silence was starting to take its toll on her when he finally spoke.

“I apologize.”

His words, stated so softly, startled Emma out of trying to figure out how to cover them up without being too obvious about it.  She looked up and saw the regret on his face.

“For what?”  She couldn’t imagine a single thing for him to be sorry about.

“I had meant to…  I don’t know how to be…easy with you, but, I had wanted something different.”  His gaze focused on the bruises slowly forming on her hips.

Emma thought for a moment, then leaned over and bit his shoulder…hard.

He hissed then immediately rolled over on top of her.  “What the fuck was that about?”  She’d fucking BIT him!

Not even trying to hide her self-satisfied grin, Emma quipped, “That was for being so hard on yourself, honey.”  She cupped his cheeks in her hands, and continued more seriously.  “I don’t know a lot about you, but from what I do know, being gentle isn’t exactly a part of your current repertoire, and I don’t hold it against you.  What you’ve been doing for the biggest part of forever has required the cold, hard, brutal part of your personality to show the most.”

She was torn between laughing at the expression on his face, and weeping for the gentle being she had begun to suspect lived behind the facade.  She settled for tucking a stray lock of hair back behind his ear.  “It’s just going to take some time for you to get used to being sweet with me.  It’s been a while since I’ve been with anyone, so, yeah, I guess I wish you could have gone a little slower and easier this first time between us, but even so, Andre…honey…I have to say that you have some fine-ass bedroom moves, babe.”

It was all she could do to keep from guffawing as the expressions on his face flowed from regret to pained to smug to outrage, then back to smug.

A moment later…”Babe?!”  What the hell?  She’s biting him and calling him names now?

She grinned at the indignant distaste in his voice and shamelessly flaunted her dimples.  “Yup.  Babe.”

“Let’s bond, then I’ll show you “babe”,” he suggested threateningly.  The slightly upturned corners of his lips betrayed the treat.  As he “not grinned” down at her, the harsh planes of his handsome face were subtly softened…he was so beautiful, it took her breath away.

Emma laughed softly as she allowed her gaze to wander over his face.  She was thoroughly enjoying teasing and talking with him.  She knew so little about him, but yet she was so comfortable with him…even though she’d known him for such a short amount of time.

She brushed her hands through his blond hair as she enjoyed its strong, silky texture.  “Are you sure you want to bond with me, Andre?  You’ve known me for, what, all of 28 seconds now?”

At that his expression tightened down somewhat, but the sea-blue color of his eyes had never seemed bluer.  “Yes.  Now, sit up,” he commanded uselessly as he rolled off her and brought her up to sit in his lap as he leaned against the headboard.

He pulled her back against his chest and wrapped his right arm securely around her waist after smoothing her dark hair out of the way.  She felt so small, almost fragile, in his arms, and he was once again angry with himself for being not being any more considerate with her than he had been.  He was just incredibly thankful that he hadn’t hurt her, and that his blood would heal whatever soreness he was sure he’d inflicted.

“I’m going to bite you here,” he said, then kissed the side of her neck, “while you drink from my wrist.  Ready?”

She felt him softly kiss his intended biting place again, and smiled at the tenderness in the action.  She truly doubted that he had any idea of how gentle he really was with her.

Then she blew out a puff of air.  Even though she’d known that this was going to be a big step, now that the time was here, it seemed bigger than ever.  She nodded hesitantly.

“Em?”  Andre would never admit it, but the stab of fear that suddenly pierced his dead heart almost felled him.  What if she’d changed her mind?

The tone of his voice soothed something inside her, and the unexpected attack of nerves seemed to abruptly dissolve.

“Yes.”  The surety and firmness in her voice comforted both of them.

She heard his fangs erupt, and twitched at the crunching noise when he bit into his skin, but when he held his bleeding wrist around to her, she immediately pulled it to her mouth and latched on before she could look too closely and chicken out.

As the first drop of his old, powerful blood touched her tongue, she was not only amazed by his taste, but by how right the action felt.  She’d heard of the healing powers of vampire blood, and knew that V was the idiots’ drug of choice since vampires had revealed themselves, but she’d never once seriously considered putting vampire blood into her own mouth…until Andre had told her about bonding.  Since then, her feelings on the subject had ranged from deep revulsion at the thought of actually ingesting any blood to a very mild curiosity as she’d imagined what it might be like.

Her imagination had nothing on reality.  Thicker than expected, his blood faintly reminded her of sweet black cherries, salty oak, and dark, rich whiskey.  She was inexplicably worried that she wouldn’t get enough.

When he bit into her neck to complete the circuit, they both jerked in shock, and groaned in combined pleasure.

Andre had been very pleasantly surprised at the incredible taste of her pure, sweet blood earlier, but savoring it while completing a first-level bond raised the experience to an entirely different level of bliss.  Nothing in his long existence had ever felt like this.  He could feel his instincts taking over, and fought to keep himself on an even keel.  Being unexpectedly blasted with Emma’s pleasure sorely tested his already-strained control.

Eventually he dimly realized that his wound had healed, and the feeling of Emma licking his wrist clean almost made him come undone.  He hurriedly released her neck and sealed his bite, but couldn’t bring himself to completely heal it.  His instincts demanded that he leave his mark on her.  His throbbing cock demanded another type of claiming.

In the blink of an eye he had her on her back, his weight once again supported by his arms as he lightly rested his body atop hers.

“Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will go slow,” he growled as he stared down at her still-swollen lips, his fangs still extended, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled her scent.  Through the new bond he felt her increasing arousal and the beast inside him crowed even as his thick cock twitched.

He slid one hand behind her neck and tipped her head back.  He slowly grazed his fangs along the column of her throat and caught himself purring in response to her gasp of pleasure.  He quickly switched to placing open-mouthed kisses across her collarbones, down her chest, and all over her breasts but avoided her tight, rosy nipples.

Emma squirmed under his cool assault.  Her nipples were aching for his mouth, his touch, his…anything, but he kept avoiding them as if he knew exactly how badly she wanted his touch and was delaying solely to increase her fervor.

She raked her nails across his shoulders as she arched her back and nearly screamed in bliss when his mouth finally captured a nipple and started rolling it between his lips and suckling hard.  When he abruptly switched to her other nipple, she did scream, and he immediately rose up to capture her lips in the deepest, longest, most thorough kiss they’d yet shared.

A low snarl escaped his throat when she brought her legs up to circle his hips and he wasted no time as he thrust himself balls deep into her warmth.  He forced himself to completely still for a moment to allow her to adjust to his invasion, but to his disgust his control quickly eluded him.  Pure instinct overtook him as he hooked his hands under her shoulders to hold her in place as he began thrusting harder and faster.

She ecstatically absorbed his hard thrust, and was shocked to discover that she not only wasn’t sore, but that her body immediately welcomed the invasion of his large cock…welcomed it, and demanded more and Andre seemed more than willing to satisfy the demands of both their bodies.

Spurred on by Emma’s gasping chants of approval, he finally regained barely enough control to alternate between slamming thrusts and slow withdrawals, and as he watched his Emma start to come undone, he found he was proud to have bonded with a screamer.

Surprising them both, he immediately slid his fingernail across the upper part of his chest and raised her head to place her mouth over the bleeding wound.  He growled something sounding vaguely like “drink”, and then he bit her neck.

Adrift in a swirl of powerful thrusting sensations, Emma blindly, eagerly, followed his injunction, and locked her lips around the freely bleeding cut.   He struck the second his blood touched her tongue and she could feel herself breaking apart.  She wasn’t going to pass out again…she wasn’t going to pass out…she wasn’t…

Spent and trembling, Andre collapsed half-way off Emma and was vaguely amused at his own shattered breathing.  He’d noticed himself taking more breaths since being in Emma’s vicinity than he had in the previous 877 years combined.  Her scent…their scent…he couldn’t get enough.

He slowly drug his nose along her jaw, and rubbed his cheeks along her neck.  Then, to reassure himself, he dipped his head and placed his ear over her steadily beating heart, and paused once more to listen to her breathing as it calmed and slowed.

Then he snorted at himself.  He couldn’t help but feel a huge wave of primal male satisfaction – he’d made her pass out…again.  He hid his grin as he stroked his cheek across her breast.

Just when he started to become a bit concerned about her being still for so long, he felt her run her fingers through his disheveled hair, and purred in an automatic response.  That purring…it was a new reaction compliments of Emma, too.  He’d never thought himself capable of such a thing…until she came along.  His last thought as he allowed the sun to pull him under was that he was certain it was a sign of some sort of weakness, but for the moment, he simply couldn’t bring himself to care.




**You have to know that I came THIS CLOSE to using the phrase “slid down the orgasm trail”…but I didn’t…but only because we’d all have been laughing too hard to read the rest of the chapter…**HOPE YOU LIKE!**


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  2. Thank you!! I love a (hopefully good) scene as much as the next person, but I wanted to show that their connection really IS getting deeper, erm, stronger… yeah, stronger…AHEM… *cheeky grin* (And I love the mental image of his instincts urging him to rub all over her afterward.)

    Thanks for your review! 😀


  3. Chapter 16 — I had no rotten fruit to throw i have nothing now I had to go make a new drink. I apologize….why???? Go EMMA! Shock him into compliance. We knew that bed and movie collection was leading somewhere….to a nice sweet Andre. Emma you know you just want to jump his bones again. Shut up and enjoy the cuddle Emma. I always imagined a noise like biting into a apple. Oh yeah Andre remember those shared feelings. Keep dreaming Andre…tomorrow is another day…but what an exercise to fail at. Hope your rooms are sound proofed…Andre. Ha ha out for the count again….Yeah, Andre we will keep it quite about how sweet you really are. Rissa hide the banner he’s not ready yet!!


    Okay Godric I am back on track and hopefully will get finished quickly. Since Karen won’t let you come over to visit to read to me. I will read as fast as I can.


  4. Aw, he’s just a big teddy bear for Emma! And smooth getting that second bonding to happen 😉 Looking forward to reading more, and so glad the next button is there 🙂


  5. A second blood-sharing so quickly after the first? Was Andre aware of what he was doing? They’ll be triple-bonded by the next night at this rate.


  6. gaijinvamp: Yup. Andre’s still very new to the whole blood-sharing thing – not to mention having sex with someone he actually adores – so…this is kind of a case of “shit happened” in a way. (Poor guy, Emma did so knock him off his “I’ve got it all under control” game!)


  7. Smug Andre indeed! Somehow I do’t think Emma really minded his roughness at all. ‘Slid down the orgasm trail’ would have been pretty hilarious though – worthy phrase for a crack-fic.


  8. ladytarara: Smug Andre is a blast! I wouldn’t mind getting to know a Smug Andre…well, a “my” Smug Andre at any rate. Heh, and yeah, that “orgasm trail” reeks of Future Crack Fic, lmao!!

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  9. ladytarara: LMAO!!!!! Nanner-feckin’-nanner! *snicker* I’m totally sending them a gross (get it…a gross…) of mini-condoms for Christmas in ass’orted colors.

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