The Moon, Ch. 22

*A/N: So…this chapter starts off with a dip into Sevrin’s POV – hope y’all don’t mind?*

After rising the next afternoon in his own safe accommodations, Sevrin contemplated the previous night.

The Willa part had been nice…

Real fucking nice

He was glad there was no one around to hear his subtle growl of appreciation for that sweet brunette youngling.

Remembering the Pamela portion of the evening quickly chilled his rising ardor, however. She had left much to be desired.

There was something strange going on with the new inmate.

To him, if a vampire had committed a crime so foul that their own Maker, Monarch, or Magister relinquished them to his “tender mercies”, they no longer warranted anything more than the most basic of considerations. A sun-proof place to go into their daydeath, enough sustenance to sustain their bodily functions, and time enough to recover from one punishment so that the full effect of the next could be appreciated. All else was candy and those bastards were the least deserving of such coddling.

Sevrin…was not a coddler.

He paused in his contemplation to gloat briefly. Once placed into his holding, no one had ever escaped. Although successful rehabilitation was sadly rare – more were ended than fixed, most of the lifers eventually adjusted and worked within his system if they wanted to survive. A hard night’s work and a fair attitude would result in being treated fairly, and that was the best they could hope for…well, unless they approached him and expressed true and meaningful contrition for the actions that had resulted in being placed into his care. A small number had left his care by showing that sincere and worthy remorse, but he didn’t bother advertising that as even being an option. He didn’t want to have to deal with all the fakers.

Precious few bothered anyway, and of those few, even fucking fewer actually meant it.

Sevrin allowed himself a feral grin. The liars, the wanna-be manipulators, the con artists…they didn’t know his secret.

No one did.

He’d have been killed as soon as possible had anyone ever found out. It might have taken half an army, but sooner or later he’d have been ended.

Some of his gifts were common knowledge, like his eidetic scent memory and his unusual strength, but he was bizarrely well equipped to deal with the trash left in his possession. He could tap into any vampire’s thoughts at will…not that he ever wanted to – vampires were not a sweet bunny-ass’d species, all told.

He couldn’t take a meandering stroll through their heads or anything like that, thank fuck, but once he dropped the barriers he could definitely hear what they were thinking about loudest in that moment.

It was rarely good.

Vampires being the worst gossips of all the species, every older undead fucker on the planet knew of the Northman’s Telepath, so once he had received the call, he had been looking forward to meeting her.  He’d wanted to ask her about her ability and how far it went, how much she could hear, if could she hear other species, and other things of that nature but hadn’t wanted to blow his cover. During his long life he’d heard about but had never met others who could do what he did. He hoped for her sake that her shields were as strong as his, though, because otherwise she’d go mad as a rabid dog. Having shields of steel was a necessity since he absolutely detested catching even stray thoughts from other vampires.

Thank all the applicable gods that he didn’t have to hear the bitching and whining of any other species, though. Vamps were fucking bad enough. The only good things about this so-called gift were that he hadn’t had it before his Turning and that he could shut it off at will.

Rarely, however, if his subconscious went rogue and decided there was something he should investigate, it brought down those massive shields all by its fucking self and let thoughts in whether he wanted it to happen or not.

Usually he didn’t mind, after he found out the point, that is. His subconscious was a damn good ally most nights.

His thoughts automatically zeroed back in on the new inmate.

While he was dragging the Viking’s trash down the hall by her chicken-neck, his “good ally” had decided to help. Unfortunately nothing came through that made any damn sense, but overall there was a sense that the bitch was guilty of far more than she wanted her Maker-dearest to realize.

And that it involved Sookie.

Fucking hell.

How was he supposed to tell the Northman that his progeny had something to do with something negative happening to or about his obviously-cherished Sookie? That shit didn’t even make sense to him and he was the one who heard it! And how in seven hells was he supposed to clue that blond son of a bitch in without blowing his secret wide fucking open?

Sometimes Sevrin hated his job.

He always hated his fucking gift.

What to do…what to do…

With a groan Sevrin threw his head back on his pillow as he considered rising for the day and dipping his toe right back into the mess he’d voluntarily stepped in last night.

It looked like it might be a while before he got back home at this rate. Of course, that pretty little thing with the blushing cheeks and that sweet little smile certainly softened the blow.

He hauled his ass out of bed before he decided to think too long about things that could be blown.


Eric rose late that afternoon to a warm Sookie curled on her side around his long form. Her soft breaths and slowed heartbeat told him that she was asleep, but the girl-child within was awake. He could feel her movements gently bumping against his side and wondered how Sookie was able to sleep through all that but figured she must be used to it by now.

Intrigued with the baby’s activity, he turned to face the love of his unlife and softly rested his hand on the side of her enlarged abdomen. A few moments passed before the child who would become his daughter moved, and he couldn’t tell if his hand had been high-fived or kicked, but the motions within the womb of his beloved were fascinating.

Over the next several minutes her movements seemed to calm down until she gave one harder kick which caused Sookie to grimace in her sleep. Eric gently rubbed where he was positive it was a foot had kicked and was relieved when Sookie burrowed her head into where his shoulder now rested and slipped back into a deeper sleep.

He inhaled deeply and relished her scent that had saturated his quarters during the day.

A huge grin of blatantly smug satisfaction lit his face.

He finally had his woman not only in his home, their home now, but in his bed in his quarters…their bed and their quarters if he had anything to say about it. And it had been surprisingly far less difficult than he would have thought, at that.

Shocking, actually.

After he and Sevrin had returned the previous night, Sevrin had – for him – politely declined his offer of a safe place to pass the day, said he would return the next night, and then left in his vehicle to parts unknown.

Willa, he thought, had hidden her disappointment well. Besides, her beau would be back the next evening anyway. Still gently rubbing Sookie’s almost-motionless midsection, Eric silenced a chuckle when he reviewed his memory of Sookie teasing Willa about her new beau, then simply smiled in gratitude to whoever was listening that the now two main females in his life got along so very well.

If only Pamela had ever…

He shut the door on that line of thought; such ponderings would do him no favors.

After the teasing, and after Willa had gotten some of her own back with her comments about Sookie’s butter pecan ice cream and Vidalia onion snack – he had to agree…it smelled atrocious – it wasn’t long before Sookie had brushed her teeth and was ready to turn in.

Willa, apparently sensing an on-coming private moment, had simply asked Eric where her room was. He had taken this opportunity to smoothly escort both ladies down the steps to the massively reinforced underground level – he refused to call it a basement – to the vampire-safe quarters. He had one hand filled with Sookie’s bags and the other around her waist for saftey, and he had noticed even then that Sookie hadn’t said or even asked anything. A suspiciously quiet Sookie was a curiosity indeed…

When presented with her sleeping quarters Willa had been pleasantly surprised with her large pale blue bedroom complete with matching full bath. Sookie had “ooh’d” and “ahh’d” appropriately as she and his Child explored the rooms. Soon enough Sookie yawned (again), and his obviously smarter Child had taken the hint.

The second the “goodnights” had been said and her door closed, to Eric’s everlasting shock and joy, Sookie had turned to him and calmly asked where their room was.

Their room…and she didn’t stutter.

His heart had nearly burst, and he could still feel the tingle in his lips from the scorching kiss he’d impulsively claimed at her words.

Afterward, and partially to hide the fact that his eyes had grown moist with her declaration, he had instructed her to wait where she was for a moment, grabbed her bags, then sped to his quarters. After depositing her bags atop the uncluttered dresser and flipping on the bedside lamp and the overhead lights, he had rushed back to her side, gathered her in his arms, and carried her over the threshold to his quarters.

The sound of her laughter tickled his mind as he savored it once again.

His quarters, a study in crisp white and dark blue, had met with her vocal approval, and in short order she had claimed the empty chest of drawers he had offered.

“Eric, why do you have two chests of drawers if this one is completely empty?” She asked her question with humor, but her expression was soft and sweet.

“They came as a set,” he replied with a shrug. He had looked at her expanded waistline then and quickly moved his things from the top row of drawers in his dresser to the empty second row. “Here, you can use this top row of drawers, too. They would be easier for you to reach. And don’t forget the closet.”

With a grin he opened the door to the deep walk-in closet and enjoyed Sookie’s reaction as her mouth dropped in surprise when she saw the expansive and highly convenient built-ins.

“This…this is big enough to be another bedroom!”

“It used to be another bedroom,” he said wryly. “Is this all you have with you?” He knew Willa had packed her things, but this didn’t seem to be nearly enough.

“Pretty much,” she replied as she peeped into a drawer filled with socks. “Why do you have so many socks? You don’t usually wear them.”

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Sookie rolled her eyes at him then exited the closet to begin transferring her things into the empty drawers.

A few minutes later Eric took out his wallet and flipped through it as he spoke. “Tomorrow I want you to order yourself whatever you need. The entire house is equipped with wifi and there are laptops and a PC in the office off the main living room upstairs that you can use.” He placed a plastic card in Sookie’s hand and continued. “Use this. We can go shopping later for things for the baby, but you need more clothing and, um, personal things now.”

She blinked back a sudden wave of warm tears as she stared at the credit card in her hand. He meant every word of it, she realized. He truly wanted her to have what she needed to be happy and comfortable. Years earlier she would have sworn that he was somehow trying to buy her or trying to control her in some way with his money or by creating a situation where she was indebted to him. While some of that might have been a little bit true when they first met so long ago, now she knew better. He had changed, but then, so had she.

Now…now he wanted to give to her security and sometimes that came by way of giving her things. He wanted to make her happy, to show her his affection in a tangible, useful way. He wanted to take care of her because he cared about her, loved her, and it gave him satisfaction to provide for her.

Eric’s heart stuttered when he scented then saw the tears leaking from her eyes. Had he pushed too hard? But she had…

At that moment she looked up into his worried blue gaze, and a brilliant smile brightened her face. She placed the card on the dresser and slid her hands around his trim waist.

“Thank you. I will.”

He exhaled gustily as his own arms easily encircled her new, and somewhat moving, girth. For a couple of long minutes he basked in the glory of their newfound understanding.

“Come on,” he said to the top of her head, “let’s get you to bed.”

She nodded and sniffed, then finally let go.

As Eric gently rubbed in ever-widening circles around her stomach, he allowed himself to sink almost into downtime as he recalled curling around Sookie and caressing her in much the same way hours earlier.  Sinking into his dayrest with his Sookie in his bed, draped over his body in such a way as to ease her back, had been bliss.

“Ummm, that feels so good,” Sookie’s sleepy words eventually interrupted his thoughts.

Eric leaned up a bit on his elbow to better see her face and savored his fairy’s drowsy, contented smile.

“Good afternoon, Lover. Did you have a nice nap?” He could tell by her scent that she’d been out of the rooms at some point to eat and take her pale orange supplement, but had returned for some rest.

“Um-hum,” she answered affirmatively, then stretched. When his hand’s movements became more suggestive, she scrunched up her face.

“No, we can’t. I haven’t had a shower today.”

“Why not?”

Had she been ill?

“I wanted to but I was alone here, well, you know what I mean. I thought about what you said and you’re right. If I fell or something, it could get bad before anyone woke up for the night. I’d rather stay dirty for my baby than risk it, but I definitely need a shower.”

Eric nodded, then kissed her forehead in mute appreciation for her use of common sense.

“I spoke with Pete, the head of my P.I. department, and he thinks his mother would be able to keep an eye on you dur….” his voice trailed off at Sookie’s marked glare. “What?”

“Keep an eye on me? What am I, a toddler?”

“Erm…I meant “to keep you company during the day”?”

“That sounds better. Carry on,” she playfully instructed with a wave of her hand before resting that hand on his waist.

“I don’t want to now,” Eric faux-pouted, his hand now slowly caressing her back.

“Awww, don’t pout, big guy. It doesn’t suit your handsome face,” she played along.

“Does to.”

“Does not.”

“Does to.”

“Nope, does not.”

He faked a credible sniff but couldn’t quite manage the trembling lip he was attempting.

“Ok, ok, what can I do to make it up to my big pouty Viking?” Sookie failed miserably at trying to keep her giggle contained.

“Let me help you shower?” His sparkling blue eyes were eager as he made his oh-so-innocent suggestion…which was completely ruined by his waggling brows.

“Ha! Well, if that’s what it takes to make it all better,” Sookie replied with suitable, if obviously phony, exasperation, “then lead on. I was going to ask you to anyway.”


Willa rose a little later and with a huge smile on her face. Sevrin said he’d be by that evening and she couldn’t wait to see him. The kiss…oh, that kiss… Memories had kept her up almost past sunrise that morning. She showered as quickly as she could,  dressed with much more care than usual, then made sure her hair was as good as it was going to get.

As she left her sound-dampened room, her vampire hearing proved far better than she’d like as she heard Sookie’s muffled moans coming from near what she guessed was her Maker’s room.

Was she ok?

Just as she started to worry, she heard Sookie gasp and moan again then tell Eric to keep working her nipples, to keep rubbing and sucking on them to toughen them up for later nursing…

Never had she climbed a set of steps faster.

**A/N:  So…what did you think?  Sevrin?  Sookie?  Eric?  *wonders if they’ll have to take a shower to get clean after their shower?*  Poor Willa…*snicker*  Reviews feed the muse!**

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54 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 22

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  2. Things are as they should be- E/S together and enjoying their shower. Devein with telepathy is different. Wonder what that will mean to a future? Poor Willa! awkward!


  3. It’s lovely to see E&S happy. But I can hary wait to see what Sevrin does about what he’s learned from Pam. I wonder how he’ll explain how he knows?
    I think Pam had something to do with Sookie’s husband. She either organized their meeting in the first place or bribed him to treat Sookie the way he did. Can’t wait to find out!!


  4. Love the twist with Sevrin “hearing” vampire thoughts!
    Wow I wonder what did he hear from Pam!?
    Is Pam involved with Sookie’s situation?
    Gosh so many questions!
    I really enjoyed Eric /Sookie sharing some pleasant moments together
    P.S.. You can post anytime! Monday till Sunday,I’m always happy to see posts from you!


  5. Busy weekend? I should be cleaning or doing the shopping. I’d much rather read your update though. This was a great chapter. I can’t wait to read what Sevrin heard from Pam. That girl’s future is looking very bleak indeed.
    Eric’s musings while playing with the baby was really touching. He’s going to be a great Daddy.
    Willa is cute in her crush, but I think her presence is really helping Eric’s emotional state after passing Pam off to her new keeper.


  6. Oh, God! What has Pam done now!!!!!
    Sevrin’s ability is awesome but I understand him not wanting to let even Eric know. What will he do, hmmm.
    Awesome to see Eric so happy! And Sookie accepting him and the things he want to do for her.
    Cracked up about Willa running up the stairs at the end!!!


  7. Loved it. I liked it from start to finish. I’m curious what else Pam did? Serving has an amazing vampire gift, very cool. I really really enjoyed that Sookie is allowing Eric to take care of her financially. I cheered, that she accepted the gift. Eric’s time with the baby was very fun, I hope the baby will recognize Eric’s voice when it is born? Willa is beyond cute, I like her character in this story.


  8. Dun dun dun…. Pam’s been involved with more stuff designed to keep Sookie away from Eric? A life sentence might not be long enough…

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  9. Uh oh, what has Pam been up to? Why to I get the feeling it has something to do with Sookie’s baby-daddy. Eric and Sookie are so sweet together. Willa is adorable in her longing for Sevrin. Sevrin has a remarkable talent. I don’t blame him for keeping it to himself. Great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. so Pam is up to even more than they know and i am sure Eric will be none to happy when he find out what it is. Sevrin and Willa, i think they are a nice match, she needs someone strong and i think Willa will be perfect for the tough guy. as far as Eric and Sookie i think they have both grown up some, they are much more understanding than before and i think it is for the better. looking forward to more nipple strengthen techniques. KY


  11. Natsgirl: I can so see Willa blushing the vampire-Willa version of fuchsia and flying up those stairs! (And I love when I can get to the part of the story where the HEA couple can finally TRULY be together without all that nasty old fighting or distrust or whatever getting in the way.)


  12. Jackie69: Thank you! He said he’s damn glad he can’t hear them well and that he’s got massive shields in place…poor guy! It’s nice being able to give E/S some calm, happy time! 😀 (And thanks!)


  13. E. B. Rhome: Aww, thanks! I’d rather you read my updates than have to deal with RL crap too! (I’d certainly rather be writing than dealing with it myself…) 😀 Lol, and Willa just found a distinct down-side to being a vampire. She really is good for Eric in helping him deal with Pam’s betrayal. Glad you liked it!


  14. mom2goalies: Lol, if I’d been Willa, that would have been me! I love getting to the part of the story where E/S can start being really good to each other. Sevrin will think of something…

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  15. mindyb781: Thank you! I kind of feel badly for Sevrin because vampires wouldn’t think sweet, kind thoughts normally… And yay for Sookie for finally getting it – Eric wants to take care of her because that’s just one of the many ways he shows her that he cares about her. And thank you – I’ve had a blast creating the kind of Willa I’d like to see. 😀


  16. treewitch703: Sevrin…he has a tough decision to make in the near future. He’s a good guy at heart but he’s by no means perfect, either. And thank you – I’ve enjoyed creating a Willa who I could honestly see being a real person, someone I could be friends with in the real world.


  17. murgatroid98: 😀 Thanks! It’s really great when I can get to the part of the story where the couple is finally getting it together! I love Sevrin and Willa being together. When I first had the idea I wasn’t sure if they really WOULD work well together, or if they would just be a temporary affair/fling type deal but the more I work with them, the better they seem to fit.


  18. kleannhouse: Eric could potentially blow gaskets he didn’t even know he had. I’ve come to like Sevrin and Willa together even more than I did when I first thought of it. She’s young and fresh to his old and weary, and she has emotional strength that matches his physical in such a way that they can each be the other’s shelter. Lol, I was so glad to get to the part in this story where Sookie finally realizes that Eric, THIS Eric, isn’t trying to buy or manipulate her with his credit card, that he’s genuinely wanting to care and provide for her because he loves her. Go Sook! 😀


  19. Each “gift” has its advantages and disadvantages. If there is someone who can tell Sev, with guarantees that will keep his secret, is to Willa, Eric and Sookie. Moreover, I think that Sookie might say, “I’ll walk in feeling”, because she, better than anyone, knows what it’s like to hear unwanted thoughts.


  20. shoegirl01: Sevrin has a tough decision to make. He’s gone his entire vampire life without revealing his secret to anyone at all, but he’s in the perfect situation to now since Eric has so much experience (was broken into telepathy by) Sookie and the things she’s gone through, and Sookie would be a natural ally to him to help buffer things with Eric.

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  21. A Vamp telepath! That is so awesome! I hope he tells Eric about Pam. I’m curious about what else Pam did..maybe she was in cahoots with Sookie’s ex??


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  23. I’m with Willa. I’d be climbing those steps as fast as I could too. LOL. Looks like everyone is getting their HEA early except for Pam. I can’t wait to find out what she was thinking that made no sense to Sevrin.


  24. Awesome chapter and Sevrins secret gift was an interesting twist. Not sure if you noticed, but the chapter cut off before we found out what Pam did. Can’t imagine you would end there on purpose😉


  25. Sounds like Pam is going to be in even more trouble if that’s even possible. Hopefully Sevrin will find a way to pass on the information since I get the feeling its something Eric really needs to know. It was a pleasant surprise for Sookie to be so accepting of Eric’s offer of support and the fact she assumed they would be staying together. I’m really liking the better understanding they both seem to have of each other.


  26. cari1973: Sevrin has some hard decisions to make in the near future. Sookie, Eric, and perhaps Willa, truly are the most appropriate people on Earth to reveal his gift to, but he’s kept that secret his entire unlife to save that unlife. In the end, if he does choose to share it, he would find a great support system and someone who can commiserate with him because, as you said, Sookie knows what it’s like.


  27. askarsgirl: Pam had best hope Sevrin doesn’t tell Eric about that vague thing he picked up on… (How’s that for not answering???) 😉


  28. gyllene: That would so have been me, but with her vampire hearing… Her quarters might have been better protected against sounds but that hallway…not so much… I have a feeling that Sevrin’s curiosity will be piqued…

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  29. Tracey Dalton: Thank you – glad you liked it! I’m having a blast working with a telepathic vampire. 😀 LOL! Darn that chapter…hate when that happens…


  30. lzdiva4: Ohh, yeah, Pam was a busy little wasp… Sevrin has some hard thinking and decisions to make in the near future. And I love arriving at the part of the story where Sookie gets to show her common sense and reasoning ability, lol. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Loved it!!! I really enjoyed the little trip into Sevrin’s head, and how interesting that his gift is vampire telepathy!!! Very curious as to exactly what Pam was thinking, and how many more trespasses she’s made against Sookie!!! I loved the moments between Eric and Sookie and poor Willa!! Luckily for her she has some company coming over to distract her from the the mental imagery running wild in her mind after her overhearing Eric and Sookie mid shower!!! Love it!! More please!!!!


  32. Well even if I never got an email this was still a shit hot chapter!!! Don’t know what was better Sevrin grumbling about having to reveal his secret (and just what has Pamela been up too???) while thinking of that brunette youngling, Eric being emotional about Sookie being in his space or pouting, lol or Willa’s reaction to over hearing Eric and Sookie!!!


  33. missrissa81: Heh, I could totally see that “EW” expression on his face when he was dragging Pam down the hallway by her neck and BAM! (EW) some of her thoughts invaded his headspace! *snicker @ poor Willa!* Glad you liked it! 😀


  34. charity6201: Very glad you liked it! There really was a lot going on in this chapter, and Sevrin does have a huge decision to make. I was very glad to get E/S to the “happy couple” moment IN ERIC’S HOUSE! IN ERIC’S BED! so that our dear Eric can finally, FINALLY, be happy. And you know he does great pouty-puppy face… 😀 Poor Willa! That would so have been me…

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  36. That was even better the second time around! Severin should talk with Eric about what he heard from Pam. Of all vampires, Eric would be understanding of telepathy! Poor Willa! Being in the same house with Eric & Sookie with her vampire hearing! Oh my! 🙂


  37. msbuffy: 😀 Awww, thank you! Sevrin is in EXACTLY the right group of people when it comes to being a semi-telepathic vamp, that’s for sure. And poor Willa! *I may have grinned evilly as I typed that scene!*

    Liked by 1 person

  38. nicolle1977: 😀 Thanks – they’re a fun pair. Pam, well…yeah, not good. And who better for Sevrin to finally spill his secret to than Sookie and Eric, and what better purpose, too? Sevrin’s a good guy at heart…lazy, definitely self-serving to an extent, but good. (He’s like the male version of me I think, well, me w/o coffee…)


  39. Oh love a good twist, Sevrin and his gift/curse and now we get to see him squirm a little as he decides how to approach what he’s heard . Run Willa run lol some things are better not heard .


  40. LOL! Yeah, I think Sevrin would be safe letting them in on his secret. In fact, he might just be safer that way! Poor Willa, indeed! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Mwahahaha! Oh if only I’d had Eric to perform a similar service before having my first child! Breastfeeding is a bitch especially the first time round and especially if you have a large baby like my daughter. We nicknamed her ‘snapping turtle’. Hehe now I have grossed you out, Sevrin’s telepathy is an interesting development. I wonder what he’s learned about Pam. Did she have some kind of role in setting Sookie up with the bastard? Hmm – maybe my brain is just making things up. Can’t wait to find out!


  42. It is. Well. For the first kid anyway. Then you ‘toughen up’. Yep. As gross as it sounds.Don’t let people lie to you about it being all natural and stuff. So Eric is actually being really helpful!


  43. ladytarara: I’m a voracious reader so at some point in the past I’d read that manipulation before the birth helps literally toughen up the soon-to-be-abused nipples and figured Eric wouldn’t mind that “job”… He’s nice that way…

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