Anticipating, Chapter 31



Cara woke up alone…again.  As she cuddled Godric’s pillow to her chest and inhaled his scent, she realized that she missed him.  That didn’t make any sense to her since she’d be seeing him in a couple of hours at the very most.  Of course, she had no way of knowing exactly how long it’d be since that same rotten vampire had taken the alarm clock.

She chuckled as she rolled over onto her back.  She had to give him credit – he was right not to have actual intercourse last night.  But, while she enjoyed not being sore, she felt like something was missing.  Even as relaxed and sated as she was, something nagged at her.

At first it made no sense.  They’d both had their satisfaction.  Granted, he’d given her much…much…pleasure many times – she flushed at the vivid memories – and he’d even given himself a release, too.  That was a memory she hoped she’d never forget.  Watching him pleasure himself had to be one of the most oddly arousing, intimate sex acts she could have ever have imagined.

In retrospect she thought she might should have been embarrassed that she’d even suggested it to him, but at that particular moment, considering his weird reluctance to let her go down on him, it just made sense.  He had obviously gotten off, and she’d certainly enjoyed watching him.

But, still.  Something had been missing.  Maybe it was the actual penetration part, she wondered as she finally got up to go to the bathroom.

While she was in the shower she negated that thought, and wondered if instead it was the lack of conversation.  There hadn’t been a lot of talking last night.

No, she realized as she looked at the too-clean sheets, it wasn’t the lack of conversation.  It was the lack of biting.

Why hadn’t he bitten her?  Did he refrain due to consideration, or did he just not want to?  She couldn’t shake that thought as she finished dressing.  It didn’t help that there wasn’t a note either.

She also wondered why it seemed to bother her that he hadn’t bitten her.  Less than a week ago she’d have slapped the fire out of any vampire trying to bite her, and now, here she was, actually having hurt feelings because one didn’t bite?  She shook her head, confused with her own self.  Coffee.  She definitely needed coffee.

Soon she discovered that she hadn’t slept nearly as long today as yesterday.  Sarah and Elise were just cleaning up the kitchen from lunch when she entered and tossed them a wave.  The Weres laughed when Cara tackled the coffee machine. Cara just stuck out her tongue at them and mumbled something she hoped was appropriate.

About ten minutes after she sat down at the table to adore her coffee, Sarah plopped a plate of toast and scrambled eggs in front of her.

Cara backed up and wrinkled her nose.  “What’s this?”

“Blame your ancient honey-bun.  I’m under strict instructions to see that you eat more often.  I figured something plain and simple like toast and scrambled eggs would be less disgusting for you first thing after you wake up.  So, there…have at it.”

“Can we don’t and say we did,” Cara whined.  There was nothing at all wrong with the food except…it was food.  “I really hate trying to eat when I first get up.”

“That what I told him when he called at five o’clock this morning, but he stressed that he really wanted you to try.”

“Hrumph.”  Both Weres laughed as she eyeballed the offensive eggs and toast.

“It sounds like he worries for you,” Elise quietly stated.

Cara eventually caved, and soon enough the toast was gone.  No one mentioned the eggs.

While downing her second cup of coffee, she wondered what to have for supper.  So far, all the meals had been delicious and fairly healthy, but rather conventional.  After a small discussion, they decided to serve “breakfast for supper” that evening, and made an appropriate grocery list.

After arranging with her guards to go shopping, Cara proceeded to make her own list of incidentals.  Deodorant, Pamprin, pads and tampons for her quickly-approaching time of the month, lip balm to replace the tube that had mysteriously disappeared somewhere between her purse and her mouth, and several other items filled out her list.  She started to add an alarm clock, but figured that was his game, and she would let him play it.

An hour and a half later, her bags were in her quarters and the kitchen was filled with bacon, sausage, eggs, grits, apple butter, grape jelly, strawberry preserves, and frozen biscuits since Cara refused to insult “her eaters” with her own ugly biscuits.

Knowing how long it takes to fry bacon the “right” way, Cara and Sarah started cooking supper earlier than usual.

Eventually the sun started to set, and she was impatient for Godric to appear.  She wished she had that innate vamp-sense to tell her exactly when the sun set so she could time her impatience better.

Cara had just put the second batch of biscuits in the oven to bake, and had started the second pan of bacon frying, when she remembered that there was another baking sheet somewhere in the kitchen.  While she didn’t actually need it, it bugged her that she couldn’t immediately remember where it was.  She decided to save her back from a long bending session and got down on her hands and knees to search under the cabinets when she felt the tell-tale swoosh of her approaching vampire.

She glanced over her shoulder and sure enough, Godric was there…very much appreciating the sight of her on her hands and knees before him.  She blushed and rolled her eyes…then wiggled her ass invitingly.

He snickered and did not bother hiding the growing bulge in his pants.

Cara set the just-discovered baking sheet up on the counter and turned around to find herself face-to-face with his expanding groin.  Momentarily stunned by the desire to take him into her mouth right then and there, she finally sat back on her heels and looked up at him.

Even though his eyes burned with desire and his fangs were extended, Godric simply leaned down and picked her up by her waist.  She was slightly disappointed when he didn’t toss her over his shoulder and…

“Well good morning, Godric.  Did you sleep well?”  She knew it was a rhetorical question, but still, niceties counted.

“Quite well, thank you for asking.  And you,” his question was muffled against her throat as he kissed and nibbled slowly up to her jaw.

She laughed softly as she wrapped her arms around his waist.  “I slept fine, but honey, I do need the alarm clock back.”

“Uh-uh,” he negated, now nuzzling her ear.  “You will wake when you are rested, ma chere, not when a noisy machine commands you to do so.”

Not actually finding fault with his logic, Cara ran her fingers through his hair and tilted his head just enough to claim his lips.  His resulting growl of appreciation rumbled through them both.

Suddenly remembering their audience, she leaned back just enough to break the kiss and asked Godric if he wanted her to heat him up a blood.

He grimaced and shook his head…then went back to nuzzling the crook of her neck.

She giggled.  “That tickles!”

A devilish look came over his handsome, young face just before he ran his fingers lightly up and down her sides. “If that tickles, then what is this?”

Cara yelped and tried to dance away but …somehow… ended up gyrating her butt into his crotch.  She smirked when he hissed in reaction.

A moment later Isabel and Scott entered the den, and Cara quickly disentangled herself from Godric’s strong arms.  Trying to pretend she wasn’t blushing six hues of red, she grabbed the bag on the counter and walked toward the female vampire while calling her name.

“Here, I saw these at the store and thought you might like them.”  She passed the bag over to Isabel and turned back to check on the biscuits, and missed the shock on her face.

Isabel slowly opened the bag; she wasn’t used to anyone except her Maker giving her anything.   Her face lit up as she quickly took out the three items.

“You remembered that I like crossword puzzles?”  She was truly touched that Cara would remember something she’d mentioned once, and only in passing.

“Sure!  I hope you like them,” Cara replied, pleased that her friend seemed to like her gift.  Now that the second pan of biscuits was done, she readied a third pan.  Weres really seemed to like their baked goods.

Just as soon as she was finished, she found herself wrapped in the cool arms of a smiling female vampire.

“Thank you my beautiful human friend!”  With that, Isabel happily dashed off to her rarely-used-these-days private quarters in the mansion.

Cara blushed and started frying the sausage, and left the grits to Sarah.  All that constant stirring was really annoying.

Godric had rested against the counter out of the way of the food preparations and enjoyed watching the interactions between Cara and the others.

Her gift to his child surprised him; humans did not usually give things to vampires unless they expected something much more in return.  They usually wanted to be given things simply for existing.    But, not his Cara, who had already refused his check on the grounds of, among other things, not having earned it yet.  He had reluctantly agreed to hold her check back for a week, but he had gained her unintended permission to give her things in exchange for the reduced compensation.  He already had Beck researching several items.

A few minutes later Scott entered the kitchen to heat up a bottle of blood.  When he joined Godric at the counter, the ancient vampire stiffened and kept an eye on him.  Scott was an excellent vampire, exemplary, really…but one could never be too careful with one’s mate.  Soon Godric’s patience waned and, at his low growl, Scott quickly finished his blood and went to his own office.

He focused his attention back onto the human who meant so much to him.  His Cara, he decided, was a natural if unintentional leader.  While she never raised her voice, or even spoke firmly, he had noticed how she directed the cooking activities with as much timing and precision as any commander on a field of battle.  She was inherently graceful, as well, almost dancing between checking on the contents of the oven and the frying food on the stove, all the while gathering items for use in the near future, while Sarah stood almost constantly stirring two huge pots of some bubbling grain product.

Finally Cara took pity on Sarah and relieved her of the pot-stirring duty while Sarah tended the bacon and biscuits, then took a well-deserved break.  Elise set the table and arranged the jars of condiments and plates of butter set out to soften.

Cara’s sudden jerk brought Godric to her side instantly.  The thickening grits in one of the pots had bubbled up and splattered on her wrist that should have resulted in a nasty red burn.  He noted that she showed no other reaction to the pain the burn must have inflicted and instead simply licked the offending material off her wrist and continued stirring.

“Your wrist…does that not hurt?”

Sarah had noticed the commotion and immediately came to take charge of the pots.

Cara looked up in surprise as she stepped a few feet away when she saw Sarah ready to take over.  “No, not really,” she replied, then laughed, “not unless I think about it at any rate.”

Godric frowned and shook his head as he held her hand out for his inspection.  “I saw how red your skin was.  I know that had to hurt.”

“Well, it didn’t feel good, but see?  It’s ok now.”  She pointed to her wrist, and sure enough, what should have been a large bright red burn was a smaller, indistinct, fading pink area.  “I’m used to getting burnt when I’m cooking.  I bet I’ve got seven or eight little bitty places where hot bacon grease jumped out of the pan all over my hands, but they’re fine.”

On closer inspection, Godric noted every place she meant.  “Fifteen.  I count fifteen small burns on your hands, yet not one of them looks…burnt.  How is this possible?”

She laughed.  “It’s mind over matter, I guess.  If I’d actually paid attention when they happened, then they probably would have turned red, and that place there,” she pointed to a slightly pinker area on the back of her hand, “might even have blistered, but since I basically ignored it when it happened, it mostly went away.”

Godric’s face was a mixture of amazement and concern.  Cara reached up and patted his cheek.  “It’s ok, honey.  It doesn’t always work this way, and I have been burnt before, of course, but with little spots like this, it’s pretty easy to ignore them, which seems to make them go on away rather than hanging out and hurting.”

“So this is not a result of my blood,” he asked.

“Nope, it’s always been this way, more or less.”

“What about other types of injury?”

“Cuts hurt,” she stated firmly.  “And they tend to get really sore, like I guess cuts would for anyone else.  Don’t worry, any burn pain I don’t feel, I more than make up for in other ways,” she said with more feeling than perhaps she intended.

“What do you mean?”  Godric did not like the idea of Cara hurting.

Surprised at the seriousness in his voice, she just shrugged.  “I hurt, like everyone does, that’s all.”  She glanced at the clock.  “Well, if Sarah’s on grits duty, then I need to finish up the rest of the stuff so I can make a vat of gravy then scramble about three dozen eggs here in a few minutes.”

The look he gave her told her their discussion was not finished.  She just kissed his cheek and grabbed the bag of flour.  Country gravy was her specialty and she couldn’t wait to get started on the first pan of it.

“Breakfast for supper” was a huge success.  Sarah ended up frying another pan of bacon and Cara made two more pans of gravy.  When the Weres finally left the table, they had put away so much food that she truly wondered how they could possibly walk.

Godric kept an eye on his woman from the den where he and the rest of his retinue planned their upcoming Were interrogation.  He was both pleased and intrigued with Cara’s actions.  She dealt so well with the Weres, especially now that Anderson was no longer walking.  According to the comments from previous meals and from today, and the amount of food that always disappeared, she was an excellent cook.

The Weres certainly enjoyed her light sense of humor, even though she maintained an appropriate distance between herself and the males.  He was pleased to note that none, however, made the mistake of disrespecting her or becoming overly familiar with her as Anderson had.

He strongly suspected that if he had not already claimed her, that after this dinner in particular, several of the Weres would have seriously considered vying for her attentions.  Hell, he knew they would have even before now…which was the main reason he refused to leave the estate until after the dinner hour.

While he knew she would ever be the kind of person to cheat, he was still strongly aware that they had yet to have any sort of real discussion about their relationship.  He knew well what was expected from his side, but he was not sure what she expected of him, or what she would be comfortable giving.  She needed to be made clearly aware of what was expected of her as the mate of a powerful, respected, reluctantly political vampire.

These discussions needed to happen very soon.

Tonight, however, they needed to “interview” two captured Weres.  His fangs ran out in anticipation.




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  1. Looks like they’ll need a real discussion soon but for now, it’s great seeing them learn about one another. I’m even more curious about Cara though.


  2. Informative chapter. Cara’s ability to heal quickly from burns and not feel much pain is a plot bunny, and Godric will eventually put all the pieces of the puzzle together. You continue to develop Cara’s personality: smart, witty, a bit mysterious, considerate to others. I still cannot get over the amount of coffee she consumes constantly. is she a kind of supe that needs horse doses of caffeine in her system all the time?


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