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ABOUT ME PORTION (don’t worry, there’s a rant to follow…):

My name is *Meridian and I’m addicted to Godric…and sometimes Eric…and Andre.

NOTICE:  I am highly opinionated and rather mouthy – you are in no way required to agree with me, just as I am in no way required to agree with you.  But we can still eat cake, dammit.  😉 

I also have absolutely no intention of following the  “abuse = love” or “SQUEEE!! Dom is good!!!!” herd of non-thinking lemmings.  I call that shit for what it is:  abuse.  So if that’s what you’re looking for in a fic, well,  let’s just say that you won’t find it here.  *nonchalant shrug*

I like to believe that I have an excellent sense of humor and that I have a great intelligence…but, yeah, probably not so much.  I do, however, try to have a good time and try NOT to step on other people’s toes (too often), but…I do hold rather strong opinions and can give a rather severe “Are you fucking serious?” face.  I know…I’ve had a lot of practice with it.

Unfortunately my extreme ability to see beyond the bullshit tends to make being “politely sweet” just too annoying most of the time.  (In simpler terms: my bullshit tolerance is minimal on a GOOD day…)

I write maudlin poetry, cook great Southern food, love good reviews, and can’t dance worth a shit.  My Southern drawl is real…not Beehl.  I have problems with authority, satin sheets, stupid people, abusers of any kind, 50 Shades of Shittery, and Brussels sprouts.  I’m also the world’s most impatient Taurus.

I may or may not have an unhealthy fascination with Godric…so I’ll be writing him the way I see him/want him to be. I hope y’all like him!  I generally avoid AH and pure-canon stories (if I wanted canon, I’d just read the originals, and if I wanted AH, I’d just read romance novels) because I usually can’t stand either…but there ARE some awesome examples of both in the fanfic world.  I love Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård Eric Northman but now despise True Blood for being Ballsack’s little bitch.

I may also have a passionate love affair with the Oxford Comma. Infinitives, however, are made to be split. We’re not going to discuss punctuation and my “creativity” with it.

I cuss…my characters cuss. *shrug*

Regarding posting: there’s no set schedule. That would imply organization, of which I have little.

RANT PORTION – I have very strong opinions thanks to the strong ladies in my past who’ve helped me grow my backbone:

(***Skip this section if you’re easily offended or actually think it’s OK for one person to rape, force, humiliate/”DOM”inate/subjugate another for any reason.  Also:  If you *DO* think that shit is ok, then please, just go away.  I have no tolerance for that abusive bullshit or its delusional proponents.***)

I do not like, and therefore will not include, any sort of Dom/sub (“Master”/slave) bullshit in any of my stories.

I have no problem with playful, RESPECTFUL light bondage, but I can neither respect nor abide a “dominating”, controlling, abusive, disrespectful, derogatory, asshole, manipulative man in real life, so why the fuck would I want one in my stories?

I don’t read that shit, so why would I choose to write it?

If a reader is looking for some sort of  pathetically  dominant, “make her beg to cum”, “my-way-or-the-highway”, “I’m heap big man-vamp therefore I have the right to order you around”, “I have the right to punish you”, or “I love you but I need/intend to teach you this/change that about you because bla*excuse*bla”  bullshit-infested  “hero“,  they’re not going to find it here.


A true “Alpha” male is so confident in himself that he does not NEED to rape, control, punish, dominate, subjugate, disrespect, humiliate, denigrate, manipulate or otherwise abuse anyone, much less the female he supposedly loves.  Even in fics where the female is ‘his‘, he will respect her, cherish her, and treat her with gentility and kindness even during the ubiquitous “falling in love yet denying it” stage, and he sure as hell won’t need to rely upon bondage, S&M, forced sex, or glamour (which is forced sex, …) to fuck the female, no matter what the story line or “arc” or his past history may be.


I repeat:  as I have NOT fallen for that whole abuse disguised as “love” bullshit, there will be absolutely NO raping — punishing — dominating — subduing — threatening — abusing —  beating — controlling —- forcing — humiliating — denigrating — hitting — hurting — withholding of orgasms  (WHICH **IS** A FORM OF ABUSE) — or S&M’ing of *my* heroine/s.  I don’t play that revolting shit.  You don’t DO that to characters you supposedly like.

And think about it:  spanking IS hitting.  Period.

Those disgusting abuses and violations send the message that what Big Penis’d  Man/Vamp wants is much more important than what insert-cock-here pathetic insignificant, doormat, spineless, worthless woman wants, and that her rights, wishes, and desires mean little or nothing to Big Penis Sex God Asshole.

There is more than enough abuse being perceived as “normal” on this planet as it is – why the hell would we allow it in our OWN fics??

Sorry, y’all, but the ’50’s are over, and I happen to actually *LIKE* my female lead characters, so no, they will not be “dominated” or punished or conveniently raped or suffer any other form of ABUSE.

Please note:  If you profess to like your heroines, then common fucking sense says that you are NOT going to throw them under the damn rape/S&M bus or have them tortured/humiliated/Dom’d/subjugated/beaten/punished/humiliated/denigrated just so you can write your shitty little story.   

Common fucking sense, y’all.

Instead,  you would treat them with respect instead of using them as a tool for crass sensationalism.  Writers are absolutely in complete control of every single word that comes forth from their fingertips and are therefore in complete control of the TYPE of story they CHOOSE to write.  Find a better plot and get over it.

Actions speak louder than words every single time.

Believe it or not, I’m not a prude…I just play one on tv. Seriously, I’m disgusted by this current “accept emotional, physical and sexual abuse as proof of some sort of lurve” bullshit trend. I see a whole generation of people being taught that if the rich/handsome/big-penis sex god loves them, he’ll punish/abuse/control/manipulate them, and that if you “love” him, you’ll let him abuse you…and that’s just wrong on SO many levels.

Even if the woman is retarded stupid and weak enough to “want” to be abused in a physically and emotionally controlling and manipulative Dom/sub “Master”/slave so-called “”relationship“”, IT’S STILL ABUSE, no matter what you WANT to call it or HOW you try to sell it.

What, is s/he not in control of their own fucking FINGERS as they’re typing out their piece of shit story?  If they PURPOSEFULLY chose that time period or story plot KNOWING that they are going to try to “keep it real”, then the brass facts are: they WANT to write abuse, they CHOOSE to write abuse, and they obviously ENJOY writing abuse, OR IT WOULD NOT BE WRITTEN.

ABUSE IS ABUSE NO MATTER THE EXCUSE – even when the “writer” tries to excuse it by saying “it’s what happened during those times” or “it serves a purpose showing emotional growth in my story”.  Bull.  Shit. 


There is NO abuse of any sort in a healthy relationship.  Period.  No.  None.  Not even “that”.   Consider this question I read asked once:  would you want your MOTHER or your DAUGHTER to be in those kinds of “”relationships””?

I wouldn’t think so.

Passionate, consenting, really-hot sex?  Sure.  Absolutely.

Abuse disguised as “love”?  NO FUCKING WAY.  Abuse is abuse no matter the excuse.


What makes me sad is that it’s mostly FEMALE WRITERS doing this shit to female characters.   Backstabbing the gender much?

Oh, and “dubcon” and “noncon” = rape.  Sorry, but they do.



Wow – you made it this far?  Kudos!!  Now, go look for that crap here.  Or don’t.  It’s boring.


10, or more, things about me if you’ve made it down this far…





26 thoughts on “About Me & Other Stuff

  1. Ha! Thank you! 😀 OH…maybe I should have warned people about my cussin’…oops. I do rant rather well, though, eh? ♥


  2. I enjoyed reading your fic Anticipating. I understand not updating regularly. I’m currently writing my first story, and update often, but you never know when. (I never know when.)


  3. Btw, I’m totally addicted to a certain 2,000 yr. old vampire, too…more so than Eric. I know that’s sacrilige(sp?) to some, but the heart wants what the heart wants.


  4. Thanks! I’m glad you like it! This is my first “published” story, too, and it’s been a blast so far.
    I really wish I could be one of those hyper-organized people who post every Friday or whatever, but there’s no way I could “schedule” my muses. They’re way too feral, lol.


  5. Eric definitely has his place, I’ll give him that, but yeah – Godric’s got the goods going on. He’s wise and calm with truly hidden depths. Love me some Godric!


  6. I’m shooting for book length 90.000 words. Up dates? My only goal is to think about/research/write some each day. Then it happens when it happens. For some you have to learn more/reach deeper.


  7. You’re exactly right (write?) – you have to know what you’re writing about BEFORE you sit down to actually write it.

    90,000 words?? I cringe at the thought! My fingers ache from just the thought of all that typing! 😀


  8. my pleasure darlin! Honestly I spend my day trying to get my 2 year old to say ridiculous thing…his latest is “fucking shit”…so it was nothing. :o)

    And no I didn’t actually TRY to get him to say fucking shit…that one he did all on his own.


  9. psh ,what mortification?! Like THAT could embarrass me…I had my mom as a teacher for 2 years. In middle school. NOTHING embarrasses me anymore.


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