Allan Hyde…in a suit… Très débonnaire!

Feast your lucky eyes on this:

AH in a suit

(Click to enlarge slightly)


All he needs is a…me.  Yeah, that’d do it…




4 thoughts on “Allan Hyde…in a suit… Très débonnaire!

  1. LOL… great pic! I just found your allan hyde pics by accident when I did a google search for allan hyde pics! Go figure! Have you seen the Godric wallpaper I made yesterday? I’m not sure how to put a link for you in this box but If you click on Free Wallpapers on my site it’s on there.


  2. americanandroid01: Heh, this site is famous on google…lol! 😀

    Cool – adore AH! You can paste the link, only, I don’t know that it would be live, but if nothing else it could be copied from there and pasted into a browser.


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