When Cara saved Isabel one dark and scary night, Godric felt much more for the daring, beautiful human than mere gratitude. This is just my take on how things could be.  It starts a bit slow, kinda dreamy…but that doesn’t last too long.  AU/Other Character; NOT canon.  It’s actually a faster read than you’d think considering the number of chapters…
(**Rated “M” for language & copious sex in later chapters.**)


This rather simple story is completely NON-canon, as would be anything that I write. (Writing canon is Charlaine Harris’ job, not mine.)  This way I don’t have to put up with a hyper-annoying Beehl if I don’t want to, or a fucktarded Russel or a whiny Tara or…  The only True Blood-sphere creation I generally follow is the idea of Godric.

If this story seems to be developing a bit slowly, that’s because it is.  Sadly, I’m not NEARLY as talented at writing action/adventure/suspense as so many others are, and honestly, I wanted to give Godric and Cara a true romance of sorts. I hope I’m succeeding?!?

As always: Reviews are most welcome. Gentle, supportive reviews are appreciated even more…  Your thoughts matter!  Apparently I am a review ‘ho!  *cheeky grin*.

**Generic Disclaimer:  Charlaine Harris and HBO own the “recognizable” character names and bits…I own the rest.**

**Generic Disclaimer #2:  This is the first fanfic I posted a (very) long time ago.  I’d like to think that I’ve gotten better since then, but it is what it is.  I’ve been told by some incredible nice people that it’s great…just hope they were being honest as well as really, really sweet.  Read with a kind eye…



8 thoughts on “Anticipating

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  4. Okay FINALLY I got the Andre chapters all reviewed up and now I have kidnapped Andre to help with my reviews on Godric’s story. *Andre quit stomping around and get over here. Pointing to the new computer chair beside the computer so he can also see the computer screen. Okay so this one is called Anticipating. What did Meridian mean by that title? Andre listen I will read. So Cara saved Isabel … just how NOT canon will this be? Is Eric Godric’s child? *Andre grins at ‘language & copious hot sex’* *remember Andre she said it starts slow….hint hint in later chapters. Yes we will get there eventually she said it was what 45 chapters? OKay calm down Andre we will get to reading.



  5. I can’t wait, but besides this story can you recommend any other Godric/OC story’s you or others have written on this site?


  6. Lana: Sadly, one of the main reasons I began writing Godric stories was because of a serious LACK of decent stories in this category. Where there have been a couple of really good ones, most of the ones were not to my (rather discriminating, well, some would call it “picky”…) tastes: Either Godric or Eric would be written as a silly Dom or their love interest would be Sookie and she’d be expected to do them both together all-sex-all-the-time or… I wanted Godric to have his OWN mate in his OWN story…so, I caved to me and wrote this, lol…and then Decisions.

    As far as other good Godric stories? I *know* there are some out there, but finding them is the question. Do like I did – start out searching on *Fiction Fuckers, I mean, Fanfiction dot net (“ff”), The Writer’s Coffee Shop (“TWCS”), Archive of our own (“AO3”), and go from there. Many times writers will post their stories on one of these sites and in their profile have a link to a WordPress or other site.

    *As you can see, I am (and many of my co-writers are) heartily sick of the fuckery running rampant over on fanfiction dot net and take every opportunity to mock and sneer at them…

    Either way, thanks for reading, and I do hope you can feed your Godric addiction! 😀 Enjoy!


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