Sophie-Anne’s Thoughts (Outtake from Andre, Ch. 45)

**A/N:  Below are some of Queen Sophie-Anne’s thoughts during the ride to rescue Emma and Sookie.  I loved it only…it couldn’t quite fit in the chapter, so…it now lives here.**

She understood Andre’s urgent need to get to his mate, of course. As his Maker she could sense the true extent of his need for the woman, and she felt both joy and concern for her Child. The joy, she supposed, was because his need went far deeper than some paltry mortal conception of “love” or “romance”, and it seemed the girl returned at least a modicum of his feelings. Emma could never match the depths of emotions that vampires were capable of simply because she wasn’t vampire, but at least she seemed capable of providing him with a fair approximation.

The concern she felt was, naturally, for the same reason.  His need to do something immediately to retrieve his missing mate was vying with his normally iron-willed common sense to a disturbing degree!

Still…while the sun was beginning to lower and some parts of some streets were likely in shadow, exploding from the protective cover of the SUV was not the best way to avoid being burned to a fucking crisp!

Fool Child…and the Northman was just as bad…

The low rumbling growls and occasional snarls vibrating through the undercarriage were bad enough as it was.

She found herself suddenly thankful that she had never personally felt such an all-consuming depth of such an exasperating emotion herself.

As she continued sending her Maker’s calm through the bonds with her Children, she had to wonder why Wybert and Sigebert were almost as invested in this mission as Andre and, she assumed give his own snarling and growling, the Viking were. Sure, the twins loved a good fight and there certainly hadn’t been nearly enough of them of late, and it was also true that Emma was a great kid in her own way.   She gave great snark and wasn’t the least impressed by money or power, but what did that have to do with the twins?

Not that she minded, of course; she was appreciative anytime someone was good to her Children, and her little human friend did seem to have a way with the great hulking beasts.  Sigebert’s emotional state had begun to worry her some of late but a closer listening several evenings ago – brief because she valued their privacy – had revealed that he did seem to brighten up a bit in the chit’s presence.

Maybe it was time to eavesdrop again?

Curious, Sophie-Anne fine-tuned her bond with the walking mountains and listened a little closer to their current states, but wasn’t surprised when she didn’t sense anything of a romantic or sexual nature in either of their concern for Andre’s mate. She knew that Wybert had been spending some time with his little piece on the downlow and she was still somewhat concerned about Sigebert’s dissatisfaction with life, but the only thing she sensed concerning Emma was a familial feeling, as though they considered her a sister in some way.

Well, that was always good.

She was relieved that neither seemed to feel anything untoward toward Andre’s little human – she wasn’t sure she’d be able to command The Master Torturer not to end them both if it’d been otherwise.

A mother’s job is never done.

**So, that’s what Sophie-Anne was thinking during part of that ride.**

2 thoughts on “Sophie-Anne’s Thoughts (Outtake from Andre, Ch. 45)

  1. shoegirl01: Hehe, exactly. I see her as being an intelligent, capably viscous, cunning ancient vampire in the public eye but a really good Maker-mom behind the scenes. Engendering loyalty with her progeny could well be one of her vampire gifts, but I’d rather think she’s just a really good Maker…out of the public’s eye, lol.

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