The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 29

**A/N:  I had a chapter outline for this story.  It was a GOOD chapter outline, as far as chapter outlines go.  It was nice and long and sweet, and fleshed out quite plumply (which IS TOO a word despite what Word would have me believe)…  This chapter outline had notes here and there of things to include and things to expound upon, and concise/wordy directions for each chapter.  As far as chapter outlines go, it was a really good one.

What I didn’t consider, however, is that I don’t write well to highly detailed chapter outlines. So I wrote this chapter and FUBAR’d the outline allllll up.  Enjoy – I did!**



 “But I also think she was just plain bored and, well, nosy, too,” Emma laughed as she stretched out beside Andre.  The Louisiana sun was hidden by a heavy mid-afternoon storm, which allowed her handsome vampire to rise, in more ways than one, even earlier than usual.

Her nether region might still have been throbbing slightly, but her heartbeat and breathing rate were finally calming down to something approaching normal as she basked in the unusual gift of being able to just chat with her vampire after a very mutually satisfying tryst…or two.  The rising sun usually begrudged them the chance to simply talk.

He had been unusually slow and gentle in his loving that afternoon, taking delight in slow, easy strokes and light nips and lingering sucks.  She hadn’t minded in the least when he’d allowed his long fingers and sensitive fangs to slowly explore and caress, and when he’d lingered a bit too long at a certain ticklish spot, he hadn’t seemed to mind the ensuing, and rather energetic, pillow fight, which had inevitably lead to more strokes and nips and gentle passions fully sated.

After spending his latest bit of sensual need and more relaxed than he cared to admit, Andre enjoyed the feeling of her fingers softly tracing invisible patters over his broad chest.  Silently he cursed as he concentrated on ignoring the urges once again gathering in his loins – he’d already had her twice that afternoon!  He hated having to fight his cock just for the rare chance to converse with his mate.  He’d been somewhat surprised by how much he’d enjoyed only talking with her earlier that morning, well, before the sun just had to rise and eventually cut their time short.

Inevitably his mind drifted back to the slow, heady mingling that had overtaken their bodies upon his unexpected waking earlier that afternoon.  The way her mouth had drifted down, teasing and tasting along his chest and stomach, the way she’d taken his cock in her hand and…


Mentally he cursed the weird changes he’d secretly enjoyed lately, but the curses were laced more with resignation than ire.  Who would ever have thought that he, Andre, universally feared Torturer Extraordinaire, would have chosen conversation over more sex with a beautiful woman?

In past, after he’d partaken of a female’s blood and body, he’d have quickly relieved himself of her presence to attend to more important matters.  There was always something needing to be done, some aspect of security or a prisoner in the dungeons that needed his attention…something much more worthy and deserving of his time and attention than dallying with a blood bag or inconsequential vampire.

But this woman…with the dimples and the laughter and the lighter, breezier attitude to which he’d yet become accustomed…

Well, the woman in question was his mate, he consoled himself.  Hell, they hadn’t even fucked before dawn, either!  They’d just… talked, and he’d… liked it!  With a silent sigh, he refocused on the conversation.

“My Maker, nosy?  Never,” he joked with a straight face.  As expected, Emma’s tinkling laughter rang out and brightened the room.  “What all did she have to say?  I know we touched on this topic last night, but then we talked about everything else, as well.”

“Well, there was this one thing that seemed odd,” she started.  His sea blue eyes gazed over her countenance and found her wrinkled nose’d expression adorable.  He brushed a few strands of her long dark hair away from her face and motioned for her to continue.

“She mentioned that I smelled like you, which she said was understandable,” Emma said with a blush as she remembered Sophie-Anne’s lascivious wink, “but that I also smelled a little different now, too.  She said she didn’t know why or what it was, either.”

“My Maker said you stink,” he interjected suddenly.  He leaned over and took an exaggerated sniff, then wrinkled his own nose in faux disgust and gave Emma an appalled look.

She slapped his arm in mock outrage, and tried not to laugh when he looked down at his arm and pouted as he pretended it hurt.

“No! She didn’t say that!” Emma ruined her own fake indignation by giggling when he rubbed his hand over his “hurt” arm then held it out with a demand that she kiss it better.  She rolled her eyes and laughed with him as she happily kissed his arm all better.

As soon as they both settled back down, side by side, Andre stilled for a moment then leaned over to slowly, carefully, sniff her neck.

“Emma, I think my Maker is right.  I’m around you so much that I hadn’t noticed it, but there really is something a bit different about your scent now. “

Baffled by the consternation on his face, Emma lifted her wrist to her nose and sniffed, but didn’t detect any different, not that she’d thought she would.

“What do you mean?  How can I smell different now than I used to?”  She blushed crimson at the amorous look he gave her.  “Besides that,” she hastily clarified.

With a thoroughly male, intimately satisfied chuckle, Andre reasoned, “Yes, my blood and my,” he cut his eyes to her suggestively, “other bodily fluids will influence your natural scent, but,” his features became more serious, “before, there was an other scent about you, something vague that didn’t stand out enough to really notice.  Now, though, that otherness is becoming very slightly more pronounced, just strong enough to become more noticeable only if my attention is focused solely on it.  I don’t know what it is, either.”

Emma watched as his handsome brow furrowed a bit in concern.

“Do I taste any different now than I did before?”

“Excellent question…” his voice trailed off in thought for a moment until a devilish look entered his eyes.   “Perhaps further investigation is in order?”

A mere second later Emma found herself flat on her back with his hands firmly cupping her ass and her legs falling to each side of his blond head.

Her startled squeak of “Andre!!” quickly became a moan of pure pleasure as his lips encircled her clit and began slowly sucking and kissing, moving gently from side to side, up and down, his tongue lapping and laving, never ceasing the paced rhythm until she finally screamed his  name.  With a final kiss to her sensitive flesh, he raised his head and grinned.

“Oui, ma chérie, you still taste the same.”

Having given up on the idea of modesty around her vampire, since the whole turning process apparently burned said concept from most vampires’ memories, she didn’t even try to cover herself up and instead just lay back laughing.

Andre leisurely crawled up her prone body, still spread eagle from his previous ministrations, until he reached her face, then braced his hands on either side of her shoulders.

Finally giving into his body’s never-ending need for her, he pointedly ground his hips into her soft warmth, and breathed an internal sigh of relief when he felt her draw her legs slowly up his own, her warm, soft skin brushing along his thighs until she wrapped her calves around his trim waist.

Throbbing with need yet determined to continue their new, unhurried style of loving, he slowly slid his hard length into her moist warmth, and both exhaled a sigh of pleasure when he sank home.

Deliberately keeping his thrusts slow and steady, he studied her still smiling face as he once again memorized every curve of her cheeks and nose, every parting of her pink lips, every tiny flicker of her brows and lashes.

Needing to talk lest he succumb to the beast inside demanding he fuck hard and fast and feed deep and long, he spoke between low, rumbling grunts, “Em, when night falls, the Northman and I are going to finish with our guests, then,” he paused to shudder and regain more control of his movements, “we may collect the guards and put a final end to BeauChamps’ existence.”

Through the bond, along with a dark, sexual need, Emma felt his determination, his barely-contained need for violent vindication, and his anticipation for the upcoming fight…and approved wholeheartedly.

His tempo unintentionally increasing once again, she gasped, “Good.”  On a moan, she finished, “Give him hell, honey.”

The approval and desire for revenge he felt from her spurred his hips to move faster.  He quickly took her hands in his and held them above her head, his thrusts still coming faster and harder despite his every intention of going slow.

She tightened her legs about his waist and moved with him, matching him thrust for thrust.  “Before you remove his head from his body,” she mewed, her breaths coming faster and shallower, “I want you to do the things to him,” she strongly thrust upward, “that he wanted to do to me.”

Andre’s strong grow of approval, pulsing deep and low and loud, triggered her sudden release, almost painful in its intensity, and his thrusts never faltered as he helped her ride it out.

Any concept of slow now forgotten, he gave into his primal need and thrust hard and fast and sure until he felt Emma once again start to peak, and this time allowed himself to fall over with her.

Barely stopping himself from crushing her under his weight, he managed to veer off to her side as he collapsed.  The stray thought flitted through his mind that the thundering beat of her heart and the rush of her breath along his shoulder were more comforting than he’d like to admit.

A few minutes later, after her breathing and heart rate had once again settled, she continued their conversation, “So there really is a chance that you might can end him tonight?”

He sighed in peace as he felt her gently stroking her hand up and down the length of his back, effectively soothing his own non-beating heart and unnecessary breathing.

With a nod he agreed, then shifted enough to rest most of his weight on his side as he gazed down at her sweetly-flushed cheeks.  After a long, leisurely kiss, he lifted his head to reply, “Yes.  If not this night, then at least by tomorrow’s night I will seek his death.  Surprisingly few plans need to be made for this mission as we will simply…attack.”  His elegant shrug was belied by the small, feral smile that sent a delicious chill through her body.

“I will attempt to keep my end of the bond closed,” he continued as he lightly ran his hand down her side to soothe her, “so that you won’t have to deal with what I’m sure will be uncomfortable feelings.”

“No, don’t,” she interjected, “not if doing that will distract your attention.  You need to be able to focus on what you’re doing.  I don’t trust that asshole to not have something up his sleeve.  He may or may not know what you’ve discovered, and he may or may not know what you plan.  So, really, don’t worry about me.  Focus on him.”

She let her eyes drift over his beloved face as she took in his refined features, lingering on his deep, thoughtful eyes, his firm, skillful lips.  His innate expression may have appeared harsh, perhaps even deadly, to others, but his tenderness and caring concern for her were easy for her to see.

“But, if you might be able to end this whole thing tonight, then don’t you need to feed first, just in case there is a fight?”

He started to shake his head, his worry about feeding from her too often and draining her strength still prevalent, when she interrupted, “Andre Paul, I will not have you going off on a mission without having fed first, do you hear me?  You  need to feed first, big guy, or no fighting for you.”

Her tone and glare broke no argument.

He arched his brows and attempted the stern, haughty look which often drove enemies to their knees in fear.

Her expression didn’t change.

With nary a sigh, he handed in his man card.




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  2. treewitch703: You’re exactly right – if I have *any* sort of doubt, I’ll consult a real dictionary. I consider the one in Word just a weak first line of defense, lol.

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  3. oooo, what does she smell like? teen spirit? more? warm cinnamon rolls like his grammy used to make? so essentially, everyone voted for more of everything on your poll? that’s helpful…

    forgive me, but i do love when they lay around and have sex multiple times…and when she double names him…

    is it wrong to say, i can’t wait to see what he does to Beauchamps, since she said she’d like Andre to do whatever Beauchamps wanted to do to her??

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  4. Well. This woman seems quite comfortable in the supe world, endorsing the ‘eye for an eye’ code. Was a little surprised, but then she is the master torturer’s soul mate so… not so surprising I guess lol.

    Hmm, different smell… OMG, she a Hobbitt!!!!


  5. jrwatkins0711: Heh, love it when she gives him shit, lol! And, for some reason, I think THEY like the multiple sexing times, too…dunno why…seems sticky to me… 😉


  6. gwynwyvar: *evil giggle* I was wondering who that would surprise… Emma’s no saint… I thought it’d be fun to have a heroine who’s just about as bloodthirsty as her hero instead of being all “canon Sookie” about it. I have a feeling that Emma won’t mind getting her fair hands a bit dirty if need be… Thanks for reading!!


  7. Lmfao I was thinking he handed that in towards the beginning of the chapter! Hmmm Em’s displaying quite a liken to blood lust, interesting.


  8. OMG!!! I love it!! And that is why I had resisted the temptation to read this, I knew I would bug the crap out of you with wanting updates. Remember Anticipating? this may get worse for you…..


  9. Kittyinaz: Awww, thank you!! Gotta say, I love me some furiously house-trained Andre and some sweetly smart-assed Emma, lol. I keep trying to make this story shorter therefore it keeps getting longer. 😀 Thank you for reading!!


  10. LOL – man-card – hilarious! Who the hell gives those things out anyway? I could think of a few that need retracting!
    So her scent has changed – intriguing. So is she fae? I know, you won’t tell me.- don’t bother with those sing-song taunts…. Hmm well, if not fae then something….


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