The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 20


Andre lazily brushed his hand over Emma’s hip as he wrapped himself around her back in preparation for his day’s rest.  He was in turn satisfied and discomfited with the night’s events.  Although he hadn’t previously thought about it one way or the other, he wasn’t truly surprised at how well his Emma had gotten along with the…Sookie.   Their chatter had certainly enlivened the place, and reminded him sadly that his Emma needed much more social interaction than was currently possible.

As soon as he remedied the BeauChamps situation, he would focus on either scouting known royal properties in Arkansas, or see about acquiring something new that would suffice until the appropriate royal residence could be erected.

The final residence would need to have many windows in her human areas so she could spend her daylight hours in the sun, he decided.  She would need her own personal kitchen and…what did they call them…the human that was above a cook…a chef?   Yes, a chef.  Her personal kitchen would come complete with a chef.  He would have someone look into acquiring a vegetable and fruit garden, too.  Even he knew that fresh was best.  He wasn’t sure if Arkansas had gardens, but he would find someone who could do that sort of thing.  He vaguely remembered chickens and cows from his human days, and apples, too.  He had particularly liked cherries, he reminisced, and those tiny red things…whatever they were called.

He shook his head ruefully.  He was truly disappointed in this lack of mental control.  Since acquiring Emma, he had found himself remembering more and more unnecessary facts about his human life, lived so long ago and far away.  Such things served no purpose other than to further weaken his already questionable sanity.

Resolutely turning his thoughts to much more useful venues, he pondered the wealth of information they had finally gleaned from the were with the…Sookie’s considerable help.  After she had left and the were had been properly disposed of, and after the “sparring match” with the Northman, that information had enabled them to make definite plans for not only Rasul’s rescue, but to grant BeauChamps the final death he so richly deserved.

That fight…yet another reason to question his sanity.  He’d been doing an increasing number of senseless things since meeting Emma, but that had to be the most unfathomable of his actions yet.  However, at the time, it had made a curious sort of sense, and had indeed allowed them to clear the air.  He rationalized to himself that he needed to be certain he could trust Northman in a combat situation, yet even then he’d known there was more to it.

If their roles had been reversed that day…  Yes, he felt he owed Northman one free shot in retaliation.  All the other shots were well-met and just for fun, he thought smugly.  The only other vampires he could reasonably count on for sparring practice were his blood-brothers, and he knew every single move Sigebert and Wybert would use.  Fighting with them, especially for practice, had gotten old before the 1600’s.

He wondered if the Northman would mind scheduling such a “meeting” once, maybe twice, a month.  The girls could chat while they…  He rolled his eyes so hard at himself they almost stuck.  What in seven hells was wrong with him?

His churlish irritation disturbing her sleep through their bond, Emma murmured unintelligibly and shifted enough to rouse Andre’s previously-sated cock to life.

Sending her waves of calm and care through their bond, Andre stopped stroking her arm and held her a bit closer into his body until he felt her relax into deep sleep once again.  He strongly noted to himself that he needed to retain better control of his emotions now that he shared them so closely with his human.

When he was first turned, one of the main differences he noticed between his human self and his vampire self, other than the lust for blood and sex and a distinct allergy to the sun, was that his emotions as a vampire were exponentially stronger than his human emotions had ever been.  The passing centuries had tempered his lusts…for the most part, yet his emotions were every bit as strong as they had ever been; he was just inordinately skilled at hiding them – so much so that many thought he had none.

Unfortunately that innate skill had caused him to become carelessly complacent.  He suddenly realized that he must now reassess the situation, that his mate was human and thus not geared to handle such things, and he would have to be more wary since they bled so effectively through their shared bond.

Ahh, that bond, though.  He had most certainly enjoyed the effects of that bond, especially in the moments of great passion he shared with his Emma.  The very pleasant two hours he had spent thrusting his cock deep and often into his moaning, writhing woman had been extremely enjoyable.  The feelings she had unknowingly sent through their bond were just as blindingly satisfying as being balls deep inside her warm body, especially when she was contracting so forcefully around his length during the heights of her pleasures.

His attempts to adjust his hardening cock backfired as his length slid neatly into the inviting curve of his mate’s bottom to rest near her entrance as she snuggled deeper into the cool firmness of his hard body.

Grinding his teeth in frustration as his fangs erupted involuntarily, Andre rested his head on her pillow in defeat.  It looked like he’d be going into his day sleep hard…yet again.  Without stopping to think, he raised his head to briefly glide his nose across bare shoulder, and if he happened to place a soft kiss into the curve of her neck, who was to know?  He was glad she wasn’t awake to witness such a useless action, but he could forgive himself for it.  She was asleep; it wasn’t like she’d know.


“But I can’t afford all that,” he heard Emma say as he came to later that afternoon.  He rolled over onto his back, immediately missing her warmth in the bed beside him, as he continued listening to the conversation she was having with someone on the phone.  Ahh, she was speaking with the…Sookie.  Unfortunately the sun was still risen, so he forced himself to remain in his light-proof bedroom since he knew Emma tended to disable the light-proofing on the one window in the “den” as she called it, but decided to put his time to better use than simply eavesdropping on his mate…even if he continued doing exactly that as he prepared for the day.  He showered very quickly as he didn’t want to miss a word…

As he put his “ass kicking” (as Wybert called them) boots on, he deduced that Sookie had gone shopping that day and was now looking at some items she apparently thought his Emma might like, and his “thrifty” mate was trying to dissuade her from this because of money, he presumed.  He could infer from their bond that she was both curious about and interested in these things.

Just then, he heard her ask Sookie to “hang on”, and then she opened the bedroom door and stuck her head in.

“It’s light-tight out here, honey, so come on out when you’re ready,” she announced, then immediately left to resume her conversation.  When she’d felt him rise – the bond was a wonderfully informative tool, she found – she’d immediately closed the indoor light-proofing shutters over the one window in the room.  Normally the timers would have taken care of securing the window, but she’d deactivated them to enjoy a bit of natural light when she’d risen earlier that afternoon.  She really missed seeing sunshine even if she felt little need to actually be outside in it.

A rare warmth enveloped something in his chest at her declaration.  He was used to keeping his people safe, not being kept safe by…his people.  He mumbled his surprised thanks, then pondered internally.  With chagrin, he realized the possibility that he was perhaps as much hers as she was his.  He tilted his head as he considered this phenomenon, then shook his head in denial.  Pfft.  No, she was much more his than he was hers.  He refused to consider why that declaration didn’t sound quite right.

A few seconds later he entered the room, and extended his hand for the phone still held to her ear.  He immediately noticed that Emma was wearing nothing but one of his white button-up shirts and probably a pair of her panties, but he couldn’t be sure.  Either way, the sight of her shapely legs was definitely, and obviously, appreciated.


“Yes, is this Andre?”

“I understand you have found things my bonded would like?”  He stared down into Emma’s warm brown eyes and grinned at the annoyed expression on her face.

“Yeah, I’ve found a few things she might like, but…”

“Ignore her,” he brusquely interrupted.  “Bring what you find for her pleasure and I will reimburse you.”  He handed the phone back to Emma with a blue-eyed smirk for her scowl.

“Andre, you’re going to spoil me!”

“Yes, I expect so.”

With a huff and an eye roll Emma kissed his cheek in appreciation of his generosity, then made plans to have dinner with Sookie in their quarters while “the guys” were out rescuing Rasul.  When she placed the phone down on the table, Emma had planned on yelling at Andre for his high-handed generosity.  That plan lasted until she finally got a good look him.

Her eyes widened as she took in his all black “mission oriented” outfit.  His blond hair was tied back with a leather cord, and his tight black tee-shirt was paired with form-fitting black leather pants that were tucked into some kind of tall tough-looking black leather boots.

“Fuck, Andre…you look hot!”  She could have sworn there was drool on her chin.  “Are you sure you have to go out tonight?”  She worried about Rasul, she really did, but the way those pants encased his large thighs…and cupped his ass…and his package…his quickly growing package…  That couldn’t be very comfortable…maybe she should help him somehow…

Blue eyes dancing with masculine satisfaction, Andre stalked toward his prey, nostrils flaring as he inhaled her deliciously aroused scent.  He admired the way her eyes lit up with anticipation and lust, how she would bite her lower lip to try to contain her excitement.  He growled low and deep at the flush warming her cheeks as he was sure she was remembering how hard he could make her cum.  His next inhalation made his fangs drop with a hard throb.

Hot frissons of desire shot up Emma’s spine as she not-too-quickly backed away from the tall, muscled vampire stalking her every step.  The way his nostrils would flare when he was scenting her…the way his eyes would track her every movement, her every twitch…an instant later she found herself once again caught between a hard wall and a rock hard vampire, but this time, she was right where she wanted to be.

With one fingertip Andre split the shirt she was wearing down the front and immediately he lowered his head to capture a nipple between his lips as he freed himself from the constriction of his pants.  He sucked hard and fast, knowing that their time was limited, and quickly ripped her panties off to slide his fingers teasingly over her wet center.

He switched nipples just as his long fingers entered her slick warmth, and he was incredibly grateful that she was so quickly ready for him.  He tried not to think about just how ready he was for her as she wrapped her legs around his waist and ground into his fingers as he teased her clit, rubbing and tweaking it before plunging his long fingers into her body to stretch her.

So tight…she was so fucking tight and warm and wet.  After tonguing and sucking on each nipple one more time, he raised his head to capture her lips before slowly lowering her onto his hard, aching cock.   When he was satisfied that her body had fully accepted his width he began moving, slowly at first then with increasing passion until he was thrusting his hips at near vamp-speed.

Needing to breathe, Emma tore her lips from his and threw her head back until she hit the wall, mindless groans of pleasure building in intensity.  Fingernails clawing into his shoulders and back through the material of his shirt, she felt that incredible heat building and contracting in her lower regions, burning hotter and deeper until she screamed out in what would be the first of several orgasms.

Andre powered through her first orgasm, eyes closed, hands hard on her hips, and nose buried in her neck.   It was almost impossible to fight the urge to let his eyes roll to the back of his head and spill into her, but he managed to control himself even through her second pleasure.

Thighs vibrating with need, balls tingling, he moved his hands from her hips to cup her ass as he shifted her position minutely, just enough to hit that certain spot inside her that would make her scream loudest.

Hips bucking hard and fast and with deep, unnecessary breaths to saturate his lungs with her scent, he sank his fangs into her neck and drank as she started screaming her strongest pleasure of the night.  She bit his own neck during her climax, and he found himself oddly wishing that she’d drawn blood, too.

Long shuddering minutes later, thoroughly spent and strangely enervated, Andre reluctantly removed himself from Emma’s flushed, trembling body.  He cursed his lack of refractory period for the first time in his undeath as he was already wanting her again, but they had no time left for such things.  He carried her, limp and exhausted but smiling wantonly anyway, to the bathroom to start her a bath.

After that pounding, he was certain she would need a long, warm soak.

He sat Emma on the side of the tub and started filling it with water after adjusting the temperature for her comfort.  He then cleaned himself off at the sink even though he was sorely tempted to leave himself coated with her feminine essence.  He didn’t completely understand this strange male instinct to advertise his bonding with his female, but he certainly felt it.

Andre glanced at Emma from the corner of his eye.  If she kept giving him that look he’d bend her over the counter and take her again and again, her soreness be damned, he thought to himself.  With a smirk, he considered that maybe he should wear tight leather pants more often.

For her consideration and his own sanity, he gently deposited his blissed-out mate into the tub and then, with a light peck to her kiss-swollen lips, left her to her own devices.  A brief glance at his watch told him that he’d been “occupied” with her for much longer than he’d thought.

Knowing that she would need feeding soon, he called her maid, then quickly reviewed the plans to rescue Rasul.  Barely ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door.  Emma was still in the tub, so he closed their bedroom door before letting their guests enter.

After taking two steps inside the room, Eric inhaled deeply, met Andre’s eyes, and tipped his head slightly in blatant male approval.



**A/N:  I was going to have a huge conversation between Emma and Sookie during this chapter, but Andre cum’d first.  Sorry??**




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  5. It might take a while, but I can definitely see those two becoming really good buddies. They do have “forever”, after all, and are much more similar than either wants to admit…


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    Hey Godric only one more chapter then we can read yours.


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