Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 18

The morning of her third day in Fairy, Sookie woke feeling fully refreshed…and hungry. At least she was now only slightly fearful of whatever Claudy might come up with for breakfast. The previous morning’s offerings contained no odd brown…things, and everything else was easily identified, so maybe her cousin’s food experimentation phase was coming to a well-deserved end.

As she dressed, she wondered once again why Godric was taking so long to write Eric back. She didn’t mind waiting, of course, but the whole thing made her curious. What were they doing, discussing the State of the Universe or something? It had never taken him this long to write back.

Ah, well, it wasn’t as though she minded hanging out in Fairy…might even be able to catch up with Niall a bit later today if the old rogue had time…and if she managed to avoid most of her other erstwhile ‘relatives’.

Bunch of creepers.

Niall had supposedly been off “doing the Court rounds”, which she correctly translated to mean “indulging in politically-enhances sexcapades”, and she guessed, also correctly, that the cousins were off prancing around being courtly or whatever, too.

At least the creepers had left her alone the past two days so she’d been able, thus far, at least, to enjoy a nice visit with Claudia.

It wasn’t as though she had any pressing appointments in the Earthly realm, and even if she had, Mr. C knew how weird the time difference between the realms was and could cover for her. Eric knew where she was, of course, therefore she didn’t think he would be worried, so that was good.

It bugged her that she had no idea of precisely how time did pass on either side, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. At least her house would be fully ready to move into whenever she did return.

Sensing that she would be breaking her fast with Claudia in one of the small alcoves near the main dining halls, she headed out her door, and her thoughts once again took up residence in the small but growing portion of her brain labeled “all things Eric”.

She hoped he realized that whatever he’d written to Godric was making said Maker take forever to answer.

Then she decided that she was annoyed by how very often her thoughts returned to The Viking, and sped up. Coffee, bacon and eggs would most certainly help with that tendency.


Eric paced.

Once again Sookie still hadn’t returned by the time he had risen for the late afternoon, and although realistically he knew it was probably too soon to expect her back considering the length of his letter to his Maker, still, his impatience was an annoying little beast that he imagined was gnawing his ankles to bloody stumps.

While he was naturally looking forward to Sookie’s return…to spending time with her…to talking with her…to seeing with his own eyes that she was well…to inhaling her scent…he was also very much looking forward to receiving his Maker’s reply.

He chuffed. “Looking forward” didn’t nearly describe the eager impatience firing through his brain. The contents of his letter to Godric had been…significant.

It had been a very painful, emotionally exhausting process, but he had finally put to paper the enormity of the Edgington fiasco. It had been an hellacious undertaking.

Rehashing situations, especially the more important, complicated events, was just one of the many reasons he longed for his Maker. Now that he was all-but within his grasp, it seemed as though he missed him even more, and it ate at him just how much he had taken for granted for so many centuries.

However, instead of succumbing to beloved memories and fanciful wishes, a few nights after he had initially replied with such joyous, heartfelt speed to his Maker’s original missive, he had bravely taken pen in hand, and wrote.

And wrote.

It had taken several nights for him to ensure the inclusion of all facts and aspects whether they presented him in the best light or not. He had thought wryly at one point how even in a letter he was unable to knowingly, much less willingly, lie to his Maker…and he was fully aware that the facts, when listed in their entirety, did not always reflect so well on him.

The hardest part had been stating to Godric, and to himself, the many paths he could have chosen, and the times he definitely should have chosen better options…and they all began with Sookie.

In the end the act of writing that letter had felt like the purging of a sort of contamination from his soul. To his surprise, he hadn’t felt better, which hadn’t been the original intent in any case.

He had felt cleaner.

The process of sorting through everything had also made him reevaluate his regard for Pam. He finally came to realize that he had subconsciously held Pam responsible for the idea of using Sookie against Edgington since that night.

Eric with his enhanced memory naturally recalled the silent but rushed conversation he’d had with his Child before kissing…then kidnapping…Sookie. In the end it was his decision to finally accept or finally negate the suggestion, and he had approved it.

He had been the one to lure the blonde in with his kiss, and he had been the one to so carelessly toss her into his filthy dungeon and chain her up as though she were a common V dealer…or a fairy-hybrid held for what could so easily have been, and almost had been, slaughter.

The nominal guilt he had felt at using her so carelessly had quickly mutated into an emotional distance from his Child, and that wasn’t fair to Pam. She had only been doing as any good Child would do – desperately searching for a way to save her Maker.

While she’d never held a great love for Sookie, Pam’s only true fault had been her failure to follow his orders, her failure to tend properly to Sookie so that the telepath could recover fully and quickly and not by the dubious virtue of Compton’s blood.

Although he could understand how very badly seeing her Maker burning under the sun would have shaken his Child, the fact remained that she did allow Sookie’s suffering to continue far longer than necessary, and she did allow Compton to shove his bloody wrist in Sookie’s face once again.

Her punishment had been just, he concluded, late, but just, and it was his responsibility to be a better Maker.  He decided to spend some time in the near future reestablishing their connection.  The brat certainly had her faults, but his bad decisions were his own.

Eric slammed his head against the back of his office chair. He couldn’t believe he’d actually had the stupidity and the gall to order Sookie to babysit Edgington.  He would have literally banged his head on his desk if he hadn’t known from experience that the desk would break.


That he, himself, had been in a funk over losing Godric was no excuse for making such an appalling series of errors, misjudgments, and strange lapses in sound reasoning.

He closed his eyes and breathed slowly.  The past was in the past for a reason.  His task was to learn from it, then leave it where it belonged.  He was already making  progress, slowly but surely, with Sookie, and he had, in effect, confessed to his Maker.

Eric suddenly grinned – he had a child to annoy.


“You can touch me, you know. I won’t bite, well,” Godric paused, the light in his eyes dancing mischievously, “not unless you ask nicely.” Never before had such an innocent smile been cast upon a poor fairy lass…

Claudia kept herself a full three feet away – the amount of space she now considered safe – from the threat of the faepire sitting on the bench with her and refused to dignify his outrageous remark with a verbal reply. Fortunately for the ancient one, if not for the fairy, the changing of her hair color was answer enough. Godric had never been much of a fan of the color of a blushing rose before, but for some reason it was now his favorite color, and when that color deepened as would a natural flush, he appreciated it even more.

“Hush,” she instead ordered softly and with only a small roll of her sparkling eyes. She ignored the hand he had let innocently rest on the bench between them.  “We’re here to talk about your ill-begotten progeny and the likelihood of your being able to visit him and perhaps even teach him how to treat a lady.”

Ostensibly chastised, to Claudia’s extreme doubt, Godric simply inclined his head and counted his blessings. This was his first true chance to speak with the fairy since Sookie’s departure the day before, and he relished this chance to sit so near her fine form without fearing she would pop away.

He realized she was making good use of the quiet courage she possessed and he would not press his suit. It was enough, for now, to know that she returned his favor…well, of course it wasn’t enough, but it would have to do. Godric knew how to practice his patience, and practice he would.

“The contents of my Child’s letters tell me that he has now come to see your cousin in a clearer light. He explained how that situation came about, but he did so, as always, without excuses. He gave the facts as they were and as he had seen them at the time, and he listed other possible actions he could have taken, and the likelihood of each working, or not. He…he did in a letter what we once did with words.”

When his voice trailed off, Claudia risked a peek at the striking vampire, and found his gaze unfocused as his thoughts wandered back through time. The poignant sadness in his eyes and in the curve of his lips poked at an unknown soreness in her heart, and she suddenly wished to unfurl the fist he had now so tightly clenched.

“My Eric and I would often meet after a fight or a battle, or after an encounter where cunning and skill were necessary, and we would discuss all that occurred. We would look at each other’s actions and see what we could have done better, what we did well, what we didn’t…”

He flashed her a brief smile that didn’t reach his eyes, then looked away once again.

“As his Maker it was and will always be my responsibility and my joy to teach him all that I know so that he would thrive in that new life I cursed him with, and I took my right to do so very seriously. I am aware, too, that I am not omnipotent, and would value his ideas and perceptions. We would tell our stories and compare our notes, hash out details, other strategies that may or may not have worked. Sometimes we would discuss these things for several nights long after the excitement had waned.”

He glanced down at the ground between his feet.

“Doing so again was sweet. Doing so by letter was bitter.”

Her heart went out to the ancient vampire and, emboldened thusly, she tentatively rested her hand atop his fist. He whipped his face to the side and regarded her with shock, then appreciation, and she softly squeezed his hand.

“Our Elder searches for a way, my friend. Do not discount the force of her wisdom, knowledge, and belief. She has said that she believes in the possibility, therefore we must have faith as well. Faith requires courage, and you are brave and strong, therefore a way will be found.”

The intensity of her gaze bolstered him in a way he couldn’t fathom, but he sensed she had more to say, and so he listened.

“Our way, the way of the fairy, has no base in logic, you know. Logic is for mortals; it guides and soothes and challenges them. It can provide a tangible meaning to their lives. We,” she stressed as she gazed intently into the dark blue depths of his eyes, “we are emotion. We are founded on, supported by, and empowered by emotion, in belief. Faith in finding a way, faith in magic, faith that things just…will. So have faith. Faith is based on emotion, while you still search for logic. Logic says you should not be here, now, today, but you are. You are here and you are real, Godric. So, feel your courage, call upon that courage, and let it breathe life into your faith and your belief in that magic that can.”

**A/N:  So, yeah, there’s that…  Hope y’all liked it, and remember as always:  reviews feed the muse…  So, what did you think?**

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49 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 18

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  2. It’s sweet to see Godric around Claudine, his character was so noble, the idea he might have a chance to be happy is heartwarming. And Eric recognizing the mistakes he made during the Russell debacle was needed so he can move forward.


  3. I like that Sookie kept thinking of Eric; likewise he kept anticipating her return . It makes it exciting . The section were Godric shares about how they use to talk about a battle really makes the letter exchange bittersweet . Great chapter .


  4. it is nice that these two are getting closer as i hope the same will be for Eric and Sookie. hashing out in words what he is feeling was good for him, he might not have passed on to he was over it but at least he can learn from his mistakes . KY


  5. What a great chapter. So much happened. We now know that Sookie thinks about Eric quite a bit and that’s good news for us. Hopefully, she’ll be even more accepting of him when they next see each other again. Eric has confessed all the bad he has done to Godric and feels the weight gone and cleaner. 😀 I truly think he sees Sookie’s worth now and will not be making any of those same mistakes again with her in the future. And look at Claudine getting her courage up to first sit so close to Godric and then to touch his hand to console him. I love it!!!! I can’t wait for Sookie to give Godric’s letter to Eric when she gets back.


  6. Thanks for this wonderful update!
    I hope the Fae Elder will find a way to make Godric and Eric meet once again.
    I really liked how Eric is aware of all his mistakes during the Russell debacle,now I’m wondering HOW will Eric annoy Pam?’!


  7. I love how she says The Viking like it’s a cuss word lol…I think we all hope Claudia is done with her food experimenting lol…It’s nice to see Eric release some of his guilt over everything and that he was able to do it with his Maker just made it even better, hopefully it will help him and Sookie get on point…Loving the interaction between Godric and Claudia even just that simple act of touching him was a huge act of trust for her…I admit I am torn about Godric and Eric being able to see one another again, I feel like Godric was rewarded by being in fairy after he ostensibly committed suicide should he yet receive another reward by being able to see Eric??? I don’t know…but then opinions are like assholes and everyone has one lol


  8. The problem with analyzing our own actions is that we assume others’ actions and their motivations. It is assumed, by Eric, Pam wants the best for her maker, wanting Sookie used, the way she was. Actually, Pam is checking the reaction of Eric. Your choice says a lot about their choices for the future, when Sookie is in another state to be used, and the place they occupy Pam in that other situation.


  9. Wonderful. I forget how much I love this story. Sometimes I start from the beginning. I especially love the parts where Sookie ended Edgington and put Bill in his place when she returned. I love the relationship she has with Niall and Claudia. Claudia and Godric are so sweet together. Too bad they don’t have one of those boxes I’ve read about in other stories. Eric could have one and Godric could. They just have to put the letter into the box and it appears in the recipient’s box. (I think I saw it in a story by Mercedes Lackey.) That assumes the letter has actually been written. I hope the elder can find away for Godric to visit Eric, if only for a few minutes.


  10. So happy 😁 you’re working on this fic again too!! I 💖loved💖 that it felt that both Eric &Sookie were both anxious to see each other again. I also liked Godric opening up to Claudia. I can’t remember since its been awhile since I read this story but they (Godric & Eric) can’t go to eachother’s realms, right? So I was wandering something… Can they go to another realm to see each other? Maybe like a lovers 💑 retreat once the pairs become couples in their own right, of course! LOL 😀 Just an idea 💡 I was hoping you’d like?


  11. Great update! So glad Sookie is thinking about Eric and not necessarily in a bad way! 😉
    Eric realizing he might have done things differently is a big breakthrough. Looking forward to when he and Sookie see each other again.
    Happy Claudia is finally getting closer to Godric. They both deserve happiness too.


  12. It’s kinda cute that Sookie’s thoughts keep popping back to the Viking, even when she’s irritated by that fact. Hehe!
    I like that Eric has finally acknowledged his mistakes or missteps with the whole Russell/Sookie thing.
    And Claudia and Godric seem to be good for each other 😀


  13. Go Claudia! she has courage in spades. I like the way Eric listed his actions w/o excuses to Godric – that also takes courage. Can’t wait till the next chapter!


  14. Ah Godric , see you didn’t push and she came to you when you needed , I’m sure you patience will be rewarded . Go Claudia look at you getting your courage on hehe .
    I believe the restlessness of both Eric and Sookie alike has more to do with each other than either of them are ready to admit , but they have a few issues to sort out first .
    Another great read .


  15. I loved this chapter, it was so nice to see the changes in all our major players!! Eric realizing that he made a bad choice when others were available, and learning from that! Sookie in her realization that she has a lot of brain space being taken up with all things Eric, and how even if she isn’t ready to admit it to herself quite yet, she’s eager to get back to him! Claudia with her understandably slowly growing comfort when it comes to the ancient faepire, and how even though still hesitant is willing to provide the comfort he needs! And lastly that Godric is finally getting some time with Claudia and is prepared to be patient in order to win her, and is able to open up with her about his desires to see his child again! I loved it all and can’t wait to see how Eric responds to the long awaited response from his beloved maker!!! More please!!!!


  16. Love watching how Eric is progressing in this, though I also feel sorry for Sookie having to wait. All in the end, it will be all for the better for them both. Though I do love the line that implies Eric has beat his head on the desk in reality. And often enough to know it will break it!


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  18. valady1: In the TB world I don’t feel that Godric ever had a chance for real happiness, and that’s one of the things I love being able to give him in my fics. Although I don’t remember much (read: refuse to rewatch to refresh my memory) about exactly how the Russell crap came about, I do remember that Eric wasn’t thinking with his logic hat firmly attached during that time and choose to believe that if he had been, he’d have come up with several other far better plans. But…now he can move forward, so that’s good! 😀


  19. mindyb781: Thank you! I can only imagine how bittersweet it must be to both of them to have part of their past habits back, but not all of them. It’s great that they have at least some things again, but what’s missing has to hit pretty hard. Things will get better, though… 😀


  20. kleannhouse: That’s one of the things I see in Eric – the ability to clearly examine past mistakes and learn from them, but not dwelling on them afterward. I see Godric as being more contemplative, but in the end they’re both “active”, not “passive”, participants in life. They’ll get there!


  21. gyllene: Although I hadn’t planned it that way, courage ended up being the theme of this chapter. Eric had the courage to bare his past actions to Godric (and himself), Claudia had the courage to be near and then physically comfort Godric, Godric had the courage to risk baring his soul a bit to Claudia, and Sookie had the courage to admit to herself just how often she thinks of Eric. Whenever Eric and Sookie do meet again (won’t be long!), Eric can go into it with a far clearer conscience which may help him keep those huge feet out of his mouth some, lol. Glad you liked the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Jackie69: Glad you liked it – thanks!! Heh, Eric knows Pam…he he he…and knows how best to annoy her, lol! (You know I can totally see him glamouring the worst-dressed customers to go over and hit on her, right, while he’s hidden in corner smirking away…)


  23. charity6201: Claudia and her odd breakfasting choices… *snicker* And it was definitely time for Eric to come clean with himself (that it was also with Godric just made it both better and bittersweet) over the Russell debacle so that he could learn from it all, then let it go. That guilt served its purpose but now it’s time for it to go.

    Claudy took a huge risk with both her person and her heart but it paid off. 😀

    Hell, I’m the writer and even *I* am torn about how, and even if, Godric and Eric should meet again. We’ll all just have to stay tuned… *snicker*

    Liked by 1 person

  24. cari1973: Yes! Exactly! Had Eric’s reactions been more along the lines of “no, I won’t allow Sookie to be hurt”, then Pam’s reactions afterward would have reflected that. Pam had to have felt (in some way) that it was acceptable to offer Sookie as a sacrifice in the first place (and I’m going with the assumption that it was Pam who originally suggested using Sookie as bait but honestly it could have been Eric’s idea – perhaps he had mentioned it earlier then rescinded the suggestion but Pam kept on with it…) and only Eric’s reactions to her (Pam’s) treatment of and to Sookie would have either encouraged or discouraged that line of reasoning. But no matter how the idea came about, in the end Eric chose to go with it, so the final blame is his alone. He can’t fault Pam for thinking the same way he did.


  25. murgatroid98: Thank you! Sometimes I’ll do a skim re-read when getting back into “character” for a next chapter, and I still cackle like mad over Sookie being the one realistic one in the bunch and just offing Edgington, lol, and that confrontation with Beehl is…*satisfying* if I do say so myself… Love the idea of a magic letter box! 😀 I gave a nice clue in Claudy’s words to Godric, if that helps… Glad you like it!


  26. rachelaidensmommy: Thanks!! Sookie might not want to admit it even to herself, but she is missing Eric, and Eric, yeah, he’s pacing… And nope, Godric is now in the Fairy Realm which is inaccessible to vampires as the Fairy sun would burn them, and one of the questions is if he returns to the Earthly Realm, assuming he even can, would he be able to go back to his now-home in Fairy? The Fairy sun doesn’t burn him, but could he say the same of the Earthly sun now, etc…


  27. mom2goalies: Thank you! Sookie might not want to admit it all that much, but she really is missing Eric…(nanner nanner to her!). Eric really did have a huge breakthrough, so now he can move forward a bit more easily. And Claudia? Yeah, she’s really showing her courage, but the pay-off will be tremendous! 😀 Godric deserves to be happy, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. ericluver: Poor Sookie – she’s in deeper than she wants to admit, lol. 😀 And yeah, Claudia and Godric go well together, like chocolate and strawberries…like chips and dip…like roast beef and horseradish…like…yeah, sorry, it’s lunch and I’m hungry… 😀


  29. shoegirl01: Thanks! I hadn’t realized it at the time, but yeah, courage was definitely the theme for this chapter. Claudia has a quiet, graceful kind of courage that Godric truly respects. Sookie has a brash, “ballbreaker” in-your-face kind of courage that’s a lot of fun, and Eric of course has that same kind, but Eric’s emotional courage is growing by leaps and bounds. Sookie’s emotional courage is coming along, too, just a bit…slower. She’ll get there, though! 😀


  30. lorip100: 😀 Claudia and Her Courage (sounds like a good band, right?) are coming along nicely, and Godric’s patience is definitely paying off. He’s smart like that, lol. And you’re exactly right – Eric and Sookie do miss each other. Eric’s closer to realizing it than she is, but even Sookie’s starting to get a stronger clue. Thanks – glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. missrissa81: Eric showed a lot of emotional courage in his decision to bare all to both Godric and himself – no excuses, just straight up facts – but he’s learned from it and his way is lighter and clearer now. Sookie’s emotional courage might take a little while yet to come, but she’ll get there. Claudia is blowing Godric away with her quiet, graceful form of courage, and he knows “slowly slowly” is the way to go with her. It’s paying off, too! 😀

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  32. Huh, interesting…. Can’t wait to see where you’re going with this even though I do love her being messenger so she has to see a different side to Eric 🙂 forces her to see him without pretense so I’m still liking her as the go between, just wandering if they’d get to see each other again…guess I was being sneaky just hinting for answers, lol. I really like Claudia by then way.


  33. I love this story! It is great that Sookie and Eric are workung things through in their heads. Eric is finally seeing Sookie as a person not an object and Sookie is finally seeing there is more to the vViking than meets the eye – can’t wait to see them come together! As for Godric and Claudia – they are so cute! Keep up the good work!


  34. lovinthevamp: Thank you! They both had some things they needed to work out for themselves before they should try getting together. Godric and Claudia (you know I just almost typed “Glaudy”, right?) are fun! They’re so different but somehow (if only in my brain, lol) they seem to work. Thanks for reading!


  35. Loved the imagery of Eric’s legs being gnawed to bloody stumps by his impatience… Oh wait, that’s personification as well. Hmm better ask Hermione what she thinks…


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