Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 36

**A/N:  Mostly Sookie’s POV…with a bit at the end by Eric.  Can’t keep a good Viking quiet for long, now can we!  Forgive any/all mistakes, and send some coffee…**

All through dinner Sookie may have been eating and chatting, but she had also been thinking, assessing, and, quite bluntly, plotting.

Well, plotting with what little she had to work with situation-wise, anyway.

Yes, her magical stores remained mostly depleted – she could feel her core dutifully strengthening but so very slowly – and her physical being seemed stalled-out at what she considered a little above half-mast, but she was by far not an invalid.  True, she couldn’t make her preferred clothes or foods or whatnot magically appear and she couldn’t call even simple things like a hairbrush to her waiting hand, and she’d never met a push-up or a jumping jack she actually liked, but by grannies there was one thing she could do:  Eric.

And she was tired of waiting to perfect the ins and outs of that particular skill.

Up until the attack there had been lots of what she’d call foolin’ around, and during the week leading up to the not-party, said foolin’ around had gotten pretty personal…  Her Viking had proven more than once just how talented his hands and tongue and, hell, probably even his eyebrows could be, and she’d proven just how talented her own hands and mouth could be what with turn about bein’ fair play an’ all, but…

But for some undoubtedly chivalrous reason or other, during all that time no tangos had managed to go horizontal…or even vertical for that matter.

She wasn’t sure why he seemed reticent to take that last step, to go that last mile, to tiptoe through her pubic tulips as it were…and it frustrated the hell out of her.

Sure, she’d been nicely…satisfied with their encounters, and during dinner in their newest location she’d almost smiled wickedly when she remembered just how satisfied he had been on more than a few occasions – Viking war cries, anyone? – but as for actual penetrative, real, honest-to-Viking headboard-banging intercourse?




Her fields remained sadly unplowed.

Granted since the attack pretty much nothing had been possible what with the extreme lack of privacy in Granddaddy’s cozy little bubble-realm, but still.

Here…here there be doors…lots and lots of beautiful, lockable doors.

At least they were all safer now that they’d left Louisiana.  Even though Niall’s powerful magic was quite literally legendary, she still felt as though they were camping right in Bill’s back yard…which they kind of had been, she wryly admitted to herself.  Godric’s previously unknown property – in Vegas of all places – was a godsend.


Whatever.  The air may have smelled and felt oddly different here but it worked.

In Vegas.

Ha!  Imagine Godric having a house right where they needed one!  Well, the house was right in the middle of a probable enemy encampment, as it were…but what enemy would think to look for them right under their collective noses?

Godric did have a way with, well, pretty much everything…except when it came to popping back when he was supposed to.  She still needed to give him a bop on the head for worrying her, and Eric, too, like that.  But still…him having this house all handy made sense in a Godric sort of way.  Even back in Fairyworld he’d mentioned – in negligent passing, of course – that he had numerous bolt holes, deceptively plain properties, a couple dilapidated castle ruins with supremely adapted underground chambers, and even the rare crypt stashed in many areas around the world (*cough*Bulgaria*cough), so it wasn’t like she hadn’t kind of known…sort of.

Sneaky faepire.

The old sneakster had felt enough for the progeny he’d left behind that, after she’d made contact with Eric, he had mentioned that he needed to make an extensive list of said properties for his child (at some point in the near-to-far, mystically vague future) since not even his attorney knew of half his holdings…but Las freakin’ Vegas?

Well howdy-do…

While eating as quickly as possible without appearing to shove her food down her throat (she did pause momentarily to fondly consider doing something of the sort with a certain bit of a certain Northman), she took another surreptitious glance around the absolutely adequate kitchen.  Whether he’d meant it to be or not, the place actually was perfect for both mortals and immortals what with the underground level for those allergic to sunlight, and herself of course, and a main level designed for those who weren’t.

In freain’ Vegas.

Go, go Godric!  Ok…can we get this night done already?  Baby’s got a Viking to pet over here…two more bites…one more…  Ha!  He’s on his feet already!  Good Viking…good boy…  Now for a final gulp of the precious water…annnnnd…I’m done!

After taking Eric’s hand and tossing an obligatory tease at Godric – he really had worried her earlier when it had taken him so long to return – and saying her good-nights and listening to Niall go on about…whatever it was he was going on about…and hearing Godric wanting Eric’s phone and the non-pause when Eric blindly tossed the old faepire said phone, she was more than ready to descend into what she would like to think of as The Basement Lair.

The good guys could name their bases of operations, too…

She had to admit, though, that even if Eric’s bedroom just had a (clean, sheeted) mattress on the (also clean) floor and a door that closed and locked, that would have been fine…well, for one night/day anyway, she guessed…

When her Viking scooped her up into his arms, she had to laugh.  It was such a nice feeling knowing that he was as impatient for some privacy as she was.  She knew that in times gone by she’d have been embarrassed that everyone knew they would be sharing a bedroom and, hopefully, all the activities that went along with it, but right then, honestly, she couldn’t scrounge up a single damn to give.

Fucks, however…she planned to give quite a few of those…and the sooner, the better, dammit…

As she snuggled a bit closer into Eric’s broad chest as he carried her down the stairs and through the dimly lit hallway, she could have sworn she heard her old friend Lala egging her on, and she smiled.  Once things were settled she knew she’d be contacting him to catch up, maybe meet somewhere, but bless his huge gay balls, thoughts of her old bestie flew right out the proverbial window as she caught of whiff of Eric’s scent.

Quite glad to be exactly where she was, Sookie looped her arms around Eric’s neck and took blatant advantage of the situation to breathe in that scent.  And, if she happened to lightly rub her nose along the side of his neck, who could blame her?

She didn’t have time to do much else because in a blur they reached what was apparently to be their room.  As he carried her through the opened door, she hoped with all the hope in her little mortal heart that he wouldn’t stop tonight.

Sookie wasn’t having any more of that nonsense.

Given his impatience during dinner she had expected him to toss her on the bed she briefly glimpsed on the other side of the room, rip off her clothes in the tradition of the best bodice rippers, and have his earth-shatteringly, gloriously passionate way with her…over and over and over again.

Passion…well, passion she got, certainly, but in a rather different vein than she’d imagined, and she wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

With infinitely gentle hands, Eric placed Sookie on a loveseat she hadn’t noticed.  In the room’s soft darkness she felt as much as saw her Viking move to shut and lock the bedroom door before turning on the room’s dimmed lights.

When he turned around to face her, the look on his suddenly illuminated face made her catch her breath.  Worry, fear, care and concern…heat, yes, but so much more.

Before she could process all the emotions flitting across his face, he was on his knees before her staring into her eyes as though they held the secrets of his Universe.  He raised trembling hands to cup her cheeks as he lowered his forehead to touch her own.  Shocked still, it took her a moment, but when she finally reacted by raising her hands to cup his shoulders, he shuddered and dipped his head to rest his ear against the soft skin of her throat.

Silence reigned and Sookie could have sworn he was memorizing the sound of her blood in her veins.  His attentions roused her curiosity, but instead of breaking that precious silence by feeding her need to know what was going on, she trusted her instincts and let him do whatever it seemed he needed to do.

Suddenly and with that feline grace she adored, he leaned back.  To her surprise he removed her shoes and briefly cupped her heels as he met her gaze with burning intensity.

Eric still hadn’t said a word, but with an almost frantic burst of energy he began running his palms over her feet and ankles, lowering his nose to skim her calves as his hands slowly followed.  Then his palms were on her thighs, lightly caressing while splaying his fingers so that no skin went untouched.

During his almost fevered exploration of her body, it finally dawned on Sookie that his thorough yet clearly poignant pat down was his way of assuring his worried inner self of her health.  Tears stung her eyes with that realization.

As he checked her hips and lower back, his hands slipping under the fairy sleeping gown she still wore, she relaxed and…she let him.  Intimacy often meant more than sex, and until Eric had convinced himself of her well-being, it was her job to simply…let him.

Slowly as though not to startle her intensely focused vampire, she loosened the front ties holding her gown together and let it fall to the sides.  A brief shrug caused it to fall from her arms and land around her hips.

When Eric glanced up, the expression in her Viking’s eyes was darker than before and he held her gaze while he explored every inch of her back.  He lowered his head, though, as if to follow his hands as they gently eased up then back down her ribs before coming to rest for a moment on her soft stomach.

Lightly, almost reverently, he smoothed his palms up her chest until he cupped first one then the other breast.  Instead of lingering at what Sookie knew to be one of his favorite places on her body, he kept moving as he slid his fingers up to her collarbones then over her shoulders and down her arms until he reached her hands.

When he raised her hands to his lips, she didn’t question the return of her tears.  Something about the way he moved, the way he looked at her and the way he touched her, made her heart ache.

“I almost lost you,” he finally whispered into the stillness as he slowly lowered her hands.  He worked his fingers thorough hers although he kept his face lowered. “I almost lost you, Sookie.  Right there, on the side of some damn road…”

His voice broke, and her heart shattered.  Almost of their own volition, she freed her hands to draw him into her arms as firmly as she could.  He quickly returned her hold with an embrace so strong she briefly feared for her ribs.

Safe and secure in her Eric’s arms, she snuggled her face into its proper place in the niche made just for her where his neck met his shoulder.  Soon she smiled a bit tremulously when she realized her actions mirrored his own when she caught herself inhaling his scent.  The feel of his big, strong hands caressing her bare back and shoulders brought other thoughts to her mind, but in respect for his current mood, she just snuggled closer.

Honestly, she was just as thrilled and grateful that he’d survived the attack as it seemed he was about her.

Finally he leaned back a little but let his hands fall to her waist, and she was shocked to see his lovely blue eyes rimmed with red.   He started to speak but she stopped him with a finger over his lips.  The sight of the pain and worry he had evidently been hiding a little too well since the attack led her to question yet again her decisions that night.

“I’m sorry, Eric.  I should have just…  There were other options, so many things we could have done that night…other ways of getting rid of him…so many other things I could have done that wouldn’t have given his thugs a chance to…I’m just so sorry, Eric.”

He’d started shaking his head after her first apology but let her continue so he could more firmly negate her need to apologize.

“No, Sookie.  You have nothing to apologize…with your past and with the plans he has for you, you absolutely do need to be able to see and feel his death with your own eyes and hands.  Only then will the threat of him be gone to you.  I had hoped,” he continued with a wry softening of his worried features, “to keep you safely removed from the action, as it were, but this is your fight, too.  We will simply have to ensure your safety somehow.  But,” he said as he straightened up while still on bended knees, “you are not moving from this house until you are fully recovered.  I don’t even want you going outside until we know exactly who lives in this area.  Your fairy scent will…carry.”

She didn’t miss the caution in his voice.

“Another dose of you would help with that, at least a little, right?”

Eric nodded once.

“It will help but it will not cover the entirety of your heritage,” he huffed.  “And it will help speed your recovery.”

“Will you be takin’ some of mine at the same time?”

“No,” he answered firmly.  “As much as I want to, now is not the time.”

Sookie gave a moue of disappointment.  She knew they weren’t exactly ready for a full-blown Presto-Whammo Big Deal Vampire/Mortal Perma-Bond, and in fact from what she remembered it would probably take at least two more full exchanges before that was even on the proverbial menu, but that didn’t mean she had to be happy about it, either.

She was, however, very much pleased that the red rimming his eyes had disappeared.  Her Eric shouldn’t ever cry, at least, surely not because of her…or pain or fear or…anything else bad for that matter.

“Will you tell me when you are ready for us to…do that?”  Sookie wasn’t a lip-biter but somehow it managed to happen just then.  She felt like a fifth-grader asking the boy to check the “do you like me” yes-or-no box.

Her Viking smiled the softest, sweetest smile she had ever received from him as he rescued her poor lip from her teeth with a swipe of his thumb.

“I will.  So,” he asked all too casually as he suddenly scooped her up in his arms while somehow leaving her gown on the seat, “you wish to bond with me?”

Seeing right thorough his mechanizations and loving what they meant, she nodded against his shoulder.  As he leaned over to finally place her on the bed – she noticed with a gleam that the sheet and comforter had already been folded back – she hooked her arm around his neck to hold him close and stated quietly but firmly, “Yes, I do.”

What seemed like the light of a thousand candles brightened his eyes as he returned her smile fully and openly.

He kissed her nose instead of replying, and within seconds the night light in the bathroom flipped on with the door partially open, the dimmed overhead lighting turned off, the bedcovers whooshed and a very large, very naked Viking slid into the bed behind her.

Even given how the night seemed to be going, she still cursed the presence of her panties.

Once he had her cradled in his arms with her back against his chest and had the covers drawn over the both of them to keep her from catching a chill, Sookie felt him raise one wrist to what she assumed was his mouth.  The next moment she felt that wrist brush against her already parted lips, and she latched on with vigor.

“Next time,” he whispered gruffly against her shoulder.  “Next time we will strengthen our bond.  And I cannot promise you peace in this bed tomorrow, but for now, my lady fairy, drink and heal.  And rest.”

As she marveled yet again over how comforting it actually was to drink her vampire’s blood, she waited for his normal response to happen.  Drinking his blood made him unstoppably, undeniably, gloriously horny.  The sky was blue, water was wet, and Eric was aroused when “feeding” someone.

But this time?  This time that didn’t happen.

She did indeed feel his “gracious plenty” harden, of course, but more than that, she felt him hold her just a little closer, felt him breathe just a little deeper, and then felt him sigh.

The relief she felt could have been hers…or his.  Maybe it was both…  And Eric in his sometimes infinite wisdom knew that this…this true intimacy, was exactly what they both needed after everything that had happened.  At this she gave her own sigh of relief.

His blood was already working its magic in her system.  She could feel its warming presence in her veins, could feel as it soothed odd places she hadn’t noticed needing healing before, but while it was invigorating in a way, it was also strangely calming, too.

It was as though her body knew that the danger was actually over and she was, at last, safe to truly rest.

He repeated the process when his bite wounds healed, and as he placed his wrist to her drowsy lips a final time, she finally, finally felt him truly relax.

Once her “dosing” was complete, she was surprised by how very drowsy she was.  After all her recent sleep and rest, the fact that she could possibly be so sleepy again so soon shocked her…but not enough to cause any sort of invigoration.  She sleepily concluded that if his blood couldn’t energize her, nothing could, and peacefully closed her eyes.

She didn’t see the fiercely tender look on Eric’s face as he looked down at her resting so softly and trustingly in his arms.

His fangs which had only partially retracted descended fully at the thought of anyone harming his Sookie.   A battle, perhaps a war, was coming…but for this night he had his Sookie in his arms, and for this moment – if for only this moment – all was well.

So he tucked her more comfortably into his cool frame then tucked them both more securely under the covers lest she catch a chill, and he lightly stroked her from hip to stomach to ribs, over and over, as his woman fell asleep secure in his arms and his sword gleamed readily by his bed.

**A/N:  Awww, I gotta say that, yeah, I’d love to fall asleep in my Viking’s arms…  So, thoughts?  Reviews = love and I love me some love!**

54 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 36

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    Thanks for the update!

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    The blood of a vampire transmits the intentions of those who donate it, or we would have seen in TrueBlood or read in SVM that someone dying becomes horny while giving the last throes of life and we would have thought to take part of the Felloship of the Sun in saying that the Vampires are abominations. Hahaha. Well, maybe some dying people would not think that but those who were watching, no doubt.


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  21. thevikingssuccubus: Hey thanks!! I love seeing The Viking in fuck-and-fight mode – ohhhhh yeah, what a sight to behold! – but I love seeing Eric in his loving, cuddling, snuggling, intimate mode, too. Sometimes emotional intimacy, that reconnection, is even more intimate than sex is. Not that he’s adverse to sex in any way, though… Weeeee!!! COFFEE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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  23. barbara87413: Exactly!!! Thank you!!! They really did need that reconnection. The vampire part of Eric hadn’t been able until then to truly reassure himself that she really was ok, and Eric, he needed to just hold her in his arms as his blood continued to heal her and “know” that she’s right there in his arms. They really did need to reestablish those emotional bonds. Very glad you liked it!


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  27. lorip100: Thank you! As much as Sookie wanted to climb him like a tree, it was definitely time for them to reconnect emotionally. Eric really did need to reassure that vampire part of himself that she really was ok, and he’s such a sweetheart (not that he’d ever admit it…oh, no…never…) that how could she not? ❤

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  31. Cela Whitney: Oh, yeah, there’ll be more when the FLM (Flighty Little Muse) decides to cooperate. (Lots of RL/health bs going on for a while now, but things have started settling down.) Be sure to follow the blog for notifications of updates if you haven’t already. Send coffee! 😉


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  41. Loveallsvmtb: Thank you! Sookie always had so, so much ignored potential. I don’t expect her (or any of my characters borrowed and otherwise) to be perfect but I do expect them to use their brains as well as their hearts, or at least find a way to move forward. In my head Sookie is a sweet, sassy slugger, lol. Thank you for the well wishes and I hope you and yours have a great year, too!


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