Decisions, Chapter 23

**A/N:  I may go back later and refine this some, but I didn’t want to make y’all wait any longer than you already have.  Now, as we all know (to an annoying degree…sorry) that I don’t particularly like smut, I have also stated that I do love a great sex scene when the plot truly demands it, and I’m thinking that the first time a vampire and his (or her) love come together – the claiming, usually – *needs* to be, erm, explored.   Yeah, that’s it…”explored.” I just hope I did Godric and his Cara justice. I didn’t go over this as obsessively as usual, so forgive any errors and oopsies.  Oh, yeah, and NSFW…**

The beast within Godric let loose with a thundering growl. There was no mistaking the masculine satisfaction coursing through his blood from her words.

She accepted him.

He warned her, and she had still accepted him.

She was his, and it was time to claim her.

But…but by her scent he could tell she had been with no male in recent times…and even given his shorter stature the size of his manhood was still the envy of most… He would have to go slowly…carefully…so as not to harm her in his enthusiasm…

But could he?

How could he when he burned and ached so hard for her, when the beast within demanded that he stake his claim now?

But to do otherwise was unthinkable…


Before she could blink twice, with a speed and dexterity honed by well over 2,000 years Godric rid them both of their clothing and reversed their position.

Suddenly Cara found herself naked as the day she was born and straddling his trim hips. She looked down into blue eyes smoldering with an intensity that sent even more heat coursing through her body.

What th…?

I don’t…

Why am I on top?

She settled herself down and…


Mmmmm look at those abs…those eyes…those little brown nipples…

As she accepted the new position and settled herself on the hard thighs of the ancient vampire stretched out before her, there was no way she could ignore the thick hard evidence of his arousal at the core of her body.

Since she hadn’t been with anyone in quite a while, the unmistakable size of his erection sent a bit of feminine fear through her clenching stomach. Granted there was a hefty dose of heady anticipation, but from what that currently most sensitive part of her body was telling her…he was huge!

His attention fully focused upon his Cara as was always the case when near her being, Godric had seen in her beautiful eyes the surprise brought on by their changed positions, and had let a slight smirk play across his firm lips. However, when she had settled her deliciously soft bottom atop his thighs and noted the size of his manhood, the surprise in her widening eyes had turned faintly to fear, and his smile had dimmed immediately.

As loudly and incessantly as his instincts were screaming for him to claim her as his Mate, he would take this excellent opportunity to remind the love of his unlife that caring for her would always come first. As proud as he was of her courage and ability to subdue fear, he also wanted to chastise her for daring to hide such fear from him of all people. From him – the one person on the planet who would immediately and without qualm put her needs first! He needed to make a point to tell her that she should never, ever, fear him, that he would die before allowing…

Now, however, was not the time for such conversation – his beast and his cock would surely end him for such – but he could show her in the oldest way that she, her safety and her comfort, would always come first.

After gathering her courage, Cara braced her hands on his chest to steady herself, but was surprised when he placed his hands on her shoulders to still her movements. She blushed when she saw his eyes dip to enjoy the slightly pendulous swing of her breasts. Her average C cup had never seemed quite so big before.

To her relief and disappointment, he raised his eyes shining with molten approval to meet hers again before speaking in a voice deeper than normal.

“Cara, as much as I ache for you, we will not rush. After so many centuries, far too little is new in my life anymore, so let us savor our first joining. You, my love…you are new to me, and I will not squander the newness of you on mere passion.”

He reached behind his head and placed one pillow on top of the other, then in a move that caused Cara’s breath to hitch he grabbed her waist and levitated them together until he was leaning up against those pillows with Cara still sitting on his lap.

Once he ensured that she was still seated properly, and hopefully becoming more accustomed to the size and shape of his cock near its future home, he ran his strong hands up her thighs, along her hips, and up her sides until he caressed the warm, smooth weight of her breasts in his palms.

She arched her back when she realized that his eyes seemed once again mesmerized by her chest, and moaned low in her throat when his hands finally cupped them.

“Your breasts? I have never seen your breasts before, so they are new to me. Yes, I have seen thousands of these,” he said softly as he gazed in fascination at the dusky pink tipped mounds in his palms, “but I have never seen yours before. And your nipples? I have tasted thousands in my long, long past, but the taste of yours…”

He leaned forward and sucked one nipple between his lips, and groaned as he suckled the hardening flesh, gently at first then with increasing force, causing her stomach to clench for an entirely different reason.   After tonguing and rolling her nipple between his lips, he finally he released it with a moist pop, then in a surprising yet arousing move, he rubbed his cheeks over the now hard bud much like a feline marking his territory.

His focus now turned to the other hard bud, treating it to the same suction before nipping at the pebbled flesh then rolling it with his lips, his husky groans of pleasure having almost the same effect on Cara as his lips and tongue on her breast. Finally he released it, too, from his mouth, and watched the resulting bounce in fascination.

“…is uniquely you, different from anything else I have ever tasted or felt on my tongue,” he continued as if he hadn’t just shot fire throughout her system with his talented mouth. Her nipples were still throbbing with pleasure and if she had time to think about it she was sure she would be embarrassed by how wet…

He leaned up a bit further and raised his arms to work his fingers through her hair. Once he cupped her head in his palms, he steadied her and softly covered her swollen lips with his own. She placed her hands on the bunched muscles of his shoulders, and held on as she returned his kiss with equal fervor.

After plundering her with increasing urgency for long hot moments while battling the ferocious needs burning through his body, he released her lips…only to inhale deeply before speaking against them.

“Your warmth?” He then stroked her cheek with one hand, and trailed his other down her body to cup her so that she would have no doubt as to his meaning. “The moisture that gathers between your legs because of my touch, my scent, and my voice? It is new to me, and it is doubly precious to me as well. It is yours and unique to only you, and it exists because you are aroused by me, as a consequence of these things I have done and will do with you.”

Cara shivered at the hot seduction in his purred tones.

Godric leaned back enough to gaze into her face as he gently parted her folds slick with the fragrant moisture he had caused, and savored coming to know so intimately the keeper of his heart. He focused his incredible mind on the sensitive tips of his fingers as he memorized the hills and valleys of her warm, feminine skin. Her mews of pleasure spurred him to trail his fingers between her folds, gliding down one side and back up the other, dipping quickly into that tight, hot place his cock so desired. Finally – her cheeks pink, her breaths shallow and rapid, her nails digging into his shoulders and her scent sorely testing his restraint, he began concentrating on the hardening nub beneath his fingertip. He knew rubbing that place would cause her heart to pound and her eyes to roll to the back of her head, and he ached to give her that pleasure once again, but more powerfully than before.

Then, only then, would he allow himself to slowly enter her body to claim his own release…and her.

As he circled her clit faster and with increasing pressure, he could no longer contain the growl rising from his core, and his beast demanded use of his voice.

“This pleasure I give you? Because it is with you, it is new to me as well. This is my hand, my hand, driving you to bliss, and I will savor this memory for the rest of my nights.”

He punctuated his words with strokes meant to drive her over the edge, and she obligingly fell with a pleasured cry that lit his soul.

Sweating, panting a little and furiously blushing, Cara collapsed against his chest and rested her head on his shoulder while she reclaimed her senses once more. His hands shaking with the effort to keep his beast contained and thanking his two millennia of experience for the strength to do so, he folded his arms around her and held her close while she recovered.

Into her ear he whispered, “I will fuck you to hell and back later, but for now, we will go at your pace. Rest and breathe, and when you are ready you shall ride me as you wish.”

System already overloaded, Cara shivered at the mesmerizing tone of his darkly caressing voice as it ran like fire over her already heated skin, and sucked in a trembling breath.

A few moments later she leaned back to look into his eyes, and gasped when she saw the changes in his face. His fangs were down lower than she’d ever seen them before, his lips were parted as he seemed to be tasting the air, and his nostrils were flaring with every breath. The tight, hard look about his face hinted at the amount of control he was exerting over himself. His eyes, however, were a clearer blue than she’d ever seen, deep and bright and almost sparkling in their intensity.

As she gazed at his face, she realized that so far he had very generously given her two trips to paradise but had not been there himself yet.

His passion took her breath away, but his gentleness brought it back to her. It was time to return the favor.

“I want to explore your body,” she said, her voice breathy and barely more than a whisper. She had never been this forward, this open, with a lover before, but with him, somehow it felt right even if she was still a little shy. “I want to know all of you just as I want you to know all of me, but right now…” she broke off as a strong wave of arousal seared through her body causing her to tighten her hold on his shoulders, “right now I just want to be with you. Right now I just want to take you into my body and feel you move inside me, and know what you feel like inside me.”

With a thunderous purr that sent more shivers down her spine, he slid down from the pillows a few inches and held her hips as he guided her over his erection now weeping and rising proudly from his body.

Her hands braced on his chest, her back arched and her breasts gently swinging, Cara swiveled her hips, instinctively seeking his length as she felt it teasingly near her entrance. Godric hissed and automatically thrust upward. He was moments away from gaining that which he had never even known he needed but that he now knew he would die without.

He would have to…there was no way he could survive the loss of his Cara.

As she lowered one hand and grasped his cock, the ache in his loins surged until it was painful. As he lowered her until he was poised to at the door to his personal heaven, he caught her hazy gaze, and steadied her descent.

He would not rush…

He would not rush!




Too tight

Slow down slow down slow down slow –

Flip her over and NO! Slowly…slowly…sl…

Blind instinct took over and Godric was vaguely aware that his beast was as determined to ease her way as he had been.

His hands tight on her hips, his eyes trained to observe every minute expression on her lovely face, with arms shaking and thighs and stomach clenching from the strain of refusing to give completely into his instincts, he guided and supported her movements to protect her from moving too rapidly.

Her hips rose and fell and swiveled, each movement allowing her to take a little more of his length as her body expanded to accept him. Cara knew his hands were helping to keep her from basically impaling herself on the long, thick cock she still hadn’t thoroughly explored, but there was always later. She wanted to explore his chest…see where that sprinkling of hair on his lower abdomen led…taste his nipples and nip at his collarbones only now she was so full, fuller than she had ever been, but she wanted more.


So full…so sweetly…thoroughly full…

But just a little…

With a satisfied cry she realized that she had finally, finally taken all of him inside her body, that he was fully seated with her, and she looked down at his face now far more vampire than human, and smiled an ancient smile filled with beatific feminine satisfaction as she firmly gripped him with tight inner muscles.


With an inhuman roar Godric halted all movement, determined to give her time to grow accustomed to his width…determined to make this first time last as long as he could before he lost himself in the depths of her body and her eyes.

Mind more active than at any time in his past, he methodically cataloged every aspect that he could.

Her scent…the hot sweet scent of his female after being pleasured and while striving for more…

The sound of her thudding heart and rapid, deepening breaths as she took him inch by slow, delicious inch…

The light sheen of sweat on his woman’s body as she moved above him in all her glory…

The gasps and moans and mews of pleasure from his actions as he pleasured her….

The certain arrogant confidence that flooded his mind as he knew had never been so well filled…

The certain fundamentally satisfying knowledge that he was the last lover she would ever have…

Suddenly he could take no more. Having felt how tight she was around his fingers had not prepared him in any way for how firmly she would sheath his cock, and now that he was fully surrounded by her heat… It was all too much to ignore.

With a feral growl he gave into his beast’s demands and flipped them over, and the instant he felt her legs fold around his body, his hips could no longer remain stilled. Later he would wonder how in seven hells he had managed to stay passive for as long as he had, but for the nonce the fire surging through his body demanded action, so action he took.

He slid his hands under her shoulders to grip them firmly and began rocking his hips gently to ensure that no movement from him would cause her discomfort. When her choked cries were of passion and not pain, he immediately began thrusting harder and deeper, then faster… The force of his rhythmic pounding caused the bed to shake but his grip on Cara’s shoulders combined with her legs holding on firmly kept her secured beneath him.

The deep muscles of his lower stomach began clenching as that addictive heat began building and growing, and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He threw his head back as far as he could to resist the almost overwhelming temptation to bite her, to sink his teeth deeply into his Mate and drink and claim her as his beast demanded.

The end was approaching…his thrusts were almost too fast for his human to stand but she was panting and her walls were rippling around him, gripping and fluttering and…

Then she bit him.

Her nails had scored his back and sides, but with a surprising amount of strength she had suddenly clawed into his shoulders and raised herself up, and bit the top of his shoulder.


Eric rose with a jolt. Something had brought him from his dayrest, and it took but a second to recognize and respond to the reason. He ignored his cock standing at full mast to send his Maker as much strength as he possibly could to keep the ancient vampire from killing the woman with the force of his passion.

Through their Maker/Child bond he knew that should the woman die, his Maker would soon follow, and that was not an option. He didn’t understand the cause of the sudden maelstrom that had wrested him from his sleep, but he knew it wasn’t good.

His Maker had gone feral…while in bed…with the all-too-breakable woman he would not live without.

Holy fuck.


At that same time Pam was also brought unexpectedly from her own dayrest, but it took her a few moments longer to ascertain the cause. When she did, her eyes rimmed with red.

After a moment she steadied herself and explored the bond with Eric to see what, if anything, she could do to help. When she was able to understand how he was sending his Maker strength, she did so as well.


Godric abruptly came back to himself where he rested atop his Cara – his sweaty, spent, and far too still Cara, and his heart plummeted when he found himself healing the large wound on the side of her throat.  The sight of her life-force staining the pillow beneath her head would haunt the remainder of his nights.

Her blood still fresh on his lips, he savagely tore his wrist open and shoved it to her mouth, the blood in his ancient veins pounding, throbbing, crying out that his Mate be safe, that she be whole and that she be healed by the blood of the beast who had harmed her.


**A/N:  (If you want to throw things at me, opt for medium-roast Colombian coffees for my cup and good Irish butter for my toast?)  So…what did you think?**


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  2. (tosses perfectly made cup of coffee without spilling a drop) Oh and it should be so noted I loved the way he pointed out that while he may have done this before everything he did with her was new that was so wow so just sooooooooo….and DAMN talk about a cliffie, it’s a long way down from up here lol


  3. charity6201: Thank you! *catches without spilling a drop* And you’re so right – he might have been with countless others, but being with HER is new, and newness is all too rare for one as old as he is. 😀 *ducks back into safe room*

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  4. I think there’s a bucket load (maybe several) of medium-roast Colombian coffee and a few (large) boxes of Irish butter headed your way…via airmail!
    A last meal? 😋😋


  5. galwidanatitud: *rushes to shove pillow under poor dropped jaw* Oops?? (I’d duck back into hiding but I have another review to reply to…)


  6. Oh, oh no. I’m interested in if this will end in Cara turning into a vampire. It would be a tragic way for their first time together to end, and a pretty sad way for her change to come about. Even so, I’m wondering about the state of their relationship. I feel like Godric is going to hate himself and his state of mind might become even more unstable. I wonder about Cara’s reaction… she is not unreasonable, so she might be understanding, but still, it’s a terrifying situation. I hope she isn’t traumatized by the biting, I wouldn’t blame her if she is though. Poor Cara. Poor Godric.


  7. galwidanatitud: Sorry about the temporary numby-shockies… Hopefully it won’t be too very long till I can get that next chapter out! 😀


  8. I’ll get you some Danish butter or some fancy handmade French types, they’re much better than the ‘ole Irish stuff… you can smear it on some toast and give it to Cara when she wakes up… like I’d fall for that… cliffie be gone!


  9. viviidity: Without revealing too much, I wouldn be surprised if this incident *didn’t* cause a bit of strife (of a sort) between them. And he had been doing so well… (I should duck back into hiding now…)


  10. Dang. Seems to me if he turns her, she will be much more sturdy and safe. I suppose she isn’t ready for that. I hope she’ll be okay, emotionally as well as physically.


  11. Omg!!! So freaking hot! But the end? Uh ohhhh. I was kinda hoping that mating her would help clear his mind…. Seems that he lost it instead……


  12. Wow! Brilliantly crafted chapter. Godric’s seduction of Cara is just about complete,. All we now need to know is, did she survive? Naughty of you to leave us with thoughts of coffee, that is if one drinks caffeine, rather than the outcome of their coupling. As always, looking forward to the next chapter. 🙂


  13. murgatroid98: Things are going to be ok…a bit rocky, perhaps, but ok. And you’re right, if she were Turned, she’d be a lot less fragile, but I don’t think either one of them is ready for that though.


  14. galwidanatitud: *hands over bitters to paint on nails* LOL!! The next chapter is already in the works… *glances furtively around* Yeah, that’s it…”in the works”… 😀


  15. shoegirl01: *gladly catches…it’s a slow morning* Thank you – very glad you liked it!! And I’m working on that next chapter (well, slowly, but IT COUNTS – RIGHT??)


  16. jules3677: Thank you! *evil grin* Blame my addiction to really good coffee… 😀 (*spoiler: she does) Lol, I don’t actually like angsty drama, so I figured thoughts of coffee might help… 😀

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  17. *Fans self* Omg that was some chapter! I’m glad you decided to do a lemon because that was hot! And tsk tsk for the cliffie!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next chapter! Poor Godric is going to feel so guilty!


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  19. American Android: Thank you – I’m glad you liked it! And you’re so right – he’s going to feel soooo bad about it… (Plot!) 😀


  20. uh oh! Bad Godric! What did you do?
    mean evil cliffie too! but it’s the right spot to have a cliffie really!
    I find it somewhat funny to think of vampires being aware that their makers and or progenies are doing the nasty! talk about awkward!
    also, it bears repeating I so enjoy your Pam.
    thank you for the update and sorry it took me a while to get to it! you did great! *hugs*


  21. morggys: Thanks – very glad you liked it! 😀 And you’re so right – that was the right place to end the chapter (minus the “death threats”, though…snicker) I get a giggle too thinking about how the bond goes both ways and how very “open” Makers/Children’s lives can be! Talk about no privacy! Being able to write a good Pam is so much fun. Thank you for reading, and never worry about how long it takes to get to a chapter – I’m just glad you’ve got the time and interest to read at all! 😀

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  22. As much as the love making was erotic and beautiful and passionate, my favourite part of this chapter was Pams reaction. I love how she showed just that little bit of sorrow over the thought that Cara was hurt or going to be hurt. I wish that Stoopie would react the way Cara does. She takes everything with a thought to how long he has survived and how different being a vamp really is. I also wish Pam and Sookie could have had a relationship like this on the show.


  23. suzymeinen: Thank you!! As a reader and writer both, while I vary from “not minding a good sex scene” to “sometimes actually enjoying how they play into the couple’s relationship”, emotional scenes – especially where truth or growth is realized – are always my favorite. I love writing a slightly callous, bratty-ish, kind of selfish Pam because when she DOES care, it’s a nice shock and proof of that emotional growth. 😀

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