The Moon, Ch. 21

**A/N: My you guys are a bloodthirsty lot! Sadly no blood is actually spilled but… Anyway, this is a short chapter – the guys were understandably in a hurry to get back home…**

Eric knew that if he and Sevrin hadn’t left when they did then they wouldn’t have left at all that night. One of his sweetest dreams – a nebulous dream he’d had even before he’d fully realized he had it – had just come true: his Sookie was finally, voluntarily, in his home. However, instead of spending the rest of their first night tending to her needs and pleasures – not to mention his own needs and pleasures – he had to go and fucking deal with darling Pamela.

Judging by the look on Sevrin’s face, the dark mountain felt the same. Things had apparently been progressing rather well between him and Willa and this interruption wasn’t making him happy, either.

Sookie and Willa had neither one appreciated their upcoming absence, either, but both had graciously understood.

Well, Eric amended to himself, if “graciously understood” was the appropriate way to describe Sookie’s “kick Pam’s ass for me and pick up some butter pecan ice cream and some Vidalia onions on your way back home”, then sure, his Sookie ‘graciously understood’.

Willa’s muttered injunction to make Pam wear cow-shit brown polyester may have been quietly seconded.

After calling Fangtasia’s head of security, Eric settled in for the long, silent drive to the bar. Sevrin was quiet by nature, which was just as well considering the many thoughts flitting through the Viking’s busy mind. He couldn’t help but remember how very desolate he’d become, and how it had been worsening exponentially, during the nights leading up to Sookie’s return to his life. That had truly been one of the lowest points in his life.

It never once escaped his attention that Pamela had been almost entirely responsible for every single second of it.

Granted he could have contacted Sookie at any time, could have gone to see her, written her a fucking letter, something, but he knew, or at least thought he knew, the kind of reception she’d have given him. Why would he ever have thought any differently? There was nothing remaining in their ‘relationship’ to even hint that she’d have seen him as anything but a negative reminder of the last few years of her life.

Their history together was tumultuous and passionate but there had been no true, stable foundation. Hindsight may be 20/20 but he could only work with the truths he’d known during that time, and those truths had not warranted yet another effort on his part. There had been too much stupidity and too much Compton…and too much stupidity over Compton. No matter how much he hated the fact, he had been right to let her go.

Discovering now that Sookie – generally recalcitrant, emotionally somewhat stunted, naive to the point of being backward Sookie – had extended her hand to him not just once but twice, and so long ago at that, was intoxicating…and ironic as fuck.

Knowing that Pamela had seen fit to deny him the knowledge of Sookie’s offers, to deny him the option, the choice, the chance, however, was indescribably infuriating.

She had in effect chosen to deny him the relationship that would most likely have come from that knowledge, and had thus allowed untold amounts of unnecessary pain and drama to cloud Sookie’s life.

Pamela was no Child of his.

If he could wish her out of existence in a way that wouldn’t make his Sookie feel responsible, he would do it in one of her heartbeats.

Slowing down, Eric snorted at the memory of Willa’s second, more quietly spoken, suggestion as he turned into the bar’s parking lot. Darling Pamela had best think to keep her snarky bitch-face shut, something Eric highly doubted the deceitful bitch was capable of even on the best of nights.

At least her cell for the time being was prepared. During the quickly placed call to Fangtasia’s head of security, the Were – who had never trusted or liked Pamela – had happily and with highly-suspect innocence informed Eric of a case of expired New Blood found conveniently placed near the incarceration portion of the bar complex’s lowest level.

It was amazing how waterproof titanium-reinforced walls and floors could be. It was also amazing how vampire-proof silver-lined, solid-walled cells within that reinforced portion of the basement could be. It was even more amazing just how much worse expired New Blood smelled and, although he’d never tried it, surely tasted than even expired True Blood did.


He parked in his reserved spot near the private back entrance then within seconds he and Sevrin were in the basement. Eric silently gestured toward Pamela’s current location then escorted the darkly fearsome mountain down the hallway to her future cell, prepared to his specifications, and waited while Sevrin plotted the upcoming transfer.

Eric had already warned him that Pamela could be a cunning snake and he was taking no chances.

Very soon thereafter the coldly pissed-off ex-Maker and the glowering Jailor stood with fangs bared before the standing coffin containing one suspiciously silent ex-Child. As previously strategized, fully half of the bar’s security personnel, Were and Vampire alike, were stationed to guard all basement exits, silver spray and netting at the ready.

Eric reluctantly opened the bond he still had with Pamela to determine her state of mind. If she appeared properly repentant, he would have a cot hauled into her cell; if not, he wouldn’t. The concrete flooring was certainly not comfortable, but it wouldn’t cause her additional harm. As he suspected, she was in downtime, but her emotions were as easy to read as ever.

A moment later he silently warned to Sevrin to be on his guard. There would be no cot.

Sevrin stood ready, legs braced and core tense, and waited. The stench of an irate silver-scorched vampire permeated the basement and added exponentially to his foul mood.

He couldn’t stand a traitor – detested them even more than he did a coward – but when a Child betrayed their own Maker, especially a Maker as benevolent as the Northman, that loathing was quick to turn vicious.

Eric watched as Sevrin’s harsh features darkened further with disgust and was silently thankful that he wasn’t on the receiving end of such tacit loathing.

Feeling badly for Pamela never once entered his mind.

With an almost silent growl, in a blur he released the locks on the coffin and threw open the lid.

The action apparently startled Pam from her downtime and her eyes suddenly opened. Her line of vision was entirely filled with her first sight of Sevrin, and he was a frightening sight to behold. Eric watched impassively as Pamela’s eyes trailed up the other vampire’s unexpectedly tall build and he had to stifle a laugh.

Her jaw dropped slightly as she stared at thick shoulders so broad they blocked the rooms harsh light, at dark hair and black eyes narrowed menacingly, at a muscular frame clad in black leather, at a fearsome expression seething with disgust and loathing…

She bolted.

Unsurprised, Sevrin’s long arm shot out immediately and in less than an instant his huge hand was cinched tightly around Pam’s neck. A moment later the coffin was in splinters as he slammed his prisoner through it to hold her by her neck against the wall behind.

The quiet fury of his low snarls adding to her fear, Pam, cow-eyed and with feet dangling at least a foot off the floor, wisely held her tongue. Eric could tell by the look on her face that had she been human she’d have pissed herself.


For the longest minute of Pam’s life Sevrin simply glared down into her eyes, his struggle against ending her right fucking then painfully obvious in the black depths of his eyes and the huge fangs that seemed to grow longer by the second.

After barely winning his inner battle and still squeezing her neck against the wall, he slid her up so that he could snarl directly into her ear, his voice low and ominous, “To me, you are nothing more than a filthy job. Your pride, your supposed wit, your fucking nails? Worthless.” A great rumbling growl escaped. “Obey or die. I care not,” he spat.

Sevrin reflexively gripped her neck even tighter as he fought the alluringly intense desire to rend her head from her body.

During the brief time after the Northman had opened the coffin and before the pathetic bitch had tried to run, he had studied his new job and found her very sorely lacking. Some vampires were simply stupid but could be retrained; others, not so much, and it behooved him to note the difference.

In his chosen line of work, it had been to his benefit to hone the ability to memorize and dissect the most fleeting of facial expressions as soon as possible, and this skill had served him well. He had therefore caught Pam’s initial expression before she’d realized exactly what was going on, and he was even less impressed. Her tendency toward self-pity, juvenile tantrums, and an unwarranted sense of entitlement would have made him ill had he been human. From the expensive piece of trash she was wearing to the ridiculous shoes to the ugly paint on her nails, her worship of the material world was overly blatant and very telling.

Things, not people…

This one was most unlikely to achieve any sort of redemption.

A fucking lifer…


He quickly tired of her presence. With a scowl of extreme distaste he hauled her by her neck down the hall to the waiting cell.

With a heartfelt grunt Sevrin summarily relieved himself of his vile cargo by tossing her to the floor in the center of the empty cell. He then slammed the silver-coated door shut and snicked the lock closed with a grimace of what could have been satisfaction, then stalked off while ignoring the faint sting of the already-healing silver burn on his thumb.

At floor level the solid cell wall had a small pass-through so there wouldn’t be a security risk in feeding a prisoner, so on his way out Eric paused to order the head of security to give the inmate two bottles of the expired faux blood an hour before sunrise. She would have to go into her dayrest with that fetid taste and stench fresh in her mouth and nose.

With a grin Eric blurred to the SUV. He had an all-night grocery store to visit.

Two minutes from the house, Sevrin finally broke the silence.

“Owe you a coffin.”

**A/N:  I’m sorry…I know some of you gorgeously bloodthirsty readers-mine were angling for some, well, bloodshed (you know I love that about you, right?), but I just couldn’t see Eric going that route in this non-combative situation.  Now, if Pam were actively attacking Sookie or Willa, etc., then sure, I could see him ending her as quickly as possible, but in a controlled situation like the one above I can’t see him choosing to physically harm her without proper pernicious provocation (say that three times fast, and yes, I”m so grinning over being able to use “pernicious” for no good reason).  Besides…that’s what Sevrin’s for… *evil grin* Ok, so…reviews/muse…what did you think?**

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48 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 21

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  2. I think it is a worse punishment for Pam if Eric doesn’t do the “dirty work” himself. It’s like she isn’t worth the time to him. And we know that’s a fate worse then death to Pam, to not have her maker all to herself.


  3. galwidanatitud: Thank you! And you’re exactly right – Pam now knows that NOTHING she can say or do – other than minding her manners and doing as she’s ordered – can save her now. Sevrin is large and in charge…her games won’t help her at all.


  4. thevikingskittykat: It is! Pam has to realize on some level that Eric didn’t interfere with Sevrin, that he has done what he said he would do and truly turned her over to Sevrin…and she brought it all on herself.


  5. Yeah for the punishment of Pam and ew to expired True Blood…hope Eric doesn’t forget the onion and the ice cream cause you know man, grocery store…those situations never end well lol


  6. As is thinking Sev, Pam is lost time. She has spent too much time being the sole focus for Eric, and now the damage is beyond the break. Pam is unrecoverable, because she was always so, but Eric did not realize it.


  7. charity6201: Grocery stores can be rough, man…rough… Why he could get caught behind a little old lady farting her way through the store, get trapped in an aisle with a gang of mutant gossipers blocking each end, unmanned toddlers could be running rampant…you just never know…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. cari1973: Exactly! I’m going with the TB history where Pam dramatically manipulated Eric into Turning her against his better judgment (he was such a good guy at heart that he couldn’t let her die and therefore chose to overlook just how conniving Pam can be). Sadly, her ability to betray him for her own gains most likely cost him years with Sookie, and there’s no telling what all else she’s done to him in the past. He’s doing the right thing for his future (and Sookie’s, etc.) by letting go of her now. He tried far too hard and for far too long…it’s time to let her go.


  9. Being a Pam-girl, True Blood Pam is OOC for me but The interplay of characters and Sevrin keep bringing me back. Now back to the lair and fun times!!


  10. Stupid girl … where exactly was she running to lol . With Sevrin having so long to hone his skills he will decipher any and every little thought/plan/manipulation that passes through her two bit brain cause you just know that she will try , as Sevrin stated she’s a lifer , no redemption . Lovely chapter , great way of dealing with the situation . In out no fuss and limited air time for her self entitled ass , although I do enjoy a good smack down and she is so deserving ……evilly cackling to my self .


  11. I have this fantasy about Pam eventually coming to care for one of her fellow inmates and getting a clue about love and compassion. If she can’t figure it out under Sevrin’s rule, she may as well be put down. I feel bad for Eric. He turned her, though he didn’t want to, he loved and supported her. Maybe her years as a madam damaged her too much. Maybe she was always like that and hid it. We never learned how she came to that pass, the only thing she ever said was that her parents kicked her out. I’m wondering if Willa will got with Sevrin when he leaves with Pam. Love the chapter. The scene with Pam and the last line are perfect.


  12. Isn’t it amazing when a word or phrase just catches you the way pernicious does for you? And being able to use it, even better. My favorite phrase is “fraught with portent”..I don’t know why, it just calls to me.
    I think one of the key things in this story is Pam’s betrayal of Eric, (right, not exactly difficult to figure out). I know we are working here with TB Pam rather than canon, so her actions fit that mold. And yet, it’s hard to see her do something that caused her maker so much pain. Even if she thought it was in his best interests (her own twisted view), by now she should have realized she was wrong. Even a glimmer of remorse would go a long way toward redemption.
    On a lighter note, ice cream and onions? yowzer, that is definitely a pregnant craving. I do love this story so am always so happy when I get the alert that you have updated.


  13. Natsgirl: There were a couple of things I liked about TB Pam but yeah, for the most part her seething jealousy and sense of entitlement got old fast. I think she’s realizing that not only is Eric not going to come to her rescue but that Sevrin isn’t going to give her any sort of special treatment (unless it’s of the negative variety). And lol @ “back to the lair” – love it! 😀


  14. lorip100: Exactly! Sevrin isn’t going to waste a single second (Actually he said, “I’m not going to waste a single shit…”) on trying to help “the lifers”, so it’s definitely to his benefit to be able to tell ASAP the chalk from the cheese. At some point she’s going to come out of her terror enough to finally realize that Eric said not one single word to her…and somehow I don’t think he minded a bit about the coffin…for a good cause, ya know… 😀 Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. murgatroid98: While I never say never…so to speak…I wouldn’t rule anything out yet, either. Normally I do like Pam’s character although I prefer the SVM version more than the TB version, but for this story the negative parts of her personality spoke loudest. I’d like for Eric’s time not to have been spent for naught but I don’t know/being mysterious/can’t say how it’ll end up in this story. (I can say that in some of my other fics she’s not a semi-raving lunatic…thankfully!) Very glad you liked it. I wanted to show them dealing with Pam but I didn’t want her to have more air-time than she deserved. And poor Sevrin…owing for the coffin… LOL!


  16. valady1: That happens to me all the time! I usually find a way to stick the phrase or word into a chapter somewhere but sometimes I just gotta brag, lol. I like “fraught with portent” – that’s a great one!

    Pam is…Pam. For better or for worse, she’s going to be herself, and she always has a reason for what she does…even if the reason is that she’s a bitch… Sometimes it’s just fine to let someone, say, a certain blonde vampire, wallow in their self-righteous indignation for a while…

    I’ve never had to deal with things like pregnancy cravings but I’ve heard horror stories and have a truly foul imagination…plus, Vidalia onions are kind of, well, sorta, sweet… *snicker* Glad you liked it!


  17. I liked the new chapter! It seems like forever since you’ve posted but looking forward to new chapters??


  18. rachelaidensmommy: 😀 Thank you – so glad you liked it!
    Now…keep in mind that I currently have *5* WIPs (because I’m an idiot): The Moon, The Revealing of Andre, Decisions, Eric Northman: After The Show, and Sookie Takes Charge (although not necessarily updated in that order but they do go on a rotation). (I also have 2 on hiatus but we’re pretending they don’t exist…Shhhhh!) Decisions was updated Aug. 2nd, and Andre was updated July 30th. Before that I’d posted a “Status Update” letting my awesome readers know that things were going to be going slower since I had several hand ouches that needed time to heal. (They’re pretty much fine now, thankfully!) I hope that helps 😀


  19. Lifer? Wow – Pam’s nightmare is just starting and her Maker is letting it- that must be thw worst part of the punishment. Excellent chapter as always 😀


  20. I have a feeling that Pammy is in for a rude awakening!! Even facing her punishment she still thinks she’s the victim, that’s gonna end quickly one way or the other, Sevrin made it quite obvious that she’s nothing to him and she will obey or die, and as we already know Pam isn’t known for her obedience!! Love that both Vamps are eager to return to the ladies they had to leave behind to deal with Pam!!! As expected I need more of this one too!!! I’m forming quite a list for you to get working on!! 😉


  21. I’m sorry if I seem like I was rushing u 😦 I’m just a huge fan of your writing!! Im selfish I guess, LOL? Never read the Andre story, I’m just a huge Eric and Sookie fan so that’s what I mostly stick to but I do like After The Show fic so far 🙂 glad your feeling better! Can’t wait for your next updates!


  22. shoegirl01: Thank you! At some point it’s going to dawn on Pam that not only was Eric there, but that he did nothing to stop Sevrin. I consider Pam one of those people who have to hit absolute rock bottom before she gets a clue, and even then it’d be doubtful. Glad you liked it!


  23. missrissa81: Pam…she’ll either get the point or she’ll make her own life progressively more miserable, and either way will be her own fault. And Sevrin just considers her a job, nothing more, and he literally could not care less if she lives or doesn’t… 😀


  24. nicolle1977: Thank you! TB Pam had a few good points, but yeah, I definitely prefer SVM Pam (she’s the basis for the Pams I use even in my TB stories, lol). Glad you liked it!


  25. rachelaidensmommy: Oh honey, you’re fine! That was just my super-sly and sneakilicious way of promoting my other stories (as well as letting you know what’s been going on). I’ll warn ya about the Andre story…I’ve somehow managed to turn solid Eric-lovers into…into…intoconfirmedAndrelovers (if I type it really fast, it doesn’t hurt the reader as much). Also, there IS some Eric/Sookie in it, too… *innocent whistle*


  26. she got what she deserved and i am sure we will see more of her before they leave for her punishment. I think he should go to Walmart to buy her new clothes, cheap sneaks and a track suit of the gaudy variety . the other thing he should do is remove her nails before they go. sorry sadistic here. loved the chapter. KY


  27. Perfectly pernicious provocation! I loved Willa’s idea for Pam’s punishment as well. Thoughts of Pam having to wear brown polyester a la 1970’s style? Brilliant! The horror! She would never dare to leave her silver-lined cell in such tacky garb. However, I think a one night a week displaying at Fangtasia dressed in similar fashion faux pas would be a fabulous addition to the penalty. Lala would of great assistance in finding this wardrobe! 🙂


  28. Pam obviously deserves the punishment planned for her. When she realizes that Eric was there, but ignored her, she’ll feel something twitch, but will ignore it since it won’t fit into her perceived world of Pam first. It’s fine sending her to the silver mines, but in the end, she’ll do something that will cause her to be ended. Why wait?

    Again, I ignored the last few seasons of TB, so I didn’t see “the Worst of Pam”. But if you can’t trust your childe, what’s the point of letting her live in the world when she knows so many (but not all) of your secrets. Pam will betray Eric just to show him how superior she is or how inferior Sookie is, and cause more trouble.


  29. I liked this chapter! I liked the little things like Eric not forgetting to buy Sookie ice cream and onions eww. I hope it is not a ice cream topping. I like that Pam will not get an easy death. Make her beg for death ha ha.


  30. So much love for this. And I agree with your thoughts!!! He would not have done it like that. That is why he brought in Sevrin. Plus he has much more important things to deal with. Like getting ice cream and an onion.


  31. kleannhouse: Oh, man, great minds DO think alike! During brainstorming for this chapter I had considered something along the lines of Sevrin ripping her nails out if she’d gone into a fight reflex when she saw him (and promptly flipped out), but that image of him just simply reaching out his huge arm and catching Pam by her neck kept screaming louder… *evil grin* Glad you liked the chapter!


  32. gaijinvamp: That’s the thing with Pam. She truly does love Eric in her own selfish, surrealistic, obsessive way, so in her twisted self-absorbed reasoning she “saved” him from losing himself in an inferior being and possibly losing his life over “that troublemaker”. Pam’s view of her own actions tell her that she did her best to protect him, that she was only looking out for his greater good, etc., (insert your own favorite Pam excuses here) so it would take a very long while for her to calm back down (and get over herself) enough to realize that there is another side to this, that maybe she’s not Mz Perfect. Add to that the fact that she blatantly took Eric’s choices away from him, and that she’ll have an extremely hard time seeing that she did betray him, and…yeah, that’s Pam.


  33. mindyb781: 😀 Thank you! Lol, Sookie’s hugely preggers so I wouldn’t put anything past her… And yeah, Pam’s in for a rough time…


  34. Kittyinaz: Thank you gorgeous! Yup, that’s what Sevrin’s for…but you know at some point Pam’s going to realize that not only was Eric ‘there’ but that he lifted no fingers to help her, so that’ll add even more to her turmoil. And yeah, butter pecan ice cream with a side of Vidalia onion…that just sounds sooooo….ew. *snicker*

    Liked by 1 person

  35. LOL your hilarious… I’ve been looking for this story cuz I saw this other reader looking for it, I was wandering if u might know what their talking about..they said Sookie comes back from Fairy and finds eric gardening? Then she gets hurt and he turns her, and Jessica kills Bill at the summit??? Have u ever heard of that story and if so what is it? Cuz now I really want to read it too. Just figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask cuz I’ve been searching for days


  36. rachelaidensmommy: I’m sorry, honey, I sure don’t. I’m probably the worst person to ask, too, because not only do I not have a lot of time to read (like, ever), but when I’m in a writing phase (like now), I actually try NOT to find (get sucked into) new stories for fear of inadvertently plagiarizing someone else’s works, so what (very) little reading I *do* get sucked into is generally stuff written by my friends who would pout if I didn’t, lol.


  37. You are right. Eric would never do it unless Pam was attacking Sookie or Willa. I think Pam knowing that Eric ordered Sevrin to do the dirty deed to her and that he doesn’t care is a good punishment.


  38. Makes sense but ever since I read that post its been driving me nuts!! LOL 🙂 thanks for getting back to me reguardless.


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