LLL – Those Days…

Life Lesson Learned You’ve had those kinds of days, right?

I hate it when life kicks your ass, sits you down hard, and opens your eyes to cold, hard, painful facts.  I’m going to go feel sorry for myself for a little while.

But wait!  I think first I should grind the knife in a little deeper, maybe even wiggle it a little bit to make SURE I get the most pain for my buck.

I’ve been incredibly stupid, incredibly naive, incredibly blind to cold, hard facts, and I’ve been that way for YEARS. 

Absolute years. 

I like to think I’m reasonably intelligent, that I’m capable of seeing reality for what it is, and dealing with it, and then getting on with the business of my life.  But apparently I’m not. 

Apparently I prefer the dreamy state of possibilities that aren’t really possible to what is real, and workable, and actually likely. 

What I had thought myself to be, I am not.  What I had thought was possible for me, is not.  I am nothing.





The threat of tomorrow’s possibilities wars with the ephemera of yesterday’s dreams, and I lose, but at last I am real.

I win.









Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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