Shall We Dance?

Notes: This skips the final episode of True Blood. It never happened. Sookie never mysteriously appeared preggers. Instead, the day after she killed Bill, she left Bon Temps for Shreveport, and has neither seen nor heard from Eric.**


It was 9:50 pm, and Eric Northman, elegantly clad in his favorite suit, leaned nonchalantly against the high bar in the back of his club. Although no onlookers would realize it, his impatience was almost impossible to subdue.

His club, aptly named Waiting for the Night, was entirely different from that old, gaudy fiasco he had long since given to Pam. That both clubs were dark, highly successful, and catered to supernatural clientele were their only similarities.

He and Pam had argued for months about whether the place should be called a supper club, since a limited menu of appropriately expensive foods were available, or a dance club, since they often hosted small live bands and encouraged patrons to use the dance floors. In the end both decided it didn’t matter as the place was highly profitable either way – it seemed there was a large, untapped market for an upscale place where Shreveport’s elite could meet, see, and be seen.

The drinks were classy and expensive; the foods small and garlic-free. The atmosphere was elegantly refined with its polished brass and shining glass, and the live music on certain nights meant full capacity was always reached.

The best Were bouncers on the market grimly enforced the few but broad rules: dress appropriately, don’t disrespect any other patron, and don’t feed in public (certain private rooms were always available for such activities).

Elegance was encouraged; drama was not.

Eric surveyed his newest territory proudly as he fought to keep from needlessly straightening his already immaculate suit…yet again, and drained his highball of the best O-Neg Argentina had to offer before glancing at his watch.

An endless three minutes had passed since the last time he’d checked it.

The waiting was killing him.

It was an ordinary Saturday night, but after five very long years…

Of course, he’d kept tabs on her during all this time. Shortly after they had parted ways – he after ending the Yakuza and she after being manipulated into killing Compton – he had briefly considered seeking her out, but was still too emotionally raw, too bruised to risk it.

That didn’t mean he couldn’t see to her welfare, however, no matter what country he happened to be in at the time.

When she had immediately afterward put her house up for lease and moved to Shreveport, he had cheered for her…and, unbeknownst to her, had paid the Were couple he had chosen to rent her house an incentive to help keep the old place up to his standards. He had selected four couples he had deemed appropriate to apply to her for the lease, thus ensuring someone suitable would occupy the place. She would have rolled her eyes at the smug satisfaction he’d felt when she had chosen the one couple he’d thought most worthy of the honor.

He had been so proud for her when she had, shockingly, not only accepted the guilt money Compton had left for her in an entirely unofficial will, but had then used it to enter college full time. Several newly-created student grants had suddenly come about for which she was highly, almost suspiciously, qualified during those studious years.

Upon the successful completion of her education (a double major in Accounting and Business Management) a little over four years later, he had been elated on her behalf.

When she had almost immediately opened her own small interior design company in Shreveport, he had been…very confused.

Not long after, when word reached him of a local telepath running a small office under the name “Adele’s Home Solutions” reached his ears, however, he had understood…and had immediately secured her services under the auspices of one of his untraceable companies. Very quickly he became her biggest client, and his multitude of Louisiana businesses, sans the club of course, had never operated more smoothly.

His Sookie was especially talented at discovering “creative” accounting practices.

In all the time that had passed, his Sookie also hadn’t visibly aged a day. Her Fae heritage was serving her well.

Many, many times over the past five years he had come so very close to approaching her, but something always stopped him.

At first he had known that she wasn’t ready for him, or anyone else for that matter, to be in her life. As much as Eric despised Compton, he despised even more that Compton’s overly-dramatic exit scene had most likely affected the tender-hearted hybrid more than probably even she would realize. The love of his unlife would need time to “heal and deal”, as Pam would say.

Also, as usual where she was concerned, he wasn’t sure of his own place in her heart. Sometimes she had acted as though she truly cared, but often she hadn’t. When push came to shove, he had to admit that she had never truly given him a fair chance, and that in some ways it was his own fault. To that end, during the intervening years more attempts simply weren’t worth it to Eric. He had too much to do to waste time on something almost guaranteed not to go anywhere…no matter how much he ached for it.

Five years, however, was by far long enough.

Surely she had grown up in the meantime.

He had.

At 9:59 pm, his wait was over.

Her scent reached him first, softly fragrant, slightly musky with hints of flowers and sunshine.

Finally, he saw her, his lady in red, the crimson silk encasing her luscious body, shimmering with her movements in the low lights…making his mouth water.

Still holding his engraved invitation in her hand, she followed Verity, a vampire he had entrusted to watch for and escort this beloved guest, as she lead her to a table reserved near one of the more intimate dance areas.

He watched as she was gracefully seated, then watched as one of the wait staff immediately approached and took her drink order. He watched as she spoke with innate courtesy to the waitress, her eyes sparkling with curious excitement. Her hair was styled into an elegant chignon that he ached to loosen, to dive into with his hands as his tongue dove between her sweet pink lips.

He watched as one of those hands trembled slightly as he straightened his perfectly fine cuffs.


The invitation now resting on the table reminded him of one of the night’s several objectives – possibly revealing himself as her largest client, but definitely revealing to the keeper of his heart that she still owned the damn thing if she seemed at all amenable.

Why he had waited so long was somewhat of a mystery even to himself, but his gut instincts had told him to wait, to give her time, to…to give them both time, and his gut instincts were always right.

He straightened his broad shoulders, and proceeded to make the night, to make her, his own. It was time to stop hiding behind cold company names, behind fear, behind doubt and time.

It was time to stop waiting for the night.


“Is this seat taken?”

Opting for the element of surprise, he had blurred to stand behind the only other chair at her table, and carefully studied her reaction to his presence.

Her shocked yet immediately pleased expression was everything he could have wanted.

Joyful amazement flooded her system as she realized that she knew that voice!

So that’s who had sent the strange invitation she’d received three days ago…

Of course she would know that voice anywhere – not a day went by where she didn’t think of him. Sometimes the memories weren’t so good, sometimes they were really nice…and sometimes they were really nice…, but through the years she had thought of him often.

After all the crap with Bill and the way she had let the tall blond Viking leave her life, she hadn’t bothered trying to contact Eric, no matter how much she may have wanted to. She knew that he could have found her anytime he wanted – it wasn’t as though she had a common name, so she had long ago decided to respect his privacy and let him live his own life.

But if he had decided to contact her now, maybe he had forgiven her for being so stupid in the past? Maybe he only wanted to talk to her, to see how she was doing…but maybe he wanted more?

She sure as hell knew what she wanted…

“Eric?” The broad smile that instantly brightened her features soothed a doubt he hadn’t wanted to acknowledge.

He bowed from the waist, and grinned.

“At your service,” he quipped, then gestured to the chair.

“Oh I’m sorry! Of course, have a seat,” she said, still smiling but blushing a little at the minute faux pas…and, he hoped, in pleasure at seeing him. “What are you doing here?”

He was pleased to note that her smile seemed to widen even more when he took his seat. He gestured to the invitation on the table. “I’m glad you could come.”

As was his intention, whatever her response would have been was interrupted by the arrival of her drink. He took the opportunity to study the love of his unlife as she listened to the server relay the night’s small menu options, and couldn’t move his gaze from her soft pink lips as she gave her choices. When the waitress turned to take his blood-products order, he shook his head and ordered her away with a careless wave of his hand.

“It’s been forever, Eric, how’ve you been doing? I know the New Blood business must be keeping you pretty busy,” Sookie commented once they were alone.

His smile a bit more relaxed now, he replied, “Quite well, thank you.” Opting to ignore the New Blood business for the moment, he gestured again to the elegantly hand-written card on the table. “I’m glad you could come,” he now repeated.

“You were the one who invited me? That’s great, but why? It’s been so long…” Her smile, while still genuine, was overtaken by a blend of confusion and, thankfully, curiosity.

As she traced the rim of her glass, he realized that he wanted to get straight to the heart of the matter.

His own smile remained intact as he stated quite firmly, “Exactly because it has been so long. Too long.”

Her gaze, which had naturally fallen to his lips as he spoke, flew to meet his dark blue stare.

Eric watched as she held his gaze far more steadily than she would have when he last knew her.

“Five years,” she whispered a bit sadly. “It’s been five years.”

He held out his hand atop the table. “I know.”

His heart soared when she took it without hesitation. As he softly caressed the back of her hand with his thumb, he watched a myriad of expressions briefly cross her face with melancholy being the most predominant.

Finally, she said the words he had longed to hear. “I’ve missed you, Eric. I’ve missed you a lot. Have…” She glanced away, apparently afraid to say more.

He didn’t allow her unspoken question to linger as the sounds of muted conversations surrounded them.

“Every night.”

She looked back at him instantly, her eyes beaming with surprised delight.


The rising blush on her cheeks was pleasing to his eye.

“Without fail,” he elaborated, his voice strong and serious.

She searched his unwavering gaze for a moment before asking, “Then why…why didn’t you call or stop by?”

The hint of hurt in her eyes bit sharply, but he would make sure she knew his reasons. He tightened his comforting hold on her hand.

“You needed time to heal and grow. We both did. You had your life to take back, your education to gain, and I had my own things to deal with.”

“You knew about that?”

“You would be surprised at just how much I know.” His eyes gleamed wickedly with both arrogance and pride.

“Like what?” He was pleased to note curiosity rather than animosity in her voice and in her grin.

The sweetly growing heat in her gaze fueled his own.

Eric had been curious as to how Sookie would react to his keeping tabs on her for the past five years. The old Sookie would have been irritated and angry, but this new version seemed much more laid-back.

He was truly enjoying this new version so far, but wondered how long it would last, how much she had grown.

“Like how you graduated at the top of your class with not one but two degrees, and how your business is thriving even though you’ve yet to design one single interior?”

He almost laughed at her shocked expression.


Now, he thought, comes the hard part.

“I am very proud of you, Sookie. I have always known that you are an intelligent woman, only, you had never been able to do anything with that intelligence.” He stopped to meet her gaze directly. “And I am sorry for not realizing this myself back while I had the chance to do something about it. You deserved better from me. You deserved more time, more consideration, and better protection from the more difficult aspects of my world, from the Supe world…”

“No,” she interrupted him softly but firmly. “I don’t know about the first part, but you know as well as I do that I didn’t want to know any more than I had to about any of that stuff. The problem, though, was that I was entirely wrong about what qualified as ‘had‘ to know. I used to be so stubborn!” She laughed ruefully then sipped at her drink, and briefly squeezed his hand when he started to speak again.

“I thought that if I kept my head down and ignored the parts I didn’t like, they’d somehow magically all go away. That kind of thinking might work in fairy tales, but not in real life. Plus, I wasn’t yours to raise, Eric. There was so much that I didn’t know, but if I’d taken the time to listen to you, to ask questions in such a way that you had to answer them, I would have been much better prepared for many of the things that happened. In a lot of ways we could have gotten along better,” she sent him a speaking glare, but then ruined it with a smile, “but that’s just the way it goes.”

Eric smirked back at her for a moment, then focused on her fingertips as he trailed a long finger over them. Her level of self-knowledge, and her willingness to admit her faults, stunned him.

The bratty, insecure, bullheaded version of Sookie – the arrogant little anti-snot determined to be obstinate at every opportunity – seemed to have morphed into a calmly gracious, genuinely confident, strong young woman whose presence he was determined to know better.

Sookie had grown up, and the effect of her attitude made his fangs ache.

Still, she had to know

“Sookie, you were always far more than a mere asset to me, only, I failed to realize it in time, and I failed to meet your needs even if you didn’t see it that way.”

His voice clearly expressed his sorrow and regret, as did the look in his eyes. This time Sookie tightened her hold on his hand, and he couldn’t believe what she did next.

She raised his hand to her lips, turned it over, and kissed his knuckles.

“Eric, I don’t hold you responsible, ok? It has taken me a while to get it, but I finally realized that neither one of us was ready for, well, for whatever it was that we had. Hell, half the time I was,” she paused to laugh, and the seductive tones made Eric’s spine tingle, “I have a phrase for it: Bill-blinded. Just about the entire time I knew you back then I was either blinded by his bullshit or blinded by his blood, but I didn’t know it. No wonder he pitched such a fit when he found out about your blood in Dallas – he was terrified of losing his blood hold over me, the little creep.”

A sip of her drink helped remove the look of disgust marring her beautiful face.

“I’d like to think that if I’d met you first, things would have been different, but honestly, I have to wonder if either one of us would have been ready for something real back then. Plus, we never even had the time to actually get to know each other, you know?  Well, not while you have all your memories intact at least.”

She looked down at their hands still joined on the table, and stifled a shiver in memory of what his hands could do.  She hoped he’d enjoyed those memories as much as she has over the years.

Her emotional growth blew him away, and as she looked at his hand, he saw the faint shiver and somehow knew she was remembering the best time period in his unlife.

“I know, and I plan to rectify that if you’ll give me the chance.”

“Chance?” She raised her eyes to glance at him from beneath her lashes. “Oh, no, there’s no chance, Eric.”

Just as he felt his heart plummet despite the seductive look she was giving him, she continued.

“You are a sure thing, and this time around, so am I.”

His thousand-odd year old fangs clicked down at the strong, sensual assurance in her voice.

At that moment her food arrived, and Eric reluctantly released her hand to allow her to eat, and instantly became jealous of her fork.

Because of his heated gaze, the comfortable lack of conversation, and the deliciousness of the food, Sookie quickly finished with her light supper, and leaned back in her chair. Immediately the waitress returned to clear her place and replace her drink.

As if waiting for some prearranged cue, soft music perfect for dancing filtered through the air, and Eric rose.

He closed the slight distance between them and held out his hand.

“Shall we dance?”

The timbre of his voice reminded her of other dances, ancient dances older than time, the ones requiring neither clothing nor audience… Immediately her memories of showers and beds in wintry glades vigorously resurfaced.

That reminded her…she wondered if he could still sense her at all, or if the vague bond was now completely gone.  Sadly, it had to be after so much time had passed.

She wondered then if he would be interested in forming a new bond with her.  The look in his eyes said he might…the heat between her thighs said she hoped she was reading him right.

Without yet rising, she turned in her seat, accepted his hand, and looked up.

Sookie met and held his intense gaze for a moment, then slowly nodded her head…and picked up her purse.

Before she rose, she stated seriously, “It’s been a little over five years since I chose to…dance with anyone, Eric. I’ve concentrated on my studies, and then on opening my business, but I’ve also taken the time to find out about myself. Since then my tastes have vastly improved. While I’m not perfect, I like me just fine, and now, I want the best.”

Smiling softly, she boldly held his gaze as she stated, “And that would be you.”

Dozens, nay, hundreds of thoughts flew through Eric’s mind as he considered her actions, her words, and all their implications.

Five years since… Ah fuck…

He firmly reined himself in and took a deep breath, which helped distressingly little. She would need him to go slow and easy…and he would…many times…

“I will be gentle,” he promised them both in a voice gruff with lust and love. “Never again will I harm you in any way, Sookie. I love you too much to…I would hurt myself first.”  He took a deep breath, then exhaled gustily.  “I have dreamed of this night for years, of being with you again. Just know that if you leave here with me tonight, you will be mine.”

A shiver ran down her spine as she grasped all the intentions behind his words…and the fire burning in his fierce blue eyes.

Sookie rose, tucked her hand into the crook of his elbow, and beamed up at him.

“Then what are we waiting for?”

**A/N: I didn’t name the food she ate or that I envisioned her drinking a gin and tonic because, really, who cares?  But if you’re curious, I “saw” her eating from small tasting plates of “glorified tapas”: potato-and-mozzarella croquettes, artichokes with clams, prawn croquettes, open-faced crab empanadas, and maybe sausage-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon – all prepared without garlic, naturally. Because of his age Eric may be immune to the scent of food (and garlic) by now, but younger vampires do frequent his establishment.  Ok, so, what did you think?**

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  2. That was wonderful. Even in TB, the love scenes with Eric were so much better than with Bill. The writers spent so much time creating a wonderful love story, then gave us that contrived ending. I like yours much better.


  3. That sneaky vampire, though it was all very well meant in that she did rise herself to be something more, something worthy, and with a healthy dose of self-reflection. The old Sookie Stackhouse may have pitched a fit at his high-handedness but a little confidence seems to have gone a long way, a lovely reunion although I may have gotten sidetracked by all the food in the end… where’s lunch?


  4. In my mind this will be the true ending! Happy to see a matured Sookie and I think Eric was right to have waited. Seems like they both waited til the time was right!


  5. I think this is the best post TB stories I’ve read :). The both grew up and there’s no presuming. There’s talking and apologizing, perfect.


  6. It took me a bit but then I remember reading this a while back. How did I forget about it and not nag you to finish it? Absolutely wonderful like all of your stories. I love their HEA, that they both grew up, and Eric keeping a watchful on her over the years. 😀


  7. Beautiful. That was a much better ending than the craptacular and quite frankly outdated stereotypical ending of the tv show.
    Sookie shows growth here whereas the show undone 7 years of character development in the space of minutes.


  8. So lovely…
    A wonderful alternate ending for that show!
    Sookie finally worked on herself trying to find a place for herself in the world
    You gave her a really brilliant career…
    Now they are finally talking to each other giving a chance to a something more…


  9. Ok, all in all, perfectly awesome. This is much better than the crap with a side of duck off they served us. This would have been an ending the fans of the show would have been happy with!

    I loved his normal Ericness, it was 100% true to his character, but yet showing his love for her. He only wanted the best for her. I loved the new club, and thought yet again, how perfect it was for their new start.

    And I loved how smart Sookie was this time. She was using that brain, and not just reacting. The time away probably helped with her realizing stuff, and to get over Bills manipulations of her. Shoot I would have been angry at that alone!!

    Thanks so much for your story!!!


  10. A wiser sookie? No. Self realisationa and a recognition of Bills douchebaggery? This is fantasy land! And I am so happy to be here 🙂
    Perfect ending!


  11. Perfect. Five years can do amazing things to bring out the best in someone. Just lovely. 🙂


  12. I loved it!
    “I have dreamed of this night for years, of being with you again. Just know that if you leave here with me tonight, you will be mine.”
    Gah! Perfect line. I wish this would have happened!


  13. What a wonderful one-shot! I admit I was a bit lost at first because I’d stopped watching TB after season 4, but to my absolute delight the show’s content didn’t really matter aside from the fact that it sucked. So, smarter Sookie and nicer Eric – yes, my favorite Twix couple! And I loved how Eric kept tabs on her, secretly worrying she’d be angry with his *stalking* her. It was a drastic change to see these two conversing like adults and not yelling, snarling, lying, or calling each other names.

    The level of your writing is incredible. The story flows smoothly. Each sentence reads with ease. Every word is utilized exactly right, exactly in the right place, just spot on. It comes through as effortless on your behalf, but I do feel the amount of work and thoughtfulness behind each word. Brava!


  14. thevikingskittykat: Awww, thank you! The “ending” HBO chose for TB was…baffling. Incomprehensible. I love creating my own endings! 😀 Glad you liked it!


  15. murgatroid98: Aww, thank you! In both the books and the show we were all-but spoon-fed an E/S probable HEA, but when it came down to it, it was obvious that they all lied to us – all the endings were somehow both depressingly and hilariously awful. I’m glad you liked this one!


  16. hisviks: I love the idea that he was keeping a kind, respectful, and genuinely helpful watch over her in the intervening years, and that she came to really know herself, her flaws and her strengths, in the meantime. The old Sookie, who I’ve dubbed “Stoopie”, would indeed have flown into various and assorted rages, but the new one would see the heart behind it all.

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  17. mom2goalies: Hey thanks! 😀 Very glad you liked it! I agree – I think they needed that time apart to grow and breathe and come into their own.


  18. tj6james6: Awww, thank you!!! I really wanted to show that both of them have made valuable leaps in maturity in that 5 years, that they’re both now ready for something real. I didn’t want to focus too much on their past, but it needed to be dealt with quickly so that they could get on with creating their future…where there’ll be LOTS of dancing… 😀

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  19. ashmo2000: Thank you, and exactly!! With a stronger foundation, most of their past issues would be nullified anyway, so in my mind I predict that they have an awesome future ahead of them. That, and I refuse to write non-HEAs even when I don’t type out the actual words… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  20. gyllene: Awww, thank you!! And, lol, it was a while back! I had to let the partial sit and cook a while…knew it had legs but just hadn’t found them yet. It was nice being able to show that they had both grown up, that Eric had grown away from all that Fangtasia entailed, and that Sookie had grown away from all that Bon Temps entailed. They deserved to meet each other again on far more equal, and mature, footing. 😀 Glad you liked it!


  21. Maithanroisin: Thank you, and YES!! The show had her REGRESSING to the point that it was disgusting. And I understand that the baby-daddy was just some guy they saw on set – how insulting to viewers is THAT?? And Sookie couldn’t be happy unless she was growing some guy’s baby in her uterus while still SERVING others?? No. Just…no. The “progressive” aspect of TB was shot all to hell in that one insulting episode. To me, in my head TB canon, Sookie not only grows up, but expands her mental horizons, too. Eric also grows up, and he expands his emotional horizons. Glad you liked the one-shot!


  22. duckbutt60: Thank you! I giggled at “redneck Thanksgiving scene” because you’re SO right. I wanted her character to grow out and up, not in and down (like what TB did to her). Glad you liked it! 😀


  23. Jackie69: Thank you – glad you liked it! Lol, I may have majored in English, but I also have a 2-year Accounting degree (and one in business mgt that I’ll also never use – words are far more fun!). I could totally see Sookie wanting to start her own business where she wouldn’t be working with or under anyone else unless she liked the tone of their thoughts, and what better business-centered way to use her telepathy than in discovering “creative accounting practices”?) Glad you liked that part! 😀


  24. nicolle1977: Beehl annoyed the “liquefied waste products” out of me. He was so arrogant, so stuck on himself, that he just didn’t want to man-up and leave Sookie the hell alone. When he discovered that he was sick, he decided to go drama-queen and, instead of just waltzing his emo-ass out the door into bright sunlight, he wanted to bring Sookie down with him. Ugh. Now I feel the need for a shower…ew. Lol, thank you – very glad you liked this version of an ending. 😀


  25. Kittyinaz: Thank you sweets – glad you liked it! I wanted to show that Eric has changed some, but in more of an “expanded his emotional horizons” way than anything more obvious. (But I see the new club as proof of his leaving the cheap old “Fangtasia mindset” far behind.) And Sookie? I had to plug her brain back in – hated that TB UN-plugged it in the first place. I see Sookie as carrying a fierce anti-torch for Beehl for a while longer…then forgetting that he ever existed. *evil grin*

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  26. galwidanatitud: To me, that last episode either never happened, or was far from the end. I canNOT leave it “as is”. It galls too much.


  27. gwynwyvar: LOL!!! It IS a fantasy-land: “Meridian’s Fantasy-Land, now complete with Calorie-Free Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor!” Well, it sounded good in my head… 😀 Thank you – glad you liked it!

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  28. msbuffy: Awww, thank you – very glad you liked it! And you’re absolutely right – people can change so much (and in the best ways) over a 5-year span.


  29. valady1: Yes!! In my mind I see them forming a great relationship on top of the strong foundation they’ve already begun building. Thank you!


  30. motomary: That’s exactly what I was thinking! They’ve got the basic from the past covered already, so it’s now time for them to build a great, strong foundation for an amazing future. I like to envision that I’ve given them the tools and the strength (not to mention the common sense) go forward, live long, and prosper (sorry, I miss Leonard Nimoy and Spock). Very glad you liked it! 😀


  31. askarsgirl: Awww, thank you! I tried to keep Eric a bit more in character than I usually might, and that, to me, just seemed like something he’d say, well, growl… 😀


  32. Now if I could only do more than a couch dance without making myself look like an idiot…
    Frankly I would think that with the telepathy she would have matured more quickly..then again that could be like teaching a person to swim by throwing them into the deep end of the pool.


  33. You’re welcome! Yes, they can. Sometimes it is just a simple matter of growing up just as the Sookie in your did. it takes some of us longer than others. 🙂


  34. AlphaEN: Awww, thank you for the incredible compliment – you have absolutely made my week!! I feel as though I’m horrendously prone to rambling and providing unnecessary descriptors, but because of my Journalism classes I really do want each word to do “double duty” – belong where and why I use it in the jigsaw puzzle of the story. Sometimes it works better than others…

    I’m sorry for the initial confusion – and I think you were extremely wise in deciding to not watch TB after S4. Lol, and they’re my favorite Twix couple, too! 😀 I love when they both grow up, calm down, and leave the past behind. Thank you for reading and for the great review! ♥


  35. Yeah, they really dropped the Ball (and yes I meant the Alan) on character development. Not forgetting using old footage from season 3 as the last time we ever saw Eric which I found quite disrespectful to Alex tbh.
    I choose to believe that the series ended with Sookie staking Bill and walking away with a smile on her face instead of snotty mess.
    Anyway enough ranting , thumbs up again for this one shot!


  36. Maithanroisin: They really did drop the Ball (lol). They had a perfect opportunity for good to win over bad, for characters to make good, decent progress in both their lives and in their livelihoods, and they chose regression and misogyny instead. And recycling that old film? That was definitely a slap in the face to all concerned.


  37. Great do-over post TB… In all honesty I wasn’t too disappointed with the end of TB being a suckfest as there had been just enough signs of the idiocy amongst the writers-in-charge… Definitely nothing like the disappointment from the last books and particularly DEA… And on TB, so much was left open (we didn’t even see Sookie’s baby daddy for F’s sake!) or say half baked that one can imagine a million better endings…
    Which leads me to one right here… Loved this Eric playing the ‘long-game’… What is 5 years to a Vampire who has lived for 1,000? He oversees Sookie’s life without her noticing, not in a stalker way but to help her… In the way I would have expected bloody Niall / Fintan Brigant to do for a halfling with the spark but I digress… Eric waits patiently and yes, once she is clean of Bill-bullshit and Bill’s blood, she can make the most of her life, studying and building a future for herself and now… she is ready to…. DANCE!
    Great job!!!


  38. redjane12: Thank you! I was really disappointed in the ending to TB, but not too surprised. I saw the foul writing all over the walls, ya know? The main things I liked about the TB ending are that they didn’t kill off Eric or Sookie, and they left fic writers a blue billion jumping off points. 😀

    You’re right – Eric is by far old enough to know when waiting is the wisest course of action, but he wasn’t going to wait without making sure that things were going well in her life, though… He also needed time to get over his past not only with her, but finish grieving for Godric, etc., and he knew that she needed time to, well, grow the hell up, lol. But when it came time to dance, they DANCED! 😀 Glad you liked it!

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  39. You know how I feel about “fixes” for the last season – I’d just rather think it never happened in its entirety (like season 6 rlly), but I like the “several years later” fix in most things because they allow for such better perspective. I like the idea of Sookie leaving her old house and making a life for herself elsewhere – and I like the idea of Eric and Sookie crossing paths after she’s had time to recover – Lawd knows the gurl needed it! Nice onesie dear! 🙂 Thank you for writing!


  40. morggys: Thank you! I wanted to get her out of Bon Temps and away from all the bigotry and bad memories permeating the place, and get her settled into a life that’s actually her own. She also needed the opportunity to show herself that she could “make the grade” – literally! She needed that boost in her self-confidence, and once she was able to realize that she was a smart young woman capable of making her own way, I think that would help calm down any other insecurities she might have had. Heh, it all helped to give Eric a chance to swoop back in without having to “save the day”. Glad you liked it!

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  46. So nice to see a confident Sookie who can articulate what she wants. Smouldering undertone at the end was very well done – so much was implied but left to the imagination.


  47. “Just know that if you leave here with me tonight, you will be mine.” …
    “Then what are we waiting for?”
    My thoughts exactly! 🙂
    Such a perfect HEA. Now could someone please get the powers that be to make this into an epilogue episode?


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