This ’tis what it is:  a place (one of many, apparently) to park my Eric/Sookie One Shots.  Some of these are also posted under the TB: Short Final Season Fixes menu tab, too.  Several of these works are linked under here just for convenience and are actually listed also under their proper headings but I’m too lazy to go through them so we’re calling it “convenience”, right?  Right.  Some of these might be picked back up at a later date, most won’t, and they’re listed in NO particular order, either.  That would make too much sense…


Best Really Short Eric/Sookie Love Story Ever


Last Christmas

He Had Your Eyes

Theoretical Ending for True Suck

Hep V?  Hep Don’t.

Fly Me to the Moon

She’s Back

He Had Your Eyes

At Last

The Purveyor

Shall We Dance?

Playing for Keeps

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