The Moon, Ch. 12

**A/N: Thank you for the awesome response to the last chapter!! I am blown away by your overwhelming support for the way Eric dealt with Pam’s betrayal, disrespect, and inherent dishonesty in this story. Now, a few of you were concerned that Sevrin would be too easy on her, and a few of you were concerned that Sevrin would be too harsh on her.  But, no matter where y’all fell on the Pam spectrum, I love that you trust me enough as a writer to not fuck up the story.  Does Pam get what she’s earned?  Yes.  Will Sevrin actively torture her? Nope. Will she feel like he is? Naturally! I adored Pam from the books.  This is not that Pam…  Now, on with the show.**

Wearily Eric flew toward the apartment building. Dealing with Pamela had taken more from him than he wanted to admit, although he could understand why.

He couldn’t help but think back to the night she had first risen… He couldn’t help but remember teaching her how to feed, then how to feed without spilling blood everywhere like a rabid animal. After a while he had even been able to teach her how to feed without killing. In some ways she had risen to vampire life a little too well.

As he coasted slowly but steadily, he struggled not with his decision, but with the various reasons that had led to this situation in the first place.

He had treated Pamela as if she had been a human child to be cherished, not as a vampire to be trained, and in doing so he had failed her as a Maker.

Because of his nature, he had coddled when he should have been teaching. He had spoiled her when he should have been concentrating more on loosening the apron strings, and had caved far too often when he should have been encouraging her to earn her own way – and then seeing to it that she did so.

Instead he had not only seen to her needs but had caved to most of her wants as well. He hadn’t made her work for the myriad of things, always things, that she had decided she must have immediately. And in lieu of being appreciative, she became more and more spoiled, more and more selfish.

He sighed.

It was his duty to see to all her needs during her baby-vamp years, and during that time he was to teach her how to survive and prosper within the confines of the vampire world. After a suitable amount of time had passed, it was the natural order of things that she go off on her own. As her Maker he would naturally have stepped in to help her when truly needed, but with her personality he should have forced her to test her wings and thereby strengthen them. He should have ‘gently’ nudged her out of the nest and encouraged her more to fly on her own.

When she failed, as anyone sometimes would, she would have retained the strength gained from rising from the ashes each time and would have grown up and out instead of …greedy.




When used properly these traits would have enhanced the vampire she became.

Godric, his own Maker, had never compelled Eric to bow before him, had indeed treated him more as a friend, a companion, as they travelled the world. Eric realized that he had made a mistake in treating her as Godric had treated him, but just like Godric, he had never wanted a subservient Child. Only, Pamela did not think the same way he did, and had never learned certain necessary values even during her human life…much less after her Rising.

While she had brought with her to her undeath several qualities that were important, sadly, honor, respect, and humility toward her Maker were not among them.

That, he thought, was what had truly led to this situation.  He had expected her to become a better person than she evidentially capable of becoming.

Hell, she had even manipulated her own undeath.  That should have told him something even back then.

It was hell knowing now that he should never have Turned her in the first place, that he should have followed his initial gut feeling and let her bleed out in that whore house after her manipulative little stunt.

He had spent that first night of her Turning in shock. His mind had been almost dizzy replaying everything that had happened and thinking of all the plans to be made, all the things he would have to do to care for a newly risen vampire.

It had been during the second night of her Turning when he realized that he had felt no true pull toward her. Godric, of course, hadn’t been around at that time, so he couldn’t ask his Maker if he should let her continue the transformation, or if he should take a knife to her throat and let her painlessly bleed out and fade gently into true death. For most of that second night in the dirt with his body curled around the slowly-changing blonde, he had vacillated between letting her live, and taking the rest of her life. Finally, toward sunrise and the peace of day-death, he, as always when possible, had chosen to let her keep her life.

Perhaps, he pondered with a surprising lack of feeling, I spoiled her because of the guilt I may have felt for seriously considering ending her during her transformation?

He paused mid-flight and hovered, gazing down at the twinkling lights far below, and exhaled harshly as he finally both acknowledged and released the guilt that had silently haunted him since that night so long ago.

Heart no longer as heavy from the previous drama, he increased his speed and quickly reached his building.   He paused at the door to Pamela’s apartment and thought for a moment. Something would have to be done with all her shit, but…not tonight.

It was when he inhaled deeply to help clear his thoughts that he realized Sookie’s scent, the fae component enhanced with her pregnancy, had permeated the entire floor.   Thankfully there were only two occupants on this floor – one of whom no longer residing there – but it was still a worrisome security risk.

When he entered Willa’s apartment after a perfunctory knock, he wasn’t surprised to find his other Child home. She and Sookie were sitting on the sofa in the living room watching a rerun of a popular ’80’s sit-com, and Sookie was shoveling ice cream into her mouth as fast as she could.  The redness around her eyes tugged at his heart, and for a moment he seriously considered returning to Fangtasia, but then he was spotted.

He had to grin at the sight of both his girls glancing up at him with the same curious expression.

When Sookie placed her bowl and spoon on the table and made to rise, he flashed to stand before her.

“No, stay as you are,” he said before taking a seat beside her.  “I apologize for leaving so quickly.”

When Willa rose to give them some privacy, he called her back.

“You should hear this too, Willa.”

Eric took Sookie’s hand in his, and started speaking.

“Pamela still lives,” he said, answering the main question in Sookie’s eyes first. The relief he saw in her face was all the payment he needed in choosing to let the cunning bitch live. “Yes, I wanted to kill her – very much so. But I believe I have done something to her that, in the long run, will be much more painful.” He paused to consider his next words as he rubbed his thumb in soothing circles on Sookie’s palm.  While he dreaded her reaction, he refused to hide any more truths from her.

Willa spoke first. “You took yourself away from her.”

Surprised, Eric looked at his Child.

“Everyone knows how she is, and honestly, nobody will be very surprised by this…this situation. I just can’t believe how far she went, though.” She took Sookie’s other hand in her own, providing what comfort she could.

Sadly, Eric realized her words were true, and nodded.

“For now she’s being held below Fangtastia, and she’ll be leaving to go to her new job tomorrow night when Sevrin arrives. Sevrin,” he began with a silent chuckle at the eager curiosity in Sookie and Willa’s expressive faces – not a good trait for a vampire to have, but cute nonetheless, “is an old friend, well, more trusted acquaintance, of mine. He owns several mines in Poland….silver mines.”

Silver mines?”

It was very hard for him not to laugh aloud when both ladies repeated the phrase in stereo.

He nodded instead. “Yes. He has owned silver mines for as long as I have known him, and works them with vampires who are either serving sentences for their rulers, or who have been left in his care. Sevrin is fair and just, serious and bitingly honest to a fault. He has agreed to collect Pamela tomorrow sometime after his arrival, although he may choose to remain for a night or two.”

Sookie looked as though she was thinking strongly about something, so Eric remained silent. When she leaned forward for the glass of tea on the table, he obligingly handed it to her, and replaced it when she finished.

“Did she say why she did what she did,”  Sookie asked, her bewildered curiosity very much evident.

“No, I didn’t give her the chance. I knew I couldn’t trust whatever excuse she used, so why bother?  Plus at that moment, one wrong word out of her lying mouth and I would have ended her.”  The malevolence in Eric’s voice sent a shiver down her spine.

Sookie nodded.  Her emotions were all over the board, a strange mixture of shock, anger, and a sad understanding.  She couldn’t believe that Pam had done that!  Ok, she mentally amended, she could see the blonde vampire doing something like that to her, but not to her beloved Maker. She really had thought that Pam had more respect, more love, for her Maker than she obviously did.  And a Maker was supposed to be able to trust their own progeny.

As angry as he had been when he left, she knew he had to have been hurting, too.  Pam’s actions had betrayed his trust in her in an almost fundamental way.

At least he hadn’t killed his Child, though.

Her hand rose instinctively to rub her swollen abdomen where the baby had started moving.  While the cold fury in his eyes earlier had scared her, she still couldn’t imagine Eric ending his own Child, no matter what.

This Sevrin…he sounded like a good answer, but she wasn’t sure.

“So,” she began, her voice neutral, “will he be good to her?”

“No, he will not,” Eric replied firmly. “However, he will be fair. She will be treated the same as any other vampire who has betrayed their Maker. If she does her jobs well and follows his orders to the letter, she will not suffer undue hardship. However, she will be given no special treatment, no coddling. He will not care if she “learns her lesson” or not as this will  not be a rehab. This will a working prison. He’ll tell you more about it himself tomorrow night, but in the end, the severity of her time with Sevrin will depend entirely upon herself.”

Sookie and Willa exchanged looks, then shrugged in unison.

“Good,” the blonde telepath said. “I hate that it came to this, but it’s her own fault.”

Eric couldn’t believe his ears. He had fully expected to have to explain his decision over and over while dealing with a weeping, wailing Sookie too stubbornly tenderhearted for her own good. This new Sookie…she astounded him, but he certainly appreciated the difference.


“I’m sorry that all this happened, Eric, I really am. She cost us too much time apart, but not only that, she, well, she betrayed you, too. It wasn’t her right to decide not to tell you that I’d called or that I’d come by to see you. She had no right to withhold that from you. And I have to wonder if she’s capable of that, then what all else is she capable of? I don’t think either one of us could ever trust her again, and that makes me really sad on your behalf, but Eric, I’m still glad you didn’t kill her. You shouldn’t have to kill your own Child.”

The tears gathering in her sympathetic eyes combined with the sweet, sad tone of her voice sparked his own red tears. He had not anticipated such understanding.

Sensing an emotional moment approaching, Willa started to rise once again, but, once again, Eric stopped her.

He gently hauled Sookie onto his lap and held her close while he buried his nose into the curve of her neck. Several inhalations of her sweet scent calmed him down while he blinked away the faint line of red in his eyes.  He then looked to his Child.

“Do you understand my decision?”

Willa stared at him with a sad expression for a moment, then replied quietly, “Yes, I do understand why you had to break with her.” She paused for a moment, then added, “Pam and I didn’t get along all that great, you know?   Now, she did help me out while you were gone, I do have to give her credit for that, but even then I could tell that she wasn’t helping me because of me; she was helping me because of my connection to you. And she also make a point of telling me things in such a way as to make me be even angrier with you, too. I didn’t see it at the time because I was so mad at you, but now I can tell that she was doing whatever she could to make me hate you more, to drive an even bigger wedge between us. So, I don’t feel bad for her since she brought this on herself. I feel like I should in the way you’re kind of supposed to feel bad for anybody going to prison or whatever, but she brought all this on herself, so I don’t feel bad at all about the forced labor in a silver mine.”

A quiet “neither do I” came from Eric’s chest where Sookie’s head was resting just before the doorbell rang.

**A/N:  Sooo, yeah, there’s that.  Pam’s own actions and attitude will determine just how bad of a time she has.  And Sevrin is not the type to coddle, and Pam’s (beloved, because I miss it in this story) snark will fall on deaf ears.  And we get to meet Sevrin the next night!  😀  Ok, so, what did you think?**

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64 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 12

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  2. loved the chapter, but i am so look forward to Pam’s new Maker/Boss i don’t feel bad for her one bit. I too think TB made a wrong turn in how they gave us Pam, at first she was just snarky but then they made her into a raving bitch. I am happy Eric noticed this before it was too late. HMM who is at the door. KY


  3. So.. The moon 13 is next, right? 😀 loved how understanding both Sookie and Willa were. Good job, hon!


  4. Hopefully, Pam will finally learn respect. I doubt she received much respect as a human. I remember something about her being thrown out by her parents, but never learned why. I can see why she would cling to the one person who showed her the least consideration. Still, she needs to extend that consideration to other people. This Sevrin sounds like a very interesting character.


  5. Perfect!!! She reaps what she sowed. I have no clue dea if that is the right word, but that is what autocorrect gave me. Great job as always!!!


  6. You are right this not the Pam from the books nor is the TB Pam the same — I love book Pam but not mean TB Pam — I think Eric was right about the guilt and the things that he has honor and such that Pam never did. Looking forward to meeting the new warden 🙂


  7. One clarification — TB Pam and this Pam are no way like the book Pam — just wanted to let you know since my comment above seemed ambiguous on her.


  8. Easing up on my pink pillow now and the stronghold on the promised golden stickers… I sort of missed the parallel last chapter that while Eric is bounding one child out of the nest, Sookie is expecting one of her own any moment now. Sookie’s tough love in relation to Pam, a display of wanting what’s best for someone rather than indulging for indulgence’s sake, was somehow strangely touching. Her ‘care’ for Pam albeit in a relation to Eric’s emotional household feels relative to that, a very grown up perspective and fits with her preparations in her in a role as a mother to be. I greatly appreciated Eric’s inner reflections, where not all the blame is shifted onto Pam but he also takes stock of his part in rearing her, which is an interesting thought process in and of itself if he is to become a surrogate Daddy to Sookie’s unborn fruit… A lovely moment of understanding, so nice I’m not even going to bother pestering you about who is ringing that doorbell…


  9. Thanks for this great update!
    Loved Eric’s inner thoughts about how he made mistakes in his maker/childe relationship..and I think working in SILVER mines is a great punishment…Pam has time to redeem herself!
    I wonder who’s at the door?


  10. Great update! Glad Eric is at peace with his decision and Sookie and Willow understand and didn’t give him any flack about it. Can’t wait to meet Servin as he seems quite the character. Waiting with avid curiosity as to who rang the doorbell….


  11. Definitely this ‘bad’ version of Pam (very TB…) deserves a silver mining and not a silver lining…


  12. I love that he did something that so few parents even do now, he took responsibility for the part he played in how she turned out and acknowledged the fact maybe she was never meant for that life. Obviously Sookie has grown up some since she can accept that Eric did what was best for Pam as she will have to some day decide with her own child. Seeing your updates in my inbox are like little rays of sunshine!


  13. Pam got, or will get, what she deserved I think! Sevrin doesn’t sound like a pushover.
    Can’t wait for more 🙂


  14. I am very much looking forward to meeting Sevrin and happy that both Sookie and Willa are understanding in Eric’s decision. Great chapter as always! 🙂


  15. Soooo, Hogwarts, not so much lol. I think Pam is getting what she deserves and love that you have made her fate, punishment and treatment all her own. She is in control of how this plays out for her. Can’t wait to meet Sevrin, great chapter as always!!!


  16. Awesome chapter! I think Pam’s sentence is very fitting and I am glad that Sookie and Willa showed their support of Eric. Can’t wait to meet Sevrin. Now, who’s at the door?!?!?!


  17. Looking forward to meeting Sevrin, hope Pam can learn from her mistakes, this should be a good lesson for her but may make her hate Sookie even more and blame her for her new job.. Loved it..


  18. Gabriela: Thanks! I figured that Sookie, and even Willa to some extent, knew Eric well enough to know that he wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t had to, but that something had to be done. It was nice showing Sookie seeing this through Eric’s eyes and being supportive rather than being her “former” self. Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. murgatroid98: Exactly. I’m not sure she ever got the hang of that whole “treat others…treat you” thing… And how would she have felt if someone kept from her the information that the love of HER life had called/come by and they not only chose not tell her but also badly insulted that love, too? Yeah, she’d be livid… 😀


  20. suzyq591suzy: True! In the stories where I include her, I try to show a snarky Pam who is protective of Eric. She’s lazy, slightly insolent, and pushes those boundaries, but she always knows when to stop pushing and when to be excellent back-up for Eric who she adores but isn’t strangely obsessive over. That Pam *would* have given Eric the message (or phone if he were there) – there’d be lots of “tone” and eye-rolls, but she’d have done it.

    Thanks for reading – glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. hisviks: Lol, thanks! 😀 And you’re absolutely right – there are several layers of change and understanding going on, and there may be more to come as well. (And there was even more honor toward Eric’s character in that he didn’t shy away from acknowledging, after he realized it, his own contributions to the way Pam is now, too.) I like the glimpse into the future about what kind of father – hell, who are we kidding: DADDY – Eric will be! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  22. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: 😀 Glad you liked it! Heh, I can totally see sending a vampire to work in a silver mine – any aspect of it, actually – as being a nasty punishment… I should stop grinning, right? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  23. mom2goalies: Sevrin (if I can get him down on virtual paper the way I envision him) should be an interesting character. While I don’t think either Sookie or Willa wanted to see Pam actively hurt, they both definitely understand the need for Eric’s actions, and wholly support him. 😀


  24. charity6201: I could see Eric having doubts about Turning her in the first place (considering how TB Pam manipulated him into it), and then because he IS honorable, he’d have carried the guilt over his doubts and thoughts the entire time. In my mind he has a giving personality, and while that’s great and would have been appreciated by most people, it only created a monster with Pam. It’s great being able to write a more mature Sookie – and Willa, for that matter – who can understand where he’s coming from and why he did it rather than reverting back to her old ways. 😀 Glad you like my words!

    Liked by 1 person

  25. ericluver: Oh, dear Pammy won’t be having fun by any means, but it’s up to her exactly how bad, or (relatively speaking) “good” her new life is which I think will actually be the worst part of it all – she’ll have to act right and have some self control! 😀 (And a pushover Sevrin is not, well, not with those in his “tender care”…)


  26. gyllene: Yay! Sevrin is going to be interesting… Loved being able to portray a more mature and understanding Sookie capable of seeing things from Eric’s POV, and Willa, too. Thanks – glad you liked it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  27. The Queen of All: Naw….not so much Hogwarts! 😀 And EXACTLY!!! While Eric did potentially save her unlife with his edict, still, the rest of it is up to her and you know it’s going to kill her to have to “straighten up and act right” now. Thanks – glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  28. missingjasamalways: Thank you – glad you liked it! Sookie and Willa…I love showing them as being more mature and supportive of Eric. Sookie’s growing up emotionally, and Willa is finally getting over her (sorry, but well-founded) anger toward Eric, and it’s great seeing him have a good, honest, trustworthy support group.


  29. shoegirl01: Heh, yeah, I’d say that’s the LAST thing she’d ever expect… And as hard as that night actually was for him (in a way), Eric needed the support of his ‘two favorite girls’ more than he maybe even knew.


  30. suzi44ky: I hope she can come to some realizations about herself, but it’s hard to say… Very good points, definitely. Glad you liked it!


  31. dragontrayner: Thank you – glad you liked it!! And it was time for Sookie to mature and see Eric’s POV even if her own was different (it wasn’t…). 😀


  32. Let the punishment fit the crime; although I doubt Pam could change her way her way thinking at this point. I wonder if she’ll escape first… 🙂


  33. As with most of our beloved characters with the non-sensical subversions, Pamela’s was disturbing. I felt Eric still felt uncomfortable or unsure of her even after she came after him and found him ill.

    I am also glad to see someone addressing the TB version of her turning. How could you really trust anyone to have your best interests in heart that had to black mail you into turning you. That seems almost as selfish as asking someone you supposedly love to stake you.


  34. motomary: Thank you – I have honestly wondered why there haven’t been more fics where Pam’s manipulation of Eric to cause her Turning was either explored more fully, or at least mentioned. I mean, talk about the worst kind of emotional manipulation! I don’t blame her for wanting to leave the Madam/whore lifestyle, I really don’t, and her desperation to do so was also entirely understandable, but forcing Eric’s hand like that was maliciously demeaning to both of them.

    And Bill…ohhhh Billy boy… He could have walked into the sun at ANY time and saved everyone his angsty bullshit, but nooooo…he had to drag Sookie down with him. That was so cowardly and, bluntly, disgusting.


  35. I agree, TB Pam was horrid! A few good quips and….what? She forced Eric’s hand to turn her. And he did? Why? He should have just left. Hello? (Steps off of soapbox) Love that Pam will be working in the silver mines. That is a brilliant punishment. At least you didn’t make her turn someone. LOL! 😉 Great chapter!


  36. fairytaleamber: Yes! She did have her funny snarky side, but really, she was more mean/jealous than actually funny. Heh, there’ll be NO forced turnings in my stories (except MAYBE to save a life), lol. I respect my characters far too much for that… (And Pam’s victim/Child would surely come back and haunt me!!)


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  38. I’m actually satisfied with this punishment, it’s fitting with all the mental and emotional anguish Pam has caused. Therefore the sentiment ‘She brought this on herself’ fits.


  39. ashmo2000: Thank you! While her actual actions weren’t “that” bad – she “just” didn’t tell Eric two separate things and insulted Sookie, it was the emotional and mental anguish her actions caused which spoke the loudest. Five words is all she would have had to say: “Sookie called” and “Sookie came by” – that’s it, and in not doing so, she totally failed her Maker.

    Now she herself is in control of just how badly her treatment is…


  40. Oh, Pam is soooooooo going to hate the mines, what’s more, I think her punishment of not feeling Eric any longer will be worse for her. She brought it on herself and as much as I hate that she did it and we don’t exactly know why, although it seems obvious, I hope she learns and at some point is able to return. Well done. Thanks for the update!


  41. kinnik7104: While I don’t want to give away any plots, things won’t always be, shall we say, “exactly” as they are now…well, assuming that flighty little muse lets me stick to the current plot. With her, though, all bets are off (the Muse, not the Pam)… 😀 Thanks!!


  42. Chapter 12 I am starting to get nervous…only 4 more published chapters…then I have to wait…not good I have no patience you know this. So Sevrin will be her keeper until when? How long of a sentence will she get? I hope no time off for good behavior. Cause I don’t think Eric will ever trust her again or want her near him, Sookie, Willa and the baby. Hind sight is 20-20. Sounds like Pamela was always Manipulative, calculating and jealous…wonder what else she has kept from Eric. She better not have blocked any contact when Godric was alive. WOW I can’t even add anything to this Eric’s insight into why it happened and even admitting his part in guiltiness in turning her is perfect! Please tell me that letting Pamela live is not going to come back to bite them in the you know what. An old friend who owns silver mines…is this a vampire prison? Why she did it…pffff who cares…LOL…at Eric couldn’t believe his ears…yes Eric Fairy Sookie is still in charge…we have Human Sookie tied up getting her Injection you can thank us later! So Pamela even tried to create a void in between Eric and Willa…nope I am done with Pamela…Sevrin…hurry up we need to meet and talk cause I have questions about this prison? How does it work? It is like the camps were? Course since Eric made him her master humm.

    Off to the next chapter!



  43. You’re sending Pam to a vampire gulag in a silver mine!!! Wow, I need more ‘Save Pam’ t-shirts. Maybe she deserves it but I also wonder if perhaps Eric should have let her explain her reasons. Interesting backstory on Pam’s turning – it’s quite possible Eric would have had second thoughts about it given the circumstances it happened in. Stupid TB! Eric should have turned Pam willingly!


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