10, or more, things about me…

If you’re on Facebook, then you probably know those (kinda stupid but I fall for them anyway) “Here are <insert number> useless, self-important, probably uninteresting and possibly gross or disturbing things about me.  Like this self-serving, inane post and I’ll give you a random number so you can tell us useless information about yourself, too!” things that make the rounds from time to time to time?

Ok, they may not say exactly that…

But, yeah.  Well… Here:


  1. I am a writer, not an author.
  2. I think 85% of my work  is trite, boring blobs of meh, and 5% is actually good.
  3. The other 10% got cut.
  4. Realism in writing is EXTRAORDINARILY important to me, even if I’m writing about vampires and Weres and witches OH MY!
  5. Cursing and/or cussing is normal in my works.
  6. My heroines drink coffee, prefer going barefoot, and do have to pee.
  7. I like to think my sense of humor comes across on “paper”, but it probably doesn’t.
  8. I’m seriously not dependable when it comes to updates.
  9. On a totally unrelated note:  I refuse to piss off my  muses by rushing them. #flightylittlebitches
  10. Fritos are addictive. (That relates to writing in that I refuse to touch my keyboard with foody hands…)







11 thoughts on “10, or more, things about me…

  1. I love how I can hear your “voice” in your writing. I recognize it from our FB posts and it is so cute! Don’t PO the muses….but can we BRIBE them? *hands over a caramel mocha latte with extra whipped cream*


  2. metalhaid: Ohhhh!!! Ugh, dammit, the muse just ran off with the coffee….she’ll be back later, though…only I stock the toilet paper specially designed to be magically soft for muse tushes… 😀

    Heh, for better or for worse, I’m afraid my voice comes out in all my writing…no, not that voice…the other one… 😀


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