The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 15

Andre didn’t return Emma’s smile.  In fact, his glower deepened until her cheerful grin slowly changed to a softer, more quizzical, expression.  He stared down into her shining brown eyes as if he were angrily searching for answers to all of life’s mysteries.

Emma wasn’t worried, though.  She’d overheard enough of the conversation between Andre and the Queen to have a vague idea of what was going on with him, so she just stood there and let him take his time.  She couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from his sea-blue gaze no matter how intent his stare, anyway.

Several long moments later, Andre nodded once and, still curiously quiet, picked Emma up in his arms and whisked her back to her bedroom.  Neither noticed when her forgotten crutch crashed to the floor with a bang.

He gently settled her on the bed, then allowed his hand to trail down her leg to rub over her injured ankle.  He removed the black silk robe he’d hurriedly donned when he’d sensed his Maker approaching, and then stretched out beside her.  After silently arranging the covers around them both, he leaned up over her on one arm, and raised his hand to softly stroke her cheek for a moment as he once again gazed deeply into her eyes as if he were searching for something profound.

A few minutes later Emma realized that not only was the expression on his face one that she’d never seen before, but that he still hadn’t spoken one other word to her.  She sensed that something was shifting between them, but had no clue as to what it could be.  He’d never been serious like this before.

“And…,” she started, only to have him gently place a finger over her lips and slowly shake his head.

She closed her lips and smiled gently at the big blond vampire.  If he needed some peace and quiet to figure out whatever it was that was going on behind those lovely but somber eyes, then she could give him that, at least.  She longed to smooth the blond hair away from his forehead, but contented herself with simply returning his beautiful gaze.

He rested his finger on her lips and smoothed his thumb over her cheek, then slowly moved his fingers up to trace her dark brow.  A few moments later, he drew his fingertips lightly down the side of her cheek, all the while intently following every movement as if he were memorizing each minute detail of her face.

He edged the line of her jaw, then slid his large palm under her head to cup the back of her neck.  He stared intently at his thumb as he stroked it back and forth over the front of her throat.

“I could end you before you could blink,” he stated quite calmly, his voice low and even.  “I could even make it so that you felt no pain, so that you would simply cease to exist between one blink and the next.  For my own sanity, I should do this thing, but…I find I cannot.”  He paused for a moment and stared gravely at his thumb still stroking her throat.

“The thought of you not existing in my world causes the strangest…feeling.  I do not…like this thought.  It causes me a kind of pain that is physical, but it should not be.  I don’t understand this, Emma.  I don’t like it, but…”  He faltered as he shook his head in painful confusion.

Emma calmly raised her hand to gently cover and still his thumb.  His eyes flew to meet hers, and the solemnity in his gaze betrayed his inner torment.  A moment later, still trapping his gaze with her own, she slowly removed his hand from her neck and drew it to up her mouth to press a kiss into his palm.

His eyes broke from hers to follow the movement when she brushed his hand across her chin, lightly skimmed it over her throat, and finally stopped to hold his hand directly over her heart.

She waited until he finally raised his eyes to meet hers again before quietly whispering, “Me, too.”

His eyes, fierce and burning and rimmed faintly with red, locked onto hers with an intensity that made her gasp.  In a movement too fast for her eyes to follow, he was suddenly stretched out on top of her, his weight resting on his hands braced on each side of her shoulders, his hips pressing her slightly into the mattress, his darkening sea-blue eyes still burning into hers.

Tentatively, as if she were taming a wild lion, Emma smoothed her hands up his arms and across his shoulders to finally twine her fingers behind his neck.  She didn’t try to pull him down to her or rush him in any way, but it felt wrong to not touch him just then.  The heat in his eyes was quickly replacing the lingering gravity, and she saw his nostrils flare when he noticed her body’s reaction to his position.

He slowly, carefully, lowered his head until his forehead touched hers for a long moment, then he abruptly pushed himself back up.

“Once I start,” he growled, “I will not stop.”  Emma could have sworn that his eyes blazed with blue fire for a second.   The tight muscles in his shoulders flexed as he continued.  “I’ll be as easy with you as I can, but that is not my way.  If I hurt you,” he ground out, his jaw clenched, his arms beginning to tremble, “you must tell me immediately.”   He glared down into her face as if she were at fault in some way.

Emma lightly drew her hands across his shoulders as she nodded.  The hot, hard look in his eyes and the way his muscles bunched under her fingers made her lower parts tingle in the most delicious way.

His nostrils flared as he drew an unnecessary breath, and in the blink of her eye he ripped open the front of his shirt that she was wearing.   He stared long and hard at her suddenly bare breasts then, arms visibly trembling, he began lowering his head with his molten blue eyes zeroing in on her lips. “We will fuck, then we will bond, and then we will fuck again.”  She shuddered at the gravelly need burning through his voice.

His lips crushed hers as she felt his hand slide under her hip.  The sound of ripping cotton panties and silk boxers barely penetrated the sensual fog clouding her brain as his tongue delved deeper and his hand hooked under her knee to bring her leg up and around his hip.

He gave a full-body shiver when she rubbed one of his fangs with her tongue, and hissed a moment later when she moved her hips in an ancient invitation.

Emma realized that this was not going to be the slow and gentle coupling of her imagination when he suddenly thrust two long fingers inside her to test her readiness.  She found she didn’t mind a bit when he started pumping those fingers in and out while roughly licking and nibbling at her throat.

His lips and teeth found her nipple at the same time as his thumb found her clit and in hot seconds she cried out with the hardest release she’d ever known.  A moment later he went as still as only a vampire can as he braced himself above her.

She slowly opened her eyes, still dazed from coming so hard, and looked up into eyes a shade of blue she’d never seen before.  His fangs were extended longer than ever, and his set face was hard with his struggle to control himself.

Her fingers, still clawed onto his shoulders, flexed, but it was her slow, lazy grin that seemed to trigger some sort of reaction because the next second he slammed his long, thick length into her up to the hilt, then pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in, over and over.

Emma gasped at his size and thickness – she’d never felt that full before.  She instinctively brought her other leg up to wrap around his hips in an effort to hang on because her last coherent thought was that this was going to be one long, hard ride.

He crashed into her in long, hard thrusts, over and over…thrusts that rocked her and the bed and probably some of the stars above, her dazed mind pondered.

At some point minutes…hours?…later, she felt a slight sting on the side of her neck and the instant pleasure was so intense…

Andre grabbed hold of the sheet on each side of Emma to keep from bruising her with his fervor.  It was all he could do to simply piston his hips as he pounded in and out of her tight warmth, but when she wrapped her other leg around his hips and clawed into his shoulders, pure instinct had took over.  It had never felt like this before, not even with those highly trained vampire courtesans.

As he pounded and nipped and pummeled and licked and inhaled the addictive scent of his Emma’s passion, Andre knew pure pleasure for the first time in his long, lonely life.

It was rough, it was intense, and it was perfect.

Then he bit her, and she screamed her pleasure…and then her body clutched him tighter than any fist before she passed out just as he came almost violently over and over inside her.


Andre smiled softly down at the dark haired enigma in his arms as she slowly stirred.  After he’d finally recovered from coming so hard it had almost hurt, he’d let them both have a necessary “breather”.  He might even be willing to admit that he’d needed a moment to come back to reality afterward but was thankful no one would dare ask such a question of him.

The intensity of their joining shocked him to his core.  Never in all his years had he ever…not even with all his former partners…  All had been willing, most had been experienced, and many had been trained in various ways, but no one…

After catching his non-existent breath, he’d healed his bite marks from her neck, even though he deeply despised doing so.  The instinct to mark her as his was so much more powerful than he’d ever have expected.  But, he’d fought that demon and won…for the moment, at least.

He did pause often, however, to part his lips and inhale through his mouth to properly savor the lingering flavor of her incredible blood.  So fresh…so vibrant…so clean and warm and pure and…

He growled lowly in virile frustration as he finished removing his torn shirt from his sleeping lover’s body, and then cleaned them both up before returning to the bed to gather her safely in his arms.  He hoped she would wake up before he had to die for the day because he really did intend on completing a first bond with her.

At this point he was cutting it really close – the sun would rise in a matter of minutes, but he knew he could count on a couple of hours’ leave way before he absolutely had to die for the day. He just despised forcing himself to remain animated.  While it didn’t hurt in any way, it was rather annoying.

As they lay sprawled on their sides, he watched as she stirred and then wriggled in a delicious full-body stretch.  Blinking slowly, she finally focused her warm, brown, sex-dazed eyes on his now-relaxed handsome face, and promptly blushed a fetching deep rose.

Then she grinned up at him…with her dimples in full force.

For once, he didn’t mind a bit.

Nor did he mind when she immediately leaned up to capture his lips in a sweet, hot kiss.  Instantly he rolled her over onto her back and covered her body with his own.  Long minutes later he leaned up.

“Now we bond.”

Emma bit her lip, then blurted, “Um, lemme go have a human moment first.”

The confused, slightly miffed expression on his face made her laugh a bit.  “I just have to go to the bathroom, Andre, that’s all.”

He grunted, then reluctantly rolled off her.  She squealed when he quickly gathered her into his arms and strode to the bathroom, then blushed when he automatically lowered her onto the toilet.  He actually laughed, snickered really, when she loudly shooed him from the bathroom.

After she finished with her human necessities, she hobbled over to the sink to wash her hands, and saw a damp washcloth balled up on the counter.  She was puzzled for a moment, then realized that she hadn’t felt unclean “down there” from their earlier activities…he must have taken the time to clean her up!  Trying to keep her jaw from dropping at the care evidenced by such a tender attention, Emma washed her hands and pretended that she wasn’t stark naked when Andre, beautifully naked himself, came back into the bathroom to pick her up and take her back to the bed.




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24 thoughts on “The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 15

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  2. seriously i need to sit with a damn napkin every time you write one of these things. amazing really…thank god you are out of that writer’s block!


  3. Mmmm.. Fantastic baby, fantastic! So much awesome in this chappy. Yumm.. You had to post this when hubster isn’t home, didn’t you?:D

    I love how their relationship is developing and how you illustrate his conflicting emotions. So Sweet. can’t wait to see where you take this from here 😀


  4. Thank you! *hands over roll of paper towels* My muses were about to kill me! Srsly! My muses were snubbing me, Andre was avoiding all discussions, and dang Emma was sitting in the corner sipping her coffee and ignoring everyone…


  5. Thank you, gorgeous! I hope hubster’s home by now?? 😉

    I just hope Andre doesn’t up and stalk off on me again…you know how he gets…

    On a (suspiciously) UNRELATED note: anyone see where the handcuffs went?


  6. Chapter 15 — Alrighty I am back on track hope to finish all that is posted by tonight…yes let him get it all sorted out in his head…cause you know us woman figure these things out way sooner than he will. Don’t you mean “their” bedroom. Hey now what exactly is shifting between them. What is this story rated anyway. You may hurt my virgin imagination….*i couldn’t help snorting to myself as I typed that hooey* Are there freckle patterns to memorize on her face? Exactly how long is it between blinks? Are we talking southern bell fluttering blinks or normal people blinks. Cause I had an algebra teacher once we started for the whole class and he never blinked. Focus Robin Read I know that is what you are thinking. I do not like this thought…how ancient. *drops brand new drink on the nice clean floor* WHOA!!!!!!! let me go back and read that again. *runs of to blame Rissa for no warning* OMG…what no you ancient trouble making vampire….get back down here…good night does no one do what they are told!! *embrace the good trembles* blazing eyes…blue fire…shoulders flexing *good night I am going to need resuscitation* Good hurt…(yes Ms. English my symbols will be going nutz now. ignore it) ALL SYSTEMS go we have ripping of clothes…*must read and understand everything* Why do guys do that stare at breasts like they have never seen them before…I am like hello your mother has them tooo…Mood killer!!! Awww danggum Andre sex is a go with the flow exercise…not listing an order. More with the ripping!! No no slow and gentle Andre needs to relieve some stress….Dang that was quick. Emma child don’t waste the breath with a gasp just hold on the Andre train its a coming. Like coherent thoughts need to be any where near this bed. Oh good night…I saw that “his Emma” it’s over he is toast…cave now Andre my friend. You have done lost the war even though you fucked her unconscious. A break…wait I remember Andre’s list *keeps reading* My little shoulder devil needs to talk with that demon to have a no holds bared round. LMAO they didn’t even get all their clothes off how did I miss that one. WHY STOP THERE I remember Andre’s list and that was what was supposed to happen….*grumbles….now I gotta go take a cold shower* EXCELLENT Chapter…


    Hey Godric…they are being mean to me….can you send someone to help since Karen won’t share?


  7. Spactacular! I have no words, other than thank you! Sweet and passionate! !!


  8. Woohoo – now maybe Andre can stop all that pacing and finally relax! Hmm they still need to bond don’t they?? Lucky those dimples are ow affecting him less so he can concentrate on ending Beauchamps.


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