*A/N:  This is just a wee, tiny ONE SHOT ode to Eric, Sookie, and apples.  It takes place in the car on the way home the night Sookie first meets Eric at Fangtasia.  I hope you enjoy!*


An uncomfortable silence had descended in the car after Vampire Bill had “let his displeasure be known” by droning on and on and on about how “disappointed he was in her” for “how she had acted” earlier in the bar, so Sookie clamped down the smile that threatened to escape at the thought of how that big blond vampire had smelled.

Eric Northman…he sure had left an impression on her!

Apples…and something she didn’t immediately have a name for, something that was fresh and different that she’d never smelled before.

Fangtasia…the bar with a bite – she mentally snickered at the name and slogan, then decided that maybe she’d like a bite of that apple…

A peep to her left revealed the dark vampire driving the car wasn’t paying any attention to her, well, at least he didn’t seem to be anyway.   With vampires, though, it was hard to tell what they were thinking since she couldn’t hear their thoughts.

Initially that had been a wonderful surprise and was what had drawn her attention to Vampire Bill in the first place.

It sure wasn’t his looks.

She remembered laughing the day after he’d first come into Merlotte’s…a vampire named Bill of all things.  Most people wanted to call him Vampire Bill and it was funny…until she’d gotten to know him better.

Creepy Bill seemed to roll off her mental tongue easier, now.

The silence in the car felt off somehow, but at least he’d finally turned off the caterwauling coming through the car’s substandard speakers.  He’d tried to impress her with his “worldliness” but had just come off sounding snotty and boring.  She guessed she was glad that such things as Peruvian throat singers existed but honestly, the wind coming through the windows sounded better.

As she resumed staring out the window, she wondered if the fact that she couldn’t read vampire thoughts meant that maybe they could read human minds instead.  If so, that might explain the way he seemed to be pouting at her now.  She had a lot of questions about vampires and the library didn’t have much to go on, but whatever – it wasn’t her fault if that cute blond guy…vampire…whatever back at the bar seemed taken with her.

She was kind of taken with him, too!

And honestly, what was she supposed to do, let the place be raided by cops obsessed with harassing vampires just because they were vampires?  Seemed to her that he should have been glad that she was looking out for vampires, but no, he had to go and act like a toddler pitching a fit for a cookie.

It seemed vampire men could be just as strange as human men when it came to women.

She’d sensed his interest…his weirdly cold interest… in her that first night they met and while she didn’t think he was all that and a bag of chips, she’d been intrigued by how she couldn’t read his mind.   It was quiet, the first quiet mind she could ever remember sensing.

And it had felt pretty darn good, too.

Then the bad thing with the Ratts had happened.  While she was glad he’d finally shown up when he had, when she’d thought about it later, it had all had felt a little too…too timely, maybe?

Something about it had felt kind of off.

And she still couldn’t get that nasty taste of his blood out of her mouth no matter how many times she’d brushed her teeth.  She’d even given in and bought a small bottle of that expensive Listerine to wash her mouth out with but even though it’d burned, it still hadn’t worked all that well.  Thankfully the taste was finally going away.  Peppermints helped.

Since then, though, every time she got the least little nick or cut it seemed like Vampire Bill would suddenly appear out of the blue wanting to ‘heal her’, but she wasn’t having any more of that nonsense.

It was creepy as all get out.

The whole “heah, drink my blood and you’ll feel bettah” line felt just too strange to her and the ugly vampire was starting to sound a little too demanding about it all.

Besides, his blood was just plain nasty.

She shivered in memory then felt the driver’s gaze land on her again.  It felt…weird, and cold when he stared at her.  It made her feel uncomfortable, and she couldn’t help but compare it to how she’d felt when that Eric vampire had looked at her.

His gaze had felt warm in a way that she liked, warm and exciting.  Maybe it was his pretty blue eyes?

Vampire Bill had cold, flat brown eyes that didn’t give off a nice feeling.  That Eric, though, his eyes were beautiful, and while the blue was kind of icy, it had a warmth to it that she couldn’t help but notice.

Funny how the warm brown eyes felt cold but the icy blue eyes felt warm.

The word “Nordic” popped into her mind but she didn’t know where that’d come from…maybe because of his last name?  She’d never heard of a ‘Northman’ before, but then again, she’d never been anywhere much to have heard it anyway.  It sure wasn’t a Bon Temps last name.

Compton, however, was.  Old man Compton had been a strange one, a loner, mostly.  They’d been neighbors but only in the most general sense.  She hoped his passing had been easy, though.

The breeze in the car shifted, the air entering more from Bill’s window, and she wrinkled her nose in reaction.

The two vampires’ scents were completely different, too.  Whereas Vampire Bill smelled kind of stale, like old iron with maybe a whiff of mildewed cotton, Eric smelled clean and like…yeah, like apples.  Apples, and something…  She didn’t know what it was but she knew she liked it.

She glanced at Bill’s scowling reflection in the windshield.

Maybe Eric smelled like the wind…like fun…like kissing and sweet, hot dreams.

Like freedom.

And apples.

Sookie loved apples.

**A/N:  Ok, the drabble (?) has exactly 1,005 words, and that’s all it’s gonna be.  I can’t see me expanding this, so feel free to imagine where this hopefully more aware Sookie might take her thoughts and turn them into actions.  I envision her eventually taking her own sweet, sassy, smarter self back to “the bar with a bite” sans Billius-Vomitus to see if her increasingly fond recollections of Eric are as true as they seem.  And they would be.**

50 thoughts on “APPLES

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  2. I like them apples too! I mean, what red-blooded lady doesn’t like apples???
    Thank you for this extra crisp and sweet bit of writing. It is a nice bite of joy for me on my Friday morning – Thank you!!
    Too, I hope you can have some joy today. I have not had the same experience you are currently going through but I have had bad times, that seem to go on and on and on. (Personally speaking, 2017 can just go away not soon enough) So, I hope some joy finds you today ❤
    With love from Salisbury NC


  3. Hope you are beginning to get a grip on all that is happening to you. Know exactly what its like to look at recovery and believe it will never end. That you say to your friends “I just want one week without a medical appointment, just one week”. Its the little things that you strive for, and little by little (hour by hour, day by day, week by week) eventually you ooze out the other side hoping never to be there ever again. My great step was when I was so frustrated by everything, not just my health, that I was ready to start throwing very expensive breakable items against the wall, I had to stop myself and say “get a grip, remember where you were 3 months ago?”. Then 6 months later I was able to sit back and congratulate myself that I sort of made it. 🙂 Accept what’s happening and plan/dream what you can do in just a little while.

    I appreciated Sookie’s musings. Very imaginative, you haven’t lost it. 🙂


  4. I can imagine Sookie coming out and working only during the day to avoid Vampire Bill and, at nightfall, lock herself in her room and go to sleep having sweet dreams about Eric until she feels a void outside her room and begins to think actively in ‘reading’ that void until she gets it, coming to know the plans that Vampire Bill has for her and that the interference of a certain Northman is bad, which prompts her to go visit a certain bar with a bite to escape the claws of Vampire Bill and that Eric investigates that scum.
    I hope some of your difficulties are disappearing; that will make the ones that remain to be solved, be solved more quickly.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Perfect season to go smelling apples! Loved it, thanks for sharing.
    I hope things start turning around for you soon.


  6. Love your smart Sookies! LOL 😂 at not being able to get the taste to go away! I’m sure she wouldn’t complain about a big blue-eyed blonde’s taste (and my imagination is not stopping at blood… ☺️)
    Being sick sucks big time- hope things turn around soon. Sending hugs 🤗 and love ❤️


  7. Ahh apples. Sweet, sweet apples. Bill probably smells like moth balls too. Hate that smell.
    I hope you’re feeling some what better. Sending some apples your way.


  8. Now I just want Sookie taking a bite out of that apple! Lol. Thanks for thinking of us and trying to push through to share with us. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


  9. Nothing better than that first bite into a lovely, crispy apple! I’d bite an Eric/apple any day! Hehe.
    Sorry to hear your still not all healed up. Must just make everyday that little bit harder. No wonder your poor muse is looking wilted, but she still has it in her because that little drabble was fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Loved it. My favourite apples are Pink Lady’s. I can imagine Eric will find Sookie’s pink lady parts a favourite of his. lol. Yes, I wen there.


  11. Apples! Crisp, tart Granny Smiths I bet. LOL about Listerine not getting those mothballs out of Sookie’s mouth 😈. Thanks so much for a drabble. Maybe Eric will tickle your toes with a feather in gratitude.


  12. Oh, Mer, I’m sorry you are still experiencing so much pain and suffering. I wish you good health and healing, rest and recovery. And yet, here you go being thoughtful and posting something for all of us. You have this wonderful ability to take something so simple, a thought or two, and you string ’em together into something beautiful, witty, and wise. Thank you, dear. I love the comparisons Sookie makes, as she connects the dots that lead her to the one she should be with. Much love to you. 💖🍎


  13. Coming from the Apple Isle, I love apples too 🙂
    And I love this story 🙂
    Nice, sweet, crisp…. damn, I’m hungry lol.
    Thanks for the fun one shot. I think this Sookie is much wiser than the books. I see God things for her!
    Hope you feel better soon. Sending warm fuzzies and Askars hugs.


  14. You poor dear, I’d like to reach through the monitor and give you a hug; so much that is not good has been happening to you lately..
    This was a lovely little gift, always good when a smart Sookie takes center stage. I’ll keep you and your exhausted muse in my thoughts, hope things get better for you both very soon.


  15. Teresa: Thanks – glad you liked it! Heh, it’s apple season, so…I kind’a had to! 😀 (Salisbury? Hope you didn’t have any problems during this latest spate of tornado outbreaks? We had some way closer than they needed to be in my opinion, but then again, half an ocean away would still be too close… Scary!)


  16. jules3677: Thanks, hon – it *is* frustrating…and I”m still on the (annoying) weekly dr visits part…*sigh*…but it’s getting there albeit incredibly slowly. Too bad my motivation took a break without me, though. (If you see its snarky ass, please send it back my way.) I hope your medical frustrations are finally resolved and that the resolution is a good one – it sounds like it really took a while. 😦


  17. cari1973: Thank you and exactly – she has a choice with Eric, and while she might not know exactly “who” he is in the vampire power scheme, her gut would tell her to go to him about Compton. (I know which vampire I’d prefer…)


  18. murgatroid98: Thank you – very glad you liked it! And ohhhh, yeah, them apples! 😀
    I’m getting there, still have weekly doctor visits and all that 1,000-lb-boot jazz, but it’s getting there, slowly. ❤


  19. mom2goalies: Thank you! Oh, them apples… 😀 I’m improving, slowly, just seems like my motivation took a vacay and forgot to drag me along with it. If you see it, send it this way??

    Liked by 1 person

  20. shoegirl01: Smart Sookies make my day! 😀 I couldn’t imagine writing a “regular” one – a clueless-because-inexperienced one, sure, but… Srsly, can you imagine the taste of Bill-blood? Ew!!
    Thanks, gorgeous – it’s still taking time, but it’s getting there…slowly… ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  21. fffbone: Heh, I imagine Bill smells like boiling cabbage, mothballs, dust, and old dirt. With a side of skunk. HA! *gladly accepting all apples especially Honeycrisp!*


  22. Bashfyl: Heh, I’m pretty sure Eric wouldn’t mind the bite, either!

    I’m trying but my motivation seems to have gone on vacay and forgotten to take me with it. *sigh* If you see it roaming around lost somewhere, please send it this way? I kind’a miss it…


  23. ericluver: And Eric being Eric? He’d probably enjoy that bite, too!
    Still not finished healing yet…it’s getting there, just, slowly. Oh, so slowly. That flighty little bitch, erm, I mean, Madam Muse got tired of my whining and took off for parts unknown. Maybe she’ll remember her way home at some point.


  24. georgiasuzy: Honeycrisp here – sooo nummy!! Poor Sookie – not even Listerine could burn the Bill out of her poor mouth! She definitely needs a dose of Eric… (We all do…!) *gazes off into the middle distance*


  25. teachert99: ❤ Things have been improving – slowly, but eventually – so that's good, right? Less pain is always a good thing! Sadly, though, the chair/crutches/1,000-lb boot are all still in effect, etc. Frustrating, but meh, it's life. Unfortunately the motivation tired of all my whining and ran off without me…hope it finds its way home again sooner than later.

    I'd like to think of Sookie as being aware enough of herself and her surroundings to note the differences between Eric and Bill right off the bat (Get it? Bat? Vampires? Halloween? Ok, I'll stop now…) and that she'd allow her conclusions to influence her decisions. I know which non-rotten, non-mildewy apple I'd want!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. gwynwyvar: As someone who just now had a Honeycrisp, I totally understand! 😀 Thank you, hon – things are slowly improving. Motivation took a long walk off a short pier, but maybe it’ll figure out how to wade back to shore soon. I keep trying to tempt it with an apple…

    Liked by 1 person

  27. mindyb781: *snicker* I totally see Sookie looking up the bar’s number in the phone book the next day…just for curiosity’s sake…um…and stuff… Glad you liked it!


  28. valady1: All hugs incredibly welcome and appreciated! 2017 has not been a fantastic year and the “residual effect” will linger painfully for years to come, but – however slowly – progress is…in progress, lol. The FLM has, sadly, tired of my excessive whining and has therefore taken herself off on a nice vacay (notice she didn’t invite ME…). If you happen to see her wondering around, do send her back this way – I miss the little beyotch! ❤


  29. Oh my goodness Meridian! Even when you’re not feeling well email make me laugh. I am so sorry that your thousand pound boot etc. are making your motivation run and hide. I do so miss your writing, your wonderful stories, and your wit. Miss you. Please, please get well. Your fans await your return.


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