EN: ATS, Chapter 8

**A/N: Word keeps screaming at me about something called a “long sentence”. I told Word to go have horribly bad sex with itself. Anyway, in this chapter we encounter the somewhat doddering, easily bored, “Pam would adore him” character of Niall.**

Niall stood by and smiled infinitesimally at the blond brat suddenly wearing his king pants while the Ancient and the Elder posed effectively with carefully attentive indifference. A casual observer would have missed his brief expression, but Godric, naturally, did not.

The elder Fairy quickly controlled his features and wondered where the fuck Preston was.

Wouldn’t do to blow the cover too soon, now would it?

He had worked far too hard, meaning for more than eight minutes consecutively, to arrange this seemingly unnecessary meeting to risk blowing it all just because he was right…as he had known he would be.

Sookie may have thought she was being smooth and cool but no, he could read the beloved daughter of his heart like an open book.

Somehow during the years of filming and PR events, the thankfully powerful, mostly acceptable Viking had, indeed, caught her eye in a way that no one else had these past couple of centuries.

Originally her role in that True Nonsense fiasco had been trifold: to influence the asinine stuffed suits in power over the show (whose skulls had been too thick to allow her influence to permeate the matter decaying between their blocked ears), the writers (Sookie had felt terribly sorry for the writers, he remembered with chagrin – according to her the poor souls had been forced by contract to elaborate only on the drivel spewed at them from the dense fools on high, or rather high on something), and finally the actress herself, although that role had been more as an observer (and to keep her busy) than anything.

It had been a truly unexpected boon that his grandaughter and the show’s actress had resembled each rather closely – a boon should the Fairy ever have to impersonate a human actress impersonating a fairy, but Sookie’s mental influence over the human had been more than enough…which had, in a way, been a shame as she’d used her glamour to subtly alter the actress’ appearance to more closely mirror her own during the filming.

Ah, the things the younger kinfolk would do when bored…

She could also see out of the human’s eyes when needed, and judging by her fascination with The Northman, she’d looked quite more often than was strictly required.

Hence this ostensibly unnecessary trip… Such things we do for love… And to protect our loved ones…

Of course, Niall truly hadn’t been pleased with how Fairies had been depicted on the show.

Mobile wanna-be strip joints and gaudy dance halls? Really?

Orgasming when popping out a litter of babies like a badly-designed rapid-fire weapon?

Note to self: investigate this realm’s weaponry…

The mothers of his acquaintance had threatened many dire and vicious punishments for those Powers That…he couldn’t even mentally repeat the names and curses heaped upon those morons.

But at this late date such things were hardly worth mentioning.


By executive order and for precautionary reasons, re-runs of that show were now illegal in Fairy.

However, he had quite a few things he wished to discuss with his part-time friend, part-time enemy but full-time acquaintance Godric. That old coot was one of…ok, the only vampire he would bother trusting in any form or fashion.

Oh, alright, he had amended querulously, maybe The Northman, too.


Wisely he had kept his grumblings to himself during the upheaval known as The Packing and The Readying for The Trip. Sookie may have driven the staff, the family, and herself nearly mad with her preparations, but she also had one hell of a right-hand fireball. He should know – he’d been the one to teach her.

Sadlywell, except for how things were now looking, at any rate. That damn fire-ball his granddaughter wielded so efficiently might come in handy…

Subtle movements brought his focus back to the future lovers.

Ahhh…judging by The Northman’s split-second expression of pure shock and recognition suffused with the briefest of joy, he had not only noticed but remembered Sookie as well.

Niall preened justifiably. It had been his idea to have The Twit use Sookie’s name in those…”books”…as a tribute to his favored descendant. At the time, however, he hadn’t realized that The Moronic, Sanctimonious, Repulsive, Smug, Brainless Twit was going to have Sookie regress in character so abysmally. He should have let her keep the “heroine’s” original and vastly over-Southernized name: Charleeney.

No self-aggrandizing to see there, nope…

Long ago, well, during Earth Realm Time, he added to his mental prattle, when he had first heard that some two-bit hack was outlining a series of books where a back-woods hick got up close and personal with the supernatural world, he had taken it upon his bored self to investigate the situation.

Originally he had simply wanted to fuck with the human world a bit – his realm was boring, business was booming, and hell, where else did humans think some of the more outlandish crap they read like lemmings came from anyway?

However, once he saw the notes that the weird example of humanity had scribbled out (Really, how hard was it to write neatly? And why did she insist on using those too-thin, low-end diner napkins already smudged with indeterminable grease stains on them?) Niall became intrigued with the notion of having a bit of fun at vampire expense.

Not only were “the dead” the lowest creatures in all, ok, most realms – even dodgy shifters were easier to deal with for fuck’s sake – but they were so unwarrantedly obnoxious!


And they were stronger and had far better sensory powers than fairies did, damn their perfect musculature and non-aging hides!

A plague upon the realms they were…well, most of them anyway…realms/vampires, either/or.

He had known that they were planning to reveal themselves to the humans in this realm with the badly polluted air, that they intended to stop lurking in the darkness, figuratively speaking of course since they still couldn’t be out and about in the daytime all picking up their dry cleaning and buying tomatoes.

For a brief moment he had felt rather badly for the mundane human population…then he realized that with the advent of Tru Blood…nah, the damn deaders would still be feasting on the mundanes and that he actually didn’t give a shit.

He only worried for the Fairy folks who were determined to live in the human realm. To vampires, they were the Ho Hos, Twinkies, and Tasty Cakes of the natural order. Thankfully he and those of his line were able to mute their scent.

If it weren’t for the inherent danger of this damn realm with its vampires and its iron and its fucking citrus, he wouldn’t have cared less if his people chose to spend their time making money and babies off humans. Hell, it kept them out of his hair!

Ah, well, given the nature of many of his kin, he knew he had to do something about the damn vampires. And what else was a good Fairy Prince to do than warn the unsuspecting human and fairy population about just how irrational, heartless, base, and uncouth the undead tended to be on an average night?

Did the humans a service with the William Compton bit, he thought with great satisfaction. Humans needed to be made aware of the more vulgar, boorish, side-burned manner of most vampires and that idiot Compton suited the bill, he chuckled to himself, perfectly – atrocious sideburns and all.

Somehow, though, between his influence and Sookie’s influence, somehow Eric the Northman had come out smelling of roses and the North Sea in both the books and the show. He could well imagine the fit Godric must have had when That Bilious Twit had imagined an insane rapist as Eric’s Maker…and what the hell was wrong with her in the first place that she thought it was all fine and dandy to curse Eric with a Maker like Appius?

Niall knew that Compton was bad enough running around drinking people and raping them and lying to them all over the place! He preened to himself that no, he had indeed not suggested to The Bubonic Twit that The Sideburned Skulker rape that poor girl in the trunk of that ugly car – draining her was by far enough insult without choosing to go overboard and adding additional unnecessary injury… Eric’s voice brought his wandering attention back to the business at hand. Even so, he did have to wonder if there would be any of that spaghetti he’d heard about.


Eric couldn’t deny the beautifully shocking evidence before his eyes. It truly was Sookie from the show, but she was somehow different…somehow more.  She was a little shorter, a little curvier in all the right places, her hair was a little longer and a little lighter in shade, but it was that faintly glowing light radiating off her silky skin that spoke most loudly of her otherness.

This was not the actress he’d known…

With more grace than he had ever seen from her during filming, she quickly drifted over to stand before him and placed her hands on his broad shoulders.

“Yes, it’s me, Eric…the real me,” she said with a smile.  Sookie then floated up to his face and placed a warm kiss on each cheek in greeting.  Her smile broadened when he clasped his hands firmly around her waist and held her close.

As his head dipped lower, she obligingly raised her own, and the Elder Fairy and the Ancient Vampire looked on as the future lovers exchanged their first true kiss.

King Richard d’Alsace, in all his tall, blond, broad-shouldered glory, whipped out his phone and grabbed a couple of pics.

**A/N: I have no idea if The Twit was going to use a bastardized version of her own pen name for Sookie’s name, but would that REALLY have been too off-base for her?  Ok, so, what did you think?**

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70 thoughts on “EN: ATS, Chapter 8

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  2. LOVE IT!!!! Niall’s inner monologue is hilarious and of course Richard formerly known as Stan would snap a few photo’s…wonder if he’s gonna posts them to Vampagram


  3. Nial’s inner ramblings sure are amusing. i love when others share my discontent with SVM and TB. my eyes still twitch everytime i think of it. at least now we don’t have to deal with a stupid Sookie. and like the King, i would be snapping pictures too to record that kiss. 😉
    more please! 😀


  4. LMFAO!
    I adore this Naill!
    How I hate the outcome of the books and the show!!!
    I wonder if Stan will share that picture on tumblr with all of us!


  5. charity6201: Niall is a LOT of fun… And you know I can totally see Stan/Richard posting those pics:

    “Eric,” Godric said, his voice oddly both serious and stifling a laugh, “You may want to see this.”
    Eric rose from the sofa, his long body taking forever to reach his full height, then he strode over to Godric’s desk. He looked down at the laptop screen.
    All was quiet for a long, long, LONG minute, then…


  6. galwidanatitud: I hate having to TRY to remember crap from the books/show for this story – I AM SUFFERING FOR MY ART, DAMMIT!! MAKE IT GO AWAY!!! Oh, sorry…*clearing throat*… Very glad you liked it! 😀 Thanks!


  7. Jackie69: Lol, Niall may ‘dodder’, but he’s also quite a plotter… And you know I can totally see Stan/Richard posting that pic…
    “Eric,” Godric said, his voice oddly both serious and stifling a laugh, “You may want to see this.”
    Eric rose from the sofa, his long body taking forever to reach his full height, then he strode over to Godric’s desk. He looked down at the laptop screen.
    All was quiet for a long, long, LONG minute, then…


  8. Love this Naill and his inner ramblings! Gave me a good laugh this morning, thank you!


  9. Niall is something else. Loved his thoughts. Now a true fairy Sookie and Eric just might get together. Doesn’t surprise me that “Stan” would sneak a couple of photes. Great story.


  10. Yup Stan is gonna have fun with this! Love your Niall and his meandering thoughts! Your sacrifice in re-reading /re-viewing is greatly appreciated 🙂


  11. I love Niall’s inter monologue and what Sookie could have been named. Can you imagine? I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. 🙂


  12. Niall’s musings are too funny! The “Twit” could have thought about that, if she’d put any real thinking into it at all, but I remain grateful to her & the TB morons for providing all of you wonderful writers with endless material for we, the readers, who only wish it could have been so.
    Now, are vying for a spot next to hisviks as a favored Ingrate for quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce? Never will I make it again & not think of Niall…


  13. Love it!! And, I’m sorry for your suffering. (Grin.) I certainly wouldn’t want to have to try to remember the details of TB/SVM. In fact, since I gave up on both of them before they were over, I would say that I go out of my way to avoid the details! I much prefer the worlds created by all the lovely fanfic writers like you.


  14. loved the musing of the Prince and that no-one really moved an inch during the whole time. LOL that the King was taking pictures of the two lovebirds kissing KY


  15. That Niall and his old wiles lol , I get the feeling that our vamps are going to have to keep they’re heads in the game .
    I can almost see Stan/Richard humming to himself ( Eric and Sookie sitting in a tree K I S S I N G ) while filming lol .
    Looking forward to anything ‘After the show’ these characters are cracking and we’ve yet to get to know Sookie and not that abysmal Charleeny ‘sniggers’ character .


  16. murgatroid98: Ha! Niall is fun, and Stan/Richard? Yeah, he’s….he’s himself… 😀 I can totally see him being all Kingly King with his King pants on…grabbing snaps of Eric and Sookie…! 😀 Glad you like them!


  17. shoegirl01: You know he’s going to want to order blow-ups, posters, maybe a couple of mouse pads with that pic… 😀 Niall is a blast! He’s so much fun! I wish I could temporarily forget the books/show until/unless I need them for a chapter…that’d be so awesome… Ohhh, maybe have a removable brain thumb drive just for that…


  18. gyllene: Heh, I could totally see The Twit naming her that… Niall is nicely cranky, snarky, sly, easily bored, snide, wily…wait…I’m sensing a similarity to someone I often see in the mirror… 😀 Thanks! Glad you liked him!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. msbuffy: Lol, he’s heard of that human thing called “spaghetti” and is very curious to try it…and you know how those fairies are…curious about everything… *snicker*

    Liked by 1 person

  20. switbo: Yes, I can sense your sorrow *straight face* LOL, thank you! I refuse to write canon but will pick and choose bits and pieces from both to suit what I want to do w/ a story. *evil grin* That way I don’t have to worry about remembering every little thing precisely… 😀 Glad you liked it!


  21. kleannhouse: Lol, trust Stan to forget that he’s wearing his King pants and go all paps on Eric and Sookie! 😀 Glad you liked it!


  22. vondax55: *preens* Thank you – so glad you liked it!! Niall is so much fun to write as he meanders through whatever the hell it is he’s going on about at the time! 😀


  23. lorip100: Heh, with Niall? Yeah, he’s a wily old goat and they really are going to have to stay on their toes… 😀 I CAN TOO! THAT WOULD BE SOOOOO STAN! 😀 (And I may have had a bit too much fun w/ “Charleeny”…) Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Your biting humor is perfection. Everything you wrote about the show and the books coalesced into an ideal mixture. And Niall is so funny, bored and stirring the pot as it were. Loved this.


  25. valady1: Thanks – I’m glad you liked it! Niall is…Niall. Yeah, he’s a weird mixture of bored fairy, smart fairy, and, well, wily fairy… 😀


  26. I wasted way too much time in my younger years being so serious; turns out I just don’t give a shit & everything’s pretty funny! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Oh hell yes! Healthier too, and I have “smile” lines, not “frown” lines, according to my granddaughter! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

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  29. OMG this story is so awesome…. Not only I love the characters… I mean that King Richard d’Alsace taking pics to share on instagram no doubt… (or maybe it was a selfie as in ‘ME & my bro and future sis-in-law, total hotness. Daddy’s gonna shit kittens’) He’s a riot… And Niall is so hilariously full of himself too… But then of course there is all the meta aspects and all the injustices and various idiocies in books and show… Esp. Appius… Who on earth even creates such an a-hole of a character who had to visit upon Eric his ongoing creepinesss… Ugh… anyway, glad to see the Eric & realSookie reunion in this superbly original after TB fixer!!! Can’t wait to see Godric’s reaction too…


  30. redjane12: LMAO – I can totally see Stan/Richard doing that, too! And Godric just happening to accidentally find those pics (and the vid, cause, you know, there’d be a vid…) and smirking about it as he watched/scrolled repeatedly, then eventually (after grabbing his own copies, natch) calling Eric into the room to show him… Ha!
    Niall is a blast to write. You’re so right – he is SO full of himself! He’s one of the good guys, but even so, he’s just as sly and cunning and (insert other adjectives) as Godric himself can be… I’m trying to right a bazillion SVM/TB wrongs in this fic withOUT bringing it down, and that can be a bit difficult at times, but when I have a cast of characters like that to work with, it’s so much fun. Heh, and Godric’s reaction just might be a surprise… Thanks for reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Delightful! That blonde King better send me a copy of those pics as soon as he gets his pants on right 😉 Also, never thought I’d find myself nodding along to these words ‘Did the humans a service with the William Compton bit’… and yeah totally a Niall that would delight Pam… well and me 😀


  32. Omg!! Snickering going on here while I read!

    First off, Niall is hilarious, I could so see him messing with she who not be named.

    And so much love for the assmunchers role!! Snickering some more!!


  33. hisviks: Niall…he has good, well, vaguely not-bad, intentions…sometimes… Heh, and I could absolutely see Niall and Pam lolling back on their chaises, him sipping his champagne (spiked with caviar or some such nonsense), her sipping her blood (specially imported from Austria with a dash of Hungarian), both languishing over ill-fitting fashions and the state of the modern shoe industry…

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Kittyinaz: “And I shall install this thought…..here,” Niall mumbled with distaste while pointing his long finger at a certain point on The Twit’s head as she dozed face-down on the notes she had been scribbling illegibly. Once his latest mission was accomplished – he had a hell of a time keeping up with The Twit’s random changes to the script – he took himself off to the nearest Holiday Inn for a shower. He refused to contaminate Fairy with her, well, whatever it was…

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Can’t stop to review!!!! Must keep reading!!!! Love it love the the whole thing, even bored Niall!! I can’t help but giggle at the antics of Stan, snapping pics during the first real kiss between Eric and Sookie!!!! Chapter 9, here I come!!!!


  36. missrissa81: You know, I can totally see Stan/Richard hauling out the ol’ phone… And bored/mentally-meandering Niall is so much fun!


  37. Oh please write a crack-fic staring Charleeny – what a freakin’ awesome name. And the fairies being behind the fuckery -‘well that makes surprisingly a large amount of sense. How else can anyone explain the horror of Bill or why the fuck TB decided to enhance his role by making him King and God and whatever Bilith was meant to be.


  38. ladytarara: LMAO!!! I had to go there…I did… (bad me, bad!) Also: bingo. The vamps would have been wanting themselves portrayed as “politely mainstreaming fangless cuddlemonkeys” with the W/weres being smelly flea-infested mongrels. The fairies? Yeah, no holds barred – they’d gladly show Bill as the rapist pig he became, etc. Billith? Some fairy must have gotten hold of a load of really bad absinthe mixed with LSD or something cause there’s just no excuse for Billith…

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Pfft! Just spat coffee over screen – only drugs COULD explain the Bilith travesty. I can just see Pam and Eric being ‘politely mainstreaming fangless cuddlemonkeys.’ Mmmm Eric as cuddlemonkey…. Sorry, what was I saying??? Ugh Bill so not a cuddlemonkey… Puke…


  40. Sookeh ran her monkey fingers through Bill’s luxurious body hair, his sideburns bristling with fleas that she lovingly licked into her mouth and ate with a crunch. Her lover was covered in many delicious species of vermin that supplemented her diet nightly.

    “Sookeh,” Bill groaned as she cleared up his crab infestation for him.
    He cuddled her until he died for the day.

    Sam woke up nude next to a dead Compton, his body covered with a curious itching sensation where his girly chimp parts had been…


  41. I blame that defective batch of brain bleach Duran Duran got into… Yes, perhaps I did take it a bit too far…. My apologies for the terrible nausea…


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